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Still Waiting…

Again, not much to report today.

Phil is hoping to go live tonight at 7PM Eastern time. Something strange is definitely up in Phil’s world right now. Although the official word is still that he’s been sick with a “bad cold” …all kinds of rumors flying around about where he’s really at and what he’s really been doing, but since these are just rumors for now, I won’t repeat them — from Phil yesterday:

“Feeling better, but not good enough to execute a Live

Rescheduling for tomorrow. I don’t anticipate any reason why this won’t happen by then.”

(I personally find the wording of that final sentence to be a little bit odd….just sayin’)


SGAnon had this wonderful bit of intel exchanged on his Truth Social page yesterday that 100% confirms something I have felt for YEARS!!!!!!

“Great job Anon. Someone is paying attention.

Whole picture = [BROAD/View]”



Saving Israel for last.
Plan to expose networks ongoing. Thank you @Johnny for your part.

Crossovers: IG/FEDgov/Media/Entertainment


Intermediate level homework: when was Mossad founded? What is the background story? What was the stated purpose? What families were behind its’ founding?

What happened in 1948? (Israel)

What happened in 1967? (War)

Who ‘died’ in WWII? (Adolf Hitler)”


SGAnon also posted Audio File #20 last night. This is a great one to share with people who are just starting to wake up.

Anon Audio File 20

SGAnon discusses info on Russian military tribunals for bio-terrorism, as well as ongoing destruction of deep-under-ground-military-bases.

Yes – the war is won, but the actual play-out/cleanup process of the deep-state could not occur until US Devolution and CoG. You are witnessing the greatest coordinated military operation that has ever existed in Mankind’s history.

Trust the Plan. We will get them ALL.


Russian Tribunals Have Begun | Large Scale DUMBs are Being Destroyed | Scare Event Coming (1 hr):


From Simon Parkes yesterday:

Premier Selene Galas Apologises…

Alberta, Canada, becomes the world’s first government to formally apologize for violating the civil rights of unvaccinated people.

Today, Premier Selene Galas apologized for harming unvaccinated workers’ rights. She offered them their jobs back and said discussions are underway about dismissing all lockdown prosecutions.”


On a similar note–

From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

BREAKING: New York City ordered by court to reinstate all those fired over Covid vaccine mandates

“Though vaccination should be encouraged, public employees should not have been terminated for their noncompliance,” the New York Supreme Court stated.
On Tuesday, the New York Supreme Court ruled that New York City must reinstate all employees that were fired because of their vaccination status.
The order also states that for those fired, backpay must be issued.”


From Shadow of Ezra last night:

Air Force Readiness: 15 Minutes to Mobilization.”

“17 cities. 1 Event.”


From Chris Sky:

“THE GREAT RESET. England is setting the example for CONTROLLING THE SLAVES.”


From a few days ago, in Real Raw News:

Military Hangs to Death US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink

Former US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink was hanged to death Friday afternoon only hours after a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay found her guilty of treason.

The brief, unannounced tribunal began at 9:00 am, with Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall of the US Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps presenting photographs and video that showed Brink surrendering $2.2bn in American currency to Ukrainian Ministry of Defense official Lieutenant General Serhiy Shaptala. The transaction took place at Warsaw Chopin Airport, and the video, though grainy, showed a stocky woman with short blonde hair and a round face shaking Shaptala’s hand while Ukrainian soldiers transferred crates of cash from a US C-5 Galaxy cargo plane to trucks on the tarmac.[…]”

[full article here]


The always fantastic Tony Lin — 80 Canadian Doctors Suddenly And Suspiciously Passed After 2021 – Explained By Dr. William Makis (9 mins):


I am getting ready to forgive Bruce Springsteen for those concerts he gave where vaxes were mandatory…

His new release , cover of the great song “Nightshift”– notice black, white, latino. men, women, young, old. I appreciate this video very much and I’m taking it personally:


And in Nick Cave news!

Tomorrow night in London:

And also, from Cave Things:

A unique and limited edition textual presentation of Carnage and Ghosteen Speaks song lyrics.
The words have been edited by Nick Cave to make sense in this distinct new format – and are here designed to be read and not sung. These limited edition, signed and numbered wall artworks were created using the oldest form of printing – letterpress. Each Letterpress Print is limited to 300 and comes beautifully presented; housed in a glassine bag and placed in a presentation folder with a printed inner.
Created in collaboration with Something Else by Daniel Mason in the UK, a specialist in printing techniques.

Purchase Here


Last but not least–

Nacny Drew” found some strange things in DC last night — primarily, TONS of security everywhere, but almost no people. And this:

“The Capitol tonight……”

And that is it, gang.

Enjoy your Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

Stay alert, don’t panic, use discernment, and most importantly: put on that full armor of God. It is essential these days.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys!

