Onward & Onward

This was the most refreshing thing I saw so far this morning–

Dinesh D’Souza — There Are Two Good Reasons to Protect Free Speech, Including So-Called Hate Speech (5 mins):


SGAnon — US Mil Mass Arrests are Underway | Deep State Desperate to Flee | US Marines Domestic Ops (26 mins):




Coming from Goodlion.tv November 22nd, Oprah Part 2:

“An epic series on the darker, unknown sides of Oprah”.


From Ty & Charlene Bolinger ‘s Truth About Cancer newsletter:

(click HERE)


Good news from Alan Sweeney in Ireland:

Climate activists get 2 months in prison for Vermeer protest
THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Two Belgian activists who targeted Johannes Vermeer’s iconic “Girl with a Pearl Earring” painting in a climate protest last week were sentenced Wednesday to two months in prison, with prosecutors saying their action “crossed a line” of acceptable protest.”


From Chris Sky, who is currently in Mexico:

“Mexico has a HUGE community of freedom fighters who pleasantly surprised me by PACKING a restaraunt in Playa Del Carmen to see me! This place is amazing! Nothing feels better than piece of mind from a like minded supportive community!”


From Derek Johnson:

“Ahhh you know… just one of hundreds of National Guard aircrafts out of their state…

Mehhh only Title 10 which requires the President to Federalize to Active Duty.

Funny how Biden has never mentioned the words “Space Force” from his mouth and in August this year 👀👇🏻

“This is a historic moment for the Department of Defense and military satellite communications as we bring all military SATCOM capabilities under 👉🏻one service👈🏻 for the first time ever.”



Only Space Force dot Military…

Nothing to see here. It’s all nonsense according to trolls and “Veterans” who clearly have never read a single piece of material from the Military ☠️🧌

Keep movin’ 😂🇺🇸”


From Project Veritas— (“Society of Professional Journalists” are unbelievable fucking assholes):

“BUSTED: Society of Professional Journalists Caught in Lie Claiming Failure to Receive ‘Payment’ Was Reason Project Veritas was EJECTED From MediaFest ’22

“We have received complaints.”

“It involves our code of ethics.” (11 mins):


A reminder from Mark Steele’s channel, UK (the drug Mattazolam killed many defenseless elderly people in nursing homes across the UK):


From Marco Polo:

Rachel Hamm & Garrett Ziegler —FULL INTERVIEW – Working for Trump at the White House, Hunter Biden’s Laptop, and Election Fraud (1 hr 51 mins):


From Phil yesterday:

“🚨A TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) has been placed over Palm Beach, Florida. Mar A Lago is located in Palm Beach, Florida.

The TFR went into effect October 31, 2022 & will remain in effect until May 23, 2023. 👀

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) classifies the airspace as “NTL DEFENSE AIRSPACE”


Also, Phil is expecting to do a livestream tonight at 7PM Eastern time. You can watch it on Rumble, DLive, or Locals.


Dan Scavino posted an amazing comm on Instagram yesterday. It made me feel so incredible. SGAnon posted about it on Truth Social:

“Let me get this straight …

>Multiple sources report cancellation of US midterm elections
>Trump continues to tell us “I don’t know how we’ll have a fair election again”, and avoids direct questions re: US Midterms
>Same week, MASSIVE fraud in Brazil election
>Scavino then posts video on 11/2/22 @ 02:12
>Qdrop51 has ~exact same delta, day and timestamp~
>Drop says “The time is now .. God is with us”, and is one of the only drops to be signed not only by Q, but by the WH alliance (“WH”)


He also posted this yesterday morning (I hope he’s right!!):

“I stand behind my information — US 2022 Midterm Elections will not happen.
At absolute minimum, they will be administered by the US military, and traitors to the Republic will be apprehended in simultaneously occurring Ops surrounding the Election Day.”

And just now:

“Sitting President of NOTHING” [<— Thus Spake President Putin] [Also, wrinkled flags are a sign of treason]:


From yesterday–

Richard Citizen Journalist posted a video and some info from a reader in Brazil:

“My friend in Brazil sent me these vids and verbiage.

First video is a military convoy somewhere North, and the last military convoy filmed is in Rio de Janeiro, Southeast.

On these videos people are screaming in support of the military, and they are fed up with the result of our elections.

They want an audit and they do not accept being ruled by a criminal president from the Foro de São Paulo (a communist group in Latin America, very powerful)

This movement started on the dusk of Oct. 31st and haven’t stopped ’till now.

People are camping in front of military bases and they are DEMANDING action from the Armed Forces.

This is all organic, and our Supreme Court is already censoring all of our groups on WhatsApp and Telegram.

People aren’t leaving the streets until the military do something.

Brazil is living it’s second day of FULL STRIKE. Truck drivers aren’t moving on the highways, so no goods are arriving on the shelves

70 demonstrations are planned today at military bases.”

(video is HERE)


A sad reminder from Yellow Vest Ireland:


And from Simon Parkes (UK):

Govt Testing Plans To Cope With Blackouts…”

[full article here]


And here is the song I listened to while driving to & from work yesterday, and all through breakfast this morning– from Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ massively huge hit album, Damn the Torpedoes (1979), “Here Comes My Girl”. I fucking LOVE this song and have loved it since I very first heard it at the wee bonny age of 19… Enjoy, gang.


And that is it.

Enjoy your day, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!


[Just FYI]

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