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Oh, There I Am !

Sorry I’m late, gang.

Life is difficult.

But on we go, right?

First things first. My boss at the store has been suffering from “bad allergies” for a couple of days. I don’t want to be the one to tell her she possibly caught a cold because apparently she doesn’t want to actually be sick. “Just allergies.” Yet, somehow, I caught her “allergies.”

So I’ve been fighting a cold. but the amazing news is that hydroxychloroquine literally cures the common cold, gang. It actually does.

As soon as I got that sore throat/extreme fatigue/runny nose stuff, I doubled up on the HCQ and– voila! — the cold is not manifesting! All the symptoms disappeared immediately. The only thing left is that I still feel a little tired.

If you live in the U S, where you can only get HCQ with a doctor’s prescription, and you still do not know how to make your own hydroxychloroquine, it is incredibly simple:

  • 3 grapefruits (preferably organic)
  • 3 lemons (preferably organic)
  • 10 cups of purified water

Peel the lemons and grapefruits, keeping only the peels. Simmer them for 3 hours in a stainless steel pot with a glass lid (no steam-escape valve); then cool at least 2 hours. Strain. Throw out the peels, the liquid that remains is your HCQ and it can be kept frozen in glass jars to thaw when you need it.

It really, really works.

I made some more last night (and I think it smells great while it’s simmering). And this morning, I started the process of making elderberry syrup for the fall/winter seasons.

That is super easy to make, too. Elderberry syrup is an incredible immunity booster, gang!

  • 1 pound of elderberries (preferably organic)
  • 1 quart of apple cider vinegar (with the “mother,” preferably organic)

Put all the elderberries and all the cider vinegar in a glass bottle with a tight-fitting lid. (You can add whole cloves, too, if you have any). Keep in a cool dark place for several weeks, shaking the bottle gently from time to time.

When you’re ready to use it, strain it and put it back into the bottle but add local raw honey — and propolis, if you can get it.

Take 1 tablespoon daily, during flu and cold season.

(An example of propolis, if you don’t know what it is):

Propolis Raw Chunks at Rs 1900/pack | Bee Products ...

Okay. So I slept in this morning. And now laundry is underway here, so that’s been my morning, and now, here I am.

An update on Amazon. I received an email from them yesterday, telling me to allow 5 more days for them to investigate my complaint about the erotic eBook that’s fraudulently using my name.

I was thinking how easy it was for them to ban my two most recent erotic eBooks — 1954 Powder Blue Pickup and Half-Moon Bride (still available as eBooks at lulu.com) — yet it is taking forever for them to remove a fraudulent eBook that was selling like hotcakes. Until my review was posted, which says it is not connected to me. And so sales have now plummeted, thank goodness.

Anyway. It is beyond frustrating how quickly they respond when it hurts my career, and how slowly they respond when it hurts my career.

I am happy that 1954 Powder Blue Pickup is still being sold in a print edition on Amazon, but I am a little devastated that they are now listing it as “out of print.”

It is impossible for it to be out of print. It will never be out of print, because it is sold as print on demand. By them. And they know it.

Not only that, it is selling better than any of my other listed books except for Twilight of the Immortal, but Amazon now has it listed way at the bottom of page 2 of all my available books on Amazon. Encouraging you to not even bother trying to buy it. Encouraging you to believe it barely exists.

So, if you thought I was exaggerating yesterday when I said I was feeling targeted, you might want to re-think that.

In addition to what is going on at Amazon — my newest publisher, which I absolutely loved, had to suddenly fold a few months ago. And now I can no longer get paid by the Swedish company because of problems with the banking systems, so that avenue for my short stories has dried up. And the only new publisher I’ve had recently is “gratis” — I contributed an original autobiographical essay to an upcoming collection that pays only in contributor eBook copies. (Which is as about as exciting as the actual Word file of the essay, which of course, I already have…)

As heartbreaking as all of this is for me, there is not much else I can do except move forward and keep on writing and keep on trying to self-publish.

Okay. As far as the world goes…

There is still SO MUCH bad news, gang. Unbelievable fires everywhere and still horrific floods and food and water shortages and threats of v ax passports worldwide that are causing more and more protests to become violent.

Much trouble going on with those who got the actual (fake) va x now getting seriously ill, if they aren’t already dead. And still more and more countries pushing that v a x hard on the un va x ed.

Below: This is a must watch video! 2 minutes. (With an added bonus: Johnny Cash singing that great Moby song, “Run On.”)

And [17] The Storm Rider published this yesterday, in case you are still feeling confused about why Tr ***p even pushed these va xes in the first place. The alternative would have been unthinkable:

“Why did Tr ***p release the vax es???

“As you know now The D** P ST* TE C a B a L had long ago planned to kill billions through a pandemic that was planned long ago.. ( you can find several sources through LOCKSTEP>ROCK * FELLERS plan/G a TES several interviews and speeches to reduce world population/GEORGIA GUIDESTONES/FAUX CHI assured speech that a Pandemic was coming for tr*** p administration/all the patents owning the Corona virus(SARS)..ect.ect.ect.”‘ ” ” ” ” ” …….)

“WHEN TR** P released the va x es in record speed….it completely disrupted the D** P ST* TE C a B a L plans…( Their original plans was to kill and enslave humanity through 5 years of torture/full l* ckd * wns/martial LAWS/mental psychological ops >[MSM] EXTREME EXTREME FAKE DEATH COVERAGES WORLD WIDE >>MOCKINGBIRD<<//[THEY] had other plans to get billions addicted to opioids and deadly medications (that [they] said would combat the virus) that would create deaths and bring People into Severe psychosis (no more production of dopamine/serotonin/oxytocin/endorphins/)..
_by the second year of l * ckd * wns medication including methamphetamines (Speed) DANGEROUS Sleeping pills, Painkillers, and 15 deadly other medications with bring billions into psychosis/deadly depression/suicides/and stop the production of the Pineal Gland.
The drugs alone combined would stop the body from recovery/self Healing and bring the body into chaos and easily sickened by outside sources, such as cancerous products in food and poisonous additives in products, food.
_Years into the l *ckd * wns the deaths from the FORCED medication and psychological torturer lockdowns and removal of essential fruits, meats, vegetables and grains would ensure sickness and deaths.

“WHEN TR** P released the va x es… He destroyed the M o L o CH WORLD SACRIFICE S A TA N IC D** P ST * TE PLANS to torture and Kill billions through a Systematic genocidal Agenda… And the children would have suffered publicly also legally addicted to FORCED deadly medications and overdose ( the torture they would endure would insure hospitalization that would induce more torture and pain producing>>> AD RE NO C H ROME<<(ultimate plan)///..

“By Tr ** p releasing the Va x es he Countered the D ** P ST * TE C a b a L PLANS..
And they were forced to spend TRILLIONS across the world creating the va x es… Much of the va x es are [FAKE] saline.. But also many are real and laced with mRNA and deadly compounds… That’s why they keep wanting you to take more and more v a x es….( Because they are still producing the real mRNA, nano by-products of deadly additives ( to insure sickness and death and biotechnology engineering control>>In it’s first Stages}

“WHEN Tr ** P released the v a x es.. Half of Tr ** p supporters also had great fear of the C* VID ^^ 1 9 and believed in FAUX CHI and W H O and believed in the scamdemic…Tr*** p couldn’t loose these supporters (later their is a plan to correct the Va x INATED 2022 )/

“WHEN TR** P released the va x es the medical Mafia went into PANIC.. They weren’t ready…. And lost TRILLIONS of dollars and in February the World went into spiral in the economy… This was all PLANNED…. This created a ripple effect through D** P ST* TE money lines and ties and hidden GOLD/ MONEY/ CRYPTOCURRENCY hit the markets …… WAS A STING OPERATION to find all the SLEEPERS and see where the money was at that was funding the DS in many major countries.

