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Oh For Godssakes, Let’s Just Have a Pleasant Valley Sunday!

Not much news today, gang. So I’ve been having a really leisurely Sunday morning here.


I was out of bed at my usual 4am. Listened to more Sam Cooke (“Bring It On Home To Me”) during breakfast in my Merry Christmas-y kitchen. The cats got 9Lives Super Supper for breakfast, which is their most favorite thing on planet Earth now, so that was fun to watch.

Everything was really peaceful here. and so I went back to bed and stayed there for about 3 and half more hours… Listening to music. Posting to Instagram. And, yes, napping!! Because it’s exhausting to get up and eat breakfast!!

My pot of soup turned out really good yesterday (vegetarian green split-pea). So I was happy with that. And I did watch about half of Wings of Desire, and will probably watch the rest of it today. It is such a beautiful movie.It actually feels sacred. One of those rare films.

Several months ago, I re-watched it for the first time in about 25 years, and now I think about that movie all the time. (And not just because Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds are in it, in a band lineup that is no more but that I used to adore, and/or because Roland S. Howard and Crime & the City Solution are also in it.)

Everything about that era from when Wings of Desire came out, is really just gone, isn’t it?

Anyway. Thank goodness for film. (And I have it on VHS, which still has that non-HD film quality.) (Yes, I still own a VCR!!!)

I’m doing laundry as I type, and I’m planning on doing some non-political writing today. Just for myself. And my career, of course.

Assuming something horribly unexpected doesn’t break out in the world. (I was so sickened by that hanging/execution of Ruhollah Zam yesterday in Ir *n.)

(But heartened to see that there is still more peace in the Middle East: Bhutan and Israel now establish diplomatic relations, too.)

(But disgusted to see more blatant garbage going on in Airstrip One. People dying in the aisles from a p*n d* m*c at the SNL taping, anyone?? I don’t fucking think so.) (When are those poor demoralized people in Airstrip One going to rise up? There is no p*n d* m*c. There’s only a virus. THAT’S IT.) (And the NY dictator only wants to try to force the nationwide unemployment rates to go back up and get NY deeper in debt to ruin the economy. The nationwide numbers for unemployment were actually doing really good. Hundreds of thousands of people, nationwide, going back to work. )

(Crimes Against Humanity, gang. I hope they go after the dictators first.)

Violence of course broke out in DC last night, between Ant* f* and the tens of thousands of people prot* sting the r*gged el*ct*on. 3 people were stabbed by Ant. Ant was shot at by Patr* ots. 23 arrests were made, overall.

The courts nationwide still manage to show corruption beyond belief, making it look as if Civil War will be a foreseeable step, if the military doesn’t step in before that and finally halt the c*up.

Most people  do in fact see a military action of some kind coming. In combination with the deadline for September 12, 2018. (I believe the deadline was 45 days after the el* ct*on,  but I could be wrong about that.)

Anyway. So that’s that. I hope you are having a reasonably good Sunday, wherever you are in the world.  Thanks for visiting, gang. I leave you with my newest favorite Nick Cave photo from yesteryear. Along with one of my favorite songs off his new album with Nicholas Lens (Litanies) — the song is “Litany of the Sleeping Dream.” So effing beautiful… So hypnotic. The whole album is hypnotic. And then it is followed by my breakfast-listening music!! And then a few key videos for today.

I love you guys. See ya.

Rich Valdes’ great podcast. This time he interviewed Lou Dobbs about the many G*P cowards in Washington who will not take a stand against the massive v*t*r fr*ud. (But WHY are they cowards? Are they also in bed with F* ng F* ng? Or — more than likely — users of the truly widespread r*gged v*ting machines themselves??)

Likely legal events that will play out before Inauguration Day:

And in case you didn’t hear this yesterday. There is NO p*n d* m*c. There is v*t* r fr*ud running amuck in both Parties. Drain the sw*mp, anyone???