See ya!


just sayin’ … this can get rid of a “bad cold” in about a day:

NDAs, RV, Fog of War!

The Fog of War is just sort of off-the-charts now, gang.

As always, it’s impossible to tell which fake stories are planted by the white hats, and which are stictly MSM fabrications.

I would still resist the urge to believe anything we hear about the Nord Stream 1& 2 pipelines. Still being told it didn’t actually happen and that what we saw in the water was something else entirely.

Knowing what we now know about all the other lies we’ve been told, I’m going to hedge my bets on that explanation for now. (And also, from what we know about Russia’s military capabilities, could anyone on Earth really get down there and sabotage all that?? Methinks not…)

And apparently, NDAs are all over the place regarding the re-valuing of worldwide currencies!! So what we can learn from that is that they are likely well underway and succeeding brilliantly…

[And please, gang, keep as much cash at home and out of the bank for right now, also buy precious metals if at all possible.]


President Trump has taken a moment off from all the madness in order to sue CNN for defamation, for something paltry, like $475 million (?!) —

Complaint – #1 in Trump v. Cable News Network, Inc. (S.D. Fla., 0:22-cv-61842)CourtListener.com
COMPLAINT for Defamation against Cable News Network, Inc.. Filing fees $ 402.00 receipt number AFLSDC-15993338, filed by Donald Trump…”

“A lawsuit was filed today against CNN, the once prestigious news channel that has devolved into a purveyor of disinformation, defamation, and Fake News, at a level which the American Public, and indeed the World, will not even believe is possible. For years I have watched this take place, often in disbelief, but the time has finally come to hold CNN responsible and legally accountable for their willful deception and defamatory statements made about me and both, directly and indirectly, my strong, devoted, and patriotic supporters-People who love the United States of America, but have been treated very unfairly, at so many levels. “The Big Lie” that they constantly refer to is actually “The Big Lie” in reverse. They know that, and it will be proven in Court!

In the coming weeks and months we will also be filing lawsuits against a large number of other Fake News Media Companies for their lies, defamation, and wrongdoing, including as it pertains to “The Big Lie,” that they used so often in reference to their disinformation attack on Presidential Election of 2020.

Likewise, we may bring appropriate action against the Unselect Committee of January 6th because, notwithstanding overwhelming evidence, they REFUSED to investigate the massive Presidential Election Fraud which took place, but only investigate and harass the people and Patriots who complained and asked questions about it. The rigging and stealing of our Presidential Election was perhaps The Crime Of The Century, and look at what is happening to our Country now!

The Unselect Committee has refused to acknowledge, as was done by the Biden Inspector General at the Department of Defense, and others, that days ahead of January 6th, I recommended and authorized thousands of troops to be deployed to ensure that that there was peace, safety, and security at the Capitol and throughout the Country. That offer of National Guard was rejected by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Mayor Bowser of Washington, D.C.-the law requires their request, they failed to make one, and in turn failed the Country.

I am proud to file today’s lawsuit in order to begin the process of standing up to Fake News and the Mainstream Media.”


Something AWESOME went down in Brazil — from Paul Serran:

“There’s an audio going viral in Brazilian social networks that may explain what happened yesterday on the vote counting. It’s unverified information, I guess we can call it a rumor.

In the world before we were awakened, we would dismiss such claims as the ravings of a lunatic. Today, I will let you be the judge, cause for me there’s all marks of veracity on it.

The audio is by a man who says he heard this from a military source ‘in the know’. I will summarize the story below:

The fraud was all ready to give Lula the victory in the first round of voting. Every one of the bad players was ready for this. It took the form of an algorithm that progressively transferred votes from Bolsonaro to Lula. It ‘kicked in’ at 12% in the count, and was immediately detected – not by Brazilian authorities, but by hackers working for Russian intelligence, no less.

The Russians relayed the intel to Brazilian Armed Forces (NOT the rogue Electoral Court), and by the time the count was around 66% the Military approached rogue Minister Moraes and stormed the secret location from where the fraud was being operated. That kept the Lula vote from going over 50%, and – still according to the source – the second round will have much tougher military supervision than this time around, and fraud-free.

This would be the reason why both Lula’s speech and some political TV shows were so downcast – the fraud is over.

I know it reads like a bad spy plot, but life in Brazil sometimes has a way of going full B-movie.


[FYI — something like this also happened in 2020, where NSA, Space Force, and Russia were monitoring what Obama and the CIA/MOSSAD were doing in Italy with those satellites… switching votes to Biden]


Great news from Simon Parkes:

RV Gets Underway…

First notes to be shown to public. (Venezuela).”

