Be Sure to Get Plenty of Sun!!

Yes! Go outside! Get off your phone and off your tablet and off your laptop…

Why? Because there’s still nothing but bad news.

Well, okay — here’s some potentially great news!! (Will the fake Biden be next? Let’s hope so, gang!!)

From Whiplash347:

Macron ordered to RESIGN as French President faces urgent probe after ‘betraying France’
EMMANUEL MACRON is facing furious resignation calls after an investigation revealed he signed a “secret deal” to advance a US company” [full article here]


There was also a tiny bit more good news yesterday — bye bye Vatican? Soon, baby, soon! It looks like maybe a DEW hit that obelisk? (Or as the MSM calls this stuff: “lightning”. Or an “explosion.” Etc.) Like everything else, I guess we’ll find out. (And don’t worry that anyone too important got hurt; holograms don’t get hurt — something like 62 Vatican Cardinals plus 1 Pope already executed in late fall 2020…)

Rome Burning – Huge explosion & fire Rome | Vatican Obelisk in Vatican square ( 1 minute):



It’s not easy, but I’m trying hard to keep to my new goal about posting “only/mostly” about all announcements of decertification of 2020, which, allegedly, SCOTUS has already ruled on in private– and if Friday night’s Trump speech in Las Vegas was any clue, well, his podium had the Presidential Seal on it.


The Alaska rally on Saturday night couldn’t have been more different from the one in Vegas. He was back to dropping the F bomb, and happily not taking any “shit” from anyone — which the crowd loved.

President Trump in Anchorage Saturday

Replay of the entire Anchorage rally is here (4 hours):


And there was this yesterday, posted to Phil’s channel:

“Well well well. What have we here?

A “leaked report”, you say?

How interesting.



From Ezra A Cohen:

“Goodbye Christopher Wray.”


And a copy of the letter President Trump sent to Steve Bannon on Friday:


Phil is supposed to do a livestream tonight at 9:30 PM Eastern Time. As always, check his channel later to be sure.

He also posted this cool video yesterday. Very uplifting, (2 mins):


Last night’s Front Porch Live went over all the recent SCOTUS decisions. (You can follow Rick Green of the Patriot Academy on telegram here.)

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly tonight includes a lot of SCOTUS, New York, and some great opportunities. (50 mins):


From Simon Parkes just now:

“Russian natural gas is cut to Germany for 10 days, starting today.”


From David Icke:





It’s VERY Bad Right??? 😮 Sunday LIVE Phone-In With Alex Belfield ☎️ 10th July The Voice Of Reason (1 hr 36 mins):


Outdoor Chef Life — another one that’s not for vegetarians. But the scenery is awesome, gang.

STEAK AND POTATOES KINDA NIGHT | Fishing In Heaven (28 mins):


And check out the space below later this afternoon (1:30 PM Eastern Time)–

Super Soldier Talk – Jimmy Paine – Builders of the Georgia Guidestones:


Mel Carmine — Blockchain Voting System, UBI and XRP Buy Back #nesara #gesara (57 mins):


And as always, this was great!

James Tabor on mythvision– Becoming God: Plato, Poimandres, Jesus, and Paul (1 hr 37 mins):


And that’s it, gang.

There is a lot of infighting, name calling, disinformation, general ego ugliness, etc., etc., going on now all over the Truther movement. So I’m limiting the videos that I used to post here. And I’m trying to ease back into my “real” life whenever possible.

I spent yesterday going over some manuscripts from long ago! One of which, “A Path to the Woods,” I posted to the web site. (A lesbian ghost story, non-erotic. Published in 2008, I think? Lethe Press.)

And a novella I was working on 20 years ago (!!) About 20 pages into it. A murder mystery, titled A Killing On Mercy Road. (My publishers told my agent back then that it was “too mid-list” and so none of them would pick it up). Anyway. I might post that to the blog soon, too. We’ll see!!!


Thanks for visiting, gang. Stay alert, stay faithful, wherever you are in the world!!

I love you guys! See ya!!!!

Breakfast-listening music!!! Sheryl Crow’s smash hit, “Soak Up the Sun”!! (Play it loud and ignore everybody while you’re listening to it!!)

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