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Soldiering On!

Okay, so. I think I’m fine now but I’m still moving a little slow here.

Now that the agonizing pain is over, I can finally focus for more than 3 seconds at a time.

I do not know why I suddenly got a UTI. I hadn’t had one in 12 years. Plus, what was also weird — I was drinking pure cranberry juice and doing the “1 tablespoon every hour” of colloidal silver, and not getting better by any stretch of the imagination. Only seeming to get worse. So I looked up other natural cures for UTI’s only to discover that every single thing they recommended was already part of my daily diet…

So I did the high frequency thingie (below) for the jug of water on my bedside table, and while that was going, I meditated to the download. (Source Directives, Mother Nurture, 21 mins):

When I came out of the meditation, I got the impetus to use i v er me c tin.

I know that i ver me c tin is now thought to be curing certain types of cancers, so I checked to see if any studies had been done on using it to fight bacterial infections (it’s usually used to kill parasites, especially for River Blindness in people), and — voila! — the answer was yes! They were having success in using it on MERSA-type bacterial infections. The kinds that are resistant to antibiotics. And the iv er me c tin was working on some of those types of infections.

So I took a dose of i v er m e c tin (this is the horse paste kind that cost me $4.99 — temporarily out of stock now plus it’s gone up $1.00 — and which killed my various spike protein infections). And, I kid you not, in the first hour, much of the pain from the infection was gone and the pain decreased as the hours went on. Within 4 hours, I was able to get out of bed and run an errand; I felt pretty good. And in under 8 hours, the infection seemed to be completely gone. We shall see!

I’m not a doctor. I don’t play one on TV. I don’t even own horses. I’m not giving you medical advice. I’m simply telling you that this stuff — some sort of microbe found in the soil in Japan — is quite a little miracle here at my house.

Keep in mind that the W H O has now proclaimed that i ver mec tin in “animal doses” is not hazardous to humans. And the people I know who are now getting prescriptions of human-dose i ver mec tin, are paying well over $140 to get their prescriptions filled…


The news is weird — as usual these days. If you saw my special update from last evening, you are probably on the verge of celebrating. I know I am!

I am posting below the things that are really leaping out at me now, since I do believe that we are at the very end of the movie.

A ui str a lia is probably front and center on people’s minds, since the horrors going on in Mel b our ne defy any of our expectations. Cops shooting the fleeing protestors in the back. What the fuck is that? The cops are really beyond out of control there.

Well, the news that the A US UK soldiers are now sort of “closing ranks” and becoming one unit… perhaps this is to take out the rogue cops and finally free A u str alia? We shall see.

But lending credence to that idea would be this:

From Whiplash347’s t e le gr am channel (a channel I highly recommend, btw):

Former Liberal Party president and Carlton boss John Elliott has died in hospital aged 79.” [full article here]

Methinks headlines like this are no coincidence…

I believe that a us tr alia is on the verge of being completely and totally liberated. How ’bout that earthquake there yesterday? Another coincidence??

“Melbourne rocked by magnitude 6.0 earthquake : A Chapel Street building has been reduced to rubble after after a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck near Mansfield, about 210 kilometres from Melbourne, on Wednesday” [full article here]

And now, adding to my daily obsession — The Sacred Blue Tent channel on te le g ram. Truth bombs. Non-stop. (It’s [17]-related, and now-un-dead-ken n e dy related. ) Here are but a few:

Lends credence to the suggestion that Nicole Kidman was once a man. Those pedos seem to always change their kids’ sexes.
Looks like John Denver is indeed alive

Here’s some other stuff from this morning:

Jar babies. What the hell, right?
It’s hard to un-see it, right?
just keepin’ it real at the W H O…
Gotta love this one. (It took place in India, I believe….(?))

Some of those pictured above make me sad, gang. I have to say. Although I am hearing that now many of the celebrities who were threatened with death by the c a b al are now coming forward to participate in the white hat redpill extravaganza going on here in the US. (Think N ik i Min aj…) (You cannot convince me that she just now woke up??) I’m guessing, though, that if you made it onto that list above, you’re gone, baby, gone.

Anyway. Some of this is really sad.

Interesting, right?
I’m just now starting to read about this stuff here, so it’s still a mystery to me… But they’re showing more and more elaborate architectural miracles that were out of time & place in their surroundings.

From Whiplash347, of interest, in case this is new to you:

“Bilderberg Group & The Trilateral Commission

“(For the duration of these posts, do not forget that Pfizer is a Rockefeller owned company. It is worth noting that the Rockefeller Empire, in tandem with JP Morgan Chase owns over half of the pharmaceutical interests in the United States. It is the largest drug manufacturing combine in the world. (Research Rockefeller Foundation)).

“Lord Victor Rothschild (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Victor_Rothschild) and Laurance Rockefeller (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Laurance_Rockefeller) hand picked 100 of the world’s elite to form The Bilderberg Group, a policy forming globalist group which has met annually since 1954. The group gave birth to what is now the European Union (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=European_Union) (EU), with the ultimate goal of a one world government [Hatch, Doubleday 1962]. The group also pushed the North American Free Trade Agreement (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=North_American_Free_Trade_Agreement) (NAFTA) and the founding of the World Trade Organization (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=World_Trade_Organization) (WTA).

“Founding members include:

  • General Walter Bedell Smith
    (Director, CIA, US Ambassador to Moscow, and US Secretary of State under Eisenhower)
  • Colin Gubbins
    (Director, British Special Operations Executive)
  • Prince Bernhard of Germany
    (Original chairman)
  • Queen Juliana of the Netherlands
  • Lord Carrington, UK

“Founding Governing Council includes:

  • Stansfield Turner
    (Director, CIA)
  • Henry Kissinger
    (Director of the Special Studies Project for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Rockefeller_Brothers_Fund))
  • Robert Ellsworth
    (Deputy Secretary of Defense, U.S. Ambassador to NATO, Assistant to the President, U.S. Congress Member, Chairman & Founding Director Hamilton BioVentures)
  • Andrew Schoenberg
    (Royal Institute for International Affairs)
  • John Louden, N.M. Rothschild
  • C.L. Sulzberger, New York Times

“The American Delegation for The Bilderberg Group was founded & led by David Rockefeller.

“Spokesman for the American Delegation under David Rockefeller:

“Bilderberg policy is carried out by a 35 member Bilderberg Steering Committee, including an inner circle “Advisory Committee”.

