Strange News, Strange Times

Not a lot of news, but more than yesterday.


Nick Alvear, of Good Lion TV, has been re-arrested for the Jan 6th nonsense!

“It’s with great regret that I must announce Nick Alvear has been rearrested by U.S. Marshalls in Tennessee. He is currently held in Grayson County, Kentucky. I will start calling federal lawyers in the area so they can put a stop to his extradition to Washington DC. The priority now is to get him the support he needs, legal and otherwise. In the meantime, Good Lion TV remains fully operational and under my care. The funds raised will be used for commissary, legal fees, and Good Lion’s operational costs. We will be giving away Good Lion TV memberships at a discount and other perks for your help! This may be over soon and might not be as serious, Nick wanted me to tell you there is a chance he will be out soon. I want to remain positive and second that opinion. Any inquiries should be sent to or social media DMs. Any advice is appreciated.

-Alessandro du Chatel, Senior Producer, Good Lion TV.




From Sasha Latypova on substack — extremely informative analysis and background:

Analysis of mRNA Injections Lot-to-Lot

Note: this is a summary of my historical analyses of vax batches. Batches or lots of pharmaceutical products are supposed to be single production runs with traceability of all intermediate steps and raw materials all the way back to specific production lines and suppliers.

Recently, the FDA “authorized” (fake-authorized as they do not regulate countermeasures) the continuous (non-batched) mRNA products. I noted that Pfizer have been producing non-batched “batches” even in 2022, such as lot FL0007 was produced over 6 months, has several expiration dates and 12+ million doses. That’s not a batch, that’s a production that is operating for several months where everything is labeled with the same number. Therefore, going forward we will not have the batch analysis method of finding manufacturing fraud anymore. The FDA has destroyed the consumer protections and nobody should trust them ever again with any product, until we can hold them accountable for their actions. […]

[full article here]


From SG Anon on Truth Social — includes 30-second video of ENORMOUS crowd:

1.7 Million Turkish patriots turn out at rally for incumbent Turkish President Erdogan, in the run up to the May 14 elections, Istanbul.

-> Important to Note: Erdogan and Turkey is working w/ Russia, Iran, China, Afghanistan, Syria and others to isolate and destroy CIA/FVEY/Mossad assets, capabilities, remnants, and the Israeli-based (Canaanite) “locus of control” in the Middle East.”


Very hypnotic new song!

Loza Alexander, “2024″ – Feat. Donald J Trump & Kanye West/YE ( OFFICIAL AUDIO )


Curious, indeed!!

From John Solomon (Just the News) on Truth Social:

“Department of Transportation to require airlines compensate stranded passengers

The department’s planned rulemaking process would make passenger compensation and amenities mandatory.”

[full article here]


For some reason, I found this incredibly funny. Gang, the “news” out there is just fucking ridiculous. All in an effort to piss people off and wake people up….

From Kash Patel on Truth Social, by way of the Epoch Times [pay wall barrier to full article]:

Biden admin prioritizes trans groups in Pakistan to the tune $500,000 instead of supporting our Vets… see the difference in priorities?”


This was an interesting comment I read by Clint Clark on Truth Social, regarding a new law or potential new law in North Dakota regarding allegedly “trans” children in public schools, and giving them their own bathrooms.

(I put “trans” in quotes because if you have not surgically transitioned to the opposite gender, then you are basically just wearing the clothing associated with the opposite gender. You haven’t transitioned to anything.)


“There are billions being made in the transgender industry. Billions from surgeries, pharmaceuticals, aftercare, books & entertainment, counseling, clothing, and much more. To really sell the idea of gender change and lend credibility, those profiting needed marketing gimmicks; such as participation in sports, changing your driver’s license, passport, pronouns, as well as using the locker room, showers, and toilets belonging to your newly acquired gender. So, it’s really all about . . . greed!”




Dan Bongino – Tucker Getting Ready To Take On Fox? (Ep. 2006) (54 mins):


Phil has re-scheduled his livestream matinee for Wednesday — possibly. Check his channel tomorrow to confirm.


Tomorrow, I’m taking a day trip to drive down and see my dad again. (He is very old and very ill. ) So I won’t be posting to the blog.

And starting next week, Sandra and I begin the final re-writes on the play, which goes into rehearsals in September. So here we go…

Okay, that’s it for now, gang. It is a really gorgeous morning here so I’m going to try not to sit at my desk the entire day.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


Yes! I’m playing this again because sometimes it’s the only thing that makes me feel sane right now… Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, “Here Comes My Girl,” from Damn the Torpedoes, 1979.

“Here Comes My Girl”

You know sometimes, I don’t know why
But this old town just seems so hopeless
I ain’t really sure, but it seems I remember the good times
Were just a little bit more in focus

But when she puts her arms around me
I can somehow rise above it
Yeah, man, when I got that little girl standing right by my side
You know, I can tell the whole wide world “Shove it!” Hey!

Hey, here comes my girl, here comes my girl
Yeah, she looks so right, she is all I need tonight

Every now and then, I get down to the end of a day
I have to stop, ask myself why I’ve done it
It just seems so useless to have to work so hard
And nothin’ ever really seem to come from it

And then she looks me in the eye, says, “We’re gonna last forever”
And man, you know I can’t begin to doubt it
No, ’cause it just feels so good and so free and so right
I know we ain’t never gon’ change our minds about it

Hey, here comes my girl, here comes my girl
Yeah, she looks so right, she is all I need tonight

Watch her walk

Yeah, every time it seems like there ain’t nothin’ left no more
I find myself havin’ to reach out and grab hold of somethin’
Yeah, I just catch myself wonderin’, waitin’, worryin’
About some silly little things that don’t add up to nothin’

And then she looks me in the eye, says, “We’re gonna last forever,”
And man, you know I can’t begin to doubt it
No, ’cause it just feels so good and so free and so right
I know we ain’t never gon’ change our minds about it

Hey, here comes my girl, here comes my girl
Yeah, she looks so right, she is all I need tonight

That’s right
That’s right!

c – 1979 Tom Petty, Mike Campbell

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