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If you follow Phil, you know that he yet again cancelled his livestream last night, and rescheduled it for tonight at 9:30 PM Eastern Time.

This means that we STILL don’t know what the heck he’s so happy about!!!! (All we know is that we want to be happy, too!)

From Phil last night:

“My next LIVE will be tomorrow, Wednesday July 13th @ 9:30 PM Eastern.

I intend to drop some life-changing intel that I am getting specifics on tonight and tomorrow.

This will be a Live that you do -not- want to miss.”


First of all, I want to thank a reader in Vienna who really made my day yesterday. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. You really helped lighten my spiritual load. It meant a lot to me.

And yesterday was also Food Stamp day! Yay! Which means that there is at least plenty of “people-food” back in the kitchen right now. And that is always a real relief. The cupboard and the fridge are once again full. (Yesterday, I was literally down to some celery, alfalfa sprouts, some olives, half a loaf of bread — and $3 in the bank.)

But today is a whole new day!! And also yesterday, I got a letter from my mortgage company saying that I might be eligible for some assistance on my mortgage yet again — this time, from the American Rescue Plan Act. (Folks, it is ridiculous, how low my mortgage payments are now, yet I am still not able to pay in full and on time. The current inflation has eaten up whatever extra money I was starting to accumulutate. So this could be some good news. And regardless, things will be a lot better come September, when I “retire”…)

Okay. There’s just some odd bits of news that I wanted to post.

Remember a few days ago when Ezra A Cohen posted “Trudeau [OUT]”?

Well, this appeared yesterday. A $2.2 million non-disclosure agreement, dating back to 2019, wth a girl who was much yonger than “17” (??). We’ll have to keep an eye on it. It was on a few channels, but this is the link to Phil’s:

“Trudeau has sex with a minor, then makes her sign an NDA. [They] can no longer hide what is coming.

Trudeau heeft seks met een minderjarige en laat haar vervolgens een NDA ondertekenen. [Ze] kunnen niet langer verbergen wat er gaat komen.”




Some interesting Irish intel, posted at Whiplash347:

“Hmm. Could Derry/Londonderry be the real centre of everything?

The Guilds/Freemasons of the City of London built the historic walls of Derry in Northern Ireland….and also gifted Derry with the name London…a bit of a poisoned chalice as the people have been fighting over the city’s name ever since.
Derry’s historic walls have 7 gates and a network of tunnels underneath that noone talks about.
There are so many important buildings within the walls and curiously named streets like London Street, Palace Street etc all in the same area. Worth checking out some of the businesses in London Street 😂😂😂. It was the first planned city in Ireland.
Lots of charities, youth and mental health services and NGOs too and lots of arts organisations including a big theatre…a favoured spot for visiting dignitaries like the Dalai Lama.
The Clintons were also big fans of the city, as was Esther Rantzen …who even set up a branch of Childline there.
Bodies/skeletons have been found/dug up over the years in the car park behind the Freemasons Hall and in other places within the walls but they were quickly forgotten about and the ground covered over.
Derry has ties to Marina Abramovich going back to the 80s and Damien Hirst’s mother is from the city…as is James Hewitt 😂😱😱
Heard that Facebook was supposed to be moving here and there are now a ton of tech/data companies who have popped up in the city in the last few years including Singularity and Learning Pool- who received the first ever European investment made by the Carlyle Group. There is a branch of Terramar on the same street … in the same building until very recently as Void art gallery….one of whose last exhibitions was of artist Eva Rothschild.

One school (that now resembles a prison camp) St Columb’s College has produced two Nobel laureates. ..John Hume…founder of the SDLP and one of the main architects of the Good Friday Agreement….and Seamus Heaney…Bill Clinton’s favourite poet.
There are so many other links…there is a starfort at Ebrington and Derry is only down the road from Redcastle, Greencastle and Castlerock…which make up a triangle shape on a map taking in both sides of the border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. The Giant’s Causeway is just up the road.
And talking of borders, the artist Bill Drummond was in Derry doing an art project with Void art gallery on the same day Nancy Pelosi was in town…and which curiously was the day journalist Lyra McKee was murdered.

