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A Brave New Christmas Day!

As you can likely guess, gang — not much news!

In fact, this is actually it:

Restored Republic news update (8 mins):

And this is not officially “news” — especially since it comes by way of Real Raw News — but it is still fun to contemplate: the mi l i tary tri bu nal of Dr. Fr anc is Collins: AT GITMO, DR. FR AN CIS COLLINS BLAMES C* VID LIES ON DR. FAU CI (4 mins):

And that’s it for today.

I had an interesting Christmas Eve and am planning on having an interesting Christmas Day, and even the day after. Since I am once again working on the novel-in-progress Thug Luckless: Welcome to P-Town; a dystopian novel told from the POV of an abandoned A.I. male sex robot who lives in P-Town. (And in this instance, P-Town does not stand for the gay summertime capital of the United States, Provincetown; it stands instead for a town where indoor plumbing no longer works. I leave it to your imagination from there.

So, last night, after watching the de rigeur A Charlie Brown Christmas while I made my dinner, and then, for some reason, watched the very old Christmas TV special John Denver & the Muppets (which I’ve seen a few times before — not bad at all, but not sure why I watched it again). Anyway.

From there, I re-watched the original film version of Orwell’s 1984 (from the 1950s). And then began listening to the audiobook for Huxley’s Brave New World — which I’d read in high school, but it was the same year we had to read Ayn Rand’s Anthem, and I now get the two novels confused.

[Very short summary: Brave New World: “The standardization of society is the main thing in the World State. “Community, Identity, Stability” – this is the motto of the planet. In this world, everything is subordinated to expediency for the good of civilization. In a dream, children are instilled with truths that are written in their subconscious. And an adult, faced with any problem, immediately recalls some kind of saving recipe, remembered in infancy. This world lives today, forgetting the history of mankind.”]

[Very short summary: “Anthem takes place in some unspecified future time and place in which freedom and individual rights have been obliterated. Collectivism — the political philosophy holding that an individual exists solely to serve the state — is dominant and has led to the establishment of a global dictatorship of the Fascist or Communist variety.”]

The audiobook will take a while to finish listening to, but meanwhile, I have also begun re-reading Camus’ The Plague. (“[…] an allegory of World War II and a universal meditation on human conduct and community. “)

I think all this gives you an idea of where Thug Luckless is headed.

I first read The Plague in 1980, right after moving to NYC, when I was 20. I remember reading it at my desk at work — I was a receptionist for a successful fashion design company, located in the Empire State Building — a job I hated and was absolutely no good at and was fired from within 6 months.

What’s interesting to me, though, is that I underlined many sentences throughout the book while I was reading it . This is something I’ve always done and still do. However — wow. So interesting to see what my 20-year-old self found important enough to underline!! Because these are still things I find important today, at age 61.

Anyway, I love this feeling — when I am absorbed in the process of writing something new, even when it is a post-Apocalypse dystopia.

So that’s my upcoming Christmas weekend. I hope you are planning something equally inspiring, whatever it ends up yielding.

I leave you today with several things!

My ex-husband in NYC was out walking around Midtown Manhattan after midnight last night, and he texted me several great photos during the night. This one, I found particularly nauseating: Bergdorf’s Christmas window for this year!

What the fuck, right??? It looks like Bergdorf’s has rediscovered LSD. But I think it speaks volumes about where NYC is at these days — no longer the urban sophistication capital of the world, is it? All that is gone, baby, gone.

And here is a really wonderful photo of Nick Cave from Instagram, that I had never seen before. It really makes me laugh!!!! (We won’t be impertinent and ask why his thing-a-ma-jiggy (finger) is pointing at Kylie’s name….):

1984, George Orwell, film version from 1956 (1 hr 30 mins):

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, 1932; audiobook (8 hrs):

And brief excerpt from the middle of Chapter One, Thug Luckless: Welcome to P-Town:

Mavis had lived alone in the apartment since the accident at the plant. Her husband was “one of the lucky ones,” she said, who had died instantly. Their two children, who had been at the school down the road from the plant, had practically melted, but it had still taken them a while to die.

“The hospital, of course, was full. And I mean beyond belief full,” she said. “My kids had to die in a long row of children, out on the sidewalk. In front of where the school had been just that morning. They couldn’t be moved, you know. I couldn’t take them home with me so that maybe they could die in their own beds. What was left of their skin would have just fallen right off if I’d so much as touched them.”

Since those days with Mavis, I have met many women in P-Town whose kids had died in that long line of melting children out on the sidewalk in front of where the school had been.

I have tried to picture it on my inner screen – that long line – but all that comes up when I focus is a line of baby goats that have been set on fire, and I don’t know what it means.

I hear the screaming, though. Of the baby goats. It’s horrible.

I cannot process suffering.

That’s how I damaged one of my hearing sensors. Slamming one side of my head into the concrete pylon of the old overpass. Trying to make the horrible sounds of screaming stop.

*     *     *

“It’s always so damn hot now – always.” Mavis would come to bed in the tiniest nightgown. It hardly covered any of her skin but she still said she was hot.

The plumbing wasn’t great but there was still electricity in most places in P-Town. Lights worked. Small appliances worked. But the machines that made the air cold, those didn’t work anymore and no one from the city would come to P-Town to fix those. They wouldn’t fix anything in P-Town. If something broke down, it stayed broken.

“They’re afraid,” Mavis explained. “They think that if they come here, they’ll all catch what we’ve got and then go home and die. But that’s just stupid. It doesn’t work that way. If you weren’t here during the accident then it won’t affect you – it’s not that simple. Nothing is that simple. But it sure is easy to be stupid, isn’t it, Bill?”

“Yes,” I would reply. And I knew for sure the reply was correct.

*     *     *

Mavis said, “Sometimes I get so tired in the afternoon that I can’t keep my eyes open another minute and then I lie right down and fall dead asleep for five minutes. Just five minutes. And I feel myself step out of my body – right out of it – and I take off and run. I’m free. I’ve got stuff to do – to investigate. To see. To feel. I come back, and I can look at my body, I know where it is, where to find it. And sometimes I say, ‘I’m not getting back in. I’m done now.’ But then I always get back in and then I wake with a start – like I’m falling.”

I don’t sleep. I don’t dream. I don’t know what any of that stuff feels like. But when Mavis would talk about it, all those words were in me – I could see them and I understood.

