The Fulford Report from yesterday indicates that Imran Khan was released from false arrest and that biometrics tests were performed on him to confirm it was not a body double. Apparently supporters of Khan set fire to just about everything in protest of his false arrest.

It also reports that Thailand is no longer under [DS] control. Shinowatra is now Prime Minster, after his father was removed by a military coup in 2006.

Also, news that “General Mark Milley is dead” have not been fully corroborated.

This is a computer-generated reading of the Fulford Report (the Report requires a membership).

REPORT FROM BENJAMIN FULFORD 2023, May 19 – (16 mins) (they are not letting me embed the video. click the link. it is extremely informative so please listen.):


From this morning-



An interesting and very lengthy post from Michael Jackson this morning:

MILITARY COUPS… Unveiling the Tug of War

Anticipated developments are unfolding worldwide, as I have long warned. In numerous countries, a conflict between the entrenched Deep State and the White Hats will escalate into a series of arrests and military coups. Both factions will hurl accusations of treason and military intervention, while the mainstream media, revealing its allegiance, will engage in biased attacks against individuals, groups, or regimes.

In recent news, former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was apprehended by paramilitary police. Khan had vocally alleged a CIA-backed military coup within his nation, vowing to expose corruption within his own government and military, implicating their collaboration with the CIA. Reliable sources indicate that he possessed significant intelligence on illicit activities, including the CIA’s involvement in heroin drug operations, covert arms sales from the United States to Pakistan and China, and intricate money laundering systems. Disturbingly, the heinous practice of male child trafficking in the region, particularly between Pakistan and Afghanistan, involving complicity from military, police, government officials, and elites, has persisted for decades—a matter even depicted in the film “Dancing Boys of Afghanistan.”

Consequently, Pakistan has descended into chaos, with violent clashes erupting between security forces and Imran Khan’s supporters, resulting in casualties, including one fatality in the city of Quetta. Such events, characterized by the ARREST WARS phenomenon, are anticipated to spread across several countries by 2024. The United States, facing an imminent civil war plot orchestrated by the Deep State, an agenda that has been discussed by U.S. generals for the past two years, serves as a precursor to this global unrest. Over the past year alone, countries in Africa, South America, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, and Myanmar have already experienced military coups, with further incidents expected to occur and escalate.

In this brewing storm, corrupt nations are plotting to overthrow countries under CIA influence. The disclosure of mounting deaths associated with the virus and vaccines has sparked outrage, with leaked reports on gain-of-function research and corruption permeating all nations. Governments and corporations linked to the CIA network are being exposed, triggering a silent yet resounding worldwide revolution. Behind the scenes, a military alliance is orchestrating these events, catalyzing the storm and heralding the great awakening.

During these challenging and dark moments, let us maintain faith, dear patriots, for beyond lies the light. The best is yet to come as we navigate through the tempestuous storm, forging ahead towards a brighter future.”


Apparently Charlie Ward is in the hospital and expecting to be released today. We are being told to ignore rumors that it was a heart attack.

Mahoney says it was “exhaustion” but that the full details would be given on an upcoming Insiders Club broadcast. (Membership required.)

Brief video from Mahoney this morning is here (3 mins).

And a very brief video from Charlie himself, in the hospital is here. (He has since just been released from the hospital.)


Mahoney with Nick Silvester (1 hr):




A needed fundraiser– I believe this is to help with Nick Alvear’s legal funds, since he has been re-arrested.

At GoodLion TV–

For a limited time, if you subscribe for one year, you get 7 months FREE, plus you get to choose one merch item for free, as well.

(If you missed the new series, “Elegantly Wasted,” on the murder of INXS singer, Michael Hutchence– subscribe and watch it! They are up to episode 23.)

Subscribe here.


Dan Bongino on the FBI whistleblowers–

Chilling Words From An FBI Whistleblower (Ep. 2015) (58 mins):


Phil finally got to do his livestream last evening, but I was very frustrated by it. I think he was aiming his information at the many new people who are waking up to what is going on in this country and in the world, thanks to the Durham report.

He had over 20 million viewers last night.

For those of us who follow him regularly, he did not really divulge anything we didn’t already know. He did say there were two more [DS] suicides, but again, he did not divulge who the people were. (A total of 3 now.)

He also stressed that this upcoming E.O. from the fake Biden — that, soon, we won’t be allowed to make withdrawals from our bank accounts — is true. Whether or not this is a ruse to cause a bank run — I don’t know. But, regardless, the situation will be very serious soon.

So please, gang, just get your cash out of the bank. Leave in whatever you need to pay bills, keep the rest at home for now. Or buy gold or silver, if you can afford it. Go here for help with that:

Here is the replay, if you missed it–

Durham – May 19th, 2023 ( 1 hr 49 mins):


Again, things here in the States seem to be barreling toward a very great outcome, very soon — but expect total chaos to hit right before the good stuff comes. (Arrests, banks collapse, military takeover, 10 days of darkness, EBS, etc.)

As for the rest of the world– Russia has allegedly done an incredible job at liberating pretty much the entire world. But that is behind the scenes — in front of the scenes, everything is just total noise and chaos, gang.

Hang in there.

I’m working all day tomorrow, so I probably won’t post again until Monday.

Enjoy your Saturday, if you can.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


The very educational discussion on the Ten Commandments continues–

The Ten Words with Ross and Jono – Word Three (1 hr):

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