An employee displays new bolivar banknotes ahead of a currency redenomination in Caracas, Venezuela. Venezuelan banks possess more than 90% of the new bolivar bills issued by the central bank as part of the currency ‘redenomination’ (Bloomberg)


Nicholas Veniamin and Dave Mahoney – DISCUSSES FEDERAL RESERVE LAST DAYS (38 mins):


In case this is new to you–



Still waiting to hear from my brother after Hurricane Ian.

Ironically, the town where General Flynn lives got hit the hardest (hurricanes with uncanny intelligence? or weaponized weather? You decide!).

Richard Citizen Journalist has been giving tons of on-the-ground updates for several days, and he claims there are no FEMA agents or Red Cross anywhere — that it’ s all National Guard, Army, State Troopers.

We’ve also been hearing that the Navy SEALS took out a FEMA barge off the coast of South Carolina…

Restored Republic (4 mins):

Also, from Real Raw News

Military Topples FEMA Outpost in Florida

U.S. Special Forces on Saturday toppled a Federal Emergency Management Agency “mobile command center” in Southwest Florida, arrested six FEMA agents, and recovered 350 firearms FEMA had looted from evacuated homes, White Hat sources told Real Raw News.[…]

[full article here]


Just in from Simon Parkes:

Emergency Alert System Launches In October…

In the USA it’s called the EBS now the UK has its own called EAS


From Shadow of Ezra:

“Announcement incoming



From Intel Slava Z:

“❗️Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin said that, under the guise of an imaginary “threat from the East”, the NATO countries and the states neighboring Belarus are not just militarizing, but preparing for war. “They are preparing their infrastructure, preparing their troops. We have specific data. We constantly monitor the situation, we see what they are doing. Based on this, we develop specific and adequate response measures,” he added.”


From Tony Lin: 32 Canadian Doctors Sudden Passing – Tracked By Dr. William Makis (8 mins):


And I’ve been so effing busy, gang, that I can’t remember if I posted this or not!!

Really fascinating, gang!

James Tabor: How Was Jesus a Son of King David? (13 mins):


And that is it, gang.

In Nick Cave news…

Nick will be at two upcoming literary festivals! In Wales and London:

Also, From Cave Things:

The Halloween Collection is available now!


There have also been TWO Red Hand Files this past week. You can read them HERE.


And that is it for this terrific Tuesday!

Stay alert, and stay safe, gang. It does indeed seem that some truly incredible stuff is on our horizon!! Hang in there.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


WE’RE COMING HOME!!! (25 seconds)

The Final Week of Summer!

Here it comes, gang. That final week. Around here, at least, we are supposed to have amazing weather. We shall see!

Not much news again, today.

First and foremost–

From Shadow of Ezra last night:

“Putin [SECURED]”

There was an assassination attempt on Putin yesterday. However, all is well . And from Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺⚡️Vladimir Putin arrived in Samarkand for the SCO summit.”


Posted by Dan Scavino everywhere– Methinks it’s a clue!! (2 mins):


Posted by Charlie Ward yesterday– (this made me so sad).



Free Speech Warrior–CHILDREN OF DONBASS (2022) [DOCUMENTARY] (53 mins):


I keep forgetting to post this!

Dr SImone Gold, of America’s Frontline Doctors, has been released from prison:

“Today [Tuesday] we thank God that Dr. Simone Gold, the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, has been released from prison!

Wrongfully convicted of a crime she didn’t commit, Dr. Gold went to prison because she dared to stand up against mis-information, Big Pharma, and the Biden Administration.[…]”


This was fascinating– why pine pollen is good for us. (FYI– the Pope has bascially nothing to do with this.)

The Symbolic Connection Between DNA, Pine Cones, the Pineal Gland, and Light. (6 mins):


And from Nick Cave over at Cave Things

NEW Carnage and Ghosteen Speaks Letterpress Prints

Available to pre-order now ($118.00)

A unique and limited edition textual presentation of Carnage and Ghosteen Speaks song lyrics.

The words have been edited by Nick Cave to make sense in this distinct new format – and are here designed to be read and not sung. These limited edition, signed and numbered wall artworks were created using the oldest form of printing – letterpress. Each Letterpress Print is limited to 300 and comes beautifully presented; housed in a glassine bag and placed in a presentation folder with a printed inner. 

You can pre-order here.


And that’s it for now, gang. Between today and Monday, I will be NON-STOP working, at all three jobs… we’ll see how that goes.

Mostly, though, I will be working on the play with Sandra, so that’s good!

Hope you are having a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

Yes!! Breakfast-listening music from this morning! The 5th Dimension, “Stoned Soul Picnic” !! Their huge hit from 1968, written by the late but no-less great Laura Nyro. Enjoy!!

Un-Wonked! Yay!!

For whatever reason, the blog template is back to normal. Yay. So, on we go.

Mostly, I have the posts from yesterday to post, and only a few from today.

From this morning on Q the Storm:

“Assasination attempt on Argentina’s Vice President Cristina Kirchner, gun fails to fire. Assailant, 35-year-old Brazilian, has been arrested.”



