Let’s Try It Again, Gang!

Happy Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

Here, things are better than the Hell that was yesterday, but my poor tree is still lodged firmly in the front half of my neighbor’s house.

The insurance companies around here are so overloaded with emergency calls from that storm, that the claims adjuster won’t be able to come out until today.

Basically, I try not to look out my bedroom window. Every time I see what has become of my tree, my heart breaks all over again.

Yesterday, a co-worker brought her phone over to me and said, “Is this your nieghbor’s house???” And, yes, indeed, it was my neighbor’s house, with my enormous tree on top of it. Some passerby had taken a photo of it and it was going viral on a local FB group. It made me feel so sad to see that. Just heartbreaking.

Anyway. Here we are, today. Still alive. For what it’s worth.


Of course, yesterday was Trump’s birthday. From Charlie Ward & the Truther Community (21 mins):

il donaldo trumpo (29 seconds):


Okay, now this was really cool. Posted by Gila Jed, but I can’t embed the video. You can watch it HERE. it’s only a few seconds. An amazing billboard in Times Square.

“Have u seen this yet?

This is happening NOW in Times Square!

Finally NY!!!!”


A reminder from Mark Steele:

“Pharmaceutical satanic mafia
Pharmaceutical medicine only manage the disease never cure the disease only healthy food and herbal supplements cures that’s why in the list of agenda 2030 goals they want to remove the herbal supplements.



And in a round about way, that reminds me of the current Mick Jagger situation. I have no clue what’s really going on there, except that, right before the Amsterdam concert. he “tested postive for COVID” — which, as we know doesn’t really exist. It’s a coronavirus. A cold or flu. And if it goes beyond a cold or flu, you were likely vaccinated against “COVID” and are going to get really sick. And probably die, or spend the rest of your life wishing you were dead.

Usually, though, “testing positive” for public personalities means they’ve been arrested. But I can’t really figure out what’s going on with Mick Jagger. That’s someone they would have arrested a long time ago, if they were going to arrest him — his connections to royal families, his well known fondness for very young women (including MacKenzie Phillips, who included it in her memoir and Mick Jagger approved it being published — that they had sex upstairs in her bedroom, with her dad’s blessings, when she was underage. However, it was almost 7000% overshadowed by the fact that she had tons of sex with her dad….)

Anyway. It doesn’t make sense that he would suddenly be arrested. However, he could have been vaxxed and is now actually sick and that would really, really suck, gang.

Oh, and yesterday, June 14th, marked the 47th anniversary of when I saw the Rolling Stones in concert for the very first time!! Here they are in Cleveland, Ohio, 1975, and I was in, like, the 14th row, dead center, way down there on the field !! (I was 14 years old, almost 15.)

Okay, anyway. I guess we just have to wait and see how that all plays out, but I sure hope he gets better. I’m not a big fan of his anymore but I don’t want him to die (or get arrested, either).


This was very strange. it was posted on Phil’s channel yesterday afternoon:


This was very interesting. Gesara underway, perhaps?

From Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺🇺🇦 Residents of Berdyansk, the new authorities wrote off all debts on utility bills for water in the amount of 27,000,000 hryvnia.

It is also expected to write off debts and loans in Ukrainian banks, as previously stated by representatives of the CAA of Zaporozhye region.

Similar events are expected in the Kherson region, which will certainly increase the involvement of the population in building a new life in the liberated territories.”

And, similarly, from ASB Military:

“The new authorities of the Denazified Berdyansk wrote off all debts on utility bills for water in the amount of 27,000,000 hryvnia. The new administration is also expected to write off debts and loans in Ukrainian banks, as previously stated by representatives of the CAA of Zaporozhye region. The same measures are expected in the Kherson region, which will certainly increase the involvement of the population in building a new life in the liberated territories.”

Also this:

“The US says it is “concerned about excessive use of sanctions against Russia” – USA allows 7 Russian banks to operate for energy transactions despite the … crushing sanctions 😂”


And some amazing stuff going on in Uganda, gang.

From QTSR:

“UN headed to Uganda/

South Sudan
☝️ Military from these countries and rebels forces are FLANKING the borders of Uganda<

31,000,000 million tons of GOLD is found, struck in a deposit in Uganda .. That’s worth over 12,000,000,000,000.000 Trillions $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Now the UN has turned off flight trackers and is moving in artillery and munitions sound Uganda<

The DEEP STATE CABAL is already setting up assets and FALSE FLAG EVENTS to remove the President and take over the country …..( As you know Gaddafi was killed for gold and wanting to start his own banking system through gold … And PUTIN was was label a WAR monger for wanting to go back to GOLD Back SYSTEM…////
Several countries in the past hundred years were infiltrated by the DEEP STATE CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM…. If they did not join the system and give control of large portions of their wealth to the Elites ( stolen through FALSE trading Markets/ CORRUPT installed regimens in those countries ) then WARS were created in those countries using FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS

COLOUR REVOLUTIONS< *_ creating civil unrest in their countries that lead to WARS and over throw of the government… Which then DEEP STATE SYSTEM is installed > central banking system/////….. Now UGANDA became one of the richest counties over night and the UN, CONTROLLED BY DAVOS, ROCKEFELLERS/ ROTHSCHILDs/ Dupont/ bush’s
ECT ECT ECT ECT….> Now want the money!!!!!!…..

