Hmm. Well, Here’s Monday…

Another day of almost no news. Which I guess is good because I am still feeling the leftover vibes from Easter. I had probably the saddest Easter I ever had in my life.

I’ll tell you, gang, following Q is probably the loneliest thing you can do on planet Earth. Most of the time, I don’t complain because the bottom line for me is that the US Constitution must be preserved at all costs. Regardless of anyone and anything, or any comfy happy holiday that you spend alone.

But, truly, I have no family left that wants anything to do with me, even my birth mom. Because they either think I’m completely crazy, or they seriously do not share my politics and believe that I am supporting evil.

And I have 7 people left in the entire world — and I am not exaggerating because I used to be a famous writer/editor/publisher and I actually know lots of people in the entire world — but now only 7 of them are still speaking to me for the same reasons I listed above.

Even though, over the last 2 years, the proof of Q has been proven time and time again.

And yet you can’t see it if you don’t turn off your TV.

So I spent Easter Sunday completely alone, catching up on some reading, and I also started a new course online — a sort of deep dive into the various permutations of the first few hundred years of Christianity, up until Constantine. This is the era I love most in Christian history, because it is the only way of getting even a hint of what Jesus actually taught. After Constantine, all hope of truly understanding Jesus is all but obliterated and you get Paul instead.

Anyway. I do enjoy studying that. And. over the weekend, I also dusted off The Return of Sherlock Holmes (British TV show, 1986), starring Jeremy Brett. By far my favorite portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, ever. And I really. really loved watching that again after all these years.

My ex-husband, Wayne, in NYC, was a professional stage actor when we were first married. And he and I loved watching that whole series. He especially appreciated Jeremey Brett’s iconic vision for playing Sherlock Holmes. So, on Saturday afternoon, feeling wistful, I called Wayne in NYC and we chatted for quite awhile, reminiscing about our love of Sherlock Holmes, etc. It was a really nice, long chat. But he was the sole person I talked to the entire 4 days I had off. (Not counting the job interview, of course.)

I got a few texts from friends, wishing me a Happy Easter. But I heard from zero family members. And Easter used to be such a wonderful holiday for me — back when I lived in NYC.

Anyway. It was very sad. I’m not someone who cries very often, but I actually cried yesterday.

And now my beloved Muse wants to be — I don’t know — left alone now? I’m not really sure what’s going on there. But the last thing I want to do is impose my spiritual presence there if it is not wanted, but creating without a Muse is one of the worst options a writer can face. So I’m basically trying to just not think about it.

And in that vein, Pepe Lives Matter posted this last night:

“Yes….our hope has been deferred but I’d wager that many of you have grown in leaps and bounds in key areas in the last year.
Anons have collectively been tested yet we remain. We know the truth. That truth has been like a purging fire. We’ve needed to increase our faith levels. We’ve needed to lean on each other for encouragement. All these things will pay off in huge dividends in the end. We found ways to thrive even when hope seemed so far away and for that we should be proud. Collectively as a unit we can face whatever comes next. I’m confident in that. God’s got our backs and anons have each other’s back because that’s who we are now.”


Which brings us to here, today, Monday morning; heading back to work in an hour. (Thankfully, that helps me get my mind off of everything, so that’s good.) And there is truly very little news this morning.

I guess it is Lt. General Mike Flynn’s birthday today!

From Whiplash347:

“Happy Birthday General Michael Flynn.

You Started The Digital Soldiers. You Know Where The Dead Bodies Are Buried.
Now it’s Time To Finish This.”


Also from Whiplash347:

“If you or your friends have been taken down from Social Media tell them that Q board has been there since 2017 and its still there now and they have been sending msgs via there. Give them that hint.
Who really is in control?
Think about it, FBI declares Q a terror organisation yet the boards are still there. We all know Q is Top Level Clearance in the Department of Energy and that Hierachy like General Michael Flynn have Q Clearance.
Maybe this is their final chance to do some research. Spread this msg pls.”


Also of interest from Whiplash347:


Speaking of the Q boards…

Phil forwarded a message from Whiplash347 about Sather.

Twice, in 2020 and early 2021, I have tried to give Sather the benefit of the doubt because X22 supports him, but Sather has always betrayed which side he is really on.

Anyway, from Phil:

“Q tells you Sather is out to bring down Q followers. It is in the drops.
I asked the Question 1 yr ago.

Every single one of you type “SATHER” in

4449 Not Anonymous but Twitter. [owned and operated] A creation to combat ‘Q’ aka ‘you’.”


And apparently, Nicholas Veniamin and Michelle Fielding met in person for the first time yesterday!!

From Nicholas:

“It was great meeting Michelle Fielding! ❤️what a beautiful soul! ❤️”


From Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺🇺🇦 Residents of Liberated Berdyansk lowered EU flags near hotels”


And that’s kind of it, gang.

As usual these days, the videos on Bitchute are getting more and more gruesome, with less “new” news, or often outright questionable news. (For instance, I still have no real clue what is going on in Shanghai. It feels like a psyop, but I just don’t know. It is gruesome, either way.)

Anyway, I have only a few short videos to share.

I hope you have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting! I love you guys. See ya.

I leave you with more from Elvis Costello & the Attractions, another huge one from their 1979 album, Armed Forces: “Oliver’s Army”. Quite timely. Enjoy.


Restored Republic news update (11 mins):

Phil’s Q&A from Saturday night: “Phil reviews the most updated figures, as well as the process on how to donate a filter to someone that cannot afford it, then concludes the Live with a Q&A session from his followers” (1 hr 40 mins):






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