The only thing I’ll post about the fake Biden’s speech last night (I didn’t watch it)–

Also from Q the Storm:

“No major network carried Biden’s bizzaro speech tonight. Ponder that for a minute.”


An interesting meme posted to Phil’s channel!!

“Oh shit!!! Trump just re-truthed this.”


And something nice to remember from Yellow Vest Ireland:


Some updates from yesterday–

Project Veritas announced that, after they released their first video in The Secret Cirriculum series: “Greenwich Superintendent, Dr. Toni Jones, announced in an email today that Cos Cob Elementary School Assistant Principal, Jeremy Boland, was IMMEDIATELY placed on administrative leave.



GoodLion TV announced that, after the release of their Pervywood episode all about Oprah, YouTube banned them.

You can now follow GoodLion TV on their new YT channel HERE.


Another post from Yellow Vest Ireland:

“The Real Inconvenient Truth: Arctic Sea Ice Has Grown Since 2012 – The Daily Sceptic


An explosive update from Q the StormFINALLY, gang!!!:

BREAKING: UN Human Rights Chief releases Xinjiang report on abuse of Uyghurs in Communist China just minutes before leaving office.”

[Download the 48-page PDF here.]


I found this very interesting!

From Secret History:

“Scientists explain to us these structures (below) only by religious needs. But perhaps in the past they had a very specific technical purpose related to the accumulation and transmission of electricity. Maybe even atmospheric. These towers are not the only ones, there are many of them. They don’t work now. But you can see the similarities.”

Buddhist Temples
Tesla Transformer


Michael Jackson posted this:

“The South African marathon is a race to the other side.

In South Africa, during the 89-kilometer super marathon two people died right on the track and 74 more were hospitalized (several athletes in serious condition, two in intensive care. According to the latest data, one of them did not survive, which brought the total death toll to three).

One of the conditions of admission this time was a complete vaccination against Covid-19.



From McInerneyGeneral — I hope you can read this document:

“Who installed demolition charges in Towers 1 & 2?
How did they get in?
Who overrode the security for the vaults in Tower 7?
Where do roads [GO]?

Do research. Connect the dots. 2020 was so much more than an Election.
The beginning of their [END].”


Two short videos from Chris Sky:

23 year old DIES LIVESTREAMING (1 minute):



And now in Nick Cave news—

“The audiobook of Faith, Hope and Carnage, the new book from Nick Cave & Seán O’Hagan, has been announced today. The audiobook and hardback are available now to pre-order.

The audiobook, narrated by Nick Cave and Seán O’Hagan, and directed and produced by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, features sixteen musical codas and elements from Carnage, Skeleton Tree and Ghosteen and includes an exclusive 12-minute conversation between Nick Cave and Seán O’Hagan. “

An excerpt:

And Cave Things announces the return of the “Up Jumped the Devil” Milk Jug!!

“An immediate sellout when it first appeared on Cave Things in 2021, the Up Jumped The Devil Milk Jug finally returns in a slightly updated form. A delicate glazed ceramic milk jug with blue watercolour painting, it echoes a refined Victorian teatime object, but carries a disturbing motif – the Devil himself.”

Designed and painted by Nick Cave, the milk jug comes in a custom-made wire stitched box.

Size: 9fl oz
Material: White glazed ceramic
Print: Blue

Purchase HERE

And don’t forget!!! Tonight, in Malaga, Spain: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds!! And then tomorrow, they will be in Lisbon, Portugal. And then the tour is over!! Buy tickets here. Last chance!!!


And that’s it for now.

Yesterday was an amazing day for me, gang. I won’t go into the details yet, but my phone appointment regarding investing in precious metals with Phil’s silver company was incredible. Honestly. I’ll explain more at a later date.

Today, the insuarance claims adjuster is coming to look at my roof!! (Yes, I now have a total of 6 leaks, 5 of them from this summer alone. Truly a summer from hell, weather-wise.) One way or another, gang, I’m getting a new roof!!

If you live State-side and your Labor Day weekend begins today, enjoy the holiday!! Otherwise, enjoy your Friday, wherever you are in the world!!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!!

My breakfast-listening music from this morning: another from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ album Let Me Up Ive Had Enough (1987,) the decidedly upbeat “Think About Me”. Enjoy!!

“Aside from all that, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”

Wow, what a mess of weirdness out there, gang.

The stuff in Maricopa County, AZ, has got to be some sort of weird psy op for the normies — the fraud is so in-your-face and such a bald repeat of what went on in 2020 — that it feels like a total set-up to me, gang.

However — in case you missed it. Everyone on the planet wanted Kari Lake to win and she was winning, until suddenly Robson soared ahead from out of nowhere.

