A Lovely Day — So far!

Not much news, gang. Mostly videos.

Except this, from Real Raw News – from yesterday:

Saltzman Granted ‘Stay of Execution’

Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall on Monday made the unprecedented move of granting a “stay of execution” for General Chance Saltzman, who was scheduled to hang at Camp Blaz at 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning, a JAG source told Real Raw News. […]

[full story here]


Phil rescheduled yet again — for today at 1PM:

“Hey guys

Today’s LIVE will be moved to tomorrow, for a couple reasons:

1.) tomorrow is May 17th 😎
2.) My GEORGE Magazine’s are arriving later today, and I’m going to be holding a giveaway for signed copies
3.) Major announcement coming on the future philgodlewski.live, which won’t be ready to announce today
4.) even LARGER announcement on the future of Television, which I thought would be ready by today, but isn’t
5.) i’m tired from traveling 😲

I could have done the live with a couple of the listed numbers above, but not all 5.

Tomorrow, same time! 1PM Eastern matinee”


Regarding the future of television — I hope it involves making them more affordable AND making them last longer than a few lousy years! My flat screen fire TV has been dead for a year already. I can’t afford yet to replace it. Plus I have to pay $35 to have it taken away and “recycled”! However, my digital TV, that is about 24 years old already, is still working just fine but I can only watch DVDs and old VHS movies on it!!

Anyway, I know Phil probably means the future of television programming, not the actual TVs…


I have no clue if this is accurate or not, but allegedly the Brunson case will finally go through the Supreme Court next week, Biden will be removed immediately and then Trump will be back on May 25th… we’ll just have to see, gang.

Restored Republic – (26 mins):






Dan Bongino – BREAKING: President Trump Joins The Show To Talk About The Coup (12 mins):


This is sad and frustrating to me, because I love Bruce Springsteen and I wish I could figure out what the fuck is up with him. I’m guessing he has come over to the side of the White Hats and is involved in some weird psy-op? Or maybe he’s under arrest and he’s being forced to do this weird shit? I just don’t know.

He’s on tour right now and here he is with the fake Michelle Obama (also known a Big Mike Robinson). Michelle was allegedly executed — by lethal injection — but I’ve also heard that (s)he is under arrest but not yet executed. Anyway, no way in hell is she onstage with Springsteen in Barcelona:

Ditto Tom Hanks — we know he was executed a long time ago, for Crimes Against Humanity, and yet here he is with his wife, enjoying Springsteen’s show in Barcelona:

So, WTF, right? What strange psy-op is this?

Also, when you consider that he has won those weird medals from two horrific “Presidents”–

Bruce Springsteen Receives Medal of Freedom from Obama (2016):

Bruce Springsteen Receives National Medal of Arts from (fake) Biden (2021):

Anyway. I like to think they convinced Springsteen to switch sides and work for the White Hats, but I honestly just don’t know, gang. Either way, he’s spending a whole lot of high-profile time with dead people…


Bix Weir – ALERT! Physical Silver WILL SAVE You From Debt Ceiling DEBACLE..Followed by Total Crash! (28 mins):


James Tabor – Does Matthew Support the Virgin Birth of Jesus? Let’s Take a Closer Look! (31 mins):


This is a great meditation. I used to do it daily, many years ago. It came with the book, Getting Into the Vortex, but now it is free online from the publisher–

General Well-Being Meditation by Esther Hicks (15 mins):


BTW, my issue arrived the other day —

From Phil just now:

“is that the highly sought-after issue 7 I see?!”


That’s really it, gang. Honestly, we are still just waiting …

Meanwhile, I have the day off — really off. no housecleaning chores to do, no grocery shopping to do, no laundry. I have the whole day to just write — and it is gorgeous out there today!!!

Enjoy your Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys, See ya!


Another shot of Johnny Depp at Cannes yesterday:

(Loyal readers of this lofty blog know that I went through a lot of anguish over what they were doing to this guy for several years. And even over what other Truthers were trying to convince us of — that he had already been executed at Gitmo for being a satanic child rapist. etc. I never believed it for even a nanosecond and it so fucking pissed me off, what people were saying. And that’s why moments like this in Cannes yesterday make me so fucking happy. And I just want to say to all of Hollywood — “fuck you, motherfucking fuckers.” And I hope I never have to work in Hollywood again.) (Thankfully, my business partner in Abstract Absurdity Productions has left West Hollywood and moved to the South of France…)

On that note–

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck, “Let It Be Me”, from their album, 18:

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