The day that she died, I saw her on the screen inside me: she took off and ran. It was just like she’d said had happened in the dream. She was free. Done with it. She left her body and did not get back inside.

*     *     *

Mavis called it “spooning.” To spoon. “Like spoons, and how they fit together in a drawer,” she said. “It’s an old-fashioned word but most people still know what it means.”

I was not pre-programmed to spoon, so she pressed my “learn” button and then told me to lie on my side on the bed, as she was doing, and to make my body form a sort of ‘s’ shape – as hers was doing. And then she told me to press up very close to her.

In that position, we fit together perfectly.

Spooning. To spoon. Like spoons.

I committed it to my memory and she was happy.

I worried about the heat, though – that she was already too hot and that maybe this close proximity of all my mechanisms to her body would make her feel much hotter. It did. But she didn’t care.

“My husband and I – we always slept like this. This is what I want. It’s okay.”

I came from the factory fully functional in many erotic positions but for the first few nights, Mavis did not want to use any of those. Only the ‘s’ curve.

“Just this,” she said in the dark. “This is what I need. So many things went into me in all those same positions that you were pre-programmed with at the factory,” she explained. “I know all those positions. There’s nothing wrong with them. In fact, so many good things came out of me because of those positions – babies, joy, delight, ecstasy. Rapture, even – do you know what rapture is, Bill?”

I scanned my screen and found ‘rapture’ and it was very agreeable. “Yes,” I told her. “I know what rapture is.”

“I lost everything in the accident. All the good things that came out of me – out of my body. They’re gone now. I cannot get any of them back. I can’t put any of them back inside me – even though I wish I could. I wish I could push them all back up inside me and carry them in there and never let them out. Keep all my rapture safe and never hear the screaming. But it’s impossible. Now I just need something to help me pretend that the loss of them is not permanent. I need something to follow the gaps of me – the bends, the curves, the places along the outside of my body that are empty. That’s all I need now. It calms the voices.”

“What does that mean?”

“They call to me – it’s constant.”

“Who calls to you?”

“My children. My husband. They call to me. But I can’t go yet. And until I can – having you to wrap around me like this? Form your body to me like a spoon? It calms the voices.”

“I see,” I said. Although I did not really see. However, many of the words she’d spoken were not unfamiliar to me and they had rushed to my inner screen – colliding with each other, shooting around like a sudden heat applied to electrons in a pan. That was what it looked like – her words on my screen: like a kind of science, shooting around. And then, just as rapidly, her words tumbled from my screen and rolled right down the edge of it, like a waterfall of sad words, and then they disappeared. A science of dying.

Then it was just dark, and she was breathing, and her ‘s’ curve fit into my ‘s’ curve perfectly on the bed, and so I held her – just like that. The breathing going in a rhythm of lifting and falling.

“What were your children’s names?” I asked her.

“My daughter’s name was Olivia,” she answered quietly. “And my son’s name was Chester. We called them Livy and Chess.”

I felt the names find their places in my vocabulary feed.

“What was your husband’s name?” I asked.

“Bill,” she said. “My husband’s name was Bill.”

I couldn’t process it. “Bill? But that’s me. I’m called Bill.”

“I know,” she said. “You can have the name now – I’m giving it to you. It’s yours. You’re Bill now.”

A man came up on my screen who was nameless, but only because I had his name now. I was Bill. Then the man with no name disappeared.

And then it was just the rhythm of lifting and falling – her breathing, filling the space around us on the bed. Between us there were no spaces, though. Those gaps were filled.

(c-2021, work-in-progress; Marilyn Jaye Lewis)


That is it!!

Thanks for visiting, gang. have a good Christmas Day, wherever you are in the world!

I leave you with my post breakfast-listening music from this morning– Leonard Cohen, “The Future”, 1992; a cheery little ditty!! Enjoy, gang.

The Future

Give me back my broken night
My mirrored room, my secret life
It’s lonely here
There’s no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
Over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby
That’s an order!

Give me crack and anal sex
Take the only tree that’s left
And stuff it up the hole
In your culture
Give me back the Berlin wall
Give me Stalin and St. Paul
I’ve seen the future, brother
It is murder

Things are going to slide (slide) in all directions
Won’t be nothing (won’t be)
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
Has crossed the threshold
And it’s overturned
The order of the soul
When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent)
I wonder what they meant
When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent)
I wonder what they meant
When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent)
I wonder what they meant

You don’t know me from the wind
You never will, you never did
I’m the little Jew
Who wrote the Bible
I’ve seen the nations rise and fall
I’ve heard their stories, heard them all
But love’s the only engine
Of survival

Your servant here, he has been told
To say it clear, to say it cold
It’s over, it ain’t going any further
And now the wheels of heaven stop
You feel the devil’s riding crop
Get ready for the future: It is murder

Things are going to slide (slide) in all directions
Won’t be nothing (won’t be)
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
Has crossed the threshold
And it’s overturned the order of the soul
When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent)
I wonder what they meant
When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent)
I wonder what they meant
When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent)
I wonder what they meant

There’ll be the breaking of the ancient Western code
Your private life will suddenly explode
There’ll be phantoms, there’ll be fires on the road
And the white man dancing
You’ll see your woman hanging upside down
Her features covered by her fallen gown
And all the lousy little poets coming round
Trying to sound like Charlie Manson
Yeah the white man dancing

Give me back the Berlin wall
Give me Stalin and St. Paul
Give me Christ
Or give me Hiroshima
Destroy another fetus now
We don’t like children anyhow
I’ve seen the future, baby: It is murder

Things are going to slide (slide) in all directions
Won’t be nothing (won’t be), nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
Has crossed the threshold
And it’s overturned
The order of the soul
When they said (they said) repent (repent)
Repent (repent)
I wonder what they meant
When they said (they said) repent (repent), repent (repent)
I wonder what they meant
When they said (they said) repent (repent)
Repent (repent)
I wonder what they meant
When they said (they said) repent (repent)
Repent (repent)

c – 1992, Leonard Cohen

Nothing Going On But the Rent, Baby!

Even less news than yesterday, gang. So this will be even shorter than yesterday’s post was.

“Nancy Drew” reported that nothing was going on in D C except the sound of crickets:

Last night, in the U K, there was a veritable “Truther” Christmas party!

