Strangely Quiet This Morning

Not only is there not much news, gang, but the key channels I visit every few hours for news updates are totally silent right now.

Even Phil was offline the entire day/night yesterday, and nothing yet for today.

It’s been intense around here, regardless.

We had another terrible high wind come through here Saturday afternoon. Not only did it take down a little bit more of my poor maple tree, causing minor damage to my own house this time and also sending more branches right back over to my neighbor’s house, planting themselves against the windows it smashed the last time (nowhere near as bad as last time, though, thank goodness, because he hasn’t gotten the windows repaired yet). But also — a 50-foot pine tree in my nieghbor’s backyard was taken completely down by that wind.

Can you imagine how much that tree weighed? And now that has done a ton of damage to my neighbor’s backyard and the yard of his other neighbor — demolishing his fence and God knows what else. I seriously don’t want to get involved. It’s all too heartbreaking. (This is the neighbor that’s suing me for the damage done to his house by my tree last month.)

These storms are making a nervous wreck of me, that is for sure. And that is an understatement.

However, an arborist is coming out here this afternoon to do an inspection of what’s left of my maple tree (which is still considerable) and I will at least feel better about what he has to say — whatever he says.

On another topic–

Yesterday evening, they began a weekly prayer circle for Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, who is getting ready to serve 60 days in federal prison because she gave a speech on the steps of the US Capitol building on Jan. 6th.

Sadly, as we now know, the Jan 6th prisoners are treated really atrociously in prison, including physical abuse and continued isolation. So much abuse, that already 2 people have committed suicide rather than face their sentencing. We are all praying for Dr Gold’s safety while serving her completely inexcusable prison term.

For me, it was the most moving prayer circle I’d ever participated in. People all over the country — nurses, doctors, psychologists, and regular people (like me) — were giving their testimony about how Dr. Gold helped them find their way through the fake pandemic and the ban on ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and the murder protocol of the vaxes and Remdesivir.

I was crying through everyone’s testimony, because Dr. Gold’s constant information also helped me help so many customers and their families at the height of the MRNA “vaccine” onslaught.

She helped save so many people’s lives. And now she is going to prison. And it was such a profound revelation for me, to hear how many people felt just the same way that I did about her helping them survive what we all went through.

Eventually, she came on the livestream and she was so upbeat, so brave, so completely wearing the full armor of God, that it wound up being an incredibly uplifting prayer circle. Like nothing I’ve experienced in years.

If you would like to participate in the weekly prayer circle on Sunday evenings for the next 2 months, sign up for text alerts HERE. I think they will be about 15 minutes or so.

You can also send personal encouraging emails that will be delivered to Dr. Gold while she is in prison:

The prayer circle last night was supposed to be a zoom call but it soon got overwhelmed by the number of people trying to get on the call, so it turned into a livestream. I believe this will be the link from now on (



I have no clue if this is real or not, gang, but my jaw dropped when I saw it and I literally wanted to throw up.

From Stew Peters:

“They’re just saying it now. Kids will grow up knowing it’s “safer” to deal with the effects of the Bioweapon than to have ‘Covid’.”


What is the matter with half of Canada? Please, people! Masks do not help or protect you in any way, they only harm your immune system!!

From Chris Sky:

Canadian schools announce MASK MANDATES. Bec “half of canadians want it!” If you been watching… what did i say they would announce by end of july? Mask mandates. You re welcome


On a similar note!!

Sad news fom DC Clothesline:

Vaccinated population accounts for 92% of COVID-19 deaths in Canada

(Natural News) Recent official figures published by the Canadian government revealed that the vaccinated population now accounts for 92 percent of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths across Canada. Nearly half of those deaths are among the quadruple jabbed population.” [full article here]


Ohio!! Don’t forget to vote on August 2nd.

Here is a downloadable voter guide for where your candidate stands on Medical Freedom! (Masks, vaccines, parental consent)


Rick Green of Patriot Academy had another Front Porch Live last evening:

REPLAY (1 hr):


And , as always, just unbelievably awesome!! Don’t miss this one, gang.

James Tabor: Skeletal Remains at Masada–New Emerging Evidence (1 hr 15 mins):


And that is it for today, gang.

Have a good Monday wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning! Dalida, and the haunting, lovely, “La Petite Maison Bleu”. Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya!

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