A Whirlwind on the Horizon

Wow, gang. I wish I could tell you what is actually going on, but something big feels like it is coming in really, really close. Finally.

I don’t have much to post today, because I can’t get clarity on what is happening, it’s just that feeling that all Hell is getting ready to break loose on all fronts. But that, ultimately, it will be in a good way. (Assuming, of course, that you follow Q.)

If you aren’t able to access Phil’s channel or his chat, I will post just a couple things from it here. He did not go live last night, but is planning to tonight at 9:30 PM Eastern Time.

He is on DLive (Phil Godlewski) and Rumble.

Last night, at 8:41PM:

“Hello all

I have something very important to do for our movement in the coming hours of tonight. I hope to be able to report on my success tomorrow. But for tonight, I will be unable to go Live.

Let’s plan on tomorrow, same time (9:30PM Eastern).

I was unaware of this task until approximately 30 minutes ago.

Good stuff, nothing I cannot handle.

Love you all!”

Then this morning, at 5:42 AM:


In between those 2 things, there was this–

Late last evening:

“Welcome to all my new members.

You found the -only- channel on Telegram that matters, going forward.

As my following grows and touches 1,000,000 telegram members later this month, please do not forget that the “asleep” members of your family, friends, and collegues will NEED YOUR HELP when the ball finally drops.

Be there for them. Be supportive. Do NOT turn into what we hate.

And again, welcome 🙌”

[And just in case you weren’t aware — in addition to Hunter’s laptop being hacked and put out online a while ago, now his iCloud account has been hacked and allegedly the tsunami that’s going to come from that is going to be huge.]

Again, from Phil:

“The Hunter saga is far from over.

Dont believe me just watch 🕺

On that topic: who hacked the Hunter iCloud account?

I heard it was an Anon.

Any guesses?

Asking for a friend.”

And then this was also posted from someone in Phil’s chat:

“SCOTUS DID overturn the 2020 election. I have confirmation from a retired secret service agent with presidential clearance that it was overturned some time ago. He wrote this: They’re staggering all the major announcements in order to prepare for all sorts of concerns regarding such, globally, all sorts of national and international security concerns etcetera. Obviously, this situation has never occurred before, very touchy situation. All is tied into this globally, financial markets as well as stability of government globally. Pulling the rug out from under the globalists and their corrupt cabals. Remember every action taken by our government is hidden behind distraction and diversion, nothing is ever what it appears to be or seems. They’ve known from the start this was coming just a matter of when and when the preparation for all ramifications considered had been assessed, not just here but internationally as it’s all tied together. It’s far deeper and far more complicated than you can imagine. Remember, as I’ve told you many times, if people really knew what has been going on in their country as well as globally they’d go insane, that’s if they even cared or allowed themselves to believe how convoluted and corrupt absolutely everything is and always has been.



This is just a small bit of what is getting posted and doesn’t include anyone else’s channels. But something big and probably chaotic is brewing, gang.

And, naturally, it is coming when everything in my life is scraping rock bottom — barely hanging on to the car and the house now, the stuff with my bankruptcy case is getting incredibly stressful, I’m barely able to feed the cats or myself. Truly, just hanging on now, gang. I know God’s got this and I have unshakable faith, but the stress level is through the roof right now. And to top it all off, I didn’t see an atomic bomb coming yesterday that completely obliterated my heart.

But just when things couldn’t have felt more confusing, more dire, more heartbreaking yesterday evening, a poet in London suddenly sent me this, from out of nowhere:

It probably kept me from spontaneously combusting or something. Yesterday was such a difficult day and from out of nowhere, a poet from far away made the day worth surviving. I am so grateful.

And I am somehow holding the line.

That’s it for my post today, gang. Just stay alert. It could still be a couple weeks for whatever this is to fully play out. But in the meantime, the events unfolding around the world are coming fast & furious, and possibly with false flags. I don’t knpw.

I love you guys. Stay sane, okay?

See ya. (I leave you with a song that helped me suvrive being committed to a mental hosptial for about 6 months when I was 15. It has helped me get through this morning, too.)

“I Shall Be Released”

They say everything can be replaced
They say every distance is not near
So I remember every face
Of every man who put me here

I see my light come shinin’
From the west down to the east
Any day now, any day now
I shall be released

They say every man needs protection
They say that every man must fall
Yet I swear I see my reflection
Somewhere so high above this wall

I see my light come shinin’
From the west down to the east
Any day now, any day now
I shall be released

Now yonder stands a man in this lonely crowd
A man who swears he’s not to blame
All day long I hear him shouting so loud
Just crying out that he was framed

I see my light come shinin’
From the west down to the east
Any day now, any day now
I shall be released

c- Bob Dylan, 1968

2 thoughts on “A Whirlwind on the Horizon”

  1. Dear Marilyn,
    I am now following your blog for approximately two months already and every day I really like the way you tell us the public and private ” events”, announcements and so on.
    I am so sorry to read what had happened to you. As the owner of several cats during more than four decades (two of the cats are left, one will turn 21 next month) I can understand your fears very well. So I think to myself: Words are good but money is better. Would you please send me your bank account (no Paypal or others, only bank details) in order to get at least some food at least for your cats. I have to ask my bank how to change Euros to a Dollar account so don`t be 100% sure that you will get my donation for sure.
    I really hope your tree is allowed to remain in front of your house – a reminder of the “good old days”…You seem to be a strong personality to me and I think you will manage this difficult situation despite all obstacles.
    Sorry for my english mistakes!
    Best regards from

    1. Hi Margarete, your letter means so much to me. I cannot adequately express how much it means to me. How generous of you to want to assist my cats in getting fed— it is harrowing right now. But I would not feel right accepting money from you. If you pray, do visualizations or affirmations or some thing spiritual along the lines of prayers, I would appreciate the power of that so much. Thank you again, Margarete. You will be in my prayers tonight. Much love to you (and your cats). Marilyn ❤️

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