Below: S*mon P*rkes, Tom Num bers, Ni cho las Ven ia min

Even Ch * rlie W *rd was there from Spain! (on the right)

[Q] The Storm Rider had this update:





All this happening in the Military… Is setting up for 11.3

Been telling you all this was going to happen globally ….


Everything happening now must happen and let deep state play their CARDS and make their moves….(these crimes need to be recorded by THE MILITARY ALLIANCE and Mil. Courts. Judges. Mil. INTEL battalion divisions////
BY THE BOOK!!!)/////

(When a crime is done… And recorded …. The REAL HANDS OF JUSTICE BRINGS THE HAMMER/////





I guess we can add Quebec to the cities where ar re st s will soon be underway. From the Post Millennial:

Quebec to reintroduce mandatory curfews and lockdowns:

The Quebec government is considering reintroducing a curfew on its citizens due to the omicron variant, according to the Montreal Gazette.

French-language press outlets are reporting that the curfew would be set from 10 PM to 5 AM. 274 healthcare workers have caught coronavirus in the past 24 hours in the province.”

[Oh! And here’s a handy definition of a “coronavirus” from the C D C: “Common human coronaviruses, including types 229E, NL63, OC43, and HKU1, usually cause mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses, like the common cold.”]

[full article here]

On the more personal front:

Alas, I have caught the Sigma Phi variant. I’m the first one in the world to get it. It is highly contagious — and very deadly — but has all the symptoms of an extremely mild cold.

The Sigma Phi variant:

Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, The Boulé: A Brief Overview (1904- )

Luckily, back in 1953, and then again in 1969, and another time in 2007, the people pictured above patented 9 or 10 booster va c c in e s for the Sigma Phi variant, so I went ahead and got all 9 or 10 last night. So I should be good for the next 12 or 12 and a 1/2 weeks. (As long as I self-distance from myself and wear a plastic bag over either just my head or over my entire body. It is my choice , whichever option makes me feel more secure…)

Okay, so. Yes! I caught a very mild cold…. I’m guessing I caught it at the store. I do not think that Tiny Town will be in l*ckdown because of it, though.

Meanwhile, honestly. Except for the wars and rumors of wars, rumors of an RV happening at any moment, rumors of a stock market crash at any moment, an interesting Q & A with P u t in, and renewed threats of l*ckdowns & a r r est s everywhere, and upcoming internment camp threats in NYC, and cancellations of every upcoming holiday, and, sadly, some actual deaths due to explosions, v a x es, and horrible weather….

….aside from all that, which remains changeless now from day to day, there is nothing new to report.

I do have a couple of images from il donaldo tr**po that I forgot to post the other day:

And also, he posted last night that “variants are bullshito” (but I don’t think he meant for the Sigma Phi variant to be included in that because he didn’t know yet that I actually had it)…

Anyway, when you read the official Tr**p page, and then the il donaldo page (which is also Tr **p), it does not seem like the P re s id ento is worried about very much. So I guess get ready for a Merry Christmas, gang.

Today, I am going to do some housecleaning, some laundry, and then some more writing. So it should be a good day here. I hope you are planning on a peaceful & joy-filled Christmas, wherever you are in the world.

If anything important comes up later, I will return! Otherwise, thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with:

A really great photo of Nick Cave from Instagram yesterday!! Yay!!

And also —

My breakfast-listening music from this morning!! Johnny Mathis, “We Need A Little Christmas” — also yay!! (If you have never heard his version of this song, originally from the Broadway musical Mame! — you must listen!!!) (2 mins):


Sha r i R aye news update (39 mins):

Restored Republic news update (25 mins):

This was good! “Most Incredible UFO Footage Ever Captured… UFOs over Volcanos, on Ground, and in Space” (1 hr):

Ben Pellom: Lake Geneva – Switzerland – France – Concealment Trigger in Google Earth Pro App. “This is a short screen-capture video to show the concealment algorithm trigger whenever one zooms into Lake Geneva too closely using the Google Earth Pro App.” (i.e., Ce r n & the C I A ) (2 mins):

UFO Man: Finally! UFOs over Ohio!! “Two Four-Light UFOS Over Marion Ohio on 12/21/2021” (2 mins):

Awaken with JP: Advice for the Authoritarians – 9 Helpful Suggestions (16 mins):

It Was A Great Night For Good Signs, Gang!!

I didn’t post here yesterday morning because the only real news was the daily video update from Restored Republic. But by evening and into the night, it seemed like lots of things were publicly shifting, gang. I do indeed think that it is already a good Christmas.

First of all, if you had forgotten, Tr **p was in TX over the weekend. He spoke in Houston and twice in Dallas. Everywhere he went, he was greeted by incredibly enthusiastic crowds.

From Tr **p’s t e le g ram page. He is in Dallas, being interviewed once again by Bill O’Reilly:

However, in the evening, Sh ar i R aye (who lives in TX), suddenly posted a quick audio, that had some very great intel. The link is here, but essentially she says:

The RV is underway; Ne s ar a in the US is underway, and the US Treasury is going to be located in Houston, T X. And the US Government, new W H, etc., will also be located in T X. (not sure if that will also be Houston, though.)

Wow! how exciting is that?? (For many months now, Ch * r lie W *rd has been hinting that the new U S Government and W H would indeed be located in T X.)

Dan Sc * vina posted this, from the earlier talk in Dallas, at a church. He posted a warning that this image could cause Tr**p Derangement Syndrome (too funny):

And here you can listen to Tr **p’s full speech at the Dallas Church. It is on il Donald Trumpo’s rumble channel. (il Donaldo is also Tr **p, but the more candid, funny, & usually scathing Tr **p, rather than the “official” U S Pre s id ent Tr**p.)

Then Cod e Monk ey Z posted on te le gram:

C N N is closing their offices.

Due to a pandemic of the vaccinated?

Or damage control for a pandemic of pedophile producers?

PNN’s Pandemic of Pedophile Producers:

How many more Pedos is PNN hiding?
How did a PNN favorite Perv, Toobin, get his job back so fast?
Will PNN bring back the others presently suspended?

Will Cuomo disavow his Pedo Producer?
Will Tapper?
Do they care?
Does Acosta have a Pedo Producer in hiding?

Why haven’t they addressed their pedo problem on-air?

Apples dont fall far from the tree.
There’s something foul over at PNN.”


And here’s another Wow.