On Truth Social, Gregg Phillips drew us the proverbial map (meaning that he is allegedly with the NSA, so, you know, whatever):

“Thoughts on AZ Gov’s race:

1) Margin is almost exclusively in Maricopa
2) Pinal is a train wreck still not reporting
3) Arizona voter rolls are trash
4) Pinal mailed 63,000 illegally
5) GOP heavy precincts ran out of ballots
6) No way this vote is certified
7) This is not over”

A couple from Phil’s channel

“Maricopa County is rigged every time. Wow.
(It’s not over yet btw)”

“It will never change unless massive election reform is implemented.

If you think it’s bad now, wait until it matters (November).

There will not be an election in November 2022.

There WILL be a cleansing of our corrupt system prior to then.

Don’t believe me, just watch 🕺”


And the Pelosi vs. China stuff is just too much. My guess is that this situation could morph into the big “scare event” with a possible “threat” of nuclear war (which, if you’ve been learning about the actual history of WWII and not what they taught us to believe — nuclear war and atomic bombs do not really exist, per se, or at least they do not pose the threat we believed they posed).

However, at the very least, consider that Fancy Nancy has been under arrest for a year and a half already and acting out a part for the White Hats. If for any strange reason she’s on some sort of plane (with her US Marshals in tow?) — I mean, hello

Anyway, a couple of posts.

Patel Patriot on Truth Social yesterday:

“Is Nancy Pelosi actually going to Taiwan or is just her plane?

All these corrupt assholes care about is their power and their lives… and in Nancy’s case, her vodka supply.

Why would she willingly get on a plane under threat of it being shot down. China is too proud to back down.

This whole situation is unnecessary and they’re doing it anyway, against military wishes.

Maybe this is the “scare event” people keep asking about.”

From Q the Storm (not the same channel as QTSR):

“China can do a lot of damage, but they can’t win a war against Taiwan, or just about any other country for that matter. They certainly can’t win a war against Taiwan + Japan, US, Australia, South Korea…

China knows this.

Taiwan knows this.

The US knows this.

The normies DO NOT know this.


From Whiplash347:

“JUST IN – The Prime Minister of Australia announced the start of the first check of the combat readiness of the country’s army in ten years.”

There is some footage here of Fancy Nancy getting off the plane in Taiwan but the footage is so dark that it might just as well be me getting off that plane because you can’t see who it is.

Again from Q the Storm — link has video:

“Footage of the disgraceful Nancy Pelosi exiting the plane in Taipei, Taiwan.”

And, if you needed all of this more in you face — also from Q the Storm and the Gateway Pundit:

“While Nancy Pelosi distracted you.

They want Kari Lake to lose today [yesterday].”

BREAKING: Maricopa County Election Day Incompetence – PRINTERS NOT WORKING, Voters Told They’ve ALREADY VOTED, Polling Locations Not Seen On AZSOS Webpage – UPDATES [full article here]


This appears to be actual news, though — from Q the Storm — includes video:

“Riots have broken out in South Africa over high electricity prices and high costs of living. Police have shot dead at least four people.”


And just in case you’re on Planet Earth and are interested in what else might actually be real:

What do you know? Just now, Kari Lake pulls ahead. Hmmm:


My best advice at this point, gang? Get some coffee, enjoy your morning.


Okay, this was really sad. I follow Brian Wilson on Instagram so I know he got fully vaxed in 2021, at least that’s what he said. I also saw a photo of him on Instagram recently, when it was his birthday, and he looked unbelievably old. Now this:


A couple from Chris Sky in Canada.

This one involves a ton of photos and a lot of scrolling — articles from all over the place, trying to convince us that everything imaginable is bad for our hearts now that the vax causes heart attacks:

“The NUMBER 1 CAUSE OF DEATH WORLD WIDE is now JAB INDUCED HEART FAILURE. So what does the establishment do? Runs DOZENS AND DOZENS of FAKE NEWS with all the NEW REASONS you will die from heart failure! Heres about 30 of them… bec i do the research to bring you the world news nobody else does”

[I particularly like this one, since a known side-effect of the vax is a sudden onset of severe mental problems]:

Apparently, Chris Sky is having a private birthday bash this weekend in a tent (?) and he announced there will be a hospitality team of some extremely good-looking gals, photos were included… and then he posted this:

“I find it hilarious and amusing that people believe I need to live up to their specific expectations 😀 I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU THINK. You listen to what I say, because Im right. You follow my advice because without it you would be lost. And some of you act as if I need to conform to your standards? Obviously I got “it” figured out better than you, or you would be the one with a channel ;). Im living life the way I want. If you disagree its very easy. Fuck off and leave me alone. Im here for humanity. Not your individual, pettty insecurities. And if you think you can judge me, thats laughable. Who the fuck are you? Answer: nobody.”


