All Righty! It’s Friday!

You know, for the most part, yesterday was great — until my insurance company called late in the afternoon and said that my neighbor’s insurance company is attempting to sue me over that part of my tree falling on his house…

It’s not a suit they can win. But it just piles on the stress (because of creditors also trying to sue me, I’m now in the process of filing for bankruptcy, etc.). For one thing — I love my tree more than you can possibly imagine and now it has to come down. Another thing — it’s truly horrible what that enormous branch did to my neighbor’s house. And another thing — why isn’t his insurance company paying more attention to the damage done to my neighbor’s property?? Most of the tree-debris is still all over his front yard. And I mean, all over it. And it’s too big to fit in a regular trash can, they have to have someone come and haul it away. (Yes, I know: it’s an enormous amount of damage that his insurance company doesn’t want to pay for.)

It’s such a disheartening mess — that he has to live with and I have to look at…a constant reminder.

Anyway, here’s what my tree looked like 2 summers ago (and yes, that’s my 122 year-old house):

And here’s what it looks like right now — not too shabby, but a chunk of it is gone, and now all of it must go….

Other than that, though, yesterday was a good day. I got some work done on our script for Abstract Absurdity Productions, Lita måste gå! Wow, is it an insane script, gang. I just love it. But it had a few typos, so I’m just tweaking it a bit before I send it back over to Peitor this weekend.

So that was nice.

Before I forget — Phil will be doing another livestream tonight, but check his channel later to find out the time, since a lot of times, the start time changes.


The only real news is what the Supreme Court did yesterday to protect our 2nd Amendment by striking down a 100-year-old NY State gun control law as unconstituional. And speaking of Phil, this is how you “read” one of Phil’s livestreams. They are loaded with clues & comms– this one from Weds night about SCOTUS and the gun law:

“Some things, I can come right out and say to my subscribers & followers.

Other things, I cannot.

But just remember: Everything is intentional 😎”


Austria had a big victory.

From BannonWarRoom:

Austria Drops COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate, Admits Causing Social Division.
Austria suspended its controversial COVID-19 vaccine mandate, with government officials citing concerns about the policy infringing on individual freedoms.” [full article here]


From General Flynn — read what that image actually says:

“We all know that this whole thing was a fabrication but sadly, many are still believing the falsehoods of what really happened on J6 and who were the agents behind it… here is just more information coming out for the PUBLIC to see, if only they would LOOK and SEE!”


The Officer Tatum: BIGGEST FAIL EVER! (6 mins):


From GIla Jed (forgot to post this one yesterday) — FUD OR HOJ..Which one are you?A tribute to Emily (9 mins):


From Ezra A Cohen:

“BREAKING: Ecuador’s economy has unofficially collapsed.

🇪🇨 Days after Sri Lanka’s official economic collapse, due to rising prices Ecuador is now facing food and fuel shortages as country is rocked by violent protests.”


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

Session 110: ‘Revisiting’

June 24 from approx. (timezone calculator):
08:00 a.m. CDT
2:00 p.m. BST
11:00 p.m. AEST

Topic excerpt:
▫️EU politician on renegotiation of WHO treaties
▫️Conflict and projection: understanding current societal dynamics
▫️Reassessing the origin of SARS-CoV-2
▫️Diminishing impact of alternative therapeutic approaches.
▫️Alternative energies and their suppression
▫️New insights into the structure and function of the SARS-CoV-2 virus”

Streaming on DLIVE, Gettr, and Odysee


A handy update from QTSR — (long):

How do you [COLLAPSE] a world CABAL that controls central banking systems, big PHARMA, big tech, WAR MONGERS,that control deep state Military within all world military regimen?.
How do you [EXPOSE] the corruption of world leaders, the EU Elite societies, > that created NATO, UN ( fake peace keepers that steal wealth, exploit their natural resources)?

The EU SUPER POWER has been denied by INDIA and Malaysia Indonesia large portions of Africa in their constant fear campaign to wage WARS to Create revenue and money from world countries in their fake agendas to gather sympathetic following in their deep state operations.
Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, the Indian foreign minister, said that Europe should grow out of the mindset that its problems are the world’s problems.
“The world cannot be that Eurocentric that it used to be in the past,” he said.
“Why would anybody in Asia trust Europe on anything at all,” he added.

//)/ Behind the scenes several countries are aligning with Russia/China and Rejecting the EU super power and NATO/EU rhetoric ////(

This SUPER POWER of EU controlled by the Rockefellers/ROTHSCHILDs/DAVOS GROUP ECT ECT ECT who control BLACKROCK & VANGUARD (worlds top investors firm that control the industry and economy in all Central Banking systems ) is in the verge of COLLAPSE….
ANONS/freedom FIGHTERS/Truth Tellers /world Patriots have been leaking the truth of economic world collapse since last year and been WARNING all that the World Markets reports are fake and the central banking system is inside a MAJOR collapse…. Only till 16 months later does EU Deutsche bank CEO admit a recession is happening ( they had lied for months of FALSE economic reports and growth)

   Blame the RUSSIAs for the collapse story is falling apart as Asian countries drop the propaganda and start denying EU super power in their claim for donations .......

I reported two months ago that several countries inside NATO ( generals inside the countries are fighting within their regimen and their Leaders (//// this conflict is coming more evident as DEEP STATE MONEY is disappearing by the days and weeks and months …..

The USD ( United States Dollar) is the world Reserve currency …. Almost every Nation across the world holds the USD as a secure asset!

But now it’s becoming clear to several Nations the EU SUPER POWER Connected to the USD is COLLAPSING….. As several leaders through the Americas deny BIDEN REGIMEN of support and attending invites …. Several middle eastern countries have cut off oil to the U.S..EU and their USD…..

The U.S. and all it’s wealth and every asset is worth 193 Trillion… (But the U.S debt is 90 Trillion+U.S. Unfunded liabilities is 169 Trillion
=259 Trillion Debt )

259 Trillion Debt
-193 Trillion U.S. wealth & All assets
66 Trillion Debt.

The world countries are seeing the [ COLLAPSE] in real time….. And PANIC is hitting everywhere….. The DEEP STATE in EU is finally admitting they have no money and U.S is inside COLLAPSE and nobody wants the USD.

The COLLAPSE of the CENTRAL banking system connected to USD is in free fall….

And there is no more money to fund the WAR MONGERS/PAYING OFF HALF OF MILITARY GENERALS TO OK WARS…… Their is no money currently for FUNDING U.S. MILITARY/ food/travel/pension/ or oil/gas for military vehicles
…… The money is disappearing faster than people can imagine ?
The U.S Military is denying Biden REGIMEN to artillery to send to UKRAINE and EU.

This COLLAPSE HAPPENING is exposing the DEEP STATE at the Deepest roots as they turn on each other.. Dog eat dog.


In due time ( TRUMP ♦️♠️)

A Golden age……
Inside the Storm



Okay, gang, that’s actually it for today.

I hope you’re enjoying your Friday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys! See ya!!


Putin’s great speech in St. Petersburg:






Amazing Polly: BOOM! Vaccine Mafia Emails Exposed! (1 hr):

Christian Patriot News: Texas & Arizona Decertify 2020 Election! The First Dominos to Fall! From 2000 Mules to 2500 Sheriffs (28 mins):

X22 Report: We Will Declas, We Will Shine the Light, There Is Nowhere To Hide (47 mins):

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