Not Even Going to Touch it Today

Wow, gang. Ominous vibes out there this morning.

There are these 3 things: Dead silence; optics; psy-ops.

Last night from SGAnon — as we awaited his audio file that didn’t come:

“Prior Truth Redacted. I had just begun recording tonight’s File. Received 5 min ago on my end:
“Lots of chatter. Standby FFO”

In short, friends, I’ve been put in a holding pattern. Something big is in motion.

What I CAN say right Now:
>Things are going Full_Tilt in Europe much faster than you may be hearing
>The German gov/econ is collapsing. This begins the collapse in Europe
>Chinese factories exclusively producing war supplies for last 8 weeks.
>Qdrop for 10/19/20 = significant”

From Phil just moments before he was supposed to go live:

“I was just told I am not able to go Live tonight

I don’t necessarily know why. The directive was very short.

I can, of course, disobey the directive. But doing so would be disadvantages to my future line of intel.

To me, I believe this may be an indication of something much larger to come.

Tonight, I was set to reveal what “the event” that we waited for last week & this past weekend was going to be.

Just 5 minutes ago, I was told to not go Live. Not just stay quiet, but “dont do the show” at all.

This is frustrating for me, as I’m sure it’s frustrating for you as well.

There’s a positive reason for this. I’m not totally sure exactly what that reason is, right now. But I know it can only be a great thing.

My apologies, Pham. Something is definitely going on, and I have a very strong feeling I know what it is.

I’m just unable to report it at this time.”

“I will have an update very soon. I’m expecting clarification on why I was unable to go Live tonight.

Stay tuned.”


I found this curious, indeed, from President Trump — in light of all these SNL and Late Night personalities allegedly being hardcore pedos, and all pedos will be executed:

“Late Night Television is absolutely dying. The hosts are not funny, talented, or smart. Actually, it’s amazing that they keep their jobs. Ratings have gone south to a level never seen before. I could take the average person on the street, insert them in these loser’s place, and the entertainment level would be better. Stephen Colbert is drawing “flies,” Jimmy Kimmel is down almost 50%, and Fallon has lost 60%. Basket case Seth Meyers has lost most of his audience, BORING. Trump haters are DEAD!”

“I once hosted Saturday Night Live, and the ratings were HUUUGE! Now, however, the ratings are lower than ever before, and the show will probably be put to “rest.” It is just not, at these levels, sustainable – A bad show that’s not funny or smart. L.M. is angry and exhausted, the show even more so. It was once good, never great, but now, like the Late Night Losers who have lost their audience but have no idea why, it is over for SNL – A great thing for America!”


In light of what SGAnon said the other night about Erdogan and Turkey aligning with Russia to free the Turkish people from centuries of tyranny–

From Intel Slava Z this morning:

“🇹🇷🇷🇺⚡️Erdogan said he agreed with Putin to create a gas hub in Turkey

Europe will be able to use Russian gas, which will pass through this hub.”


And this from Chris Sky, just because it’s amazing how successful they were (still are) at mind-controlling Canada:

“Riddle me this… do masks and jabs REALLY “save countless lives.” Would there really be “hundreds of thousands more dead!” Well now that we have billions of people experimented on we have some real world data. Lets compare Canada vs Haiti. Canada is supposed to be a world leader in our “pandemic response” and our “healthcare system” lauded all over the world. Wr are also wealthy and have a very vast land mass. Vs Haiti. Third world. Poorest nation in western hemisphere almost no pandemic response. Horrible healthcare. CROWDED. Canada had 90% jabbed. Mask mandates and jab mandates in place. Haiti has 2% jabbed. No mandates in place. Canada has over 45000 “covid deaths” for 37 million people. Haiti has 857 “covid related deaths” for 11 million people! Let that sink in! That doesnt even take into account the economic and mental health destruction of covid lock downs. Checkmate.”


And that’s it. I’m not touching anything else.

Stay alert, gang. Use discernment — hard as that is right now.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

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