“To all the people who say “im setting a bad example.” And i “should be acting like this or that.” Pop quiz. If 90% of the men in the country followed my example and acted EXACTLY LIKE ME. Would we have any mandates. Answer no. Now… in reality 90% of men act like the betacucks and jealous women on this thread. … and where are we? About 1.5 months from our third year of lockdowns. So maybe. Just maybe. The vast majority of men SHOULD ACT LIKE ME. Then at least we would be free from government tyranny as well as triggered insecure beta males. -Chris Sky”


All I can say is that I totally relate….


Okay, in Nick Cave news!!

There is a big summer sale going on right now at Cave Things — plus, they announced recently that all the tee shirts are new & improved, and in 100% organic cotton. Wow — looks like all my favorites are on sale:

Shop up to 50% off on selected products until 5pm BST on Wednesday 24 August. 

To celebrate Cave Things turning TWO this week, we are also offering free shipping on all orders over £75 until Wednesday 10 August.
Select ‘FREE SHIPPING’ at checkout.


And don’t forget!! Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Rasttat, Germany tonight, and then on Friday, August 5th, they will be in Klam, Austria! Buy tickets here!!

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds in Luxembourg last night!


Phil was not able to do his livestream last night, so he should be live at 9pm Eastern tonight. Check his channel later to find out for sure!!

That’s it, gang.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, wherever you are in the world!!!!!

I have been invited to hangout at The Cidery with a couple of my girlfriends in Granville on Saturday night!! I so much want to go!!! But I don’t know if I can afford the gas. That would make 7 trips to town and back this week. Fingers crossed, gang.

The Cidery, Granville Ohio

Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!!

Weird Stuff! Plus Johnny!

Okay, there is news today, gang, but all of it is sort of weird.

First, Phil did do a livestream last night — however, during the afternoon, he also did an intense deconstruction on Deep State James. And I have to say — that DSJ guy sounds absolutely slimy. Just the sound of his voice. Total creepazoid.

Anyway, you can check out Phil’s deconstruction of DSJ on his telegram channel HERE.

And here is the replay of his livestream last night: “Phil drops a huge piece of intel, which will kick off the next series of events. We also discuss Dr. Anthony Fauci, followed by a LIVE Q&A from Phil’s followers.” (1 hr 25 mins):


This is not the usual news I post here, but speaking of creepazoids….

Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against his ex-creepazoid is going on now, and it is all over my Instagram and YouTube feeds, so I have watched some of the videos (but only the ones that are just Johnny Depp testifying because, first of all, anything having to do with a court of law absolutely skeeves me, and second, I don’t want to run the risk of actually hearing his ex-creepazoid speak, because this could easily happen to me:

Anyway. I found this bit of testimony really, really interesting, gang.

Johnny Depp Explains His Childhood Struggles – Father Leaving & Mother’s Depression (26 mins):



Here’s an image from Pepe Lives Matter that I can totally identify with:


From Charlie Ward’s newsletter yesterday afternoon:

Federal Reserve Update

I’ve been informed, Wells Fargo Bank received the Federal Reserve Codes for Republic accessibility to funds. The world now expects China to announce its gold holdings in Beijing sometime after 12:01 am CST (midnight EDT). This will give the Chinese Yuan full access to the IMF’s basket of global reserve currencies, known as SDRs (Special Drawing Rights), replacing the USD as the most influential global currency in the world.
This subtle press release will automatically invoke the gold standard embodied in the UN Paris Agreement. This is expected to be ratified simultaneously and initiate our final disclosure protocols for the global currency redefinition / Republic currency revaluation of the USN.
At 2:00 am EDT, all Reno subgroup leaders are expected to have 100% access to their newly renewed USN accounts for an immediate payout. This includes the Admiral Group.”


Also, along those lines–

From QTSR:

NEW – Israel’s central bank adds the Chinese yuan and three other currencies to its $206 billion reserves, reducing the allocation for the dollar and the euro.”

“☝️ this trend will continue…
In the EU is Mass confusion among bankers //// they don’t know what’s happening ???

But Israel make MAJOR move to Chinese Yuan …..



From ABS Military News:

“❗️ China says demand for Russian goods in China is growing sharply, China is ready to guarantee uninterrupted supplies of Russian products to its market in priority mode. The Chinese ambassador also announced: “I would like to note that the embassy is ready to provide all kinds of assistance to Russian entrepreneurs, our partners — in establishing contacts and cooperation with Chinese businesses/entrepreneurs, as well as with Chinese regions and with any interested organizations,”


From Whiplash347:

“Downer is the key and first domino to show Australia’s role as key player in the global intelligence and black ops world. This does lead to exposing institutional child rape and much more in Australia.
Insta @daleholmes89″


This sad news has been developing for several days —

From QTSR — (I posted some of his videos here to the blog at the start of the Ukraine liberation):

“COACH RED PILL…( GONZALO LIRA) .. a POWERFUL Patriot & part of the Great AWAKENING ALLIANCE in UKRAINE , who gave boots on the ground journalism …on what’s really going on in Ukraine is now Reported missing since April 15 , by several sources .