“Committee members have included:

  • David Rockefeller
  • Henry Kissinger
  • James Wolfenson
    (President, World Bank)
  • Jessica Matthews
    (President, Carnegie Endowment For International Peace)
  • Jorma Ollia
    (Chairman & CEO, Nokia)

“All American members of the Steering Committee are also members of CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), and most members cross-pollinate The Trilateral Commission, co-founded by David Rockefeller.

“Approximately one third of its members come from the government and political sector while the remaining two thirds represent finance, industry, labor, education and the media.

“The meetings have been hosted by The Rothschild Family, and 1962 and 1973 meetings were hosted by The Wallenberg Family, the most powerful family in Sweden and holders of significant stake in Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca.

“Meetings are sealed off from the public and the press, with the exception of an authorized press conference at the conclusion of each meeting. Resorts and hotels where the meetings are held are cleared of residents and all visitors, with security provided by Soldiers, Armed Guards, Secret Service (https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Secret_Service), State and local police.”

Also, of interest. Take Down of the C a b al, shortened version. Indispensable (43 mins):

From Ni ch o las v en ia min, the time & place for the news about the A Z audit:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Presentation of the Maricopa County Election Audit

WHAT: Members of the Maricopa County election audit team will present their findings to the Senate President and Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. This a presentation only and will not include public comment or

Senate President Karen Fann
Judiciary Chair Senator Warren Petersen
Doug Logan, Cyber Ninjas CEO
Ben Cotton, CyFIR Founder
Ken Bennett, Senate Audit Liaison
Randy Pullen, Senate Audit Spokesperson
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

WHEN: Friday, September 24, 1 p.m. Arizona time, 4 p.m. EDT

WHERE: State Senate Chambers
Live streamed: here

And a quick update from [17] the Storm Rider yesterday:

“The [END] of
[DARPA]>is on the horizon
this WAR




IS SURFACING!!!!!!!!!!!!???




This video is so cool, but I can not embed it. It was from :Russel-Jay:Gould’s tele gram channel:


This is absolutely EPIC.. Romanian government has closed all vaccine centres because 70% of the citizens won’t get the jab. Coercion did not work.


(Click on the link to watch the very short clip. It is awesome to see.)

A new update from Restored Republic . Very interesting indeed! (21 mins):

Hmmmm. “Nancy Drew” finds a Heads- of- State meeting at the D C capitol Awesome!! (Very choppy but stick with it!) (6 mins):

This was nauseating! The next whistle blower vi deo from pro j ec t ver itas. This guy is too creepy. Guessing his career is totally over now. F D A exposed!! (12 mins):

Over at Cave Things, a new single was announced. Nick & Warren put “Shyness” to music (from an earlier Red Hand Files letter). Purchase it here.

Nick Cave - Cave Things - SHYNESS SINGLE

And don’t forget!! Nick & Warren continue their tour for Carnage tonight in Sheffield, UK!! It will be at Sheffield City Hall and starts at 8PM. Buy tickets here.

This was really cool. Coast to Coast AM. US Air Force and UFO abductions. (1 hr 16 mins):

Tarot by Janine had more good news (18 mins):

Amazing Polly has more on how the hospitals are killing people (28 mins):

X * 2 r * port: Swamp fights back (47 mins):

Okay, gang!! Thanks for visiting. Have a great day, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya!

Who’s That Creepin’ ‘Round the W H??!!

Well, gang, this is going to be another short one!

Now that I’m over the weird sinus & ear stuff, I am now combatting a UTI, so I got very little sleep last night and need to go back to bed before I go in to work.

But I really needed to post here. Such great stuff!

To see this 6 minute video, you have to visit “Nancy Drew’s” channel on te l e g r am.

The video is here. It is from yesterday morning, and it’s of Marine One landing at the Oval Office in D C to pick up Tr ***p and get him on board!

She then received this message, which she also posted:

Sent to Nancy Drew yesterday morning — her real name is Kelly, fyi

Tr **p then took off in Marine One and allegedly went to NYC.

This is all really exciting, gang.

And then Tarot by Janine took a look at the c a b al surrendering, and she came up with some great stuff, too! She says that the beginning of the end has begun!! (15 mins):

Hw great, right?

Okay. Here’s that whistle blower from pro ject v er it as re: C *vid vax e s that he released last night:

Doctor says: “The darn v ac c in e is full of shit! This is bullshit!” (13 mins):

And way up in space, a UFO swarm enters the atmosphere by the ISS Space Station . Filmed 9/15, shown on UFO Man yesterday (3 mins):

J*co, cir st en w, and patrick bergy (1 hr):

Okay, and guess what? Suddenly I got 3 separate notifications from Amazon during the night that I have royalties coming at the end of the month (next week.) That was a huge happy surprise. looks like, for some reason, they decided to pay me my money. We shall see!

All righty.

It looked like Nick Cave & Warren Ellis had a great show last night in Edinburgh. They are taking 2 days off and then will be in Sheffield on Sept. 23rd. You can buy tickets here.

Here is Nick Cave, saying goodnight to Edinburgh last night:

And here is a shot of at least the title of Nick’s upcoming memoir. This won’t be the actual cover:

Okay. I gotta scoot, gang! But such great things are at long last happening!Yay!!

Enjoy your Tuesday, wherever you are in the world! thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

The News is Oddly the Same

Okay, gang. It is getting a little ominous.

Aside from a p f * zer lab burning to the ground in Madrid, Spain (yay!), and horrible Hurricane Ida- related flooding in NY that wiped out the offices of pr o jec t v er i tas, there is not much new news.

But we are still expecting some sort of f *lse fl * g or black sw an event at any moment, so stay alert and, as always, question everything.

And remember to stay out of D C on 9/11. That is a definite f*lase fl*g trap for P * triots!!

The news has shifted away from a f gha ni stan and is now back to focusing on the A Z audit results — a couple of those auditor guys had that bio weapon attack, more affectionately known as c * vid. But they are back on track and all is moving forward there again.

This is a map of how the trucker blockade in a u st r alia is going! Apparently, they have all the main roads shut down. Red dots were “police incidents”.

The other news, of course, is that — in the event you hadn’t heard — the m R N A “v a x” is another bio we a p on and is “extremely dangerous”. But seriously… There are nothing but endless horrific videos about that, gang. I’m going to stop posting them, because they only get worse and worse. Although they estimate that 80% of the v a x e s are placebos, please DO NOT tempt fate. Do not get the v a x… do not get the booster. (And an update on the recalled M o d er n a va x in Japan: now 1.63 million doses have been recalled due to “contaminated vials.”) (Hey, can’t we go ahead and contaminate everything and just recall the whole darn world?? Hmmm… I’ll check into that!)

