Don’t Panic

Although SGAnon urges any citizens left in Ukraine to get your children, pets, parents, etc., together — anything that you literally can’t live without — and get the heck OUT. ASAP.

Full Scale Invasion of Ukraine Imminent | US DOD Traitors Assisting in Rogue “Dirty Nuke”: (20 mins):

He also urges those of us here in America to be on guard against seriously fake news — meaning CNN’s use of green screens to create what looks like nuclear war scenarios. But it could also come from both sides(?), as General Milley is a compromised puppet for the White Hats at this point.


From Phil last night:

“Get ready.”

So, that’s nice and ominous, isn’t it?

Phil also scheduled a livestream for Monday night at 9PM Eastern time. You can watch him on Rumble, DLive, or Locals.


From SGAnon’s Truth Social page yesterday — very interesting:

“Formation of the new Cabinet for the incoming January 2023 government?”




Awaken with JP: How to Vote Blue No Matter Who! (8 mins):


I honestly have no idea if this is real, photoshopped, or just ungodly coincidental… Still. It is very curious indeed. Fascinating to look at all these photos. (If you’re old enough — remember that feeling in the 1980s, where it seemed like all the new Hollywood movie stars looked exactly the same? Hmmm….)

ThebigawakeningQ: CLONING FACTORIES (PART1) (24 mins):


Okay, gang — THREE extremely interesting minutes!



And that’s it for this Fine Sunday.

In personal news…

My life remains in constant flux. The return of constant stress is off the charts, but good things conitnue to happen, too.

For instance — after being in the throes of a bankruptcy, with a credit score scraping the bottom of the barrel, and many, many late car payments, my now having TWO jobs and retirement checks from Social Security enabled me to pay off my current lease on time –so yesterday, I was still able to lease A BRAND NEW CAR!

Yes, even as I type this, the car is being shipped to the dealership and it already has my name on it: A brand new Honda Civic Hatchback, black interior/exterior.

My jaw is still kinda hanging open, because it went so smoothly yesterday at the Honda dealership. I thought they were going to tell me that, with my current abysmal credit rating, my only affordable option was going to be simply buying the Civic I’d been leasing for the last 3 years — a car I actually love, btw. But I prefer brand new cars, since I know zippo about cars and don’t want them to break down on me.

Well, Methinks it has something to do with the fact that the Honda Civic I’ll be returning to them now sells for about $20,000…. So they very happily said, “Here, have a new one!”

I’m not complaining. At all. But I’m stunned.

Anyway, that’s it for right now. It just feels like all Hell is breaking loose out there, so stay alert, use discernment, don’t panic.

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!


An update from James Tabor yesterday– so exciting:

” … I’m writing this from the Negev desert in Israel at the archaeological ruins of biblical Tamar—mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the southernmost border of the ancient Land of Israel in the wilderness of Zin (1 Kings 9:18; Ezekiel 47:19). I usually try to send the newsletter out by the middle of a month, but this month I was occupied with preparing and leading a tour—my first in 2.5 years—all over Israel. We are a happy band of 36 enthusiastic travelers and we have circled the entire country—up the coast of the Mediterranean, through the Galilee up to the far north by the Syrian/Lebanese border, then down to Jerusalem for three days, and now we have come to the Dead Sea—visiting Qumran and tomorrow Masada. We are staying three nights in the Negev desert–no other tour I know does this. Tamar might be the most fascinating ancient site in Israel—with all levels of habitation from the Iron age down to the British Mandate period of the early 20th century. And we use it as our base of operations to explore everything around us.

After 2.5 years of Covid restrictions the Holy Land is once again booming with travelers. We had to postpone this trip three times—it was first set in March 2021—moved to October 2021—then to March 2022—and now, finally, at the end of October 2022 we are finally able to travel internationally without restrictions!  […]

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