What A Terrible Night

I’m not doing a regular post today, gang. We had a terrible night here in the Hinterlands and I am exhausted.

Thanks to the Signal App , the Ohio Connecting Consciousness Group (Simon & Becky Parkes’ group) alerted me around midnight that the storm that was maybe coming/maybe not coming for hours, was indeed coming and coming quickly and that it was an incredibly destructive storm.

I got out of bed and closed up the house, and when I got back to my bedroom, I stood at the window for a moment and then suddenly, it came. The most astounding wind — a funnel-type wind, but not an actual tornado — came whipping in. I immediately felt the pressure in my house, but what it was doing to the tree outside my window was terrifying.

I have a huge old maple tree — about 100 years old — in front of my 122-year-old house. I really thought the wind was going to lift up the entire tree, which is probably about 50-feet tall.

Then there was the loudest cracking sound that I have ever heard in my life, and in a nano second, I watched the wind lift off half of the maple tree and deposit it in the front half of my neighbor’s house.

And then all the rain and thunder and lightning and more wind and police and emergency squads and emergency road crew kept coming. (Part of the fallen tree was completely blocking the road.) This went on for hours.

I was out there in my PJs, my flip-flops and my raincoat, trying to make sure my neighbors were all right, because it looked like the tree had landed in their bedroom — thankfully it landed in their attic. But everyone was okay.

But I’m exhausted. So that’s it.

Have a good day, gang, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting.

The view from my bedroom window this morning

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