A Brief Return!

There is a small amount of news coming in, so I thought I would post it.

I have really enjoyed my regular life during this little break. I hope you all did, too.

Most importantly, from Phil:

“National Guard deployed under the guise of riot control.

SCOTUS decision (R v. W)

FF for Election reversal.

Buckle the F up.”

(this means that the Supreme Court is not only overturning Roe vs. Wade, but also the 2020 election. National Guard has been deployed. Stay safe, everybody.)


Catturd had this advice — catturd is a sidekick to il donaldo trumpo, some people say it is actually Dan Scavino:

Stop. Participating. In. Their. Fear. Mongering.”


And in a similar vein, from Chris Sky in Canada:

“MONKYPOX? NO. Its called SHINGLES and its a known “adverse reaction” to the covid jab. LOOK. They even tried to use a picture of SHINGLES and call it MONKEYPOX”


“The Monkeypox Plandemic brought to you by Bill Gates from march 2021 starting on may 15 2022… and just in case you still dont get it… last month canada ordered 500 000 small pox vaccines to be injected into people with compromised immune systems from the covid jab.”


“VAERS calls the covid jab ‘the most disasterous vaccine campaign in US history'”


“1 dead 15 hospitalized at half marathon in Brooklyn… they are trying to blame the WEATHER when it was 60s to low 70s by the time it was all over. VACCINE DEATHS AND INJURIES WORLD WIDE”


Okay. remember, if you are like me and are trying to learn the QFS XRP digital assets stuff, and also how to become a Sovereign National, this web site has all sorts of resources;


Also from Mel Carmine in 2 parts, part one was on YouTube and part two was on Rumble– “Sovereign State National Workshop: Gesara-Nesara is ours – The People. Hell Raiser Community is BORN”. Cheryl Corbett is a former CPA and now a State National. She follows guidelines of David Straight and Anna Von Reitz.”

Part One of the Sovereign State National Workshop (47 mins):

Part Two: Sovereign State Nationals Workshop #1, PART 2 Nesara-Gesara is Ours- The People (1 hr 55 mins):


“Quantum Financial System is coming, XRP and XLM – digital assets are here to stay whether you like it or not. The XRPQFS Manual is intended for the new user who knows nothing about Nesara-Gesara, XRP and digital assets”

Lobstr Grandmothers Club Keeps Growing & Educating – XRP, QFS, XLM (51 mins):


Also, just in case you share my interest in the Master Medicinal Mushrooms–

From North Spore’s Myco Culture Roundup:

Growing Edible Mushrooms on Used Coffee Grounds: In our latest video, Bre from North Spore visits Nãm Mushrooms in Lisbon, Portugal – Nãm is a circular economy mushroom farm using spent coffee grounds from local sources as a substrate. They are the primary mushroom producer for Lisbon! (9 mins):


From the age of 5, I studied Ancient Biblical Hebrew, and a few years ago, I added studying Ancient Aramaic to that (that’s the language Jesus of Nazareth spoke). The Ancient Hebrew Research Center has taught me a lot. It is fascinating.

A demonstration of how Textual Criticism works using the Hebrew word יחידך (yehhid’kha/your only) in Genesis 22:2. (6 mins):


Okay, I’m going to include this, but I caution you to use your judgment, as always. For instance, whenever you hear things like “Newsom and Biden” being behind anything, your little radar should pop up. The real Newsom committed suicide a while ago, and Biden was executed in 2019.

Restored Republic news updates (38 mins):

No X22 Report. He will be back tonight.

Phil might be back tonight, too. Check his channel later to be sure. Or follow Phil Godlewski on rumble or DLive for automatic alerts whenever he goes live.


And that is it, gang. Remember: Don’t let the fear-mongering get to you. It is in overdrive, worldwide right now. Use your judgment about what you are willing to believe and just turn off the MSM news whenever possible.

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world.

I love you guys! See ya!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning! This goes out to the one I love!! (And he knows who he is!!) The Ronettes, “Be My Baby” — their smash hit from 1963!! Get ready for a fun summer!! And enjoy, gang!

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