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When I awoke this morning around 4am, I realized that I’d been having a very intense dream — it was night time and crowds of people were pouring into my house, into every room. It was so frustrating because I couldn’t find a spot to just be by myself and breathe. And I noticed that all of them were wearing black hats, and a lot of them (the women, mostly) were wearing black berets…

I laid there in the dark, half-awake, and thought about the dream and then realized: ooh, Black Hats!


So the news is quite interesting this morning, although most of it– well, I have no real idea what the news actually is.

But it does feel like the White Hats are making swift & incredible progress and are now moving full speed ahead. Things are supposed to come to a full head, in public, by mid-June (according to a couple of Truthers), with Phil adding that tribunals will indeed be underway by late July, the world over.

Some news that I found very disturbing, however–

It seems that a couple weeks back, when President Erdoğan of Turkey maybe had a heart attack and died, but then maybe didn’t — perhaps he actually died, gang.

According to the Fulford Report from yesterday, both Erdoğan and President AMLO (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) of Mexico have both been murdered by electromagnetic weapons and are currently being replaced by body doubles. (Electromagnetic weapons can be used from a distance to cause lethal heart attacks.)

But the “White Hats know who the murderers are and where they are”.

(Remember, though: Fulford is not overtly Q-related but has very interesting information. You have to listen very closely to how he phrases things; he chooses his words carefully.)



Phil’s live last night was very positive, very upbeat — although I can never feel celebratory about anyone committing suicide. Even though Phil has not yet told us who committed suicide, he assured us that it was the game-changer the White Hats had been waiting for.

And as I mentioned above, things should come to a public head by mid -June, with tribunals underway in late July.

Phil also discussed the high percentage of Americans, regardless of political leanings, who now believe the 2020 election was rigged. (72%, and that’s only the people who replied to the poll.) White Hats are now going to attempt to wake-up the remaining 28% with a vengeance…

If you missed it, here’s the replay.

The Oranges – May 12th, 2023 (1 hr 12 mins):


Bix Weir – ALERT! Silver Riggers Take “Last Licks” as Ba*nks Declare DISAPPEARING Dep*sits TODAY! (27 mins):




Dan Bongino – What Is Going On At Twitter? (Ep. 2010) (1 hr):




I’m not sure how accurate this is, gang, because there are a couple of things here that don’t add up. However —

From Real Raw News:

“JAG Sentences Space Force Commander Chance Saltzman to Death for TREASON

The Biden regime’s Space Force commander, General Chance Saltzman, was convicted of treason and sentenced to death Wednesday morning at Camp Blaz, Guam, for illicitly stealing the branch’s 2023 budget—approximately $27 billion—and surrendering it to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the bequest of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Deep State Gen. Mark Milley, and John Kirby, sources in Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall’s office told Real Raw News.

As reported last month, U.S. Special Forces on April 16 arrested Saltzman near Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs. He was taken to Guantanamo Bay and, later, put aboard one of the two Arleigh Burke-class destroyers that ferried a bevy of Deep State criminals to Guam. […]

[…] Vice Adm. Crandall nodded in agreement. “The thing is, I believe that you believe you were just following orders. But as an officer, you should have realized those orders were criminal, and so this commission will not show mercy. You hang on Monday, detainee Saltzman.”

Saltzman suddenly got to his feet, shouting at the top of his lungs, “I told the truth and nothing but the truth and for that you want to execute me. You’re no officer, Crandall, you’re a damn coward.”

Military police restrained Saltzman, then escorted him from the courtroom.

Admiral Crandall said Saltzman would hang at 10:00 a.m. Monday, May 15.”

[full article here]


Vaccine Safety Research Foundation interviews Sasha Latypova.

Full Episode #76: Whose Military Made Covid? (2 hrs):


If you are like me and are seriously into herbal healing and herbal remedies, you might want to get this e-newsletter– is it incredibly informative.

Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club

This week’s newsletter is all about the benefits of pokeweed, which grows all over my yard:

The root, berries, and mature stalks of pokeweed are poisonous. That being said, all parts of the plant have been used historically as food and medicine. How is this possible? It is all in how you prepare and DOSE this herb. The young shoots are eaten as salad, but only once they have been boiled multiple times. The boiled poke water is discarded, and they are re-boiled again and again (5-6 times total) using fresh water each time. This implies that at least some of the toxic phytochemicals in the young shoot are water soluble. [,,,]”


And also — perhaps, like me, you NEVER get tired of learning about Masada!!

From James Tabor – Is Masada Myth or History–What Happened to the Skeletons? (1 hr 15 mins):


I’m loving this conversation about the 10 Commandments–

The Ten Words with Ross and Jono – Word Two (49 mins):


And upcoming tonight at 8PM Eastern time–

LIVE: President Trump in Des Moines, IA (watch here on rumble)


MAHONEY LIVE MAY 12TH 2023 (1 hr):




And that is it for today.

Have a great Saturday, wherever you are in the world. I have another early (& endless) shift at work tomorrow, so I will not be posting again until Monday.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys! See ya!


This, as always, is dedicated to the one I love!!

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