So, “Nancy Drew” had some really interesting things to say last evening!

First, she noticed that the POW flag is rather suddenly no longer flying at the U S Capitol. But it is still flying at the W H:

“Sun. Dec. 19, 2021
The Capitol Building

“So guys, all of a sudden, the POW flag, is no longer hanging at The Capitol!!!! What in the world? I came to check out the fence. Funny things is, I went and checked out the live cam at the WH, and its still flying. Hmm…..🙏”

A little later, she added:

“Ok. So after noticing the POW flag has been removed from The Capitol, I checked the live cam and saw the one at the WH still flying. I drove here to confirm. Could this potentially mean, that those within the Capitol have already been “dealt with”, yet Sleepy, has yet to be? Why else would it have been removed it the Capitol, and not the WH? Its also still flying at the Wright building that I showed you the other day. Its still, fenced in. Hmmm…. 🤔 Now THIS, I find, is very interesting. 🤔”

POW flags still flying at the W H
Wright building fenced in, and still flying the POW flag

Then, later, she posted the most amazing news of all!! She’s going to gitmo to cover the 9 1 1 tri bu nals! WOW!


More good news!

This is from the Restored Republic update this morning. It specifically says that members of the E U and N A T O were arrested in a sting on Friday, December 17th, as they were trying to flee to Antarctica. They are now being held there for tri bun als. (It’s about halfway into the video.) (11 mins):

And here is a great update from [Q] The Storm Rider last night:

“its all happening…..
Connecting to GREAT _EVENTS
if you still don’t know..XI is getting ready to pull the switch on the CCP / PUTIN is getting rid of ALL KAZARIAN/ROTHSCHILD influence banks in his country./TRUMP. MILITARY is getting ready for 11.3/ GERMANY UK. CANADA are inside their own Continuity of Government plans //// many head Nations are inside a silent Mil.Operation <<<<<<
_The Works is CONNECTED<

Russia and China’s announcement of an independent financial trading platform will free nations under US sanctions from western intrusion into their commercial activities…

Vladimir Putin got straight to the point. At the opening of his one hour and fourteen minute video conversation with Xi Jinping on 15 December, he described Russia-China relations as “an example of genuine inter-state cooperation in the 21st century.”

Their myriad levels of cooperation have been known for years now – from trade, oil and gas, finance, aerospace and the fight against Covid-19, to the progressive interconnection of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU).

But now the stage was set for the announcement of a serious counter-move in their carefully coordinated ballet opposing the relentless Hybrid War/Cold War 2.0 combo deployed by Empire.

As Assistant to the President for Foreign Policy Yuri Ushakov succinctly explained, Putin and Xi agreed to create an “independent financial structure for trade operations that could not be influenced by other countries.”

Now we’ve come to the crunch. And the catalyzing EVENT…..

We are coming to the>PRECIPITOUS





Oh, and I have my own great little update. In addition to my paycheck on Friday, I got an unexpected and quite wonderful Christmas bonus from the store! Over the weekend, I was able to get caught up on 90% of my bills. What a fantastic feeling, and right before Christmas, too.

Another little personal update, but this one is weird.

For the second time in the past 6 months, a strange vehicle was parked in front of my house.

Back in July, late evening (but the sun was still up, since it was summer), a huge tour bus with blacked-out windows stopped in front of my house for several minutes.

Tour buses never, ever, EVER come to Tiny Town (least of all, with blacked-out windows) — because, not only are we off the main highway, we are barely even on the map. 1300 people live here. And my house is not in the center of the village. You have to drive 3 streets over. I found this very curious indeed. I watched it from my upstairs window. Later, my [Q] – following friend at work said: “Why didn’t you take a picture of it?!!”

Well, last night, after it was dark out, I sat on my bed and looked out the window. My bedroom was lit only by candlelight and my Himalayan salt lamp. And I noticed a very strange car, parked down the block, in front of where the Methodist minister’s house is. It had it’s parking lights on and I noticed this because they were a strange orange color. It was kind of creepy looking, so I decided to stop watching it because I figured it could see me up in my window.

But then, suddenly, it drives up the block , still with only its parking lights on — and where did it stop for several minutes?? Right in front of my house. This time I did take a picture of it. Whoever was in there had a GPS lit up and they were doing something on their phone. It was also a brand new car. there was no back license plate. There was a temp tag taped inside the back window. But even that was a strange tag — it was too small to read!

Again. I can’t stress enough how small this village is and how my house is so NOT at the center of the village. It wouldn’t be the first place (or even the second place) to stop to get your bearings in the dark.

Then, when a pickup truck was heading toward it, coming the opposite way, the car suddenly turned on its headlights and took off down the street.



I think that’s it for the really interesting news. I leave you with some interesting videos below, though, as well.

Have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world, gang!

Thanks for visiting (except for maybe that guy in the strange car last night). I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning. (Oh, and there is allegedly a really great new tribute album to Nick Cave out there now, but the band are known Satanists with an underage girl singer (not the best combination in this day & age), so I’m not going to link it here. However, in the event you like bands that are known Satanists with underage girl singers and you also love Nick Cave, feel free to search for it online!!) (HINT: the band also had a disturbing connection to (at the time, also underage) M il e y C y rus, one of the most aggressively M K Ultra-abused gals in show business…)

Meanwhile, my breakfast-listening music! Johnny Mathis, from the 1960s, “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot like Christmas”! Enjoy, gang.


Okay. Well, I found some great footage (52 seconds) of protesters surrounding the PM’s house in Israel but the footage is GONE! Hmmmm.

Tarot by Janine did a cool deep dive on Al ex C o ll i er, and also another great December update (14 mins):

Awaken with JP lets us know why we need a BO O STER life jacket!! (7 mins):

Another great live Sunday night phone-in with Voice of Reason U K : (1 hr 48 mins):

UFO Man Saturday Night livestream!! (1 hr 30 mins):


Many Questions This Morning!

Okay, gang.

First off. Get ready for the (fake) Pope Francis to be dead by the end of the year. The real one was already exe c ut ed, but the fake one is allegedly being “exited.”

It seems that the plan is to bring in a new Pope who will be more like what Catholics believe a Pope should be like and go from there. We shall see. It doesn’t sound like the white hats are going to do away with the Va tica n just yet. (?) Not sure.