WHEN TR*** P release The V a x es that d ** p st * te came into confusion/ PANIC/ and this created so many mistakes…. That effected the medical Mafia and scientific PAID OWNED community…. And is on going…
EXPOSURE EXPOSURE leaks leaks is happening and even M S M is reporting things they would have never Reported last year.



everything he is doing now is optics…. It’s not for you!!! It’s for them!!!…. _ he’s playing both sides of the game….




Okay, so that’s cheery, right?

But PLEASE WATCH these two videos!! They explain so much and will give you courage, okay?

I posted this a few weeks back, but here it is again. The heroic Dr. Reiner Fuellmich giving an update via satellite at a London protest (10 mins):

This is new, from this morning. Pryme Min i st er, Ch * lie W * rd and S* mon P * rkes chat. Very, very encouraging!! (38 mins):

And with that, I will leave you and get back to the laundry! Have a good Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. hang in there. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: R * d P * ll 7 8 news update (15 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at c u om a and Penta gon F F (13 mins):

Below: Monk ey W * r x flight pattern updates: More illegals coming to your States!! (33 mins):

Below: From a couple days ago, but this is incredibly exciting: Mel K and Michael L talk frequencies and hidden science ( 1 hr):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Not everything will be clean, this is war (1 hr):

Kicks just Keep Getting harder to Find

Okay, gang. I am really unbelievably exhausted. The hits just keep on coming.

Before I get too deep into anything here — this is an amazing video. It is only 5 minutes long and is the perfect video to share with anyone you know who is still on the fence about what is really going on right now.

Especially older people, who have spent their whole lives believing the TV news and the Government. This video could be a game-changer for them. It does not provoke; it simply asks very important questions to help people think.

Okay. What can I say? I’m just worn out.

I am still in communications with Amazon, trying to get them to remove that darn eBook that has my name on it — that I did not write. It is selling like hotcakes, so that’s so nice. Isn’t it? They have banned my two newest books for offensive content, yet something that has my name on it that is not connected to me in any way whatsoever, sells great.

Then I got to work, only to get an alert on my phone that someone has used my debit card fraudulently somewhere (to buy a bus ticket!!), and now my card is blocked until they can send me a new one. (10 days.) All the money I have in the world is, of course, in that tiny bank account and now it will be impossible to get at it without going to the physical bank and taking out cash in person.

Like I have all the time in the world to do that, right?

It actually finally made me cry, there at work in the break room. I am really feeling targeted. Plus, I really had just had it with all the fraud and the unbelievable tightness of money right now.

Thankfully, the owner of the store lent me (cash) money for the next 2 weeks (until payday).

I am just so fucking stressed these days, and the news just keeps getting more and more alarming.

All right. Well. I am only going to share with you what I think is the most important stuff to look at it right now, okay? Trust me, there is tons of really frightening news out there. But I don’t think we need to know all of it to get through our day.

In D C, a fourth Capitol Police officer has now “committed suicide”. I feel so bad for the families of these men. They must be terrified. No way are these men committing suicide. They simply know too much about what really happened on Jan. 6 th.

In NY, C u om o was found guilty of sex u al har r a ss ment of multiple women. In a very characteristic move, he says he “didn’t do it.” Nothing will likely come from all this, but I’m not sure I care. What I am waiting for is for him, and all the hospitals in NYC, to be found guilty of murdering hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers in 2020 who did NOT have c * vid– and C u o mo, and the doctors and the nurses knew it. They deprived the patients of the nutrition and medicine that would help them live, they deprived them of friends and family members, even deprived them of autopsies. Put them on ventilators that literally made them die.

I don’t care if I have to live to be 102 just to see that happen, but I want to be alive when they find them all guilty of all those deaths.

In other news…. co d e mon key z’s video yesterday was a whistleblower inside do min ion, proving that the v* tin g machines are rigged. (The video is short and can be seen in x 2 2 re port and r e d p il l 7 8 news below.)

At Good Lion TV, the Murder of I s a a c K ap p y Part 3 is up!

[17] The Storm Rider had this to say yesterday about who is funding the c d c:

“Who exactly FUNDS the C D C?
Well, I wanted to know, so I made this list of notables compiled from the huge list found on their website.
-Bank of Commerce
-Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
-Cambridge University Press
-Charles Schwabb Corp
-Cisco Systems
-Citi Bank
-Coca Cola
-CNN/ Time Warner
-Data Processing Management Inc
-Delta Airlines
-Diazyme Labs
-E.T. enterprises
-General Electric
-General Mills
-General Motors
-Government of Canada
-Hampton Inn
-Hilton Hotels
-Infectious Disease Counsultants Inc
-Johnson and Johnson
-Liberty Mutual

  • MailChimp
    -NY society of Infectious Diseases
    -NorthAmerican Vaccine Inc
    -Oxford University
    -Proctor&Gamble (PG)
    -Quaker Oats
    -Quest Diagnostics
    -Trojan Condoms
    -World Health Communications Inc

All of these companies have played a role in the pandemic.
I find some extremely alarming in that they appear to have benefited GREATLY from it over the course of the last year and a half.

ALL of these corporations should be investigated for conflict of interest.
Does the CDC have a board of non-affiliated citizens to audit their funding?
Where is the oversight?
Is it an internal committee?
That in and of itself is a conflict of interest.

Links for those who wish to seek more companies and labs that fund this crooked agency: http://www.cdcfoundation.org/partner-list/corporations

Okay. So that is it for today, gang. Have a good Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

( Paul Revere & the Raiders, “Kicks Just Keep Getting Harder To Find.”)


Below: S t e w p e t ers: 4 cops “suicide” themselves (11 mins):

Below: s t e w p e t ers: Ca nad a also reveals that c * vid is a hoax! (17 mins):

Below: C u omo guilty of sex harrass ment; says he didn’t do it; nothing will likely be done about it (6 mins):

Below: Constitutional Sheriffs of America making incredible headway (1 min):

Below: Greece keeps fighting back (4 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las V en iamin chats with Mel K (53 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 news update: good luck Colorado, you’ll need it! (21 mins):

Below: Health Impact News: Lies and the lying liars who tell them (c d c)! (10 mins):

Below: P a trio t s tre e t fighter and Dave Sc ar l ett (1 hr):

Below: FF at the Pentagon? From what I heard, ar r est s were made in there yesterday (8 mins)

Below: J * co update (1 hr 26 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: they never thought she would lose now it’s all timing (47 mins):

A Terrific Tuesday is upon Us!

Okay, gang. Probably the most exciting news from yesterday was the very public announcement in Germany (and there was also one in Mexico) that c * vid was fake. In Germany, the BILD newspaper published an apology for pushing the c*v id l*ck d* wn hysteria and harming society, especially the children. [that article is here] BILD has an estimated circulation of 1.3 million people. And this announcement came on the heels of violent weekend protests and all kinds of horrible shit going on in b er lin.