We all know how mainstream media will vilify the current president and forces and start to over through the country into the hands of UN [DS] operations


) WIRES; UGANDA president has reached out to other African countries who against UN POLICIES AND UN REGIMEN including>>>> PUTIN/XI

It’s going to heat up🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”

He also adds this:

only reveal 10% of actual military flights//))”

And also this:

“Great job from Rissflex on the Gold in Uganda” (26 mins):


As we know, markets are crashing all over the world now, including crypto, and digital assests are also losing ground. However, I am hanging in there with XLM, gang.

From Mel Carmine:

“Jason Shurka, U need to destroy something to launch a new system, QFS QNTM HEALING XRP NESARA

We change the energy field, we change the world, those are Jason Shurka’s words not mine, and what profound words they truly are!!! this interview will leave you flabbergasted NO QUESTION ABOUT IT!!!.” (48 mins):


Good news from truthtent:

High-profile voter fraud prosecutions pile up as election integrity debate rages on

While the debate over the integrity of the 2020 election rages on, prosecutors across the country have assembled evidence in court against multiple election officials, activists and candidates and even helped overturn the results in one race.

Those who have been recently investigated or charged in connection with election fraud […] [full article here]


From Dr Reiner Fuellmich — some videos:

The Reality Behind Conspiracy Theories and Domestic Terrorism
A Canadian Patriot Documentary
(21 mins):

“Where ‘conspiracy theories’ were once understood to be the driving force of world history (both for good or for evil), today’s dumbed-down populus has increasingly become induced to believe that the term is synonymous with either insanity at best, or domestic terrorism at worst.”

Wake Up (From Prison To Paradise)
Ole Dammegard & Mo Anton

“Even though the song Wake Up by Truth Seeker, Code Breaker and Peace Maker Ole Dammegard and acclaimed singer and musician Mo Anton was released very recently, it has already been called ‘Best song of the decade – and maybe even the most important one’. Another comment has been: ‘Wake Up is destined to become the Global Peace Song, the one that will unite the masses and help us regain our Freedom’.”

Whiskey And Rain (The Warehouse Sessions)
Michael Ray

“Beyond gender and political correctness: Where a man still does what a man must do.”


From Ultra Pepe Lives Matter:

“Russia is now entering Central America, they may be targeting biolabs there now.
The media seems dead silent.
We are reaching precipice type situations in almost every area I can think of. There’s going to come a moment where the precipice cannot go any lower and something spectacular happens.
Buckle your seatbelts.”

Also this – (from Clandestine):

“To sum it up, the Nicaraguans are letting Russian Military into their country to root out US biological activity.

From an American standpoint, this could potentially be really, REALLY bad. I mean Russian is at war with the US proxy Ukraine. Openly declaring they are at war with nazis and biological activity from the US/NATO. And now they are nonchalantly moving their military onto North America, 1600 miles from our border.

You guys remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? Where we almost went into Nuclear fallout with Russia for looking to move into Cuba… which is very close to Nicaragua… this could be a potentially hostile situation.

Now, I don’t think it will be, because I think the US MIL are acting with Russian MIL, or at the very least not stopping them from uprooting this biological network. But given that Russian Military is moving onto our continent, don’t you think this would be bigger news? I’ve seen a few articles on Russian MIL moving in, but no outrage machine from the left? No wall to wall coverage and Breaking News Headlines?

The reason it’s not… is because it’s about the biolabs. The media doesn’t want any attention drawn to it. The same media that said this was WW3 and Putin is going to take over the world, well now they aren’t concerned about Russian military in Nicaragua now, because it leads to more US biological activity which they claimed didn’t exist.

This is undoubtedly the most volatile story on the planet… And every single person needs to see it.



“Things are heating up. President Trump just released a 12-page letter addressing the nation and it’s pure 🔥

Go read the whole thing, but my favorite part is where he reminds the world that NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING.”

[link to 12-page letter]

“Is it just me or does Trump’s 12 page letter seem almost like an ultimatum to the deep state?
Like Trump is saying: This is your last chance. Stop what you’re doing or face the consequences of my Trump cards.
Cause that’s what it feels like to me.”

And this:

“As expected the January 6th committee won’t be indicting Trump because they have nothing.
When will these people learn that nothing can stop what is coming and their resistance is futile?
The end is coming.🍿”


And in other news–

I think that Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds played Athens, Greece last night, but I’m not able to find photos of it on Instagram so I’m not sure. They are skipping Moscow this year, so they don’t perform again until Sunday, June 19th, in Taranto, Italy. Buy tickets here!

However, I did see this photo of Nick Cave on Instagram yesterday and I just love it. You know — because it exemplifies his reputation for being a dapper dresser and also his constant devotion to Jesus!!! Yay.

And that is it for today, gang.

Phil may or may not be going live tonight. We will have to wait and see, but something definitely seems to be up with him this week. I hope we find out what.

Meanwhile, enjoy your day!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See!!


RedPill 78 news update — New Mexico Rejecting Dominion! Refusal to Certify in Numerous Counties! (24 mins):

X22 Report: Trump Gives The [DS] An Ultimatum, When Do You Play The Trump Card? Timing Is Everything (45 mins):

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