The disturbing “news”, though, was in Ch * r lie W * rd’s chat yesterday with Carly and Julia. Wherein, he said rather emphatically that everything Mi chelle F Ield ing channeled in her recent chat with Nicholas Ven ia min (I posted it here over the weekend), was totally and completely true. That she had somehow channeled the correct version of events, stretching from now until about 12 years from now (literally).

I don’t know if this is Ch *r lie suddenly throwing up a smoke screen to throw any black hats off the track of what the true timeline is, but that’s not like Ch * rlie at all. He usually spills the beans about all sorts of things he’s not supposed to say.

But the reason this is disturbing is because MF claims that none of the things we are waiting on will happen. Whereas, the intel from other [Q] sources are expecting a lot of it to get underway any minute.

MF claims no E B S will happen. Tr**p will not be P re s id ent again — but instead will remain the Commander-in-Chief. And that the puppet world leaders(actors) will remain, sort of indefinitely, in order to create a smooth transition publicly, and that those who are still asleep worldwide, will eventually find out the truth of what has gone on in “2 to 3 years”.

There is a ton of good stuff that she predicts for 2022 and beyond. But the part about what is currently happening — no mi li tary will publicly take over, it will remain behind the scenes (i.e., no mar tial law); that they won’t announce the Que en’s death until February. That nothing will happen by Christmas, etc.

Very bleak, indeed.

But since she differs so wildly from other sources, I will stick this out until the end of the year. If, in fact, nothing changes, I’m guessing that I will just have to get back to living my life. My whole world has been on hold for 15 months — not counting the blogging I did about shady politics and rigged el ec tions for years & years before that. But it became my whole life when I found out in late August that C * vid was a scam, and from there, how , in November, the ele c tion was massively rigged, etc.

If there is going to be no national public response to the st ol en el ec tion, and Tr **p will not return to the P re s den cy (MF is predicting no Presidents or Prime Ministers anymore, worldwide; only Commanders-in-Chief) (you have to listen to her entire chat to understand all this); and if most of the world will not find out about what happened to all the children and who was in on it (everyone), or find out about the fake p an d emic, and the fake v ax for 3 years(!!) — well I don’t really know what I’ve been fighting for every day.

I guess we will see how the rest of the month pans out. But it’s curious how Mi k e L*n dell’s U S Supreme Court case seems to have disappeared. And Neg 4 8 has, in essence, disappeared, too. Along with his whole crew. And that whole thing was so fun. However. Well.

Very curious, indeed.

Meanwhile, the intel I usually read or listen to, is very different.


This post was from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich on te le gram:

“🏛 Sam White won Appeal Case in UK High Court
and had all restrictions lifted

UK Doctor (General Practitioner) Sam White, resigned from his practice because he could not reconcile his Hippocratic oath to “do not harm” with the C*vid treatment measures of the NHS including use of experimental, untested ‘va cc in es’.

After he left his practice and posted his pandemic views on social media he was censured by the General Medical Council and served a legal order not to make further posts on any aspect of C* vid.

He has now won an Appeal Case in the UK High Court and had all restrictions on him lifted immediately. This is a great win for the human right of free expression.”

There is a brief video here.


I thought this was very interesting. More proof that O mi c ro n is a white hat op?

From [Q] the storm rider:

/Ant ATIK (A)\
arctic (adj.) late 14c., ARTIK
Pronounced (Ah-TIK) (ATIK) in early 14 CENTURY

ATIK_OMICRON Persei (ο Persei, abbreviated Omicron Per, ο Per) is a triple star system in the constellation of Perseus
The system consists of Omicron Persei A and a third companion Omicron Persei B.[9] A’s two components are themselves designated Omicron Persei Aa (officially named > ATIK < the traditional name of the system










And in other news….

Cave Things announced yesterday, that if you don’t live in the UK or Europe, this is your final week to order from Cave Things and expect your packages to arrive by Christmas!

Don’t miss out! Order here.

Okay. That is it for today! Videos are below.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (warning: there’s some info about F au ci and his experiments that is pretty hard to listen to) (26 mins):

Sha ri R aye news update (36 mins):

intel from bluewater. “Alex Collier INTEL

-Vatican Preps for Conclave as ‘Pope Is Dying’
so it seems it is all over for the trolls and hitler cheerleaders…ADIOS!!!”

Audio only (14 mins):

Real Raw News: GEORGE W. BUSH DENIED TRIBUNAL EXTENSION (fyi: GWB has allegedly already been ex e c uted) (3 mins):


Eyes On Poland!

The news is lots more encouraging today, gang.

It seems Poland is taking the lead. From Sons of Enos; “They are using their military to defend against the Globalist’s invasion horde instead of targeting their own people with the suicide-shot” (56 seconds):


And this was fascinating. A taste of the justice that is coming for every country. Poland apparently is first.

Nuremberg 2 Trial against World Leaders for Crimes Against Humanity finally Kicks Off in Poland


“We cordially invite you to a live broadcast of the first Republic of Poland Members of Parliament Investigation Committee as part of the Nuremberg 2.0 project with the special guest Dr. Reiner Fuellmich attendance. […]

“The committee will be led by the Member of Parliament Grzegorz Braun and prof. Mirosław Piotrowski, Paweł Skutecki, attorney Jacek Wilk.

“Among other guests attending the committee you can find: attorney Arkadiusz Tetela, attorney Krzysztof Łopatowski and attorney Jarosław Litwin. […]

About Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is an international trial lawyer who has successfully sued large fraudulent corporations like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank.
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich will lead over 1,000 lawyers and 10,000 medical specialists and sue CDC, WHO and Davos Group for crimes against humanity.

What is the Nuremberg 2.0 project?
The Nuremberg 2.0 project is a civic initiative created from the necessity of the moment and the need of the heart.

What are the goals of the project?
The goal of the project is to activate conscious and responsible Poles to collect historical and legal documentation describing acts of crimes, lawlessness, abuses and omissions of public authority and to document individual tragedies unknown to the wider public today, which you will want to voluntarily share with us.

“How are we going to achieve the goals of the project?
We will collect and register documentation and individual legal acts will be prepared to formulate charges and indict specific persons directly or indirectly responsible for the committed crimes. We will also register professional archival documentation and on its basis, we will publish historical journals under the collective name of “Journals Nuremberg 2.0”.