I am really hard-pressed to give you more concrete news than that today. Videos are, of course, below.

Meanwhile, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis launched their Carnage tour in Poole, England last night! One fan posted a really cool review of it on Instagram last night. This is part of that review (I don’t know the actual name of the guy that wrote it):

And a couple of photos from Instagram, as well:

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis in Poole, UK 9/2/21
Nick Cave in Poole, UK 9/2/21

I don’t know who the photographers were. Sorry.

The next show is tomorrow night, in Croydon, England.

All right. So.

Here, the weather is simply beyond perfect. I can’t even tell you, gang! it is just so amazing, after those many days of heavy rain, high heat, and about 90% humidity… All of it is gone now. The nights are cool and clear, the days are sunny and mild. Perfect weather for sitting out on the kitchen porch, staring at the flowers and/or thinking about stuff!

That said, life is still pretty darn stressful around here. Depending on the financial situation in this country, I am now planning to take early retirement next summer. Between that and working at the store, I should be able to survive. (Yes! I need to retire in order to be able to afford to work! If you think that I’m over this already, gang, you’d be right!)

And on anther sad note — my absolute favorite summer PJs have now bitten the dust! But I refuse to throw them out. I will continue to wear them until it is officially Fall, which is in about 3 weeks. Seriously, they are so full of holes now, it is ridiculous, and the fabric is so thin now, I can’t mend them. But I really love these cotton pajamas. I have worn them for 5 summers in a row and they have such great memories for me now. I might actually press them into a scrap book rather than throw them out!! Luckily, the online company I buy them from, always has more. So I will buy a new pair for next summer. But still…(heavy sigh) sp sad to see them go.

This is what they look like!

100% cotton, from India

Okay, on that cheery note!! Have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: “Nancy Drew” D C update (6 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks t a f g h an i stan: done on purpose? Absolutely! (17 mins):

Below: P * triot Stree t fighter intel update (1 hr):

Below: c ir st en w news update (38 mins):

Below: Mi cha el J * co’s update from 2 days ago (32 mins):

Below: No illegal immigrants in Poland!! “If you import a 3rd world country, you get a 3rd world country!” (3 mins):

Below: M ark S t e e l e: Update on I s r a el and the va x b oo sters (5 mins):

Below: Watch Al e x Jones take i ver me ctin — and survive!! (19 mins):

Below: The Salty Cracker: CA an ti f a teacher now fears for his safety (9 mins):

Below: X * 2 r * port: We are here for a reason (52 mins):

Oh, For Heaven’s Sake!

Okay, gang. Here we are again. Obfuscation on all sides!

If you have been listening to any of the many videos featuring our beloved ju an o s a vin over the last couple of days, you are probably: a) thoroughly disgusted with everything that’s important to you in this movement; b) 100% certain now that r o be rt d a vi d s te el e was an evil man who was likely taken out by the white hats; and c) really wishing you could listen to Ne g a tive 4 8 all the fucking time!!


So. By yesterday, we had ge ne d e code assuring us RDS was alive. Ch* r lie w * rd assuring us RDS was alive. Even Tarot by Janine weighed in on Beyond Mystic with the cards, which said RDS was alive (and likely under ar r est at gitmo). We have already had several days of p * trio t str eet fighter basically saying nothing — always bringing the storyline back to the recent death of his own father. We have S * sha St *ne being so dismissive it was dumbfounding: “Divine geometry.” We had the true expressions of loss from Sean St *ne, N*no, Nicholas Ven iamin.

And then we had ju an o s a v in yesterday morning (or Tuesday night, really), trying to dismiss it all by adding his convoluted bullshit weirdness about double pneumonia and how intubation will then basically kill the patient and it happens to people all the time… (I am hugely paraphrasing.)

We saw that same thing with j u an and the pancaking apartment, surf side, in Miami, when he said “that kind of structural thing happens to buildings all the time, all over the world.”

Well, um. No.

But when he pipes in with that weird ass stuff, it can only mean the white hats are trying to get you to look in another direction.

So when ju an said that weirdness yesterday about double pneumonia and how basically everybody always dies from that intubation, etc., etc. It was so insane, out of left field and off-point, that it sounded like huge bells & whistles to me. And so I decided that it was likely true that white hats took RDS out in some way.

I didn’t follow RDS so I did not know any of the particulars with his career. What little I knew, did not resonate with me, so I steered clear of him. Although I did feel like those books he published online were incredible, though. For one thing, they really opened my eyes about the V at i c an.


If you listened to ch * rlie w*rd, Pryme Mini ster, Negative 48 and ju an last night, you probably now know the current version of the truth about RDS: that he was a bad guy who changed his tune and did some really good things at the end, re: bringing light to sa t anic child s * x tra ff icking, but that he “found Christ” the other day and then died.

So he’s either on gitmo for the rest of his life, or he’s already been exe c uted for past crimes.

Either way, I think Jesus would feel really warm & cuddly inside, knowing that “finding him” before you die is now synonymous with hidden ar r est s and/or possible e x e cu tions…

But I digress. Back to the aforementioned video…

Ju a n’s comments throughout were so maddening, that honestly, I was on the verge of leaving the movement altogether. So many lies and obfuscations on all sides now. Just mountains of it. Heaps of it. They are just piling it high now.

I realize it’s war and that its the Art of War and that it’s the art of encoding and of secrets and of playing chess. But I’m just really, really tired of it. It feels like any time you get close to something that might be actual news (or intel) right now, another good guy comes by with a huge pile of words to stamp out that train of thought entirely. (Small example: On a video with J*co, cir sten w, and g e ne d e c ode yesterday, cir sten releases some intel about “the 13th – 18th of September” and before she could say another word, J * co piped in with “I’m hearing this will all be done by the end of December. What do you hear, Gene?” And then it was sort of case closed; we never got to hear what cir sten’s intel was. And frankly, I’d rather know that something really interesting was happening in 2 weeks, rather than hearing that all this garbage is gonna drag on until the end of the year.) (I know it’s war; but can’t we get a little peanut now and then just for morale?)

And all of that digression is a round-about way of saying: How come ju an made every conceivable effort imaginable to cut off every single thing Ne g at ive 4 8 was trying to say in that video last night???

Methinks it’s curious, indeed!

For instance, when neg 4 8 was implying m i cha el j* ck son was still alive, ju an jumped in with the most amazing gobbledy-gook from the Bible that you’ve ever heard, and which was in no way related to m i cha el ja ck son at all. Dead or alive.