“Sascha” is the first German c * vid activist to die in Germany — in police custody. He was the founder of “The Basis,” a party for change. I believe he died today, or late yesterday?

Co d emo nkey z has an important video dropping this morning. If I can catch it before it is banned, I will try to re-post it here!

There was also news about a leaked audio recording, revealing that the children entering this country illegally are being sexually abused by some of the staff at a border facility in Te x as. [ article is here]

More horrible floods worldwide, and videos of helicopters and planes that are causing enormous fires that are wiping out vegetation and crops. Deadly wild fires are being reported in Turkey and Iran now, too.

The head of Belarusian house in U k rai ne — Vitaliy S h i sh ov — was found hanged in K y iv’s park.

Also, (another?) Capitol police officer who responded to the Jan 6 incident has allegedly committed suicide. We shall see. (this makes a possible 3.)

In other news, you probably saw things related to the final capture of b i l l ga tes and also of d r faux chi. I honestly don’t know what to make of stuff like that, since there have been differing reports for months now regarding the take down of both of these men.

So regardless of when and how it happened, what I believe is that it indeed happened, and that is the most important thing.

The A Z audit is pushing everything to the boiling point here in the U S. Especially all this stupid shit about c * vid. (What I don’t think is stupid shit, though, is that tons of people who got the actual v a x and not a placebo, and who didn’t already die yet, are now starting to become really sick.) But the rest of the chaos is just black hat optics to get us to look away from the results of the a u d its.

By the way, they are now estimating that T r***p won all 50 States…

Okay, well, another beautiful day is upon us here in Crazeysburg, but I am wiped out because I did not sleep well at all. I have been trying to get a grasp on John Lennon and what could have really been going on in his life. Long ago, he was a hero of mine. Now we know that his murderer, Mark David Chapman, was connected to the c i a and B u sh Sr through a mega church (W * rld V isi on) and was under c i a M k u ltr a mind control when he killed Lennon.

Which doesn’t necessarily mean that Lennon was in the s a t an ic cult — as some recent sources over the years have claimed. But it does look like Lennon must have been under mind control at some point (he took tons of LSD in the 1960s, which was the c ia’s favorite mind control drug) and he appeared to be coming out of it, hence the c i a ‘s apparent need to do away with Lennon. (Also, the claims from Stu Sutcliffe’s family that Stu’s fatal head injury was caused by Lennon, who was in a jealous rage at the time over some girl. That death/manslaughter could have been the jumping off point for the c i a — or “the Crown” — to blackmail Lennon for a lifetime.)

And that kind of stuff makes me wonder if it really is true that McCartney did die in that car crash in 1966, and that part of Lennon’s notorious rage against McCartney in later years was because the guy was not real and Lennon was forced to pretend he was. (?)

I don’t know. But I do know that Lennon gave back his Knighthood to the “Queen.” And he also left Yoko for awhile (Yoko is also said to be a s a t ani st, or was for awhile?). And so he did appear to be coming out from under the mind control, which is something they say always happens eventually.

I’m guessing that Ringo knows everything, but all he does anymore is make worldwide statements about Peace & Love…

Anyway, that stuff was keeping me up last night. So now I am exhausted already!!

Nick Cave sent out a very brief Red Hand File this morning, alerting us that he and his lovely wife, Susie, are off on a two-week vacation!

I do not know what a vacation is. I cannot even imagine a vacation ever again, at this point. (What actually looks more and more inviting is a sort of permanent rest at that lovely old graveyard at the end of my block!!! A nice LONG rest!! But perhaps I am being too hasty. This war has to end at some point, right?)

Okay, gang. There is simply too much news now to gather it all up in one post. So I’m gonna stop here and try to lay down for an hour before I have to head off to work.

Thanks for visiting. Have a great Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!! I love you guys. See ya!


Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 news update: a ud its, Tr ***p won (22 mins):

Below: Mo n key W * r x flight tracking updates and illegal immigrants being flown to your towns! (33 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine: is that b i l l g a t es news recycled? (16m ins):

Below: J * co discusses na no particles and A I; and no such thing as d el t a (60 mins):

Below: P a trio t str ee t figh ter , intel from cirst en w and more — first few minutes sound is bad so FF (2 hrs):

Below: Ch * r lie W * rd and Mel K chat (43 mins):

Below: National lawyer Thomas R e n z discusses tidal wave of law suits hitting U S; the 2nd video is a short clip from the first, where he explains that 250,000 were murdered in hospitals with an intentional misdiagnosis for money ( 52 mins; and 4 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las V en i amin chats with Tarot by Janine (1 hr 16 mins):

Below: Ni ch olas V en iamina chats with J * co ( 44 mins):

Below: Meditation, complete body healing, binaural beats (ongoing):

Below: X *2 R* port: Corruption is too severe, m*li t ary only way (56 mins):

And What A Fine SUnny Monday it Is!!

Okay, gang.

Sorry, I never did get back here yesterday, but I did listen to a ton of updates. I did it mostly while sitting out on my really sunny kitchen porch. What a splendid day it was here yesterday — even though most of the news I was listening to was not very good.

And that stupid plagiarized eBook that I posted about here yesterday is still for sale on Amazon — AND seems to be selling reasonably well!! But please do NOT buy it. Even though they are my stories, I had nothing to do with that book. They are completely ripping me off.

All right.

First and foremost, I need to share this. It just came in from S * m on P * rkes:

Australia & New Zealand To Lose Commonwealth Status:

Not yet in the mainstream.

Australia and New Zealand to lose Commonwealth status.

To be administered by US as Royal Family in UK gives up all its heritage.”

So that’s interesting. With Sydney practically under martial law right now… [post is here]

For me, the most disturbing stuff popping up in all the news yesterday is how many thousands of people all over the world are now becoming very ill from the v a x and doctors are unable to help them. Genocide in full swing?

Plus, it was not only in Germany that hundreds of corpses of tortured infants and children are bobbing to the surface because of all the floods. Also happened in u k and the n ether l ands. It is just so heartbreaking. But is this what all the flooding in e u rope & u k was intended to do? Empty out the tunnels so that the people can see these tiny, tortured corpses? It is just too heartbreaking. I can hardly stand the thought of it.

In a spot of bright news, though. My [17]-following friend from work texted me a photo she saw out on the street near where she lives. It was a sign outside one of those quick cash loan places. It says you can borrow up to $1000 in cash, and if you pay it back in under 3 months, NO INTEREST; if you pay it back after 3 months, 1% INTEREST!

QFS anyone?????? Usually, those types of places take the title to your car, your boat, your motorcycle and charge massive interest on top of that! Wow.

Other than that, I’ll let the videos below tell you what the news is right now. Even though things seem to be getting darker, more extreme, I get the feeling that really, really GOOD things are right around the corner, folks. I really do. Even though there are still evil players at large in the world creating havoc and chaos, I believe that most of this really stupid l* ck d*wn C* Vid-related madness is optics to shake the sleepers from sleep. We have to hang in there and do not give in to despair.

It is on its way, and I feel like it is going to be really, really good for those of us still left standing.