“What was the reason for setting up the project?
As a consequence of the decisions of the Polish government, and in particular of the Ministry of Health and its subordinate agencies, many human injustices and grievances were caused and the victims were primarily Poles – citizens of the Republic of Poland. […]”

[full article & video is here]

Hallelujah — right, gang?

Also from Sons of Enos, mirrored from Stew P e t er s: CALLING OUT FAKE “HUMANITARIAN” CELEBRITIES, ATHLETES & POLITICIANS ON ABORIGINE PLIGHT in Au s tr a lia (not for the squeamish) (9 mins):

And the Restored Republic news update was particularly uplifting this morning. (19 mins):

As promised, Sh a ri R aye had an update last evening. AND she sang a little bit of “Mele Kalikimaka” which is one of my favorite Christmas songs, so what could be better than that? (36 mins):

And in other quick news updates…

More staffers from our beloved fake k * ma l a’s office are resigning. Hopefully because they suspect the fake B*den will be made to stand down on or around Dec. 15th.

More Judges are striking down other v a x mandates from the fake B*den: government contractors, health workers. (And specifically here in Ohio (finally!), land of the RINOs.) (I asked my co-workers if they wanted to charter a small plane and go down and visit our beloved Go ver nor in his cell at gitmo. Curiously, no one was interested.) (And also, curiously, my co-workers ignore 90% of what I say anymore because I am always proposing useless stuff like that.) (I seriously need a new life, gang. I truly do. But on we go.)

There has been a lot of footage from the violent protests in Vienna. Extremely intense. Here is but one sample: AUSTRIA: POLICE & PROTESTERS CLASH… PROTESTERS 1 POLICE 0 (56 seconds):

This was a welcome bit of humor last evening:

Voice of Reason U K: LIVE From Sadiq’s £2M Gunt 🤦‍♂️ 😝 (3 mins):

And more good news from Voice of Reason this morning! Watch this!! GAME OVER BORIS 😂 People Couldn’t Care Less 👏 LIVE ON OXFORD STREET LONDON @ Christmas 🎄 (3 mins):

And as always…

Saturday night is a big night around here for UFOs and non-terrestrial-type updates.

This was great!! Coast to Coast: George Knapp – Life After Death: What It Means on Quantum Scale – COAST TO COAST AM 2021 (39 mins):

And this was great, too — although, as always, too short! “Remote Viewers Pinpointed Strange Ancient Structures & UFOs on Mars” (15 mins):

And we can’t forget…

UFO Man Saturday Night Livestream! “Witnessed – The Brooklyn Bridge Abduction/UFO Review/UFO News” (1 hr 28 mins):

And in non-news…

Here’s something I love. A great scene from a fantastic film, “20,000 Days on Earth”: Nick Cave on religion, church, and drugs (1 min):

And this was wonderful, although in a totally different vein. “Nick Cave reads the text of his song “Dead Joe”, London 1992″ It’s priceless. (And he almost smokes that cigarette) (1 min):

And that pretty much wraps it up, gang.

I leave you with my late-night listening music from yesterday. A real gem from the late 1970s, which I find I am relating to more and more as the years barrel on. , As I listened to this song (on repeat), I was lying in bed with the lights out, and all the neighbors’ Christmas lights were shining through my windows. And I sang almost at the top of my voice. (I used to be a professional singer, and the voice is holding up rather well, I’m happy to say!!)

A killer song about a train. Emmylou Harris, “Tulsa Queen” (remaster 2003):

All righty!

Have a happy Sunday, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

It’s Coming Together, Gang!

Wow. So, yesterday afternoon in my inbox, I finally got the transcript from S*mon P*rkes’ recent zoom call with 63 international coordinators of Connecting Consciousness.

It took me an hour to read it. It was very long. But it did have some really great info. Some of it was already included in the Restored Republic news update yesterday. But the email had a lot more details:

“[…] we had information believe it or not that the United States Marshalls were actually in South A FRIC A working with people and we’ve been sent the copy of what we would call the Emergency Broadcast System which is due to go out to South Africa next week (by tomorrow, Dec 4th). So, it looks like the first country to receive military action will be South A FRIC A. We can talk fairly openly about it now as clearly the bad guys know. “

“[,,,] we know they are prioritizing South A F R IC A and then S * mon believes that A u stra l ia will be the next country that is engaged with. The European Union, the Strasbourg One World government wants to lock every Euro Currency country down. This has nothing to do with the variant, it […] is an excuse to lock people down because they know impending military actions are occurring. [,,,]”

“[,,,] The difficultly we have is that at the moment, so much is behind the scenes and it is about to become public. The information I can share with you, but can’t say it’s 100% going to happen, I can only tell you that what we’ve been told is that B*den will be forced to stand down around the 15th December. […]”

“[…] S* mon has been told that B* den will step down 15th December, if that’s true that means the military would be in charge of the world over Christmas which seems bizarre but that’s a pattern. Then in January a public inauguration for Pr esi d ent Tr***p and the return of Tr**p. We do know that Pr esi de nt Tr** p had a private inauguration some 2 or 3 days ago. So, what has happened is what we would call a private inauguration, by invitation only, without the public or the cameras being there. […]”

“[…] Reality is there is still a sizable proportion of the military who are very uncomfortable about deposing a government even when that government is illegal. So, some military people wanted comfort is the correct word for it /protection so they could not be prosecuted. They also wanted to feel they were upholding the republic and not working against it. Many were invited to witness the inauguration. Up until that moment going back to march Pr esi de nt Tr** p was accepted as the commander in chief of the Military Forces, then there was a split between Milley who was removed privately and replaced with Marine General Berger. Publicly Milley is still the joint Chiefs but in reality, Marine General Berger is. So Tr **p is now no longer just the Commander In Chief he is also the Pr esi de nt. […]”

It goes on and on and on, but it was really great.

And then, immediately following that, I watched the video below. It was great, too! And in it, Ch *r lie W *rd says he believes the G h i s la ine Ma x well trial happened earlier this year…. Hmmmm.

Ch*rlie W*rd chats with Un der ground P * triot: DAVID BOWIE KNEW! WEATHER WEAPONS, UNDERGROUND TUNNELS. Listen! Its really good. (47 mins):

And jut FYI, here is what David Bowie knew: BOWIE ~ OMIKRON ~ PROMO 1999 (2 mins):

And as for the Max well trial…

From [17] the Storm Rider:


This Prison location code can’t be found?