New reports say he was KILLED by the Azov Battalion who is affiliated with the (SBU) Ukraine secret service.

Deep admiration and respect to a TRUE Warrior who was deep in trenches of the WAR and help [ EXPOSE ] the UKRAINE government and corrupt SYSTEM.”


From IET17:

“All of the world’s population could fit inside Texas in their own ~1000 square foot slab

To suggest that the world is overpopulated is a serious lack of discernment”


And perhaps the strangest news of all yesterday was about that alleged “evacuation” of the US Capitol.

From IET17:

“if you are truly concerned about an aerial attack on politicians and federal workers, why would you publish where everyone is supposed to go and not go?

genuinely curious.

that is telling the enemy ahead of time what you are planning to do and would be STUPID”

“Re DC evac: I think maybe they (WH or BH) needed people to leave everything they had and something just got grabbed. They had an excuse and took it.”

And meanwhile, Richard Citizen Journalist was right there during the alleged evacuation (video at his link):

“The latest from the Capitol. No lockdown or police presence etc that I can see.”

And from “Nancy Drew” who was also there yesterday:

“Did y’all see this quick live from him earlier regarding evacuating the Crapitol? I wouldn’t have paid much attention, however he says he’s coming live from the Los Angeles Port, and my ears perked up. Lots of talk about ports lately, huh? So, I looked and thought the cargo ship behind him looked awfully familiar. Evergreen?🧐🤔 so I grabbed a pic off Google, just to appease myself. Looks like it to me. Hmmmm….interesting. Why is he at the Los Angeles Port, right now, and why is an Evergreen ship, conveniently behind him? 🤔 bizarre”



In other news….

Over at Cave Things: Available for Pre-Order!!

‘While in lockdown I wrote a number of psalms, or small, sacred songs—one a day for a week. The seven psalms are presented as one long meditation—on faith, rage, love, grief, mercy, sex and praise. A strange, contemplative offering borne of an uncertain time. I hope you like it.’ Nick Cave

Seven Psalms on 10″ Vinyl

Limited edition Seven Psalms record featuring seven spoken word pieces by Nick Cave set to music in collaboration with Warren Ellis

Exclusive version including a Seven Psalms Prayer Card, only available on Cave Things

10″ black vinyl. Dark petrol blue sleeve with grain embossed finish. Title and crucifix rendered in gold foil.

Pre-order on Cave Things and receive an exclusive Psalms Prayer Card.

Side A
How Long Have I Waited?
Have Mercy On Me
I Have Trembled My Way Deep
I Have Wandered All My Unending Days
Splendour, Glorious Splendour
Such Things Should Never Happen
I Come Alone And To You

Side B
Psalm Instrumental


And that’s it for now, gang.

Gonna tackle the rest of the laundry and then, this afternoon, I have a webinar to “attend” on Zoom for work, and I get a FREE bottle of my favorite CBD for participating. Yay.

And I have to say — regarding the recent raise we got at work: Wow. I got paid last night and I still had money leftover from my last check. Unbelievable. It’s been OVER A YEAR since this has been the case. I usually, literally, have $3 to make it between paychecks. So. Yippee ki yi yay!! I will be able to make my car payment AND also have some money leftover to pay other bills. What an awesome idea…

Okay! Hang in there, gang. Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

I leave you with my driving-to-town music from yesterday! The 1984 classic smash hit from Foreigner, “I Want to Know What Love Is”. Enjoy, gang!!



Restored Republic news update (24 mins):




Awaken with JP: The Travel Mask Mandate is Over! (13 mins):

Abraham Hicks Classics – How to move forward faster STARTING TODAY (14 mins):

X22 Report: [HRC] Panics, All Assets Deployed, How Is Evidence Legally Introduced, We Have It All (48 mins):

I Would Like to Thank the Academy, Baby!

Well, gang, in my personal battle to constantly get Amazon to stop publishing trashy pornographic eBooks and attaching my name to them, I discovered that they are also doing this to Marco Vassi(!!)– who has been dead a really long time now. So I’m not sure how he’s finding the time to write & publish any new eBooks.

However — Wow! I am in very good company, indeed! In fact, I’m honored. I want to thank those lousy fucking fuckheads who are creating this fake garbage porn and making money off of it in my name , for thinking that my own actual writing needs to be somehow discredited along with the works of Marco Vassi. I truly could not be more honored. Truly. Thank you.

