Sorry for the Delay

I received a text this morning from Peitor, my partner in Abstract Absurdity Productions, at 5AM my time (he was texting from Madrid), saying he needed a typo-free copy of our script Lita måste gå! (Lita’s Got To Go!) to give to two producers in France, ASAP.

Well, readers of this lofty blog perhaps recall that I have had TWO laptops sort of die, and sort of not die, and bought a third laptop since we last sent that script out to everyone imaginable –and got great feedback, all before the lockdown.

So, I spent the first 4 hours of my morning finding the most recent version on 3 different laptops, a version which did not have typos, and which was in a file format that I could transfer.

And, voila, 4 hours later — it is done.


Regarding the “news” — again, there is not much actual non-optics, non-psy-op, news to report. There are things of interest going on, but not real news, gang. (Which I believe is a very good sign.)

Phil is supposed to do a livestream matinee today. Check his channel to confirm this.

Meanwhile, he posted this image. It probably has something to do with his livestream later. (?)


From Bix Weir – RIG ALERT! BlackRock Tries Rigging Silver Below “Moving Averages” to LOAD UP ON PHYSICAL! (25 mins):


This was a very interesting current interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. It is audio only so it’s easy to putter around and get stuff done while you listen to it. He is being denied entrance back into the US, where he has lived for many years. He discusses various persecutions that are still going on, here and in Germany, among other interesting things.

You have to click this link in his channel to listen. (57 mins)


James Tabor – Is Mark’s Gospel Mainly a Mouthpiece for Paul’s Ideas? (1 hr):


And now I’ve gotta scoot and start getting ready for work.

Have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


Breakfast-listening music!! Tom Petty, “Time To Move On,” from his ridiculously successful solo album, Wildflowers. 1994. Enjoy.

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