Q-uieter & Q-uieter

The only things, really, that seem like news are–

From Simon Parkes:

Xi Secures Third Term

stacks leadership team with allies

Chinese Communist Party elects Xi Jinping as its general secretary for a precedent-breaking third term, introduces a Politburo Standing Committee stacked with loyalists.” [full article here]

From zero hedge:

And from SGAnon on Truth Social:

“Chinese Premier Xi has predecessor (and traitor) Hu Jintao removed from the CCP Congress in Beijing, by force.

Chatter on TOR-accessible forums seems to suggest Jintao was a cog in the wheel of the recent failed coup against Xi, which was/is being met with ruthlessness from Chinese Patriots… akin, but not the same, to the shadow gov’t run by Hussein Obama from 2016-2020.

That’s not confirmed to me
But would make the showmanship below make way more sense.”

(video at TruthSocial link above)


Also from SGAnon:

Entrenchment too deep.
Corruption too wide.
[FLUSH] them Out.”


SGAnon will have a new audio file on rumble sometime this evening, discussing the many comms coming from Trump & Scavino right now, along with news about Europe & Turkey. You can also follow him on Truth Social here.


President Trump’s unbelievable rally inTX on Saturday night, in case you missed it:

Rally in TX, from Dan Scavino’s post on Truth Social


From JFK TV:

“N E X T… JUST IN – Boris Johnson has pulled out of the Tory contest — Rishi Sunak is likely to become Britain’s next Prime Minister.”


Meanwhile, nothing from Phil except “ads” — which, of course, have time-stamps that lead to Q-drop comms, but I cannot really decode that stuff to save my life.

He did post last evening saying he was “very sick” — but this usually means he’s incredibly busy with stuff behind the scenes:

“Hey guys

I’m very sick

Keri told me to post

Going back to sleep”


So, we have to just wait.

Getting down to the wire now — 8 days for SCOTUS to overturn 2020, cancel midterm elections, and military takes over. We shall see, gang!!


JP Sears is doing a LIVE Q & A tonight, at 8PM Central time:


And that’s it.

In my private life — still working on Act 2 of Sandra’s play. It’ll be a miracle if we get it turned in to the theatre in Toronto by the October 30th deadline, but we’re still trying!! (The project does not get cancelled if it’s late, it just sucks if it’s late…)

Meanwhile, something INCREDIBLE landed in my lap yesterday — another play!!! I am not at liberty, yet, to post about it publicly, but it is sufficient to say that it is an incredible project (in NYC) and I am just thrilled to be asked to help write it!!

I will keep you posted.

Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world.

Needless to say, stay alert and use discernment, gang. So much misdirection, optics, psy-ops, potential false flags going on out there, it’s just overwhelming.

Stay focused.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!


I leave you with my falling-to-sleep last night music! “Far From Me,” by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, from their incredible album, The Boatman’s Call (1997). It’s a sad song, but what an awesome groove to listen to, over & over, alone in the dark… Enjoy!

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