Okay. Have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

(Pretty soon this will be all of us!! “Something’s Coming, Something Good”)


Below: S t e w P e t er s: massive worldwide v a x failure. Hospitals around the world filled with dying MOSTLY VA X ED patients (11 mins):

Below: P a trio t stree t figh ter is back: intel and focus on mission update, also info about the tiny corpses coming to the surface (1 hr):

Below: S * mon P * r kes and Sh eri ff M ack chat; U S & U K (1 hr):

Below: Digital Warr i or s update; U K, Spain (43 mins):

Below: This is sketchy; not sure what it’s proving but it’s not good. Ang e lin a J o li caught on tape at age 23 talking about her SM sexual ritual when joining the order of the i ll u mi nati (4 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine; (fake) b o r i s john son’s ex-girlfriend tells U K media the current one is not him; also s a t an’s Converse hi-tops (14 mins):

Below: S a t an ic Con verse sneaker ad mentioned in video above (59 seconds):

Below: D an B * n gi no chats with D e S antis, stop c * vid insanity (6 mins):

Below: UFO Man Saturday night livestream (1 hr 38 mins):

Below: UFO Man, 2 sightings: 1) are they drones? 2)UFO over Mongolia (2 mins; 3 mins):

Below: X * 2 r * port: swamp is being drained! (56 mins):

Off the Charts Insane

All right, gang. The world is truly off-the-charts today.

I can’t really tell what is actually real right now. By that I mean — is it really this evil out there, or is this mostly extreme optics?

Especially in Sydney, Australia. What the fuck is going on over there? They are basically under some weird martial law now:

“Australia today used helicopters and the army to enforce its ‘Zero Covid’ lockdown, as thousands of police flooded Sydney city centre to enforce the rules and hand out $500 fines for those not wearing a mask. 

Sirens blared across the city and a draconian message was broadcast from the skies, as millions were told: ‘This is public health order —do not break rules —you will be found and fines issued.’ “

[full article is here] Plus both of these 8 minute videos:

Meanwhile, X 2 2 re port’s chat with Dr. McCullough explains in detail why any sort of “delta” variant would be the weakest virus of all, and exactly why m* sks don’t work (33 mins):

France seems to be making more progress than any country fighting out there. Ni ch olas ven iamin posted to his telelgram account:

“French hospital workers in Nice have decided to not give the vaccine any longer. The powder keg is about to blow worldwide. You can sense it.”

Also 18 seconds of protests earlier today in France:

Meanwhile, at work today, more than a few incredibly misguided customers were back to wearing m*sks again!! Even though:

“A precedent-setting study on natural immunity was published in Cell on July 14, 2021. The study finds that natural immunity to S* RS-C* V-2, the virus responsible for C* VID ^^ 1 9, is comprehensive and durable, with persisting antibody responses, robust memory B cell recognition and T cell immunity. ” [full article is here]

From co d e mon ke y z on te le gr am last evening:

“On August 11th, the US Govt is going to test its EBS system.

Julian Assange’s next court date is on August 11th.
The US Govt’s star witness against Assange recently admitted to fabricating his key accusation in exchange for immunity from pedophilia charges.
If Julian wins in court on the 11th, it is likely he will be released.

Events scheduled for Mid-August:

  • Maricopa Audit Results
  • Julian Assange court date where he could potentially be released
  • Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium
  • EBS System Test
  • Rumored “delta variant” lockdowns

Now do you understand the ramp-up in covid fear mongering?

Do not continue to focus on the covid fear mongering.
It is meant to distract you from the real events which are all converging on mid-August.”

I think that is great advice, gang. Wherever you live in the world, this focus on c* vid fear is trying to distract you from something else, something that is much more important.

On the home front — Q F S underway? A couple of my creditors are now telling me that they can remove all of my interest fees and late fees to try to help me pay back my credit card debt.

I still can’t afford it because the moratorium on my mortgage is now over and I have to start paying on my house again. However. It’s really interesting, don’t you think?

In other interesting news on the home front: Amazon has now informed me that “Half-Moon Bride” also violates their content policies and, after nearly one month of selling it, they have now banned it from their site. You can still buy it as an eBook on lulu.com.

It’s frustrating, gang, but I’m just trying to move forward and stay one step ahead of censorship.

All right.

So this was good! J * co and Mel K had a chat (59 mins):

Tarot by Janine and Ashely had a deep dive Friday on the weird AF Olympics (15 mins):

Awaken with JP hits all the social insanity right on the head (8 mins0:

Monkey W e r x tacks more and more and MORE planes doing nefarious stuff and/or heading to to g i tmo (31 mins):

UFO Man: 5 UFOs spotted over Louisville, Kentucky (not really that far from here!!) (2 mins):

And just a little while ago: J * co chatted with Laura E i s en h o wer (great intel! Don’t miss!) (1 hr):

I am looking forward to taking it easy tonight. It is just beautiful here and I have tomorrow off. I can’t wait to just chill later, turn off the lights, listen to the crickets AND the UFO Man Saturday night livestream!!! Tonight at 9 PM EST:

Okay, gang. Enjoy your Saturday — what’s left of it! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys . See ya!

The BAd News Is Not So bad

Actually, the only bad news so far today is that it is going to be rainy and cold here in Crazeysburg for most of the upcoming holiday weekend (Memorial Day).

The good news is that on Monday, when the holiday actually takes place, it will be sunny and mild.

And the other part of the good news is that I was able to buy two pre-planted pots of petunias to set out on my front porch this summer. This is perhaps 1/100th of the amount of flowers I usually have on my back step, my two porches, and around my barn all summer, but they are at least flowers. And they are healthy, so I am happy.

I had a very interesting “download” during my post-breakfast meditation this morning. In fact, during my Inner Being journaling at the breakfast table, they told me it was coming — this download of information. (I tell you, gang, even my daily Inner Being Dialogues are changing, becoming more revealing; everything in the entire world is changing and becoming more revealing…)

Anyway. I won’t go into the whole download thing, but the most intriguing part, to me, was that: indeed, as you may have already heard, many of the new babies being born all over the world now are in fact “star seeds” and they are coming into this world brand new, never having been in human consciousness before, yet fully equipped to handle the New Life & Light that is arriving here on Earth already; and that millions of people, who are not able to “tolerate” or (I don’t remember the word they used) handle, or who don’t wish to experience the New Light that is arriving, will remove themselves, and are already removing themselves from the experience of the New Earth.

Mostly, the meditation download was about not having fear; that there was no cause for fear. And that those of us who will flourish in the New Light, came here for this purpose in the first place — to be part of it.

I have lots of thoughts about this, but I won’t go on and on about that right now.

Mostly, I wanted to address two specific (non-related) things today.

The first one being the general reactions, yesterday, to Romana Didulo. Some people, like Ch * r lie W * rd, are saying that she chose herself to be Commander-in-Chief of the Sovereign Republic of Canada.

Some are even saying that she is a d**p st*te plant, but that makes no sense whatsoever, if you actually listen to her and/or read what she is encouraging Canadians to do. Meaning: empower themselves; to take off the m*sks and burn them; to gather in groups; don’t get vaxed; c*vid was a lie; Canadians’ lives and freedoms come first; the big corporations will be liable for crimes against humanity and will face the death penalty.

