Everything Quiet Except of Course


Other than that, gang, we are being told to expect about 8 days of no intel.

So I will find whatever seems of interest over the next several days and post that, but I’m guessing that huge stuff is now going on behind the scenes.

Phil’s Q & A last evening was very interesting. Some great questions were asked, in my opinion.

Here is the REPLAY (2 hrs):

Phil is planning to go live again on Wednesday night with intel. But he might go live tonight, as well. Check his channel later to find out. Or follow him on Rumble, DLive, or Locals.

This was posted on his channel yesterday. Check it out carefully, gang! And start investing in precious metals if you possibly can. This is a Bill that was introduced into Congress on Friday, by Rep. Mooney from West Virginia:

“Still think the Fed isn’t imploding?

Still think we aren’t going to a gold/silver backed currency?

Still think NESARA isn’t a thing?

Just wait until you see what happens next.”


SGAnon had an update last evening. (If you are new to this, 45 is President Trump and FLOTUS is the First Lady, Melania) (He also states there will be little to no intel for the next 5 to 8 days.)

<45> & FLOTUS Comms | Putin’s War is Only Just Beginning | Justice is Coming (37 mins):

You can follow SGAnon on rumble. He frequently posts very short videos there that are really interesting. You can also find him on Truth Social, he posts throughout the day (he is a Q follower).


And that is going to be it for now, gang.

We are still expecting some sort of important event to happen before the weekend. It might effect travel, we don’t for sure.

Just stay alert.

On the personal front– Sandra and I finished the final draft of Act One and turned it in yesterday!!!!!!! A week behind schedule, but it is an amazing play. (An original one-woman musical.)

The staged reading will be put on sometime before the year is out (in Toronto, Canada), and so the deadline to get this turned in is just extremely tight. Yes, after 8 years of working on this play… (2 of those years being a dead stop because of the plandemic) and now we’re under a ridiculously tight deadline. Such is life!!

I also spoke at length with Peitor, my partner in Abstract Absurdity Productions — our micro-short film production company. He is currently living in Nice, in the South of France. And he called with some really great news last evening.

So my day ended on a pretty great note yesterday.

Okay. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


My breakfast-listening music from this morning — Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ 1989 trIbute to Neil Young, “Helpless.” (Really, really well done, especially when you consider that the orginal version by CSN&Y is just stunning.) Okay. Enjoy!!

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