The First Arrest!?!

This will be another brief one, gang.

As you know, on Saturday mornings, I participate in the live Connecting Consciousness zoom meditation out of New Zealand, starting at 6AM.

And on mornings, like today, when I also have to go into work, it gets hard to get enough time to gather the news.

However, it is even harder this morning (!!) because Phil’s livestream last night got screwy, so he had to switch to his Locals channel, which is private. And so I had to listen to the replay on telegram this morning, as well as fit in the meditation, and feed 9 cats, and feed myself, then wash a zillion tiny bowls, etc.

I’m not sure if you can listen to Phil’s replay on telegram without being a member of his channel, but here is the LINK, so try it.

He will be at a different location tonight and is planning to go live at 8PM Eastern, hopefully with better results!

Anyway. Long story, short — he is still expecting that President Trump will be “arrested” (aka Q’s “first arrest”), and that it will coincide with SCOTUS publicly decertifying 2020 and the announcement that “Biden’s” Presidency is fake, Trump is the legitimate President, and sitting Presidents cannot be arrested, etc.

But this all has to happen in mid-September, in order for it to line up with the mandatory 120 days to a new election (January).

It seems like it is all coming down to math now, gang. Those “120 days” need to line-up with mid-January. We will have to see how it all plays out.

Patriot Streetfighter is apparently saying that Trump’s arrest will happen around Labor Day, but Phil disagrees with this.

(I’m sorry if you’re new here and none of this is making sense!)


Don’t forget to tune in today on RSBN or for Mike Lindell’s Moment of Truth Summit, fraudulent elections, rigged voting machines, etc. It begins at 9AM and runs for 48 hours.

His last Summit was full of a lot of Deep State weirdness, so we’ll see if any more diabolical shit happens this time,too.


Posted on Phil’s channel yesterday — an in-depth how-to video for making chlorine dioxide (MMS/CDS) at home. The video is HERE. (53 mins).


“Nancy Drew” had been home sick for several days, but yesterday, she was back in DC:

“Federal Protective Services currently outside of one of the Wright Buildings, there are 2 right next to each other, which happen to both still be completely fenced in, and still flying the POW flag. The agent is waiting outside the door along with a second agent.”

“US Marshalls currently standing outside the front of the DOJ building and a DPS parked on the side.” [US Marshalls make arrests, as well as accompany those already arrested, gang!]


A quick teaser for next week’s American Campfire Revival (1 min):

Gang, American Campfire Revival and the Patriot Academy, in general, can teach you so much that you never knew about American History. It is fascinating.

Register here, if you haven’t already. The class is online on Monday nights, 7-8:30 PM CENTRAL time, for the next 5 weeks. FREE! (If you miss the Live, you can watch the video replay later.)


Okay, that’s going to be it for now.

I’m going through some really difficult stuff right now, gang, and I need to sort of get my head together before leaving for work.

Still contending with “woke” colleagues (primarily the ones based in NYC) who will no longer collaborate with me. And the job at the store is making me a little nuts these days.

Sadly, I need to have a “regular” job right now, and I don’t mind working at the store– I love the customers and I genuinely love helping the customers (we sell natural/organic foods & supplements). However, I have zero in common with my co-workers. And I mean ZERO. I might as well be from Mars. I spend 95% of my work day convincing myself not to simply walk out and never go back…I’m hoping to arrange things so that I can leave soon and still have an income, but life is just really lonely and frustrating right now.

But on we go, right?

Okay!! I’m going to refill my coffee cup, stare outside at the beautiful morning getting underway, listen to the song below and think about the friends I love so much– the ones still here, and the ones who have already departed. Then I’m off to work!

Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang!!

I love you guys. See ya!

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