That’s just not how the d **p st*te plants talk…

Whether or not she appointed herself, or was appointed by the allied white hats– we shall have to wait and see. In the meantime, I really like her, so it will be engaging to watch.

I’m also still hearing that a lot of the vaxes out there could be placebos at this stage, gang. Let’s just pray that is true, okay? Maybe, the way the c a b al made up those horrible death totals about c * vid to scare us, but which weren’t true — only a fraction of those numbers were actual deaths. Well, maybe the white hats are now doing the same thing with the vaxes, to scare us into not getting it? Saying that all these millions will die from the vax within 2-3 years — but that it’s not really true?

Don’t put your hopes into that, or anything. I’m just tossing that thought out there because I’m wishing it turns out to be that way.

The other thing I wanted to bring up — I will post the video below. Ni ch olas Ven iamin chatted with a woman about biofeedback, and she stressed that this was the only way to rid oneself of invading nano bots from those who are vaxed, and that pine needle tea and alfalfa baths do not work… at first, she actually called them “bullshit.”

However, she did back-pedal a bit as the interview went on and stated that these things were not strong enough to fully work, and that only biofeedback would work completely — but that none of anything would work on those who were fully vaxed.

While I love the idea of biofeedback — and I even felt some of the benefits of what she briefly did for Ni ch olas with biofeedback in the video — I can personally confirm that the alfalfa bath worked for me. It fully restored my hearing in about 10 minutes, among other things. (I was also doing the ionic detox footbaths, too, which I believe also helped, based solely on how it made me feel, before, during and after.)

She is offering 14 free days of biofeedback through an app you download to your phone or tablet. However, I don’t know if you have to then purchase a full program, which I think starts at about $2000. I honestly don’t know if it’s simply free for 2 weeks, or if there is a catch. I checked the web site on my phone and I could not proceed without giving out personal info, so I didn’t proceed. (However, I did notice that on my laptop, the site is blocked. Only a chat bot comes up.)

Whatever. What I really wanted to say was that I found her viewpoint on people who are vaxed to be utterly horrifying. She believes that all vaxed people are already basically zombies (the true walking dead and that their actual souls have literally been switched off) and that they should be put into the FEMA camps and have their heads cut off. (To get the nano bots to stop spreading.) That nothing is going to stop the vaxed from spreading the c a b a l’s depopulation agenda in to us and so the vaxed have to be, in essence, shipped off to concentration camps and exterminated (my words).

You can only guess how I feel about that idea.

You have to come to your own decisions, gang. But I’ll remind you of this: Jesus not only walked among the lepers, but everything Jesus really believed in, taught, or did has been censored from us for 2 thousand years and counting. So I’m guessing he was more powerful, more influential than we can even imagine. So I’m not going to fear walking among the vaxed, nor will I ever get behind any attempt to exterminate anyone for anything.

Put on the full armor of God, people, and you will receive the guidance you need. Maybe it’s biofeedback, maybe it’s pine needle tea, or alfalfa baths, or Med Beds, or something incredibly mind-blowing that we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

As frightening as life on Earth (and beyond) can sometimes be, “exterminating people” is never the answer. Ever. I honestly believe that God has opened doors for us all over the place, and it is up to us to tune in to where those open doors are and fucking walk through them.

[Well, oddly enough, I can no longer find Nicholas’s interview with the woman re: biofeedback, so it is not posted below… – Ed.]

Okay, so!

The Republic of Canada is clearly on track to something or other, but whatever it is, it’s interesting as fuck.

The U K is seriously overrun with white hats now. I think that’s kind of obvious. (M S M, B B C, Ma t t Han cock, Princ e H a r r y or whoever that really is, and the return of Di an a on the horizon.)

And here in the U S, the M S M seems to be highly infiltrated by those white-hatted rascals, too; with the idea of “arrests” and “crimes against humanity” being sort of force-fed, by way of f a u c i’s clone, into the remaining few who still can’t seem to wake the fuck up…

UFOs all over the place, too.

Oh — and here’s something to ponder. C i rst en W said yesterday in a round table video, that j u an o s av in is a complete fraud. She says he is some rich guy named Wayne or something like that, who lives in a houseboat in W A State.

I don’t believe she has ever met him. I think maybe she has spoken to him on the phone once? I think that’s what she said. So it’s curious that others who have met him in person — Da v id N *no Ro driguez, Mich ael J*co, P * triot Str eet fighter — think he’s the real deal.

I’m not crazy about what he’s been saying this past month, but I found it curious that she went so far as to say he was a fraud… (she does tend to badmouth other podcasters, so I’m not a huge fan of hers. I guess, like everything else, though, we will see.)

Okay, gang!! I just looked out my window and that much-promised rain has arrived! I hope you’re having a nice Friday wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!

(Oops!!Breakfast-listening music below!! Enjoy!! Even though the song is about nighttime!!)


Roundtable: Street fighter, Jaco, Nino, O’Brien:

Below: This was awesome! Multi-dimensional time travel:

Below: Nich o las and Ch * rlie:

Below: A little more info on Romana:

Below: Ni ch o las and Alan F ount ain:

Below: X *2 R * port:

Time TO Re-Group

Well, gang, I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t been able to seriously focus on the new writing for a couple months now, because my new (and most favorite) publisher closed up shop yesterday.

Went out of business and closed. Gave everyone their rights back. It was for political reasons.

So, if you’re new here and on a computer (not a phone) — ignore the links on those erotica book covers at the right side of the page: Half- Moon Bride and 1954 Powder Blue Pickup. They will take you nowhere!!


Hopefully, I will have time on Thursday to re-format the manuscripts and publish them to Smashwords and Kindle. And just move on. (Assuming the books don’t get flagged for pushing too many boundaries of “questionable consent.” The new (ex-) publisher specifically focused on taboo erotica, which is getting harder and harder to publish anywhere else, so we’ll see.)

This means that I won’t be publishing a Volume 4 for The Muse Revisited. I will try to restore the links above for “Necessary to her Good,” and “Asleep in the Dream of Life.” And I will likely make the new story I’m working on, “Novitiate,” into a longer novella adn self-publish it, as well.

Okay, so!

In the event you hadn’t heard, now the (fake) government lawmakers who suck up to big ph * rma are trying to make the sale of certain supplements illegal without a prescription. These supplements would be basically anything that cures C * vid or acts as a natural v a c c ine against it. First and foremost on their list is N A C, a supplement well known for helping people to breathe:

They are doing this solely to force people to go to a doctor to get a prescription — and pay a fee to see the doctor, as well as pay for the prescription to be filled, as well as most likely be forced to have a c * vid p c r test jammed up your nose to push nano bots into your brain, as well as be pressured into getting the m R N A fake deadly vax, which the doctor gets a bonus from big p h * r ma for subjecting you to, and then you get to die in 2 years….

There is a list of about 6 common supplements that are next in line, including choline chloride, the main supplement needed for making MMS (which, in all seriousness, cures just about everything).

Hydroxychloroquine, the notoriously effective cure for c * vid, used to be legal here in the US, too. Now, however, a doctor must prescribe it because f a u c i knew a long time ago that it was the cure for any co r o n a virus. (These guys here will give you a prescription, though.) (When they aren’t under arrest by the f b i , that is.)