Worth checking some of this stuff out.

You know how these baphomets like to flip things. Maybe it’s not London we should be looking at…but Derry.

I always wondered what Rupert Murdoch was doing in Derry on the day of the Brexit vote. 😂😂😂

The world’s biggest Halloween celebrations too. Just saying 😂😂😂”


Mel Carmine chats about the terahertz healing wand (I’ve tried one of these and they are truly amazing, gang! Part of the future of healing!! The Medical Mafia and Big Pharma will soon be gone!!)

Handheld frequency device, Testimonial by a chiropractor using it on her patients (27 mins):


At 2 in the morning, Lin Wood posted some rather interesting music!! (I tell you, gang — the real Truthers seem to very happy these days!) Theme song from The Sting!!!


In the “OH! Thank God!” department —

Just when you thought it couldn’t happen soon enough…From Intel Slava Z:

“🇺🇦🏳️‍🌈 Ukraine is considering legalizing same-sex marriage before the end of the war – BBC”

[FYI — I’m in favor of anybody marrying whoever they love, but this is just plain bullshittery…]


More wake-up calls from the BBC–

From Michelle Fielding:

Mo Farah is not my real name and my life story was fake, says Olympic champion
BBC documentary allows four-time gold medalist chance to share real version of events that describe how he was trafficked to UK as a child” [full story here]


If you’re at all interested at this point, Hunter’s nickname for his father (our beloved fake President, Joe), was “Pedo Peter”.

From RevealingWikiLeaks:

“Imagine having your father’s name saved in your device as “Pedo Peter”.

What a great ‘President’.”


Okay, this was posted a few places. I have no idea what it is, but it is strapped around Shinzo Abe’s arm — an explosive of some kind?

From GeneralPattonQ:


That’s Why after the first shot no one is trying to protect him…”


From Nicholas Veniamin:

Whilst you were distracted by Boris resigning, the UK Gov. quietly published a report confirming the Vaccinated account for 94% of all COVID-19 Deaths since April, 90% of which were Triple/Quadruple Jabbed
A report that was quietly published by the UK Government, just hours before Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation…” [full article here]


QtheStorm shared some good news:

“More of this please! 2 political wings of the French parliament put aside bickering and voted down a vaccine passport measure. They even celebrated together! :)”


This sounds very interesting, but it does not have English subtitles (luckily, lots of my readers speak more than one language).

From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“🇮🇹Live interview Radio Gamma 5
with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

“Special” on Wednesday, July 13 at 12:30 p.m. from “100DaysAtLeoni” with.
▫️Riccardo Rocchesso
▫️Alessandro Delladio
▫️Paolo Rossato

Interview is HERE (1 hr):


More testimony that the thunderstorms we’re seeing around here this summer are just fucking WEIRD (and scary!!)

(I tell you, gang, that storm that took out a huge portion of my tree and literally tossed it onto my neighbor’s house, was unlike any storm I had ever experienced; not just the tornado-type winds, but the lightning was relentless — like strobe lighting– and the thunder was like a non-stop barreling freight train. Just so scary.)–

From Dschlopes last night:

“This was at 9:20 at night right after the crazy storm. I saw insanely weird lightning that I have never seen before (extremely close to me) but no sounds for thunder the entire time, which is weird because it was a real storm (not heat lightning only) and the same one that hit DC a little while later. Then over an hour after the storm had passed my entire house shook with an 8-second long rumble that was extremely loud. Just once… it was the only sound that I heard the entire time.”


And that is it for today, gang.

Hopefully, we will find out something substantial from Phil tonight. Finally. We shall see!!

Meanwhile, enjoy your Wednesday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

My breakfast-listening music from this morning!! From Vagabond Heart, Rod Stewart’s hugely uplifting hit, “Rhythm of My Heart”. Play it loud and repeatedly!!!!! See ya!

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