A Day & A Half

Okay, gang.

Based mostly on a curious update Phil gave on his channel yesterday, about recommending that Truthers take a break for a day or a day & a half (?), I’m going to go with that.

This is all I have for today:

From Phil’s channel:

“Q was telling us about the benefits of Martial Law.

And how Saudi Arabia used it to take out bad actors

Basically Q was showing us the roadmap of things to come elsewhere in the World


Now check today’s news
Russia martial law
Ukraine (Deepstate hub)”


“Anon Audio File 19

SGAnon breaks down comms from POTUS45 in real time, cross referencing them with gematria and other comms from Q-patriots; information is also disclosed regarding China’s preparations for all out war in Taiwan, Russia’s escalation in Ukraine, and the justice that is coming for the COVID Criminal Syndicates.

Nothing Can Stop What is Coming.


SGANon — #19 — Trump & Kash Decode | China Preparing for Blitzkrieg War in Taiwan | C19 Justice is Coming (49 mins):


And that is it for now, gang.

Enjoy your day & thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya.

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