Still Waiting…

Again, not much to report today.

Phil is hoping to go live tonight at 7PM Eastern time. Something strange is definitely up in Phil’s world right now. Although the official word is still that he’s been sick with a “bad cold” …all kinds of rumors flying around about where he’s really at and what he’s really been doing, but since these are just rumors for now, I won’t repeat them — from Phil yesterday:

“Feeling better, but not good enough to execute a Live

Rescheduling for tomorrow. I don’t anticipate any reason why this won’t happen by then.”

(I personally find the wording of that final sentence to be a little bit odd….just sayin’)


SGAnon had this wonderful bit of intel exchanged on his Truth Social page yesterday that 100% confirms something I have felt for YEARS!!!!!!

“Great job Anon. Someone is paying attention.

Whole picture = [BROAD/View]”



Saving Israel for last.
Plan to expose networks ongoing. Thank you @Johnny for your part.

Crossovers: IG/FEDgov/Media/Entertainment


Intermediate level homework: when was Mossad founded? What is the background story? What was the stated purpose? What families were behind its’ founding?

What happened in 1948? (Israel)

What happened in 1967? (War)

Who ‘died’ in WWII? (Adolf Hitler)”


SGAnon also posted Audio File #20 last night. This is a great one to share with people who are just starting to wake up.

Anon Audio File 20

SGAnon discusses info on Russian military tribunals for bio-terrorism, as well as ongoing destruction of deep-under-ground-military-bases.

Yes – the war is won, but the actual play-out/cleanup process of the deep-state could not occur until US Devolution and CoG. You are witnessing the greatest coordinated military operation that has ever existed in Mankind’s history.

Trust the Plan. We will get them ALL.


Russian Tribunals Have Begun | Large Scale DUMBs are Being Destroyed | Scare Event Coming (1 hr):


From Simon Parkes yesterday:

Premier Selene Galas Apologises…

Alberta, Canada, becomes the world’s first government to formally apologize for violating the civil rights of unvaccinated people.

Today, Premier Selene Galas apologized for harming unvaccinated workers’ rights. She offered them their jobs back and said discussions are underway about dismissing all lockdown prosecutions.”


On a similar note–

From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

BREAKING: New York City ordered by court to reinstate all those fired over Covid vaccine mandates

“Though vaccination should be encouraged, public employees should not have been terminated for their noncompliance,” the New York Supreme Court stated.
On Tuesday, the New York Supreme Court ruled that New York City must reinstate all employees that were fired because of their vaccination status.
The order also states that for those fired, backpay must be issued.”


From Shadow of Ezra last night:

Air Force Readiness: 15 Minutes to Mobilization.”

“17 cities. 1 Event.”


From Chris Sky:

“THE GREAT RESET. England is setting the example for CONTROLLING THE SLAVES.”


From a few days ago, in Real Raw News:

Military Hangs to Death US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink

Former US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink was hanged to death Friday afternoon only hours after a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay found her guilty of treason.

The brief, unannounced tribunal began at 9:00 am, with Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall of the US Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps presenting photographs and video that showed Brink surrendering $2.2bn in American currency to Ukrainian Ministry of Defense official Lieutenant General Serhiy Shaptala. The transaction took place at Warsaw Chopin Airport, and the video, though grainy, showed a stocky woman with short blonde hair and a round face shaking Shaptala’s hand while Ukrainian soldiers transferred crates of cash from a US C-5 Galaxy cargo plane to trucks on the tarmac.[…]”

[full article here]


The always fantastic Tony Lin — 80 Canadian Doctors Suddenly And Suspiciously Passed After 2021 – Explained By Dr. William Makis (9 mins):


I am getting ready to forgive Bruce Springsteen for those concerts he gave where vaxes were mandatory…

His new release , cover of the great song “Nightshift”– notice black, white, latino. men, women, young, old. I appreciate this video very much and I’m taking it personally:


And in Nick Cave news!

Tomorrow night in London:

And also, from Cave Things:

A unique and limited edition textual presentation of Carnage and Ghosteen Speaks song lyrics.
The words have been edited by Nick Cave to make sense in this distinct new format – and are here designed to be read and not sung. These limited edition, signed and numbered wall artworks were created using the oldest form of printing – letterpress. Each Letterpress Print is limited to 300 and comes beautifully presented; housed in a glassine bag and placed in a presentation folder with a printed inner.
Created in collaboration with Something Else by Daniel Mason in the UK, a specialist in printing techniques.

Purchase Here


Last but not least–

Nacny Drew” found some strange things in DC last night — primarily, TONS of security everywhere, but almost no people. And this:

“The Capitol tonight……”

And that is it, gang.

Enjoy your Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

Stay alert, don’t panic, use discernment, and most importantly: put on that full armor of God. It is essential these days.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys!

See ya!


just sayin’ … this can get rid of a “bad cold” in about a day:

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