I Guess the Old Days Are Gone!

How many days in a row now with “not much news”?

Today is only slightly more interesting.

From Disclose.TV:

JUST IN – Italy to end the ban on non-vaccinated health workers and cancel fines imposed on people aged 50+ who refused to get vaccinated against COVID, new Health Minister Schillaci announces.”

(I’m curious: why only the over-50 crowd? )


From Derek Johnson very early this morning:

“Ahhh you know… 5 Gulfstreams with Special Air Mission and Forge Call Signs…

Valley Forge was the 👉🏻Turning Point👈🏻 of the Revolutionary War btw…

Flying through a FAA 33 mile no fly zone radius 1,000 feet altitude directly over Reagan Airport in a ghost town of the District of Columbia…

Nothing to see here, carry on 🤣☠️🇺🇸”


Two short videos from SGAnon on rumble:

AZ Fox10 Station Publishes Results for AZ Governor Election Before Election Day (39 seconds):

Paul Pelosi Detained by US Military | Break-In Video from MSM False | No Damage to Home (16 seconds):


Oddly enough, on the eve of the midterm elections we’re allegedly not having–

From JFK TV:


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

Sweden Will Not Meet Agenda 2030

New Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson is not heeding to the Green agenda. He promptly eliminated the entire Ministry of Climate and Environment, marking the first time in 35 years that Sweden does not have a specific climate ministry. People are crying that the world will crumble without funding bureaucrats who pretend they have the ability to alter the weather cycle with enough funding.”

Also, in case you’re new to this— by way of Dr. Mike Yeadon:

Even “Spanish Flu” was nothing like we’ve been told.
Many deaths, many in tired, shell shocked soldiers after the Great War, but not down to massive scale influenza virus.
Four years later, the Russian negotiators to the League of Nations, in relation to communicable diseases of concern, listed all the classical illnesses & pathogens (where known). But here’s the thing: not one mention of influenza. Sasha Latypova translated it & there’s no doubt whatsoever that, a handful of years after what we are told was the most severe influenza “pandemic” ever, Russia didn’t even mention it.
The most likely deduction is that the event we’re told about is lies, too.
If that doesn’t shake people’s confidence in official public health proclamations, I don’t know what will.
There’s something else, too. It’s very creepy & is evidence of almost a century of planning, that people were assigned to insert into the literature articles giving rise to the impression of an awful, frightening event, due to a respiratory virus, going back almost a century.
I find that macabre at best.


From Chris Sky:

Canadian Political Prisoners Undergoing Serious Violations of Human Rights .
Freedom Advocate Jeremy Mackenzie is currently in solitary confinement in poor conditions having only 2 x 15 minutes breaks from his cell. He is not being given enough quality water to hydrate and this is Torture.. Human Rights Violations could not be more evident. This is a call out to all the top freedom movement speakers and advocates to rise to this challenge and create your own video speaking about this event as well as others who are being held . Let’s use our voices to put an end to this now . Collectively we have the power to do this .” (5 mins):


And that’s really it, gang.

The markets are still crashing. Elon is giving Twitter a nervous breakdown, as all sorts of bad shit is preparing to revisit the public social media space. Trump is planning more & more rallies, while various types of election frauds are bubbling to the surface all over the country.

And all we can do, really, is wait, watch, wonder.

So, enjoy your Saturday, gang, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


Great song for listening to while driving home on the dark highways when you are unbelievably exhausted. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ song from the album of the same name — “The Last DJ” 2002. Enjoy!

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