How’s That MAL Raid Working Out For You?

Wow, gang. What was that??

Since Q was alerting us to the Chris Wray (FBI) connection years ago —

— I’m guessing this raid is signaling something else entirely.

For instance–

Comms from Phil last night, shortly after the “raid”:

“COMMS {raid} left/&-“.sumpt^over<>•<~>

COMMS {pead} ‘ ,

/end COMMS”

So, has the door been opened (finally) for the PEAD????? We’ll have to wait and see, gang.

From Shadow of Ezra at 7:03PM:

“Trump [SECURED]”

THEN from Ezra A Cohen — Q from 2018:

And from Jack Posobiec by way of Phil’s channel:

But what I loved most about what happened last night, was how many Patriots simply got in their cars and drove to Mar-A-Lago to support and defend President Trump. (I wonder how many of them were carrying & ready to use it? Asking for a friend…)

And Dan Scavino on Instagram last night, around 9PM:

Then from il donaldo trumpo, an hour after that:

“There will always be challenges to Overcome.
We will face them head-on, with a big, fat smile on our face, knowing God is on Our Side.
Love Your Family. Give Them a Big Hug and remind them how Beautiful and Precious They Are.



Okay. So Phil cancelled his livestream last night, just as the raid in MAL was taking place. He will go live tonight at 9PM Eastern instead. I’m guessing we won’t want to miss it, right?

If you follow Q, then you already knkow the TON of posts made on Phil’s channel last night. If you want to read them all, start HERE and scroll.

Phil ended the night with:

“What makes a Q drop, a Q drop?

Is it the social media platform it’s posted on?

Is it the poster of the drop?

How do we identify Q is writing a drop?

Look back.

What are you missing?

Has it been right in front of you this entire time?

Look back.

Connect the dots.

You have more than you know.”


Wow. What an awesome night.

Regarding yesterday morning, when I didn’t post because I had overslept and was still reeling from PTSD triggered by yet another terrible thunderstorm the night before….

I was going to post this. It appeared on several channels, but this is from Shadow of Ezra:

“48 – 72 hours is all China needs to take Taiwan.”


Also, in Ohio specifically. This newsletter came yesterday from Ohio Stands Up:

“[…] Let’s recap. In a region with a population of over 1.6 million people, there were a total of 8 ‘COVID’ admissions. Of course, only 4 of those could even conceivably have the potential to be an admission for COVID, as the other 4 had ‘onset’ on the date of admission.

Meanwhile, the CDC is claiming that there have been 200 new admissions over one week!

Ok then. Let’s double check the potential validity of that, shall we? I went into the Ohio csv file and looked at total admissions for all 5 counties combined. Going all the way back to the beginning of June. There were 173 hospital admissions listed. In total. All 5 counties. Over two full months. But according to the CDC there were 200 in just this last week….

ALL counties currently at a ‘high’ level according to the CDC are ‘high’ solely because of this new admissions number.

Read that again and understand it. The CDC is completely fabricating these numbers. No one knows where they are coming from, and they are causing panic and renewed mandates. ‘Cases’ alone can only turn a county yellow, and nowhere has high occupancy rates. After all, why should they have high occupancy rates when I have shown over and over that there are extremely few people going in with ‘COVID’.{…}”


I won’t even mention that ridiculous “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.”

Except for saying that. That’s it.


A couple from Chris Sky in Canada:

“On April 25th the Canadian government launched the PUBLIC ORDER EMERGENCY COMMISSION. These investigators have reached out to my legal team requesting I be part of this commission inquiry with an official interview on the Freedom Convoy. I intend to help prove that this was an unjust. Immoral. Illegal over step of government authority to prop up a nefarious agenda against the citizens of Canada. Stand by for more information as the situation develops.


“Chris Sky emergency world exclusive before ANY NEWS ANYWHERE. “Mysterious virus” infects ALL DAYCARE CENTRES in Edmonton/Leduc children as young as 2 being hospitalized with blue lips from lack of oxygen. Cause UNKNOWN. They are trying to sweep this under the rug…but its EXPOSED NOW. Demand accountability!”


And that’s it for the “news.”

It feels incredibly exciting, gang. Things are finally coming to the final reel of this movie. However, that doesn’t mean that the shit won’t hit the fan in a big way. So stay alert. And tune into Phil at 9PM tonight…

Don’t forget–

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Oslo, Norway on Thursday, Aug 11th. You can buy tickets here.

And the two shows they just did in Poland looked incredible, gang!!

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Poland 8/8/22


And that’s it.

Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!

In honor of the passing of Olivia Newton John yesterday, I leave you with my favorite song of hers — “Please, Mr. Please”. (This was a huge hit the summer I was committed to a mental hospital. I was almost 15, sitting in my mom’s car, listening to this song on the radio, when my mom came out from the psychiatrist’s office, got in the car and gave me the news… It was horrible.)

Followed by my breakfast-listening music from this morning! Paul SImon’s “Late in the Evening.” Truly rambunctious, happy, and wonderful!! A big hit right when I moved to NYC in late 1980 and my real life began. Enjoy!!

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