Ever Onward, Gang!

The “news” seems to be compressing down into a couple of distinct stories.

The main one being war — Xi ready to take Taiwan (finally).

From SGAnon on Truth Social — the use of the word “public” could likely mean this already happened (?):

“Just received intel that I will be sharing today.
Public invasion of Taiwan is literally, imminent.

Back_chatter that I am able to share immediately:
The Chinese Armed Forces have officially apprised the US and NATO militaries that they are, and will remain, fully allegiant to Russia and Putin if the developing war in Europe goes global.”

And a comment from one of his followers:

“Compared to reported positions beginning of October. Mission accomplished?”

(If you visit this link and scroll down, you will be amazed by the number of fleets already deployed or underway to being deployed.)

ALSO from SGAnon:

“The hole runs deep.
Wonder what Putin and Xi spoke about at their last meeting?
Can you guess what kinds of paperwork trails China will find in Taiwanese L4-bioweapon laboratories?

They were going to genocide humanity, enslave our children and their children, and permanently end an entire species’ God-given immunoadaptive systems.

Be patient, Patriots.
This level of EV!L doesn’t die quickly.”


And all Hell underway for Ukraine:

From SGAnon:

Italy telling its citizens in Ukraine to leave immediately.
Various nations’ governments are already aware of what is about to happen to the entirety of Ukraine. Full scale ground invasion, and occupation.
The US-NWO-backed puppet government in Ukraine will fall.”

“The war in Eastern Europe is about to explode. Anons will hold the line.


Belarusian Rail Car Military Convoys Headed South to Ukrainian Border (37 seconds):

“Good find, anon.
Escalation into Open War.

On deck:
>WW3 for the masses to see.
>The utter destruction of the greatest evil to ever exist, for the anons and Patriots to see.”

From Shadow of Ezra:



“New Alliances”


And just two of many posts from Intel Slava Z:

“🇺🇦❗️Ukrainians must prepare for blackouts of electricity, water and heat – the situation in the energy sector is critical throughout the country – Deputy Head of the President’s Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko

Earlier, Zelensky reported damage to 30% of power plants in Ukraine since October 10. After the morning strikes, the energy situation across the country is assessed as critical.”

“🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡️The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that all the objects of the energy structure and military administration of Ukraine, which were scheduled over the past 24 hours as targets for strikes, were hit.”


And also a lot of blackout warnings coming for various other countries, including the UK. And still more terrible floods everywhere…


Apparently, the (fake) Kamala Harris has resigned?? We’ll have to see where that story goes.

Meanwhile, SGAnon will have a new update on rumble later today.

Phil will be live tonight at 8PM Eastern Time, on Rumble, DLive, and Locals.


From Phil last night:

“Why is Trump traveling to Hondorus?

Where was he flying from?

Why would Hondorus be important right now?

connect the dots, draw the connections, and [G]et ready”




A reminder from General Flynn:

Operation Mockingbird EXPOSED by Trump Train’s JJ Flash (3 mins):


From Tony Lin — Ripped To R.I.P. – Safely & Effectively – Explained By Dr. Peter McCullough (10 mins):


From Yellow Vest Ireland yesterday:


Visit this link to watch the 10-minute video:



From Nick Alvear & Goodlion TV:

“The new film Twilight Language is out. Look forward to 3-4 part series written by Nick Hinton & myself.

Thanks for all your ongoing support

We are in a spiritual war… a war of death vs life. If you are reading this now you’ve most likely been chosen to spread the awareness that you have. Thank you for sharing Good Lion TV with friends and family. I appreciate you!”



And that is it for now, gang. It is getting INTENSE out there!!

Stay alert, use discernment, stay safe!

Thanks for visiting. have a terrific Tuesday — if at all possible — wherever you are in the world.

I love you guys. See ya!


I slept like a wee bonny lassie last night!! I really, really did. 8 uninterrupted hours!! Could it be because I listened to this on repeat about 3 or 4 times before drifting to sleep???

So lovely. Johnny Depp & Jeff Beck, “Let It Be Me,” from their album 18. (BTW, I already said okay about 12 years ago — not sure why he didn’t hear me…) (How come nobody ever hears me when I say okay?) Okay!! Anyway!! Enjoy!!

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