And in the event you don’t recall this, or never even knew: C l in ton made quinine illegal in the U S. And conveniently enough, a tiny germ of malaria is part of the fake c* vid m R N A. And quinine is the cure for malaria… If you have any doubt in your mind that the c l in tons weren’t far more evil than h i t l er could ever have dreamed of being, well… I guess, just take today off and think about it.

Anyway, I guess I don’t have to tell you how angry we are about this at the health food store — where we are notorious anti-m*skers, anti-vaxxers and all about the natural supplements that are affordable and keep you healthy.

Yesterday was a difficult day.

But today, the sun is shining. T r **p is all over everywhere, smiling and promising to be back momentarily…. States all over the Union are joining the push to have the 2 0 2 0 v*tes audited and finding —oops! — that a whopping bunch of d e m o c r a t s cheated (beyond belief).

The rest of us, though, solely as a precaution, are dying our flags black and loading our guns with ammunition. (Yes! Even at the health food store! Personally, I don’t own a gun, but one of my co-workers, a 50-year-old mom of 4 from Alabama, owns two AK 47s… I find this extremely amusing because, until yesterday, I didn’t realize I even knew one person who owned one AK 47.)

Okay. More and more and more news of note is coming to light, gang. I leave you with several very interesting videos below. Notably:

Arrests are being made, sentences are being carried out.

As many as 60,000 d **p st * te culpirts have been a r es t ed so far, world wide.

Israel is finally going to be free, beginning June 11th (!!)

Tr ** p is basically already back.

All righty. I’m gonna scoot. Thanks for visiting!! Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world, gang. I leave you with my breakfast- listening music from this morning — a malt shop favorite from yesteryear!! “Come Go With Me” by the Del-Vikings! Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya!! (Oh, and PS: still hearing that J f k Jr will be the new V P when Tr **p returns as the 19th Pres under the restored 1776 Con st i t uion. We shall see!!!)


Below: Tarot by Janine; Awesome news about Israel!!! (16 mins):

Below: J u an O S a vin chats with Brice Wat son and Tom Num bers (1 hr 27 mins):

Below: David N * no R od r iguez : The next distraction (24 mins):

Below: Satanic p e do ph il e, ex-c i a director, br en nan : guilty (6 mins):

Below: Awesome chat! N ic h olas Ven iamin and Michael J * co (1 hr 12 mins):

Below: Pr o j ec t V er i tas strikes again! ( 4 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 78 News (22 mins):

Below: X *2 R * port (44 mins):

What’s That Tickle At the baCK OF yOUR bRAIN?

Fear? Foreboding? Are we as doomed as doomed can be?

Perhaps all of the above????

Well, I don’t really know, gang, but I do know that I slept for nine hours last night — unheard of for me.

And the entire night, I had intensely involved dreams about how to stay focused on the exact events I prefer to experience right now in the physical reality. To keep my thoughts clear of the fear and foreboding I can literally feel rising around me in the “ether,” or in the general physical realm.

I’m beginning to feel that intense energy everywhere and I’m wondering if things are coming to some sort of true precipice that we couldn’t even imagine before. Something we seriously need to get ready for.

God was all over my dreams last night. As the decades have gone on, I tend to call God “Source” because it releases all the cultural connotations that come with the word “God.” But last night, in those dreams, it was definitely “God” — someone else, or some other Energy, was instructing me, for hours, and the Energy was clearly interpreting instructions that God was directing.

And when I finally awoke, the words in my head were: Put on the full armor of God. And to do Holy Communion this morning.

(“Put on the full armor of Source” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it, gang?)

And at the breakfast table, when I was doing my Inner Being Journaling, they emphasized that I should do Holy Communion this morning (it’s Sunday, btw), and that I could “connect” with Christ this morning; that he was available. (!!) And several times, they said to “put on the full armor of God.”

I’ll tell you, not only have I never had dreams like the ones I had last night, I also never have Inner Being journaling that ever mentions God or Jesus, ever, or cares whether I do Communion or not.

So that kind of made me feel a little antsy. (I stopped doing Holy Communion every Sunday because it began to feel like I was just going through the motions, and now I tend to do it only on Easter and Christmas.)

So I did Holy Communion as soon as I went back upstairs (my room is the center of my entire universe and all my ministry stuff is up there, too). And, oddly enough, the Scripture that fell open when I picked up my Bible and opened it was:

“Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us; To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.” Luke, 1:78-79, KJV

I don’t know, gang — I thought that was kind of intense. You know, when you consider that the Bible has 713 trillion lines of Scripture to fall open to…

Okay. So that’s been my morning, thus far.

As I posted the other day, a lot of the podcasters I listen to or rely on for intel and news, are on the road right now, doing all sorts of P * trio t rallies across the nation.

I still have a few videos below that I thought were informative.

The newest thing on our horizon, of course, is the M S M trying to take control of the UFO narrative (including trying to brainwash us into calling it UAPs — Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). I, personally, would suggest you ignore that.

Whenever the M S M (aka: the c i a) want to re-program how we identify anything, our general knee-jerk response to it should simply and politely be: “No, thank you.”

And also, btw — in case you’ve forgotten or never knew: June 1st is the day that the U S g ov is supposed to come clean on everything it knows about UFOs. I’m not so sure I think they’re going to actually do that, but I guess we’ll see.

June 1st is also the day that the Village of Crazeysburg will have it’s water shut off for line repair. And then we’re supposed to be on a 2-3 day “boiling of water” alert, just to be safe. And I’m thinking: Oh yeah, I got plenty of time to boil water now, too….


The block editor here on Word Press conveniently blocks all videos from ru m b le. So that officially sucks. No We the People News updates, no M * ch ael J * co can be embedded. But feel free to visit those links there.

Okay, gang. I want to get back to work on “Novitiate” (the new short story that’s been in limbo for something like 9 months). So I’m gonna scoot.

Have a good Sunday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: UFO Man Live Stream, video update, commentary (1 hr 35 mins):

Below: David N * no Rod ri guez and Cl ay Cl ark ( 25 mins):

Below: Beautiful Australian woman urges you to turn off your fucking TV! (3 mins):

Below: Nich o las V en ia min and Steve Le pk owski discuss 5G EMFs safety, health (29 mins):

Below: Citizen of Gotham. Scary stuff. (And if you listened to Super Soldier yesterday, you know they also claim that the vax that blocks Chromosome 8 enables your soul to be stolen and used as an off-Earth energy source. Transhumanism at its finest.) (5 mins):

Mama, Look Sharp!

Yes, there is indeed a war going on, gang. And the casualties are increasing,  everywhere.

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but it is important: there is currently an 800% up-spike in Fentanyl deaths in the US. 

STAY AWAY FROM STREET DRUGS, people!! They are spiked with Fentanyl, coming up through the southern border. It’s no joke. They are putting Fentanyl in everything.

(Loyal readers of this lofty blog no doubt recall that I loved Tom Petty and even he died from an accidental Fentanyl overdose, back in 2017.  As far as I know, his wife still doesn’t know where he got the drugs from, since he was bedridden with a completely fractured hip when he went into cardiac arrest. He was alone in the bedroom and he was taking prescription pharmaceuticals for pain, but not Fentanyl, and still it was Fentanyl that killed him… I believe Fentanyl is a weapon, gang. I just do.) (Yes, being a hardcore conspiracy theorist, I believe Tom Petty was murdered, too. I just can’t put my finger on how or why…)

Anyway. Yes, there is a war on and it seems to be climbing to some sort of fevered pitch, worldwide.