On Monday the day beginning of the Max well trial… Multiple flights flew from Gitmo to DC ///
More over the DOJ and Director of Homeland Security and Deputy Director of Homeland Security have Wiped Flights c101 and c202 from flight trackers/
____________________________053 Philadelphia
054 Manhattan
Are New York prison code locations

Supposedly MAX WELL is in Manhattan.. But her prison code is 509?

And can’t be found.. For most prison codes only register from 001-100

Epstein was in Manhattan at 054 .
____________________________where is Max well?
Why so many flights to Gitmo?

If White HATS didn’t exist.. Why would the most Elite PEDOPHILIA, human trafficking ring leaders (Ep ste in/Max well) connected to all countries and all Fortune 500 companies be Brought to justice and being tried????

Good people behind the scenes working (WHs)”

He credits this video from Mo n key W e rx: “Where is Gh isl ai ne Max well?” (39 mins):

Okay. Also…

By now, you likely already know this. However! The country with those insanely intense l o ck downs (Austria): From S*mon P*arkes post last evening:

Austrian Resignations

“Austrian chancellor resigns after a white hat operation against the 4th Reich cabal.

“Sebastian Kurz, a former chancellor under investigation for influence-buying and corruption, said he was quitting politics. Within hours, his successor and ally also resigned, after only two months on the job.”

[full article here]


I thought this was cool!

From RT News:

Rogue Anti-Vax Ad Sneakily Appears at Brooklyn Bus Stop

“10 Reasons NOT to get vaccinated” the poster reads, mimicking the city Health Department’s vaccination campaign.

A spokesperson for the NY Transport responded, “Disinformation has no place in our city, or our street furniture,” while transport authorities said they “would prefer not to have objectionable messages marketed to our customers.”

The company JC Deveaux has claimed to have no knowledge about the ad or how it got there.”


“Nancy Drew” was at the tree lighting ceremony in D C last night.

“This is supposed to be a short clip of The Sleepys, at the tree lighting tonight. So, here in this video, his back is to the WH, so we should be able to see it, all lit up. Clearly, actually. Its pitch dark behind them. My real question is, who stuck that enormous light pole, in the middle of all those little trees that represent the states? There arent any light poles in the middle of the elipse, especially one 5ft behind Sleepy. 🤦‍♀️🙄 Remember, in my 2nd live tonight, I mentioned that I heard LL Cool J introduce Sleepy & Jill clearly, and yet there was nothing, but quiet. There was absolutely nothing. Not a peep. Actually, those little trees are everywhere surrounding the big one. I would think we should see those as well, and all lit up. 🤔”

Alleged tree lighting ceremony (2 mins):


From DC Clothesline:

Smoking gun confidential Pf* zer document exposes F D A criminal cover-up of VA CC IN E DEATHS… they knew the jab was killing people in early 2021… three times more WOMEN than MEN

[full article here]

And last but not least…

In other news!

Cave Things announces a new Polaroid just in time for Christmas!

The Adoration Polaroid 2021

Limited edition Christmas Polaroid from 2021 based on a digital Polaroid by Nick Cave
Signed and altered by Nick Cave
Edition of 250 Size: 9 x 11 cm
Material: Original Polaroid
Every Polaroid is unique and will differ from the product image
 ‘I have a thing about Polaroids. I love that they are square. I love how they frame the image. I love that they contain secret coded messages—each with their own riddle trapped within.’
Nick Cave

Purchase yours here.


And that is it for today, gang.

Have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world. Stay safe! The end of this movie is almost here!!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (31 mins):

Sh ar i Ra ye news update (36 mins):

From Real Raw news: Chris C u o mo allegedly eludes M il i tary Capture (5 mins):


Days of Thanksgiving Just Ahead!

So. Yesterday saw rolling internet outages and banking outages all over the world.

This is allegedly to enable Starlink internet and satellite to hook up but honestly I don’t know if that’s true. But what seems clear is that the outages are pre-planned white hat ops.


Today, I want to start with M * ke L *n de l l, the various state Attorneys General, and the U S Su p re me court case to decertify the 20 20 el e c tion, which was filed yesterday.

Beginning tomorrow (Thanksgiving here in the U S), through Sunday, M *ke will be livestreaming on F r a nk s s p ee ch. This will be a complete, step by step look at his case, including many of the lawyers who helped write the complaint.

This will detail all of the el e c tion fr au d, country-wide, and why the e le c tion results need to be decertified.

From the War Room yesterday (8 mins):

On Co de Mo nk ey Z’s tele gram channel, you can download L * n de l l’s S C O TUS complaint. It is 82 pages:

“It’s addressed in a way that allows any state AG to sign on.

“It includes complaints against machine fraud, vote flipping, unconstitutional voting procedures, and includes exhibits from Dr. Shiva, Jovan Pullitzer and others.

“To be clear this is just the complaint so it will be HIGHLY fascinating to see the exhibits once they become available but all in all, this is a very solid complaint with great detail and documentation.”


U S Fr e e dom Fl yers, the organization representing airline pilots and airline personnel fighting the v a x mandates, has filed their lawsuit.

Lawsuit Alleges Glaring Federal Overreach Which Threatens Critical Supply-Chain and Transportation Industries

“Health Freedom Defense Fund and US Freedom Flyers filed suit (Case 8:21-cv-02738) in US District Court against Jo se ph B* den and the federal government challenging B* den’s desperately overreaching executive order mandating C* VID ^^ 19 injections for employees of all federal contractors and subcontractors. The suit alleges, among other things, that “the President arrogated to himself general police powers over the lives of millions of people, which are contemplated by neither the Constitution nor any Act of Congress.” 

“[…] the Executive Order’s purported purpose to “decrease worker absence, reduce labor costs, and improve efficiency of [Federal Government] contractors and subcontractors” the mandate will likely have the opposite effect by forcing the termination of thousands of essential workers from critical supply-chain and transportation industries that are already over-stressed. As the country emerges from the C* VID ^^ 19 crisis, a serious workforce shortage has already wreaked havoc on the airline industry, resulting in hundreds if not thousands of flight cancellations. Empty shelves, a sight once reserved for times of natural disaster, are now a new reality for Americans throughout the nation. B * den’s mandate and resulting guidance from OMB and the FAR Council come at perhaps the worst possible time in our nation’s history, threatening to exacerbate an already-critical situation going into the holiday season.

