Something’s Up, Gang!

If you haven’t seen it already, “Nancy Drew” had some interesting footage of the US Capitol:

“I find the whole thing interesting. At night, put fencing up AGAIN, brought in The Capitol Police mobile unit AGAIN, pop up barriers up all around the building. Seems a bit much to me. Lets see what it looks like tomorrow.Of course we really dont know what exactly is going on behind the curtain. They can “show” us anything they want, but that doesnt mean thats what and/or all thats taking place. It all just doesnt add up to me. The one thing I know, is that people are watching and seeing how all this money is supposedly going to help Ukraine AGAIN and just 4 days before Christmas when Americans are really struggling financially. Hopefully people will get pissed about it and wake up. They need to know what The Bidens and Ukraine have done, and what was really taking place in Ukraine.

I luv u guys. Have a great night Thinking of all of you expecting bad weather. 😥🙏❤️😘💞💞💞💞💞”


Very interesting updates–



We posted about this a long time ago — about being mindful about what you believe about Afghanistan…

Here is an important reminder from Derek Johnson:

“After two years… I’m still receiving messages asking about Afghanistan…

One, none of y’all were there. I didn’t have to be, but I’m looking at the timestamps and why they staged that against Biden.

Two, if it wasn’t a sting operation… why was there was ONE photo and ONE video…?

Three, why didn’t we see videos of GRATEFUL refugees? Or how about just some refugees period… we didn’t even see any.

Four, the Baby Formula shortage, signed off via SECRETARY OF DEFENSE… is a REAL C-17 Globemaster.

Five, the ONE photo they used in Afghanistan wasn’t even a real C-17. Look at it.

If would behoove anyone asking that far back… while y’all back that far… go ahead and apply the timeline of the Law of War Manual, Military Justice Act, and work your way forward.

It all makes sense when you pay attention to what’s going on WHEN it’s going on… not 3 years later 💯☠️🇺🇸”






Curious, indeed! (Gone, baby, gone?)

From Real Raw News:

Jeff Zients Dies in GITMO Custody

Former Covid-19 coordinator Jeff Zients, 56, died of unknown causes Wednesday morning at Guantanamo Bay’s Camp Delta detention block, sources there told Real Raw News.

As reported previously, JAG investigators last week apprehended Zients near his luxurious mansion in the outskirts of Washington, D.C., and presented him a military arrest warrant charging the Deep Stater with counts of treason and murder for promoting vaccines he knew were potentially lethal. […]

[full article here]




From the Brazilian Report yesterday (includes brief video footage):

“🛑 War? 🛑

Brasilia, Brazil’s capital

Dec. 20th, 2022

Folks, I read on some groups that this is our war flag being hoisted at Alvorada, the President’s official home.

The flag is still there, and it’s the only flag hoisted at the moment.

I can’t confirm now if this is a flag hoisted during a war, but I’ll check and return with the information.

Our Lady Michelle Bolsonaro also got really emotional during this ceremony.

She is a very gracious woman who loves Brazil and her husband more than anything.


ALSO, from this morning:

“Bom dia, guys 🇧🇷

São Paulo, state of São Paulo

Dec. 22nd, 2022 — 8:19 AM

We are under attack by terrorists of the left.

The alliances of Foro de São Paulo are well known around here.

The Worker’s Party (PT), and other parties make deals with terrorists organizations like PCC and Comando Vermelho.

The politicians use their thugs to commit these types of crimes, and then will come up with their own solutions.

It seems to me that since this Sunday all hell is breaking loose over our country.

These are not isolated facts. I can guarantee this!

My two cents on this is that maybe someone knows something, and it’s escalating now…

Or this was always the plan of the left. To cause chaos as much as possible, so when Lula assumes he will have the opportunity to go full tyrant to resolve this chaos.

Establishing total control of the country by force.

But it’s not about “when”, it’s about “IF” 😁”


The Salty Cracker — DEMS GET CAUGHT STEALING AZ REEEEEE STREAM 12-21-22 (2 hrs 31 mins):


Mike Pompeo has a new book coming out:

“Want the inside scoop and “behind the scenes” stories from my time as Secretary of State and CIA Director? Good news: my book – “Never Give An Inch” – is officially available for pre-order. Reserve your copy today!

[FYI — so that makes Pompeo, General Flynn, Trump, Kash Patel (among others) who have new books out or coming out and — Yes! — whereas I am an acutal professional writer and have been for 5 decades — I have no new book coming out because I spend way too much time telling all of you all about all of THIS….]



Nick Cave sent out a new Red Hand Files this morning. I cannot summarize it in a nutshell without doing it a great disservice, so read it here!


James Tabor —Why I Think Jesus Was a Vegetarian (29 mins):

(When I enetered Divinity School (for the third and final time!), I had no feeling one way or the other about Jesus being a vegetarian, but I felt pretty strongly that James the brother of Jesus was one. Until that time, I had been primarily a pescetarian, but since James is the self-chosen Patron Saint of my Ministry, one of my vows upon going into Divinity School (and getting ordained) was to become a complete vegetarian. Which I did. But what James Tabor believes about Jesus is so interesting, isn’t it??? Curious, indeed.)


New from david ji — Awakening compassion: karuma – 15 Minute Guided Meditation (15 mins):


Phil is supposed to do a livesteam tonight but that has not been confirmed. Check his channel later today to find out for sure!


Okay, that is it!

On the personal front — my bankruptcy has been filed!! A little bit of peace now, just in time for Christmas.

In the last 2 and a half days, I have worked 5 shifts at 2 different jobs. I am exhausted, but this means that starting today, I have 5 whole days off for Christmas!!

Plus, really bad weather is coming, beginning tonight, and now I don’t have to go anywhere at all. Yay.

So take care of yourselves, gang. Stay alert. Enjoy your Thursday!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


(Best Christmas song, ever. I can’t even begin to tell you the many places this song has taken me over the decades, gang. Pause. Open your heart. Play it loud. Enjoy. I love you! )

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