Also, UFO sightings are off the charts now, too. If you follow King John Smarty on  t  e  le   g  r am, as I do, you will see tons of phone-made videos of UFOs every day and every night, from all over the world.

The videos that make it on to the M S  M news are the videos that I trust least — not that they might not be “real,” I just question the agenda behind anything M S M broadcasts, even F  O  X. You know: Of all the videos out there, why are they picking that one video? And they almost always have ridiculously contrived commentary to go along with it — an attempt to build hysteria or something.

I realize that some commentators, i.e., Tu cker C ar lson, are just trying to wake everyone the fuck up already. The rest of them are just trying to get those of us who are already awake to throw the fuck up, at least during the hours when we’re not trying to sleep.

Which reminds me — I got the correct CBD oil yesterday and slept like a wee bonny babe again last night. Yay.

Also, I’m completely not in the e  l o n mu sk camp, gang. Something is up there. Either he’s a puppet, or CGI, or both. OR maybe even something I haven’t even heard of yet. But I’m not in the pro- e  l on  m u sk ballpark.  For now, all dogecoin thoughts must cease.

There were a few great videos last night; inspiring, encouraging, informative — they are below, as always.

And Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File yesterday that I just loved.  I always enjoy all of his RHFs, but this was one of those rare ones that I actually viscerally related to — about the art and the artist; good vs. evil; hope, the moon, the world.

You can read it here.

Yes, there is a world wide war going on. And I took that same [17]-related oath that G en F  l y  n and his family took after he was pardoned. And I will continue to gather information and put it out there as close to every day as I can possibly manage. When my mom died, I needed to take a couple days off. Otherwise, I try to post every piece of info that I find that I feel will be relevant to at least one of my readers.

Some mornings, I wake up and think that not too much happened during the night and so maybe I don’t need to post… and then suddenly, a podcast pops up that relates something astounding and I’m back in front of the computer.

But, man, do I wish I had free time to be creative again. I know those days will return.  I’m hoping soon, but who really knows, right? But I see all these other folks on Instagram, being so creative and having fun and actually traveling and going places and getting their fake vaxes and acting like they have lives and I’m, like, WTF? Right? How is that happening? There’s a fucking war on!!

I’m either at my laptop or on my phone, gathering info constantly. Or I’m at the health food store, constantly passing on information to try to help people stay alive during all this insanity bombarding us day and night.

And even though there are only 4 of us who work at the store  (not counting the owner), I am the only one who is always there, whenever the store is open. (Because I’m the only one who doesn’t have either a pension or a husband’s income to help support me. I am literally flat broke.) (Just FYI –  working in a health food store is not a viable way to earn an actual living. However, in lieu of having my other life back, it is really, really fulfilling.)

I make a fraction of the money I used to make before all this started last year. I now pay maybe 60% of the bills I owe every month, and each month it gets worse. I have no clue how I make it through each day, let alone each month, but I do. And I’m usually pretty darn happy by the end of each day. I really am. And even though I’m often tired, I wake up each day, feeling confident that I’m supposed to be here on Earth right now.

And we have “sort of” officially done away with the m* sk mandate here in Ohio. It is official on June 2nd, but most people who come into the health food store have already done away with their stupid fucking m*sks!! Yay. The smiles I saw on people yesterday, wow. Not to mention the customers that I have been helping for months now — I can finally see their entire faces. It’s so weird, you know? I “recognize” them but I never knew what they really looked like!!

So that kind of joy is really awesome. At least we have come that far. 

But something else that happened yesterday that struck me as incredibly strange: A woman mentioned to me that she was having a big outdoor party for her daughter’s high school graduation this coming weekend, and that they were having a cookout, and a taco bar, and all that fun stuff.

And it occurred to me that, aside from being a vegetarian, which cancels out most “outdoor cookout” foods for me; my diet has basically become nothing but superfoods.

It’s too fucking weird. I can’t imagine ever dating anyone, ever again. Who the heck could even have a meal with me these days, right?  In addition to the basic vitamin & mineral supplements that most people take, I drink the diatomaceous earth with activated charcoal powder every day, and I take the colloidal silver. AND:

    • matcha
    • maca
    • cacao
    • spirulina
    • goji berries
    • moringa
    • a powder of 10 of the super mushrooms with adaptogens
    • more organic seeds and nuts than you can even imagine
    • 1 orange
    • 1 apple
    • organic blueberries and strawberries
    • organic Greek yogurt
    • an organic juice blend of tart cherry, pomegranate, red grape, and cranberry
    • 1 avocado 
    • turmeric powder
    • beetroot
    • garlic
    • ginger
    • coconut
    • organic spinach, arugula, tomatoes, carrots, celery
    • organic herbs that I grow myself
    • organic sprouts that I grow myself
    • Zero filtered water
    • pine needle tea (!!!!!)

Okay, gang???? EVERY FUCKING DAY I eat or drink all of that stuff! Every day. What the fuck is a “cookout”?? Who knows!!

(Oh, and I shower with pine tar soap! It’s my new favorite thing!! Even though I have accumulated tons of other bathing products from France that actually smell nice…)

When did my life get so fucking weird??!!

But I’m healthy. And I have an amazingly de-calcified pineal gland. You wouldn’t believe it! Seriously.

Customers come in to the store and I not only remember who they are but also what they want and why they want it and what they were looking for when they called two weeks prior and spoke to me over the phone — they say, “Wow, you have a good memory.”

And each of my co-workers glances knowingly at me because they know that I have the cleanest diet imaginable and I am off the charts insane.

It’s too funny.

But it sure will be nice when this war is over and I can go back to sitting at my desk and writing a short story or  some sort of wonderfully experimental novel that no one will read…

Okay!!! I gotta get to the laundry here, folks. Have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

Momma Look Sharp

Momma, hey momma
Come lookin’ for me
I’m here in the meadow
By the red maple tree


Momma, hey momma
Look sharp, here I be
Hey, hey
Momma, look sharp

Them soldiers, they fired
Oh, ma, did we run
But then we turned ’round
And the battle begun

Then I went under
Oh, ma, am I done?
Hey, hey
Momma, look sharp

My eyes are wide open
My face to the sky
Is that you I’m hearin’
In the tall grass nearby?

Momma, come find me
Before I do die
Hey, hey
Momma, look sharp


I’ll close your eyes, my Billy
Them eyes that cannot see
And I’ll bury ya, my Billy
Beneath the maple tree

And never again
Will you whisper to me
Hey, hey
Oh, Momma, look sharp

© 1969 Sherman Edwards, Peter Stone


Below: UFO Man: Fleet lights over Rio De Janeiro (1 minute):

Below: UFO Man, Orbs over AZ (2 mins):

Below: Wil P ar a normal: Caution advised (14 mins):

Below: David N * no R o d r iguez: fentanyl crisis, el on musk, big event coming (22 mins):

Below: GREAT chat with Michael J * co and P a trio t stree t fighter (1 hr 39 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8: His Name was Cash Gernon ( 10 mins):

Below: We the People News: S R A 3 testimonies. Caution advised (29 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine: What’s behind the extremely weird census in Canada? (19 mins):

Below: Nich o las V en ia min and Jason [17]: why is Is r a el last? (49 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * PORT (45 mins):

Holy McMoly, Does it Never Stop?