That happened every time Neg 4 8 tried to speak. So, that, to me spoke volumes and only made me want to hear Neg 4 8 a whole lot more.

And early on in the video, Neg 4 8 said “let’s face it, Joe’s shot,” which can be construed as “B* den’s mind is gone now; he’s played out.” But which probably really says that the real b * den has already been executed by a firing squad. Wouldn’t you rather listen to that then jump into some more weird non sequiturs about the Bible?

I know I would.

And at another point, Ne g 4 8 was once again going into that stuff about j f k, j e s us and a “resurrection” of sorts (meaning: j f k didn’t die in the hospital in Dallas, but was brought out of a coma 4 days later, and went into hiding and is still alive today.) At that point, ju an literally cut him off and jumped in with stuff about time zones and clocks and Big Ben and sundials… etc., etc., etc.

You decide, gang. Does that make any sense to you whatsoever?

I’ll tell you; I was really at that point where I was ready to just walk away from the movement, go back to what life I have left and just let it all play out around me and stop giving a shit. I get so tired of obfuscation and lies, on all sides. But then early this morning, at my kitchen table, I was doing my daily journaling with my Inner Being and the forefathers came through again, unexpectedly, and said, “We are all here. We understand your frustration. Infuse joy into the Message and it will help not only you but ALL .”

And so on we go, gang. On we go!

And here it is an absolutely stunning morning! Cool, sunny, full of hope. So I’m going to get started on the laundry and try to have a really beautiful day. You do the same, wherever you are in the world! (Perhaps minus the laundry part.)

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. Videos are below. See ya!

And don’t forget tonight, gang! Live in Poole, England! Nick Cave & Warren Ellis kick off the Carnage tour!


Below: You might want to listen to this and listen just below the message. A word to the wise is usually sufficient, gang. Does the G O P really respect women? (1 min):

Below: P atr io t str eet f igh ter and nich o las ven ia min (40 mins):

Below: 27 U S Air Force pilots resign over v ax ma nd ates. Awesome! Say goodbye to the d**p st*te a ir for ce… (3 mins):

Below: Ch * rlie W *rd, Juan o sa vin, Prym e Mi ni ster, Negative 48 (1 hr):

Below: J *co, gen e de code, cir sten w (1 hr):

Below: cir sten’s intel (40 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 78 (actual) news update (22 mins):

Below: “Nancy Drew” update in D C (5 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine and Jean-Claude; Beyond Mystic livestream (1 hr):

Below: David n * no ro d ri guez, the end of the beginning (36 mins):

Let’s just Stick With This & See Where it Goes!

Okay, gang. I’m doing a double-post tonight because I have to be out early tomorrow morning and won’t be able to post then.

There is still a lot of outcry regarding f d a allegedly approving the P f * zer va x. and some podcasters even changing their tune.

However, Dr. M al one, Inventor of m R N A vaccines and RNA as a drug, “Bench to Bedside” vaccines and biologics consulting, has stated on tw * tter and on the W ar Room that there are two different v a xes, one from P F * zer and one from Bi o N tech and these two drugs are purposely being blurred by f d a.

And the tw * tter comment. “F D A Pf * zer authorization (Comirnaty)” […] :I should clarify my title – the FDA authorization is for the BioNtech product (Comirnaty), NOT Pf*zer.”

I guess all we can do is watch this, gang, and try to figure out who is more reliable here — D r. m a lone or f d a/ p f * zer.

Nick Cave put out a really lovely Red Hand File today. It broke my wee little heart! You can read it here. His memories of a bar in Brazil, in the days when his son, Luke, was small. The bar is being torn down.

Nick & Luke Cave in Brazil early 90s

Okay! Allegedly, B * l l g a tes’ tribunal has begun! I love these real raw news stories (8 mins):

Also, S * mon P * rkes has updated for August (40 mins):

P r o jec t V er i tas has a new whistleblower. This one from D H S, about how migrant gang members can get away with the s e x tr a f f ick ing of children. A legal loophole! (17 mins):

Also, the U S S u pr eme Court has ordered that the “Remain in Mexico” policy be re-instated. You can read the Judges’ order on [17]tah’s telegram account.

Source Directives has a new frequency download. This one to remove ph * rm a & va c c ine side- effects; de-program (play this near your glass or pitcher of water, then drink the water to absorb the frequencies):

M a r c E li as is jumping ship ahead of the d ur h am report. [full article here]

And from Lt. Col. W e ndy Rogers, of A Z State Senate:

This week, the audit report will be delivered to the Arizona Senate. And in the coming weeks, the report will be released. Here’s what to expect.

The draft report should be finished this coming week. Then the A Z Senate’s specialized legal team will comb through it. This team includes the auditor, Senate president, Senate Judiciary chair, attorneys, and key Senate staff.

“They will verify the draft for accuracy, proof of documentation, and clarity. The A Z Senate will only issue a report that can be proven and is void of possible misinterpretation.

“Once these specialized Senate experts fully examine this report, the auditors will then prepare the final report, which will be presented to A Z Senate Judiciary Committee and the public.

“[…} Senate President K a ren Fa n n warned of Ma ric*pa County forensic audit, ‘If there was something that was done inappropriately, if it was done criminally, I’m gonna turn it over to the attorney general’s office. We have a department there, a division that deals with election integrity.”

“‘I’d like to turn it over to them and let them get to the bottom of whatever we find. We will turn a lot of that over,’ she indicated.

“‘If we find that some of our procedures just aren’t working very well, then as a senate body, that’s our job to tweak those laws to make sure things aren’t falling between the cracks, that we’re doing this right. Again, this has been nothing more than just election integrity and answering the questions,’ the Arizona senate president added.

All righty!!

This was quite interesting: Melissa Red pill chats with Ni ch olas Ven iamin. Af gh anist an, Tr **p — it’s all biblical (48 mind):

X *2 R * port: If America falls, the world falls (1 hr):

Okay that’s it!! See you on Thursday, folks. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

Officially Under Attack

All right, gang. Boots on the darn ground again.

The 4th eBook that is now on Amazon is yet again a book I did not write and have nothing whatsoever to do with. Please DO NOT BUY this eBook, either:

Daddy's Dirty Doctor Sex Stories: Gay Daddy Menage Doctor | Doctor's Survey | My Dirty Doctor | Ultimate Medical Collectio...

It’s starting to seem like someone is staying up nights to get these eBooks published on Amazon at a furious rate. Please do not buy them.