Marco Ferdinand William Vasquez-d’Acugno Vassi (November 6, 1937 in New York City – January 14, 1989 in New York City) was an American experimental thinker and author, most noted for his erotica. He wrote fiction and nonfiction, publishing hundreds of short stories, articles, more than a dozen novels, and at least one play, “The Re-Enactment,” (under the name of Fred Vassi) at the Caffe Cino in January 1966. Many of his works appeared as “Anonymous” in their first printings. He is most often compared to Henry Miller, has been called the greatest erotic writer of his time and “foremost of his generation,” […].

Vassi was born and lived most of his life in New York City. He was married three times, but was well known for sexual, drug, and alternative-lifestyle experimentation. He viewed life as the theory and practice of liberation, an exploration of being sexual, that is an all-sexual being, bisexual, and homosexual.[…]” [read more on Wikipedia]


I also want to wish a very happy birthday to Don, my birth father, who died in 1999. He would have been 77 today. (Here he is in 1973, on Midway Island. He was a US Navy SEAL.)


The news is yet again really strange today, so this will be short.

First off, Phil did not do a livestream last night, but will be doing one tonight. It promises to be very intense. Check his telegram channel later today to find out the exact time.


From Whiplash347 by way of QuantumLight1111, very early this morning:

Terror Alarm
🚨🇨🇿 ČeskáRepublika: We can confirm there is an active situation after a suspicious package was located at Prague airport, Czech Republic. All flights are suspended until further notice”


Nowhere near “over” In Pakistan…

From Pepe Lives Matter yesterday — link includes awesome video footage:

“Look at how much support Imran Kahn has from the people after being ousted by what he says is a foreign conspiracy. 👀”


Two new important documentary movies about the stolen election.

From President Trump:

“Is the Unselect Committee of January 6th going to see the movie that was just released by Citizens United, called “Rigged,” or the movie coming out shortly concerning True the Vote and produced by Dinesh D’souza called “2,000 Mules”? When you watch the movies, or look at any of the other mountains of evidence on the Rigged Election, you would realize that their standard and boring sound bite, ‘The Big Lie,’ is actually the Big Lie in reverse!”


This documentary premiered yesterday on Stew Peters’ show. I probably will not have time to watch it until Thursday, but here it is!


“The plandemic continues, but its origins are still a nefarious mystery. How did the world get sick, how did Covid really spread, and did the Satanic elite tell the world about this bioweapon ahead of time? Dr. Bryan Ardis (www.ardisantidote.com) has unveiled a shocking connection between this pandemic and the eternal battle of good and evil which began in the Garden of Eden.

In this Stew Peters Network exclusive, Director Stew Peters, award winning filmmaker Nicholas Stumphauzer and Executive Producer Lauren Witzke bring to light a truth satan himself has fought to suppress.”


From IET17:

“My article on Act of 1871 -Part 1 is published.
Hope you enjoy!”

[link to his article on substack is HERE]


Okay, another interesting documentary about the Titanic (which was sunk because of who was on it and their attempts to block the creation of the Federal Reserve). You have to click the link to watch the film (50 mins).

From QAnonWarriors:

“Contrary to popular belief it wasn’t the Titanic that sank it was her sister ship the Olympic. This deep analysis uncovers how the British establishment covered up the truth of the Titanic and the reason why it was sunk.”


And in other news!!

More ceramic tiles from Nick Cave!!

Cave Things announces:

Classic tiles with silk screen transfer of
drawings by Nick Cave

Tile: Ceramic
Size: 14,8 x 14,8 cm
Colour: White

£20.00 each, plus shipping. Purchase here.

‘Stranger Than Kindness’


‘Peace Will Come’

‘People Ain’t No Good’

‘Thirsty Dog’


Also, Nick Cave sent out a beautiful Red Hand File yesterday, wherein he talks about the recent death of iconic Australian singer, Chris Bailey.

“… I can only simply repeat, for the record, that, in my opinion, the Saints were Australia’s greatest band, and that Chris Bailey was my favourite singer.”

You can read it here. (A very young Nick Cave, with a sort of red lightbulb over his head, is pictured below in the audience.)


Okay. And that’s it for today.

I hope you have a meaningful Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. Stay safe, stay alert, stay hopeful. Thanks for visiting!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning– Sam Cooke, yet again! “Having a Party” was a big hit for him in 1962, but for some reason, I find the song strangely eerie. Hypnotic. Sam Cooke was murdered 2 years later — in 1964 — under very suspicious circumstances. No one ever believed the fake story that was given, and some are more inclined to believe it had something to do with Sam Cooke wanting to split from his business manager and reclaim his songwriting royalties….hmmmm. (And since they didn’t have the handy fake vaccine back then to kill singers everywhere, they had to rely on guns and phony setups.)

Anyway. I love this song for its (alleged) sweet simplicity of days gone by…. Enjoy, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Theoria Apophasis: UKRAINE. Some FACTS not in the ‘news’ (23 mins):

Restored Republic news update (21 mins):