Trying Hard to See This As A Great Day!!

Yay! It’s Monday!! Wow. I couldn’t be more tiredoops, happy!!

Before I forget — Phil should be going live again tonight at 9PM Eastern time. As always, check his channel later to be sure. Or just follow Phil Godlewski on DLive or Rumble. (Best to follow him on both since you are likely to be bounced off of one or the other when a few million people are logging on at once.)

Okay — warnings going around, mostly in TX (?), to NOT pick up folded dollar pills, as they might be hiding suspicious powders. They are thought to be a combo of Meth and Fentanyl. I guess this is only a crucial problem if you are the type of person who is in the habit of picking up strange white powders and either ingesting them or putting them up your nose and expecting this to not be dangerous.


I’m not sure if this is a rumor or actually in the process of happening. I found it on Michelle Fielding‘s channel:

“Laila Hakim on LinkedIn: Queen to be removed as head of state in Jamaica following same move by Barbados
The Queen is to lose her status as head of state in the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Its parliament in the capital Kingston was told the process will be done in “stages” ahead of the its next election in 2025.”


From truthtent:

San Diego grand jury indicts 11 antifa supporters with 29 felonies

The original incident that prompted this happened in January 2021. The Times of San Diego reported a group of Trump supporters were confronted by counter-protesters and the situation turned ugly.

About 100 Trump supporters and 100 counter-protesters clashed at the intersection of Mission Boulevard and Hornblend Street […]

[…] This is apparently the first time prosecutors have gone after an antifa group with conspiracy charges” [full article is here]


Also of interest — and you might want to note that the official BLM YouTube channel has 6.91K followers, while Officer Brandon Tatum, a co-founder of the Blexit Foundation, where black lives and other lives actually matter, has 1.91 million subscribers… hmmm.

From QTSR:

“More Black on Black killings happening, despite having a Black lives movement admits BLM leader

BLM leader RED PILLING the movement?

EXPOSES 60 million missing
More Black on Black killings in their communities despite having the movement
EXPOSES the BLM leader”

Also from QTSR:


The purging of the FBI that won’t consent to DEEP STATE structure/ Democratic influence and agendas ….. Are 🕊️ 🎶///

In the WIRES… The ex FBI AGENTS are talking to many outlets>>>>

and are preparing to drop a MOAB 💥

It’s ALL connected to


Meanwhile, at the Supreme Court, “Nancy Drew” was at it again! (BTW, they are expecting massive protests at the SC to block anyone, including Justices, from entering the building.)


“When I left the Crapitol, I swung around the other side of the Library of Congress and noticed they had a bunch of rental box trucks. 🤔 Wonder what they’re for? All I know, is about 2 months ago, I watched a group of suits, DC Metro Police and agents in black uniforms, literally run out of that building, jump into all their cars and haul azz outta there, sirens and all. The black SUV pulling up the rear was full of agents all dressed in black and I could see in the back window (wide open) the one in the back had his assault rifle in hand. 🤔🧐 Last week, they began putting up a privacy wall on the side of the building closest to the SC. Wonder what’s going on there? Hmmm….🤔”


From Whiplash347 (long):

“I will have the Stellar Contract Documents from BelarusBank in a couple hours. It is lunchtime in Minsk. [he has since received the docs and is getting them translated]

Please get familiar with #ProjectGuardian. It is already there Ladies & Gentlemen
I have taken you through it. It is in the pinned list.
Trillions of Dollars of Assets will be coming to Stellar by the end of the week..
Articles and conversations above from DBS who are linked in Article.
Bigly linked to America.

Also BRICST will be launching a CHINA Asset shortly.

Go and get some candles
Firelighters to cook ya food If ya need too or Generators
Power to the ENTIRE PLANET will be turned off by US SPACE FORCE.
Switch over to TESLA Free Energy.






“Boom Tether being delisted from BINANCE June 17.

The Attack. USA, Russia, China [BRICS] + Global Military Alliance vs The Rothschild’s, British & Roman Empire.
Battle Of Bunker Hill.
USA vs UK Royals & Hired Hessians

Now Guys go and re-read all BUNKER Q drops like Captain Mike Green Decode. 2 Days prior to the Event.
Also any that say +++ Lord of R’s [Rothschild’s]

Queen Death, China Dams, Evergrande Reports + others, Currency etc all go together.
This week is it.

Battle Of Bunker Hill June 17 + 17 days = July 4 [USS Constitution fires 17 Gun Salute]

Stellarmart [ELON MUSK] is listing some huge Ethereum, Polygon Matic, Polkadot, Chainlink, ATOM [Cosmos], MANA, TRON, SOLANA, UNISWAP & FTT blockchain tokens/coins
Even DogeToken, DogeFather, Giga-Doge & Now DogeCoin.

Lobstr please post about this deal you have 1:1
Is there a BLACK SWAN EVENT Upon us?
Gearing up for the [CRASH] & [TRANSFER]?”


“EAS in the Netherlands

Germany also just got 1.”


JUST IN – China’s Xi orders the introduction of a legal framework to deploy troops in “non-war military actions.”


And just in case you’re curious — one minute ago, they opened up Phil’s chat channel for the day and already 346 people have posted stuff…. (yeah, that times everything else, and that’s why I’m always so effing tired….)


Okay. So! That concert in the Netherlands last night looks like it was even better than the shows that came before it!! How can that be???

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds last night in the Netherlands:

Don’t forget, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Greece on Wednesday, June 15th.

Buy Tickets HERE.

And that is it for today, gang.

Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!!

I love you guys. See ya!


RedPill78: Exposing The CCP’s Forced Organ Harvest Trade with Mitchell Nicholas Gerber on Sat. Night Livestream (2 hrs 20 mins):

Restored Republic news updates (32 mins):

UFO Man Saturday Night Livestream: Interview of Marc Dantonio/Astronomer/Filmmaker/Ufologist (2 hrs):

I love this stuff!!!



X22 Report: Evidence Is Piling Up,“We Caught Them All”, Stealth Bomber Incoming,Sting Of The Century (1 hr):

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