Just when you’re hoping that the end is just maybe, just possibly in sight, here comes more and more news to add to the chaos!

I took yesterday off, only because I posted kind of late in the day Sunday, and had caught up on the the news to that point. Well, yesterday was then just a sort of non-stop onslaught of more stuff. None of which made me feel what I would call “happy.”

First , though–

One thing I did find out today that made me feel hopeful — made me feel that a time could still be coming for all of us, wherein the world will sort of be back to normal:


Yes, that is correct! Some of the re-scheduled European shows for the much-cancelled Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds tour were announced early this morning!  For Summer 2022!! You can find ticket information here.

I, personally, cannot imagine ever traveling anywhere again. I am so shell-shocked  from the horrors of this past year — and now, include in that mix these millions of vaxed people out there who could maybe just sort of die horrible deaths all around us at any moment. (The public letter from guitar legend Eric Clapton made me so sad.  For whatever ill-advised reason he took both shots of the fake vax, and suffered “disastrous” side effects, including frightening paralysis — full article is here.)

Anyway, even though I own a whole brand new set of luggage, I get the impression I will never leave Crazeysburg again. And I don’t mean just Europe; I can’t even imagine going back to NYC or to LA, or to anywhere, ever again. It feels like the world outside Crazeysburg is such a horror show, that I can’t imagine trusting anyone, anywhere, ever (not including you, of course, gentle reader!!).

But that’s just me!! Please, feel free to go on with the rest of your lives!!

Okay, so the U S m * lit ar y has indicted the indescribably gracious & graceful l i z c h e ne  y for high crimes and misdemeanors, including tre a s on, involving an attempt to seriously rig the 2 0 20 e l e c tion in  W Y. So that outcome should be interesting to us all.  Next to A  O  C  , that woman has the most obnoxious mouth of anyone formerly at home on the now apparently utterly vacated Capitol Hill.

Next, now that the fake d  r  f a u ci has been utterly outed, it looks like the fake scam dem ic can come to a screeching halt, and that an indictment of premeditated murder could be looming in the fake d r f au  ci’s future (including in those charges of murder, his delightfully thoughtful gift of AIDS that he so selflessly delivered to us all in the 1980s.) (I, however, think he already received an indictment of sorts and is no longer with us, but that is just what I’ve heard from other sources. I was not personally invited to any sort of m * litary tr i bun al, or anything.)

And I’m not even sure that witnessing an e x e c u tion of that man could make me feel anything anymore.  My closest friend and ally, Val in Brooklyn — back in the 1980s, we lost so many friends, family members, colleagues to AIDS back in NYC in a remarkably short period of time.  That was what a true pandemic looked like — where everyone you knew was actually getting horribly ill and then dying.  Real numbers. Real people. Real horror. Every fucking day.

(And oddly enough, I was an anti-masker way back then, too. I volunteered with the Visiting Nurses of NY and since AIDS was brand new and no one understood it yet, we were all supposed to wear masks and gloves around the patients, but I refused to do it. I felt like it was an insult to them, degrading to them. They had already been sent home to die, in hospice care, by the time I would be assigned to them.  To me, it felt insulting to their humanity, to show up with all these contrived barriers against their last days on Earth.)

Anyway, even way back then, I was also a conspiracy theorist! I was certain that somehow the c  i  a or something along those lines,  was behind AIDS. I would read all the underground zines that I could get on the  c  i  a back then to try to figure out what was going on (and those zines actually had plenty to say). In those days, I used to talk to Val about it endlessly — because it didn’t make sense to us. Everyone we knew who was dead or dying from AIDS was a gay male. Why was that? And then, oh —  wait, the blacks in Africa have it now, too!

Really? So, not just millions of gay men all over the world but blacks in Africa have it, too, and basically no one else (yet)?

None of it made any sense. It felt like a targeted genocide.

So, having an answer to that huge awful question mark finally, is the only sense of “comfort” I would have from seeing d  r   f  a  u   c  i  finally go down.

And I’m guessing that if this fake vax horror show isn’t some sort of sick psy-op and can somehow be fixed once the c a  b a  l is truly taken down, then the true pandemic that is coming, from the millions of vaxed folks dying what we have been promised will be horrible deaths — well, I’m not sure I’m up for that. Are you?

So. As the Bishop Larry   G  a  i t er  s has been telling us for a year now — B   L   M practice witchcraft. They are not only dedicated M ar xi st s, but S a t a nists, as well.  (See video down below from We the People News of a different pastor explaining it.)

Also, from We the People News, a very old audio from yet another escapee-survivor child of the S a t a n i c cult. Circa 1970s.  And at one point, he makes mention of returning to “Columbus” and finally discovering what his childhood “witchcraft church” was really about.

Loyal readers of this lofty blog, as well as anyone who knows me at all, knows that I have always detested Columbus.  With every fiber of my being. All of my worst experiences of my life happened there. I do everything I can think of to avoid having to set foot in that city, when/if at all possible.

Well, when I heard the guy say that on the audio recording, it just hit too close to home.

I am still reeling from that interview J * co did with that Cult survivor on Sunday. I had a really hard time overcoming that interview. And she is not the first sex-trafficked, cult survivor I have heard interviewed, but for some reason, her details, her story, upset me profoundly. I can’t really let it go. Mostly, I guess, because she is my age and her childhood was happening when mine was– she should have been experiencing the best years of her life. but what really happened to her and the children around her, was almost too horrific for words. Torture, medical experiments, abuse and rape beyond comprehension. 

But she’d grown up in California, so at least there was that mental barrier against the reality of her childhood. However, this morning, hearing that guy say “Columbus” — it was just too close to home. I just cried. I was living (and growing up) in Columbus at that time. Even though his story had a good outcome, it was just too much for me. [See? I knew Columbus was a dreadful place!! — Ed.]

Well, anyway, the video for that is also below.

Plus, more and more weird stuff about the non-terrestrial agenda, and what is really up with  N A  S  A and the lies they tell. (A good friend of mine has been a geologist for N A  S  A  for a really long time, and I know he has studied the moon rocks. I know “we” have been to the moon, but it does indeed seem, from many accounts, especially g en e d e c ode, that the “initial” landing on the moon in 1969 was staged because there was too much already up there on the moon that they didn’t want us to see (yet). But still. How much of everything is a lie now? Who the fuck knows? And it does seem as though the younger generation of adults have been brainwashed into believing a very, very narrow idea of “scientific facts” and rabidly dispelling all others. Very convenient for them but sad for us.)

And YET!!!

There  is a lot to feel encouraged about, gang. I don’t want anyone to lose hope — we are on the right path here. Every single one of the Tr ****ps is still smiling — the whole family — and that speaks volumes!! (If I may mix some metaphors there.)

Good things are happening all around us.  The dark players are indeed going down, as videos below will point out.  I just think I’m going through one of those moments where all of it is getting to me again. But I will rally.


Cave Things announced more new stuff coming soon… This time, shit stuff for kids!! That will be very interesting, I’m sure!


And on that happy note, I’m outta here!! Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world, gang. Thanks for visiting! I love you guys. See ya.


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