The Precious Moment

There really is nothing to report today that is new — except that Aquila reported about an hour ago (6:30am) that the current death toll in Turkey and Syria is now over 11,200.

Personally, I cannot even process this number. It just makes me so sad.

There were also more earthquakes in Turkey yesterday, one (?) in Russia the other day, and I guess the earthquake in NY State was confirmed, as well.

There are still many in the Truther community who feel these earthquakes were triggered by some sort of [DS] targeted energy or HAARP. Regardless of how or why this has happened, I am just not able to process these numbers anymore.


In my personal life — my bankruptcy was approved yesterday and, as the Court Trustee told me: I am free to go on with my life.

So I guess that, for me, the era of the scamdemic is over and a new life for me has begun, I also began the new job last night and, all things considered (mostly the fact that I would just rather be a full-time writer again) the new job is fabulous, my new co-workers are terrific, and the management/owners are people that I honestly and genuinely respect. So. On we go.

I hope you have a great day out there.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

Yes, my driving to town music from yesterday! Let’s all try to start again, gang. Enjoy.

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