My actual eBooks and print books are available all over the Internet. Please do not buy them on Amazon.


I guess the most disturbing thing going on in my personal world right now is just how many people are coming into the store now, looking for help because they have gotten “really sick” with c* vid, or one of their loved ones at home has it and cannot get rid of it and is “really sick”. And a majority of these people have been v a x e d or have spent a lot of time around people who are.

The chickens are coming home to roost, I guess.

Even though, at this point in time, the v a x is not curable, I am hearing that if you catch it right away, it can be manageable. With N A C, (and L-Glutathione if you are older than 55), zinc, pine needle tea (or try 2-3 drops of 100% pure pine needle essential oil in plenty of water, if you can’t get the tea), and i v er mec tin. But you must do these things right away. Before you even get sick. (HCQ is good for when you are coming down with a co ro na v i rus or even a cold, but you have to catch it right away, and it doesn’t seem to help at all if the c*vid symptoms are coming from the v a x.)

In a video below, P * trio t street fighter is now saying that young adult va x e d males are reporting they can no longer get an erection. So if that doesn’t persuade you to avoid the v a x , gang, nothing will!

The other really disturbing thing around here — even though where I work is in a really small town (less than 5000 people) — if people are lucky enough to find a doctor who will give them a prescription for i v er mec tin, they are having trouble finding a pharmacy that will FILL it!

(Crimes Against Humanity, anyone??) (And if this happens to YOU, you can fill out this Pharmacy Plaintiff Intake Form at A m er i c a’s F ront line Do ct or s to make a formal and legal complaint against your pharmacy.)

Also, another interesting thing to note — a huge portion of the people who live all around here are farmers. And the ones who come into the store are all saying, “Fuck it! If they won’t give me my prescription, I’ll just go out to the barn and use my horse’s i v er me c tin. It’s all the same thing.”

Loyal readers of this lofty blog already are well aware of how I feel about that. I think it is the coolest thing — people thinking for themselves and taking their destinies into their own hands.

Research it. Don’t live on your knees, gang.

I’m also happy to report that I am now a full-fledged member of the Ohio regional group of S*mon & Becky P*rkes’ Connecting C * n scious ness. (It took two months for that to finally get underway! But I guess, here we go!)

In other local news: even though there are lots of videos and photos popping up of extremely bare shelves in food stores across America, in the market where I shop (in the town where I work), they had absolutely everything yesterday. All shelves & freezer cases were stocked full.

However, in the dollar store here in the village where I live, the food shelves and freezer cases were practically empty. (I don’t buy food from the dollar store, though.) Still, consider what this means. A dollar store, or chain super market, is usually owned by or connected to ch * na in some way and is therefore d**p st* te. Whereas a local market is, well, local. (Plus, I don’t eat processed food. I only eat non-GMO, organic, and mostly superfoods. I was able to buy everything on my list with no problem.)

Okay. So I have some very interesting videos for you below, today. Pay special attention to everything being said about what doesn’t add up about the t a l i ban.

Also: BEWARE. A lot of that really violent footage you are seeing all over the Internet is OLD news. Like, from decades ago.

Also: Don’t confuse the t a li b an with O b am a’s organizations: i s is and al qa e da, which were wiped out by tr**p and p u tin.

I’m just saying, take it all in with a circumspect eye, and look at the details surrounding the whole thing, and not directly at the “thing.” (i.e., Wasn’t that a bright red MAGA hat on the shelf in the background on that t a li ban zoom call? Hmmm. Are you noticing anything banging you over the head yet??)

And also, the biggest part of the puzzle, the one that looms too large to ignore unless you’re still hopelessly asleep: they need to get the fake b *den out of there. It’s been 8 months already…

This came out of the U K yesterday. Very disturbing:

“Lawyers send open letter to U K Gov., H an co ck, Whit ty, & Va ll ance demanding answers on alleged mass murder in care homes through the use of Mi da zo lam” [full article is here]

And from [17] the Storm Rider’s te le gram page:

“BREAKING NEWS: Protestors are claiming to have “seized” Edinburgh Castle after a gathering of around 30 stormed the entrance.

“One said: ‘We are using article 61 of the Magna Carta. We have had enough. The people of Scotland have had enough and today we claim our power back.’ A significant Police Presence is still in the area.”

Okay. I am somehow trying to keep myself together over here. The stress is through the roof now. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced, really. It’s coming at me from all sides. But I have to say that, all spike protein assaults on me considered, I am at least in really good health. Those superfoods are amazing, gang. And they keep my brain from going haywire, too.

And this just in: If you’re not willing to get the v ax but still like Nick Cave, stay home this fall and listen to this instead!

A new follow-up to B-Sides & Rarities by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Part II. The new songs extend up to 2020. There are many ways you can pre-order this (vinyl, CD, Deluxe, etc.,) so visit the official site to find out.

I’m going to go downstairs now and take care of the laundry. Have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Ri cha r d Ci ti zen Jour n a list discovers strange lot full of thousands of new cars in TN ( 1 min):

Below: Tarot by Janine asks just how many versions of the fake b*den are there? (18 mins):

Below: This was great, gang. Ch * rlie W *rd chats with Dianne Dunn. Great intel! (57 mins):

Below: Also great. Ch *r lie W * rd chats with Ann V an der st eel. More truth bombs. (40 mins):

Below: Ni cho las Ven ia min chats with P * trio t street f ighter. (37 mins):

Below: What really happened at the symposium (25 mins) (click link. bit chute is shadow-banning it):


Below: Bully Leftist school teacher threatens her students, but one of them gets it on his phone, it goes viral and she gets fired! (9 mins):

Below: R* d P * l l 78 looks at all angles of A f gha ni stan (18 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port : Follow the leader! (48 mins):

Okay, GanG, here We Go!

Wow, gang. I don’t know about you, but I am really feeling like great things are happening out there and all of it is right in front of our eyes. We just have to know in which direction to look.

(And by “great” I mean, starting to see the end of this war. And the outcome is still looking really good.)

I’ve been telling you for the last few days that I couldn’t get an accurate feel on this t a l i ban thing — it seemed rigged, or like it was solely a set up to make the fake b * den look like an incompetent (fake) pr e s i d ent so that the sleepers here in the U S would finally say enough is enough and bring on the 25 th amm en d ment.

We have to remember (if you’re old enough to, that is) that a f g h an i st an was never a U S “war”. It was only the c i a wanting to make “a killing”, as it were, off of their opium. So what are we really losing if they just want their country back? (Especially since Tr **p was on the cusp of doing just that.)

