So, What’s the News?

Not a whole lot, gang.

I’ll use this to sum up the “raid”– posted on Q the Storm:


However, I do think that the “raid’ was a complete success for President Trump.

Also — take a listen to what Simon had to say about the “raid”– (40 mins):


I’m not really sure what’s up with Anne Heche’s death.

People Magazine assured us yesterday:

LAPD Will No Longer Investigate Anne Heche’s Car Crash: Cops

“As of today, there will be no further investigative efforts made in this case,” the LAPD said in a statement to PEOPLE hours after Anne Heche was confirmed dead…


I’m only bringing all this up because yesterday, Ellen — who was arrested a couple of years ago and then executed for Crimes Against Humanity — paid tribute to her ex-girlfriend in the Huffington Post. And sent her “love” to her ex-girlfriend’s family…


At first, when I saw the news of the accident, I wondered: Arkancided? Did Anne know too much?

But when Ellen got involved from beyond the grave, I wondered: Arrested?

Maybe even worse…



If you would like to write a letter of encouragement and support to Dr. Simone Gold, this is her address in prison (if you include your email, she can reply to you):

Simone Gold Registration Number 26132509/ FDC Miami/ Federal Detention Center/ PO Box 019120/ Miami FL 33101


Phil has been saying that something BIG is getting ready to happen. And he should be doing another livestream Sunday evening — implying that the BIG thing will have already happened? I guess we’ll fnd out:

“My next LIVE will be Sunday, August 14th

Time TBD

It’ll be a big one, I think 😎”

He also added this yesterday:

“The hammer is about to fall.

Most of these politicians have no idea what’s going on.

Do you really think they are ALL aware of devolution, or the Trump shadow-presidency?

Not a chance. That would be WAY too much exposure.

People like Garland, Schumer, Yellen, and the other idiotic-type Democrats would never be able to follow their instructions.

We told the important players what needs to be done. They have complied.

Every now and then, you may see one of the “uninformed” barking about something, which leads you to believe something false.

Don’t worry. Every angle has been covered. Every loose string has been pulled.

We have already won.

The hammer is about to fall.”

Then, last evening, he added this — an allusion to Pizzagate? Podesta, or some other pedophile, has finally been arrested?

“I ordered Pizza at 6:46 Eastern from a local restaurant. I’ve ordered there many times before.

They said 1 hour for delivery, then added “maybe less”. I said okay. I gave them my debit card information. The card was charged. Currently shows pending in my bank account.

It is now 8:42 PM Eastern. Approaching 2 hours. Still no pizza.

I called the restaurant back. It rings and rings and rings. No answer. Website says open till 10PM Eastern.

I kept calling back. The 3rd or 4th time, someone picked up and immediately hung up.

This would be the first time I’ve ever ordered delivery, paid for it, and it didnt show up.

Has this ever happened to anyone before? I literally cannot believe this.”


At last, some common sense from CDC–

From Q the Storm:

“The CDC now says that due to breakthrough infections and natural immunity there is no reason to treat vaccinated and unvaccinated people differently. Twitter banned users who pointed this out last year. Never forget that people were censored for saying what the CDC is saying now.”

[Don’t worry, though — if you read the fine print of those new CDC guidelines, they still want you to come to your senses, wear your mask if you don’t feel well and then get vaccinated…]


From QTSR— I don’t know what to make of this one, gang:

“🔴 Arkansas Judge Found Dead in Lake

Did you catch this?”

[full article here]


[Just FYI: I’m not getting involved in “The Pit” thing, since it seems to be drawing a line between the Phil haters and the Phil supporters…However.)

RedPill 78 News Update: Pre Pit, Post Mar a Lago Raid Update – Thank You Merrick Garland! (19 mins):


A funny meme posted by General Flynn:


The Patriot Academy is getting ready to begin another 5-week live American Campfire Revival with Kirk Cameron.

Monday nights,7-8:30 PM Central Time, through September 12th.

Register HERE (free).


I want to give you a quick update on the Biomedis Trinity unit that a customer at the store generously gave to me to try out:

Biomedis Trinity

Wow, what a powerful little device. I decided to start with a basic anti-anxiety/stress program. It is truly incredible — what it does to my mood, gang. It practically zooms me right in “JOY” mode and it lasts all day. The program itself lasts 20 minutes, and I’m doing it once a day, will continue for 2 weeks, total.

I am really excited by this little unit and I wish I could keep it!!!! (It is the size of a very small cellphone.)

If you want to know more about how bio-frequency works, here’s a quick video (9 mins):


And on a similar note–

Sound Health Radio — tomorrow’s show (Sound Health is here in Ohio, they do Bio Acoustics: the study of low frequency analog sound and its potential to influence human health.):




More from Q the Storm — still pertinent, 7 months later!:


From Chris Sky in Canada — includes video:

WARNING The Canadian government will soon announce that we have POLIO in Canada. Dont give your kid the jab when asked.”

[and in case you missed it — NYC says it has now found evidence of polio in the sewers there. And polio is and always was a byproduct of a vaccine. Just sayin’….]


And just now, from Phil:

“The Central Banking system, worldwide, is being extinguished.

The way you received loans in the past, will be no more.

Your money will no longer be stolen from you, via a corrupt, satanic, power-hungry Cabal. We are giving the power of investment back to the people. Not to a few families worldwide.

The 86,000 newly hired “IRS” agents will NOT be used for “IRS” purposes.

They will have a new purpose.”



I hope you have a great Saturday, wherever you are in the world!

Stay alert because something big is likely coming.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

My breakfast-listening music from this morning, as I fed my many cats!! Paul Simon’s huge hit from 1972, “Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard”!! Play it loud & enjoy the heck out of yourself!!! See ya!

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