The Sound of Quasi-Silence

Really intense silence, gang. Not much at all to post today.

But first off — if you head over to Phil’s chat right now you can join today for a very limited tme, then he will be making it private again.


Also, from Phil this morning:

“Message to my private chat earlier today” (meaning around 5am today)

Phil also posted a very strange thing yesterday about a close colleague in his PSI business that I found disturbing, but it could be something to take only at face-value. It was similar in tone to his strange video in his car the other day — creating this feeling that everyone is sort of “turning” on him, which I don’t believe is true. Optics.


I’m guessing everyone knows this by now– (I believe the Liz Truss thing was a psy-op of some sort from start to finish)–

From JFK TV:

“BREAKING: Liz Truss resigns after 44 days, making her the shortest PM in history, amid the collapse of her government due to gross economic mismanagement

Liz Truss lasted less than two months as British PM. You could say she made “herstory” with this incredible feat.”


A new interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, this one in Sweden, but interview is in English–



The interviewees in this interview are Reiner Fuellmich and the Swedish founder of KNAPPTRYCKARNA Uffe Bejerstrand

In this interview with Reiner Fuellmich, the realities we live in are shared, including court rulings, ”plandemic”, fear and the future.

The effects of the PCR TEST FRAUD and the effects of the so-called ”vaccines” that harm and kill humanity in general and systematically is also in focus in the interview.

The depopulation agenda, the genocide, is a planned agenda, the facts and evidence are fully traceable, this is the reality. Very important information emerges, spread the interview further in all your networks.

The interview also raised the issue of genuine direct democracy, including back to basics, humanity clearly wants to survive this complete ongoing madness.

From Sweden, the founder of a direct-democratic FOLK MOVEMENT KNAPPTRYCKARNA Uffe Bejerstrand is present and in that part both Reiner Fuellmich and Uffe Bejerstrand have contact since earlier.”

Interview is HERE (1 hr)


From the Gateway Pundit

“The Real Reason Latinos Are Leaving the Democratic Party: We Are Not “Woke”, We Are Awake

Despite what you may have heard from CNN or some other leftist mainstream media outlet – the Latin community is leaving the Democratic Party in droves. CNN and the fake news media still think the left has a stranglehold on Latino voters stating “Republicans have demonized Latino immigrants to score political points” – implying that Latinos aren’t smart enough to make their own voting choices based on principles or that Republicans have somehow misled us to switch parties.

The problem with this view is that the media is still living in the pre-Trump world – a world where it was easier to hide the real Democratic Party agenda behind lies and government handouts. […]}

[full article here]


From Derek Johnson yesterday, 1:45 PM Eastern time:

“A lotta Military in the sky right now 😎🇺🇸”


SGAnon had lots of interesting posts — mostly Q-related — on Truth Social yesterday. you can follow him HERE

The most interesting one was probably this re-Truth between Devin Nunes and Kash Patel:

“I don’t even need to explain this decode to each of you.
11 Days left.
How many days of darkness?

And this was posted to SGAnon’s rumble channel

“Nuclear terrorism.
Russia – Ukraine
WeThePeople vs. the NWO
Stakes couldn’t be higher.


RussiaTV Reports Preparation for Nuclear False-Flag-Event by Ukraine | To be Blamed on Russia (57 seconds):


From Chris Sky

“This Dr in the UK is doing whats RIGHT. And people are listening!”


Nancy Drew” had a 40-minute video, showing just how EMPTY DC actually is:

“A tour of the Govt District in DC” [watch here]


And that’s really it , gang.

Once again, plenty of optics, psy-ops, chaos and noisy chatter out there. But actual “news” — ????

In other news, however….

Nick Cave posted a Red Hand File yesterday, wherein he spoke at length about his beliefs about the importance of music:

“...Music at its very essence is a force for good. It has an inherent moral magnitude. At its core music has the capacity to improve matters, to reform the condition of the heart by appealing to the better angels of our nature.”

You can read it in full HERE.


James Tabor had another great installment about the Jesus Dynasty, and Jesus’ Davidic bloodlines. After Jesus’ brother, James, was murdered in 63 AD, his brothers Simon, then Jude, take over the Jesus Movement. Incredible stuff, gang, but violent & not for the faint of heart.

After James: The Jesus Dynasty Survives and Continues (16 mins):


That’s it, gang.

Enjoy your Friday wherever you are in the world.

Stay alert!! Use discernment if at all possible, it’s not easy right now!!!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


In honor of Tom Petty’s birthday yesterday, I played the CD Into The Great Wide Open (1991) several times! I love that album, but here are 2 songs that are my favorites: “All the Wrong Reasons”, and “Built to Last”. Enjoy!

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