And here is a direct quote from C N N, of all places: “They’re just chanting ‘Death to America,’ but they seem friendly at the same time.”

So what’s really up with that? Obviously, I have no idea if people are really being killed there right now, or falling to their deaths because they were clinging to airplane wings in their desperation to get out. I’m guessing they are panicking, for sure. But the chaos could just be part of the “make it look like Saigon” smoke screen. Push everyone’s buttons.

This chat yesterday among Mel K, S * mon P * rkes, and Ch * rlie W* rd basically tells us all we need to know about the t a l i ba n. You wanna feel good, gang? Then listen to this! Truth bombs galore (43 mins):

And as long as we’re talking about truth bombs — check this out. The real point of the L * n dell sy m p sium. If this doesn’t excite you, gang, then nothing will: it wasn’t just a way to get lawmakers in all 50 States to finally wake up to the f r * ud (which they finally DID), but it was primarily a sting to catch the hackers who hacked the sy m p s ium, because they were also the hackers who hacked the e l * c tion. Gotcha! (15 mins):

I can’t guarantee the authenticity of these details below, gang, but I am so glad to FINALLY SEE some of the true atrocities that c u o mo is guilty of, coming to light! Not just the “surface” stuff about the nursing home deaths and the sex harassment stuff. But the depth and scope of how many thousands of New Yorkers he murdered, or had a hand in murdering, in the name of the fake c * vid plan demic, and all for MONEY.

Below: M * litary employs stealth in the ar r e st of an d rew c u o mo (4 mins):

So, it’s interesting that Aug 15th (Sunday) was allegedly the day that the U S would finally be free and clear from crooks and scoundrels in order to switch to the gold- backed Q F S… and this morning (Tuesday), most of the functions of my bank (online) ARE NOT WORKING…. a notice keeps popping up: WARNING: System failure. (And this on the heels of them having to replace my bank card, yet again, because it was “hacked”.)


And while this is also the day that I say goodbye to my final credit card — the late fees are so insurmountable on it now that I cannot afford to pay it in my wildest dreams; I also got a letter from my mortgage company saying that if I want to continue my moratorium (!!), I need to send them 2 more documents immediately.

Whoa, indeed! I had recently gotten a letter from them, with the new amount I was to start paying in September, and it was indescribably reasonable. And I mean, like, seriously reasonable. And yet, now, I still might not have to pay anything at all?

Either way, gang, this is just such a relief, and such an amazing development, that I am just so grateful to whoever is behind all of this.

In more good news!

Cave Things announces a new signed print by Nick Cave. This time it is of his all-time hero, Pastor Bob Joyce!! Oops! I mean, Elvis Presley!! Along with lyrics from Cave’s legendary song, “Tupelo.”

All right, folks. In many parts of the country and the world, the m*sk mandates are still looming large, v ax mandates are still looming large, and even martial law seems to be taking over (hardest hit seeming to be a u stra li a and now new zeal and). But this also seems to be that final hurdle of the war. It really does.

I am seeing a really bright horizon, gang. And it is so bright (to me, anyway), that it is obliterating any long-term veracity of any of this other stuff. Now, more than ever, we have to just hang in there as the sleepers all around us start to wake up and fight back. There are seriously some really good vibes in the air today, and I think we are only beginning to reap the rewards of L * n dell’s sym po siu m and all that it actually means. (It means “we caught them.” And it also means that if you were one of the culprits who has yet to be ar r e st ed, somewhere deep in the middle of the night, they are coming for you.)

Most Dangerous Special Forces Of The World. See How Your ...

Have a terrific Tuesday! I love you guys. Thanks for visiting. See ya!

[Theme from “The Sting,” 1974]


Below: “Nancy Drew” in D C. Marine definitely at the West Wing of W H and everything is looking good!! (3 mins):

Below: Tarot By Janine looks at Dr. J *l l ‘s fancy boot and f ox news stating Aug 22nd — on my phone, most of this video was blacked-out but I still got the audio (17 mins):

Below: Awaken with JP and learn about obedience: “If Authoritarians Taught Self-Help” (6 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: A Z a u di t ready to drop! Forget the ta l i ban for now, EYES ON AZ (43 mins):

A New Way of Looking at the HUmanity of it All!

The Br i ght e on podcast yesterday made an unfortunate comparison.

It is estimated that the atomic bomb killed 140,000 people (mostly women and children) in h i r o sh ima at the end of WWII.

And the fake vax has now killed way more people than that worldwide. The estimated death total in the U S alone is 50,000, and that is said to be only about 10% of the actual number, since it is next to impossible for doctors and health professionals to get their data posted on the c d c.

<a href="http://" data-type="URL" data-id="<iframe src='https://www.brighteon.com/embed/19d99bd7-27e3-4518-b489-803c92d022f6&#039; width='560' height='315' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen>You can listen to the broadcast here.

And in terms of the deeply humanitarian c d c ‘s new “Shie ld ing Ap pro ach” and “Gre en Zo ne s,” which are internment camps for the un v a xed and the elderly and the seriously ill (the good news, though, is that we’re going to be given cleaning supplies to keep our little latrines cleaned. You can read it all here if you’re feeling skeptical), the B r igh t e on podcast also points out:

“The internment of Japanese Americans in U.S.-based concentration camps is yet another crime against people of Japanese descent, and it proves again that the United States government is ready and willing to throw its own citizens into concentration camps in order to achieve its own strategic aims.”

If you aren’t aware of what the US (De mo c r at-led) government did to Japanese Americans during WWII, you can go research it on duckduckgo and then come back here and continue reading…

On another auspicious note: Suddenly the NY Times is willing to throw c u om a under the bus! Too bad it’s coming too late to save thousands and thousands of lives — and that’s just in NYC alone.

Yesterday on te le g ram, G en f l y nn shared a link for a free movie online about the r i gg ed 20 20 el ec tion. You can watch it here.

In celebration of the horror and carnage all over the world right now, Cave Things announces the sale of a very cool looking t-shirt in support of the album Carnage. It comes in white or black, and it comes with a pricey price tag: £295.00 plus shipping. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t cool looking!

Okay, so overall, the news is sort of good –ish. M s m is losing its narrative, as more and more people in the U S tune it out and finally at least begin to wake up to the lies about the massive e l e c tio n fr * ud and the fake c*vid l* ck d* wn nonsense. (Once again: this is not flu season. The folks who are getting seriously ill from a c* vid like virus are the fully va xed — and anyone near the fully va xed who manage to get the sp ike prot eins the v a x ed are shedding.)

