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Yesterday Was Odd Here in Crazeysburg

As my lofty post from yesterday indicated, my day started off with a weird tired sort of energy and it just never got better.

And then, quite suddenly — in one of those oh fuck!! kind of head-slapping moments — I remembered I was meeting Kevin, the director of Tell My Bones, for dinner last night!

I was just so tired and so out of sorts. I texted him to see if we were still “on” since the weather was so cold and rainy. And he said “Yes! Definitely!” So…

I washed my hair, put on my eye makeup. Wore something that was actually pretty and not my usual baggy-this and baggy-that, which I hang out in all day when I’m at home. But I was still in a really worn-out frame of mind. And the drive to Lucky Bamboo, where we were meeting for dinner, was 25 miles away, on a dark, rainy, highway, etc.

But once I got to the restaurant and saw Kevin, my whole mood changed. I snapped right out of whatever it was that was weighing me down. And we had a really great time.

Plus, he had a coffee mug made for me, with a painting by Helen LaFrance on it!! I was so thrilled!!

Coffee cup Kevin had made for me.

The painting goes all the way around the cup, but I couldn’t figure out the best way to photograph it.

Anyway, you can maybe see that it is a really bright and cheery mug, with perfect fall colors. Plus, it’s Helen’s art. I was just so delighted.

So, my whole mood shifted, just having someone fun to talk to, and also we talked mostly about how the staged reading of the play is shaping up, so it was just a really great evening.

And then I got home and discovered that the podcast I did with M. Christian and Ralph Greco Jr. was now “live”.

I have NOT had a chance to listen to it yet, gang. But  it is posted below.  My interview is approx. the first 45 minutes. And I was really, seriously touched by what they had to say on their blog last night:

MJL is the bomb! She was so warm, welcoming, and fun to talk with; Chris and I couldn’t have asked for a bigger star and a nicer guest!

Obviously, it was a really nice perk to end my evening by.  And I want to stress again, that we really just ended up chatting. It’s a very informal interview. And I have no real recollection of everything we talked about, but I will find out when I listen to it!!

Oh, and then, as I was posting a photo of my new coffee cup to my Instagram Stories last night, I suddenly saw that George Vjestica had been looking at my Stories. I cannot even imagine why. I have followed him for years on Instagram, but I have no clue why he suddenly was looking at my Stories. I’m guessing he was extremely bored and just scrolling all over Instagram, looking up all the various people who  “like” his posts.. (He is the guitar player for Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.)

So the evening had a much better energy than the rest of the day had.

And today is another dark, rainy, cold autumn day here. I’m guessing the kids around this whole area are a little depressed because I think they had to cancel “trick or treat” last night because of the weather. Here in Crazyesburg, though, they do the “trick or treat” thing on the actual night of Halloween — like you’re supposed to do!! So here in Crazeysburg the kids will probably be happy, since tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be splendid. (Another reason why Crazeysburg is the Land that Time Forgot… It is so traditional here and everyone just seems to be really happy about that.)

All righty. Well. I am going to close this. Get my day started and maybe listen to that podcast — or I might wait until later, when I can actually relax. First thing in the morning is not usually the best time to get my complete attention.

And so, I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from today, another Monkees song. This one has been playing in my head for several mornings running when I first wake up, so I finally stuck it in the CD player today. And it was actually my older brother’s favorite Monkees’ song when we were little. There are a lot of horns on this one — “Listen to the Band” from The  Monkees Present (1969). Another one sung and written by band-member Mike Nesmith.  Okay! Thanks for visiting, gang. I hope you have a really nice Friday underway, regardless of any weather. I love you guys. See ya!!

“Listen To The Band”

Hey, hey, mercy woman, plays a song and no one listens,
I need help I’m falling again.

Play the drum a little louder,
Tell me I can live without her
If I only listen to the band.

Listen to the band!

Weren’t they good, they made me happy.
I think I can make it alone.

Oh, mercy woman, plays a song and no one listens,
I need help I’m falling again.

Play the drum a little bit louder,
Tell them they can live without her
If they only listen to the band.

Listen to the band!

Now weren’t they good, they made me happy.
I think I can make it alone.

Oh, woman, plays a song and no one listens,
I need help I’m falling again.

C’mon, play the drums just a little bit louder,
Tell us we can live without her
Now that we have listened to the band.

Listen to the band!

© 1969 Mike Nesmith