Happy Days Are Just So Close, Gang!

Can’t you feel it? Again, I can only speak for how it feels around here in the USA — not so much for those areas of the world still bogged down in the Fog of War.

But here — the Elon thing has really changed everything, hasn’t it? Along with that rally Trump had this past Saturday (here in Ohio, ironically enough). He was in such high spirits and so relaxed — it’s just gotta mean something, right??

And speaking of which…

Trump said this yesterday and I heartily concur! (I spent my childhood in Cleveland and the Indians were a huge part of growing up there back then):

“Anybody who changes the name of the “storied” Cleveland Indians (from 1916), an original baseball franchise, to the Cleveland Guardians, is not fit to serve in the United States Senate. Such is the case for Matt Dolan, who I don’t know, have never met, and may be a very nice guy, but the team will always remain the Cleveland Indians to me!”

Cleveland Indians circa 1960s


Best news so far!! From disclose.tv yesterday:

NEW – Kamala Harris has tested positive for COVID. She is fully vaccinated and boosted twice i.e. received 4 vaccine injections.”


Oops! Got another one — although nowhere near as awesome as the one above, in my opinion.

From Whiplash347 by way of the InsiderPaper:

JUST IN – Finland’s president hospitalized due to Covid-19″


Nancy Drew” had more auspicious news yesterday:

“The Capitol Reflecting Pool is filling. All this was done since yesterday. It was still dry, and people walking across it. Watching the water. All of it. ❤️
I’ll check out over by the Lincoln Memorial.”


Phil had this to say about Disney:

“I don’t think everyone realizes the significance of Disney’s recent “plummet”, and eventual bankruptcy.

After Disney’s acquisition of Fox, they officially owned 75% of the intellectual property rights of -all-entertainment that we view.

Disney’s collapse will have an enormous impact on what we see on Main Stream Media programming.

You are witnessing The Great Awakening.”


And on a sort of similar note….

Even though most truthers or anons virulently disagree with me, I really think this whole Johnny Depp defamation trial is some sort of white hat thing to restore Johnny Depp’s public reputation. I won’t go into all the reasons why I think this, except for this one thing. It was viral on Instagram yesterday — a lawyer asked Johnny something like, “So you’re saying that if Disney offered you $300 million and 300 million alpacas to play Jack Sparrow again, you would turn them down?” And he replied “yes.”

Clearly removing him from the imploding disaster (and evil pedophile kingdom) that is now known as Disney. Millions of people the world over are following this trial online.

I do not think these things are coincidental.


A couple posts from General Flynn:

“Remember Army Specialist Bishop Evans. At 22 years of age, he chose to jump into a raging river to save the lives of two struggling & drowning human beings (unbeknownst to Bishop were also drug smugglers). There is nothing greater on earth than one of free will, mind, heart & soul willing to sacrifice their very life for a greater cause. Bishop Evans demonstrates the best in us all that no AI machine nor TV superhero ever can. Pray for him and never forget his heroism & bravery!”

And also:

“The information flowing out of Durham’s filings and the vast amount of emails, texts, reports, etc, etc…show that the Russia-Gate bullshit was exactly that, bullshit (excuse my Irish!). In my expert judgement of the federal government and my expert judgement as a senior intelligence official, the FBI needs a total and complete transformation or it needs to be abolished (at this moment, I favor the latter, but I’ll leave a glimpse of light to be convinced otherwise). The embarrassment and the incompetency as well as the criminal behavior of senior members of the bureau demonstrate a level of corruption that is beyond the pale. Additionally, select senior elements of the intelligence community inside the ODNI and the CIA need to be brought to account. They know they committed an egregious level of sedition in their effort to usurp the presidency of the United States of America thus the American people. If you can’t tell I’m pissed, then you are asleep. I’m upset but I am totally focused on staying the course of getting the American public back in the game. We have one shot this November…we better wake up America and get out to vote all the bums out (both parties). Enough said … for now.”


From Project Veritas:

BREAKING: Leaked Audio of Twitter All-Hands Call Reveals Concerned Employees Question Senior Leadership Over About “Mass Exodus” Resulting From Elon Musk “Questionable Ethics”, What “Free Speech Means”, and President Trump Returning to The Platform



From Whiplash347 by way of disclose.tv:

JUST IN – Partial internet outage in some French cities after fiber optic cables were cut in the Paris region and in the east of France.”

Reply by Whiplash:

“Oui Coup”


From Brian Cates late last night:

“How do you legally enter evidence into the record?

That’s a very good question.

I believe we are right now watching the answer unfold, with the tranche of emails going public between Fusion GPS and all the Fake News Media coordinating the Trump/Russia hoaxes with the Clinton camp.

And then there’s this:

They were also all using Twitter DM’s to coordinate their criminal conspiracy activities. It wasn’t just emails or phone calls.

If Musk hands the DM’s to Durham, it’s the same as giving them to Trump for his civil lawsuit. 😁”


From Whiplash347 by way of Jack Posobiec:



From Whiplash347 by way of Farrell Hedges:


And just now from QTSR:

“PUTIN starts cutting off gas to Western countries…..
EU stock falls…..

PANIC 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”


In other news–

Don’t forget:

Tickets on sale now for THIS MUCH I KNOW TO BE TRUE global cinema event on 11 May.

Shot on location in London & Brighton in spring 2021, Andrew Dominik’s new feature documentary THIS MUCH I KNOW TO BE TRUE captures Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ exceptional creative relationship as they bring to life the songs from their last two studio albums, Ghosteen (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds) and Carnage (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis).

Find a screening near you!

Latest clip! (2 mins):

(On a personal note– I used to work for the late Gus Van Sant, Sr., and I thought he had the most insane desktop imaginable, with every file/folder open all over the place, all at the same time. However!! Warren Ellis goes way beyond anything I’ve ever seen!! Too funny.)


Okay, and that is it for today!

Have a very good day, if at all possible — wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


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