G e ne de co de explains the real flu season fully, in the very informative (and encouraging) video below (40 mins):

In is r ael, the news is still really bad, gang. Not exactly sure how that country is supposed to survive this. They are now onto their 3rd “shots” — those “boosters” that are coming for the U S v a x ed (12 mins):

This went viral yesterday. C*v id fake-science hoax completely explained by — guess who? — an immunologist. Listen!! (6 mins):

I’m not sure if I want to add to the many voices continuing to say that you need to stock up on food, water, essentials, and prepare for a very long communications black-out. There are definitely other scenarios creeping up on the horizon — the main one being that the M s M might be gearing up for admitting that they “made a mistake” and were “lied to”. Sort of like what B i l d did in Germany. “Oops! We’re sorry. We perpetuated a very dangerous hoax and helped harm society, especially the children.”

If the M S M does not do that, then it’s looking like a full-on communications black out– no Internet, no TV, no radio. Just EBS blaring for 72 hours straight.

We shall see.

in addition to A Z au dit revealing enough fr*ud to give Tr **p a victory, P A , W I, and GA also have unearthed enough fr * ud to flip the win to Tr ***p. So, some folks are reporting that the m * litary will announce him the legal winner between late August and early October. With not much bloodshed except for the truly horrifying an ti fa attacks. (Still going full-scale in Portland OR. Why anyone continues to live there — or in C A, for that matter — is beyond me. All of my friends and colleagues have moved out of CA, by the way. The New Yorkers are hanging tough, though.)

Warning: violent content (17 mins):

Resistance builds in U K: open your eyes and see what’s coming (2 mins):

A call to all nurses and health workers in Australia: are you helping humanity by staying silent? (2 mins):

Voice of Reason U K update (3 mins):

Mon key W *r x with more flight tracking: who’s going to git mo and points south? (33 mins):

Tarot by Janine looks at m s m narratives falling apart (18 mins):

Very cool look at a portal releasing an orb over NYC: UFO Man (2 mins):

And my most favorite topic of all, since I live in an area filled with sacred burial mounds that revealed skeletons of giants that the Smithsonian swooped in and gathered up and then made “disappear”! Beyond Belief chats with Jim Vieira about the uncovered bones of the lost giants of the ancient earth (25 mins):

X*2 R* port: Where’s Dur h am? He’s coming! (1 hr 15 mins):

And that is it for today, gang!! Thanks for visiting! Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are on the world! I love you guys. See ya!

(“White Elephant” from Carnage, by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis):

You’re Not Alone, The Whole World is FIghting!

Wow, in case you didn’t know it, gang, the U S has gone completely off-the-charts insane now. Primarily the fake c * vid stuff, v axed vs. un va xed, new m* sk mandates but only for some, etc.

For instance, the v a xed are now encouraged to wear m* sks again —inside, in “certain areas”. And now outside also, to prevent the un v a xed from catching c * vid (how on Earth does that make sense?? They’re v a xed; why are they spreading c * vid???). And they’re being told that — oops! the P CR tests didn’t really work; and oops! the vax doesn’t seem to be working, you’re gonna need a booster every 3 months… etc., etc.

All in the hopes that the sleeping ones will finally get so angry by this insanity that they wake the fuck up.

Of course, some people simply love tyranny and will refuse to ever wake up, but, well, they’re on their own, I guess.

Even though on paper (or on a screen, as it were) this all sounds ludicrous and comical, the reality of all of it, especially when you consider the actual l* ck do*wns back in place in certain countries around the world (pak i st an, aus tr al ia, phi l l ip ines) — it’s not funny at all. It is enraging. it makes you wonder: who can I k i l l to make this finally STOP??!!

A point comes when you realize that there is simply nothing you can do but wait for other people to k i l l their leaders and hang them from meat hooks at the local gas station.

I was under the impression (for, like, the last couple of years) that we were trying to avoid this, but I’m not 100% certain what “the plan” is anymore.

So I guess we resort to promoting anarchy and just see what happens.

This little ditty was yanked from Y T immediately yesterday. (J*co says that we have to bring on the revolution; worldwide. 3 mins):

I was immediately reminded, though, of a hit song from my wee bonny girlhood: “Revolution” by The Beatles. (Give it a quick listen if you’ve forgotten the words!! Key points: “You better free your mind instead”):

But who the heck knows anything anymore, right??

And then THIS popped up on my te le gram feed JUST NOW, from Lewis Herms:

“Please remember we are at WAR and WAR isn’t pleasant. The enemy needs you to be negative, down, depressed and without hope. These beasts (useless eaters) wilt in the face of positivity and devine faith. You are a soldier on the battlefield and your weapon is your positive attitude and faith in GOD almighty.

Pick up your sword, put on the armor of God and get back in the fight. We need you… God Bless You.

P.S. You have family and love amongst your fellow soldiers. I LOVE YOU!”

So, on we go, I guess. Right??


Okay. Well, I gotta scoot. Time is zipping. I hope you are having a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world. Here in Crazeysburg, it is incredibly beautiful today. Thanks for visiting, gang. Stay in the fight. I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with the song that popped into my head this morning when I saw THIS PHOTO!!

“Chapel of Love” by the Dixie Cups, 1964. Enjoy!!


Below: Not sure how legit this is, but it’s nice to think about!! “f b i seizes Giu li ani’s video of clin ton hanging” (4 mins):

Below: Awesome chaos in Italian parliament ( 51 seconds):

Below: R* d P * l l 7 8 news update: a u d it s; Alberta Ca na d a downgrades C V 1 9 (19 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las V en i a min chats with Alan f oun t ain( 28 mins):

Below: S t e w pe t er s confirms spike protein/na no bots self-assemble and never stop. (Includes footage of the little black A I bots that are also inside me and making me NUTS!!) (4 mins):

Below: Meditation: heal your body permanently; binaural beats (ongoing):

Below: Coast to Coast AM, cool paranormal apps for your phone!! (38 mins):

Below: UFO Man; two sightings; Canada & Fukushima (both 3 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at the truth behind Cern (21 mins):

Below: J * co: civil disobedience is growing worldwide (1 hr 18 mins):

Below: From a few days ago but I keep forgetting to post it! S e c ret SP a ce P rogram roundtable; J*co, James Rink, others (1 hr. 20 mins):

Below: X*2 R * port, August is traditionally a really hot month! (48 mins):

Please feel Free to join the EffiNG Fight

Okay, this stuff is just sickening, gang.

I know that most of this has proven to be a white hat op to try to wake people up in the U K. But, you know, like NOW might be a good time to do that waking up…

Or, I guess, just keep watching football. Whatever.

But over here, on this side of the pond, just hearing about this crap, whether or not it’s false or true, it just makes me want to throw up.

Below: A reminder: Why those football matches could potentially fuck everything in the U K (4 mins; mirrored from Falcon’s Cafe):

And here’s something really cheery, regardless of where you live and whether or not you can even stomach football:

Below: Faux chi spent 191 billion $$ on bioweapons that we paid for and all sources of funds are trackable (mirrored from Great Awakening U K; 1 min):

And once again, gang: Football, football, football! U K will be first for the re- l*ck d* wn? Is it true? Pay attention (38 mins):

However, people are still getting the word out in U K. The va x is a bio weapon. (This looks like the High Street in Exeter, but I’m not positive. From yesterday ) (2 mins):

Holy McMoly, gang. What is going on in C a na d a?? The emergency is over; take off your effing m* sks & don’t get v x ed. (19 mins):

Oh — and C P AC is going on this weekend in T X. Tr **p is speaking there today. Below: Pr * j ect V er * tas has done so much to bring M S M to justice in court. (When do we get to stop preaching to the choir, though?) (26 mins):

I’m not sure if Tr ***p ‘s speech will be streamed on his r u m b le channel, but here is the link just in case.

Okay, so.

I had a nice evening last night. It was super quiet around here; there was a slight breeze. The light of the sunset was interesting, indeed.

I hung out on my bed and listened to the UFO Man live stream from Friday night: “58 indicators of alien abduction” (below), and came to the absolute, undeniable conclusion that I have never been abducted by any sort of alien, or c i a black op, ever.

I do not have any — zippo, zero — of the 58 indicators.

Thank goodness. Frankly, my life was complicated enough. And that is an understatement.

(Of course, this does not negate that I’m a non-terrestrial in the first place, so they saw no need to abduct me for any reason….) (I guess we need a live stream for “58 indicators that you’re a non-terrestrial” in order to know for sure.)


I had a pleasant night. And this morning was really, really peaceful. I woke at 3:45am, and my head was ringing like crazy. I guessed that it was those Schumann Resonance thingies, because that’s been off the charts again, lately (pun intended).

The birds were just beginning to chirp. I reached for the phone to check for Nick Cave photos on Instagram, only to be regaled with a photo of him with a soccer ball (football, in U K-speak).

And I thought: No, no, no, no. Why must we go there? Why are you doing this to me?

Yesterday, his wife, Susie Cave — at this point, probably the most visible, most famous, most social-media-savvy, most recognizable rock-star wife in the world — posted a photo of her ceiling to her Instagram account.

Yes, her ceiling. A woman who usually posts photos of super famous people wearing her super famous designer dresses. She posted a photo of her ceiling. After she was finished working out and, therefore, staring at it.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but, once you “couple” that with Nick Cave and a soccer ball… You know for certain that the d **p st* te has achieved its goal of bringing the whole damn fucking world to a complete halt. And especially — or so it seems — the U K.

I didn’t have a whole lot of room left inside myself, so very-early this morning, to even contemplate the reality of that, you know? There is simply not a whole lot that I can take these days. Everything is emotional barbed wire and landmines for me right now. It takes all I have to stay focused on the positive things; to tune out the negative bullshit.

So, I thought, I just want to lie here and meditate before I get out of bed. I want to just listen to the Earth — to those ringing sounds in my head; those Schumann Resonances. I want to block out every other planet, galaxy, life-filled constellation that’s allegedly alive and well out there that we never knew anything about until now (or — it’s all a c i a black op; it depends on who you want to believe right now). Anyway. I wanted to listen to the Earth. The birds beginning to sing in the trees outside my window.

But my mind kept drifting back to the absolute evil garbage that is going on all over the world right now. So I turned to my trusty binaural beats Y T channel, and look what came onto my little iPhone screen!!!!

“Schumann Resonance Grounding, Stability, Well-Being – 7.83 Hz – Earth’s Vibrational Binaural Beats”

Is this Universe awesome or what??!!

So I meditated for about 30 minutes. Then felt able to actually get out of bed.

It had started to rain, really gently, so the birds were still out there singing while the rain sort of serenaded everything. The sun had not come up yet. The cats were happy and doing their pre-breakfast frisky scampering when we were down in the kitchen. And Sunday is i v er me c tin day, so I took my dose of that, first thing, and celebrated the continuing death of the spike proteins invading me from God only knows who.

Honestly. everyone who walks into that store now; every hour, every moment; who seeks me out, while holding a little piece of paper with scribblings on it that they need help finding because something written on that paper will save their lives: I have anxiety. I can’t sleep. I have really bad acid-reflux. I have terrible arthritis. I have cancer. I have high blood pressure. I have diabetes. I have terrible night sweats. I’m in menopause and putting on so much weight! I need to cleanse my kidneys. I need to cleanse my liver…. And the one that comes up many times a day now: I have parasites. I have parasites. I have parasites. Can you help me???

And every single one of those people, I walk right up to each them, praying that God is going to help me to help them; and I’m always thinking: Oh please don’t be va c c i nated because spike proteins just fucking LOVE me.

And on we go.

But today is Sunday. My day to not interact with anyone at all, and hopefully get a break from va x ed people for 24 whole hours.

I get to sit at my desk and work on my own writing.

Oh! I wanted to thank everyone who is downloading Freak Parade over at Smashwords during their July Summer Sale.

I have no idea why Freak Parade is suddenly so popular, but it does not matter! I’m just really happy that people are wanting to read that novel again. (It is 10 years old already!!) So, thank you, gang. I really appreciate it. Even though the downloads are totally free right now; I am still always happy when anyone wants to read one of my books or short stories.

I have been a professional fiction author for 33 years now (a magical number), and I still never get tired of knowing that somebody somewhere wants to read something I wrote. It means everything to me.

(The direct link to Freak Parade on Smashwords is here.)

Okay. I guess I’ll get started around here. I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: David N* no Ro d ri gue z: Desperate times need desperate measures. Y T getting ready to go after any extremist out there. (38 mins):

Below: UFO Man livestream from Friday: 58 indicators of alien abduction (1hr 48 mins):

Below: UFO Man livestream from Saturday; weekly video recap and news updates (1 hr):

Below: X *2 R* port special interview with Brian Cates: D * r h am investigations will lead to ar r ests; the storm is coming. (53 mins):