“Further, the lawsuit alleges that as we have been living with C* VID^^ 19 for at least 18 months, no “urgent and compelling” circumstances justified issuing an intrusive, government-wide procurement regulation on contractor employee health, let alone without notice and comment…”


Good news for A u ss ies:

Daniel Andrews’ government thrown into disarray after three MP’s quit

“Daniel Andrews’ government has been rocked by a mass exodus that has seen three key MPs quit the Victorian parliament on the same day. 

“The Victorian Labor Party has been thrown into disarray after three parliamentarians threw in the towel on Wednesday.  

“Altona MP and former Attorney-General Jill Hennessy, Yan Yean MP Danielle Green and Ringwood MP Dustin Halse have advised they will not be seeking re-election. ” [full article here]


Good news for others (keep in mind that “testing positive for C * VID usually means an arrest is underway). From RT News:

Top EU ministers in quarantine over positive C* vid test

“French PM Jean Castex has tested positive for C* vid ^^19 after returning from a trip to Belgium. Five Belgian ministers, including PM Alexander De Croo, have self-quarantined as a precaution as well.

“Castex, who is fully vaccinated, announced on Monday that he tested positive for the virus. He will be quarantined for 10 days but continue to work, his office said in a statement.”


Great news for Barbados:

A new republic is born: Barbados celebrates ditching Britain’s queen

“Barbados, a former British colony, will next week ditch Queen Elizabeth as head of state, breaking its last remaining imperial bonds with Britain nearly 400 years since the first English ship arrived at the Caribbean island.

“Barbados casts the removal of Elizabeth II, who is queen of Barbados and 15 other realms including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Jamaica, as a sign of confidence and a way to finally break with the demons of its colonial history.” [full article here]


Good news for the rest of us!

Over at Cave Things, Black Friday starts early! Beginning today, and lasting until November 30th, many items are on sale!

40% off all T-Shirts
30% off all Lyric Sheets
25% off all Charms
30% off all Notebooks
50% off The Crucifixion Art Print
35% off The Pocket Angel
25% off The Elvis Silkscreen Print
25% off The Melancholy book

You can start shopping HERE!


Okay. That’s it for today, gang.

If you live State-side, have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow!! And if you live anywhere else in the world, have a truly wonderful day.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

And I leave you with a lovely new film soundtrack from Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: “We Are Not Alone (La Panthère des Neiges)”


Lots of money moving, worldwide! It’s happening, gang. Restored Republic news update (17 mins):

Sh ar i Ra ye’s news update (35 mins):

Limitless Creator: Abraham Hicks — Let Your Desires In (9 mins):

Source Directives new frequency download (play near water then drink the water): TARGETED INDIVIDUAL SANITY RESTORATION & ATTACK PROTECTION SESSION (RELIEF FROM GANGSTALKING) (4 hrs):


One Day Closer!

I have no idea when all this insanity is going to end, gang. However, I can say with certainty that today we are one day closer to it!

How’s that for putting a positive spin on it?

As has been happening for a couple weeks now, there is basically a blackout of intel worldwide. Allegedly, this is to keep any remaining D **p S t * te players in chaos.

It is certainly helping to make the entire world seem as if it is in chaos. All we can do is sit back, stay safe and alert, and wait and see.

Remember what I posted the other day — how, especially when it comes to U k r a ine and all things N A T O, R us s ia is determined to return U k r a ine to its rightful powers and remove it from the control of N A TO.

Maneuvers like this are allegedly happening all over the world, even though it is being made to look like W W III.

At all times, there are 3 layers to the “news” : 1.) as it is reported (or not) by M S M fake news — which is all lies from start to finish; 2.) the white hat spin on the news, in order to shake the sleepers awake, get them angry enough to demand that fake governments be removed, as well as to keep the D **p St * te scrambling to find out what is really going on; and layer 3.) the m i litary and what is actually going on.

It’s that 3rd layer that is getting harder to get every day, but I believe that this is a good sign.

Okay, so Rittenhouse walks. Will there be riots?

Steve B an non walks, Judge says no need for bail. (Boy, will the Dems regret that move.)

Fake B*den is now asking to be removed by m i lit ary, so hopefully this won’t drag on too much longer.

Courts are stopping the fake B*den v a x mandates. (I think this is partly because white hats are seeing that some parents are more than willing to get their children v a x ed and children all over are now dying from the va xes. There are a number of sources saying that these parents will be held accountable for the murder of their children. We will see.)

Nancy Drew” was in DC all day yesterday. It was a cold and cloudy day. She posts photos from the fake B*den’s alleged signing of that ridiculously fake budget and points out that he could not have been doing that in DC, since the photos show a mild and sunny day:

“Im pretty sure, what you watched today, was not Washington DC, possibly Georgia. This is NOT what I saw today. Compare the roof, trees, flag colors on each side, WH lamps, and ain’t no way in heck, the sky even looked close to that today!!! The entire sky was cloaked in DC all day. And, WHERES THE TENT ON THE TOP OF THE ROOF????🤔🤣 Dont believe the BS!! “

There are only two videos today, as is becoming the norm. You should watch them if you can because they do give very promising updates on what is actually happening out there in the world — especially regarding RV, banking and money updates.

Before I close — Cave Things has plenty of cool stuff for Christmas! All of it designed & created by Nick Cave. You can find it all here.

”The Little Thing’ is a story I wrote for my three-year-old neighbour, Esme. I drew the pictures too, in case you’re wondering. It is the tale of a little thing that goes on an epic adventure to discover the true nature of its identity. “What am I?” asks The Little Thing.
Along the way it meets a cast of diverse characters—including a tomato, a toilet roll, a showerhead, a cupcake, and a corn on the cob, that guide The Little Thing toward its final joyous realisation.’
Nick Cave

Okay. Thanks for visiting, gang. I hope you have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya!

Sha r i Ra ye update (31 mins):

Restored Republic update (18 mins):

More and More and MORE Rumors of Wars

Okay, gang. Remember how, before the current blackout of intel worldwide, we were getting information about military maneuvers that would look like wars, but that they would really be maneuvers to return certain countries to their sovereign boundaries? (I’m not sure I’m phrasing that right.)

Anyway. We’ve also been told how the black hats use mercenary “immigrants” to invade the borders of other countries. to try to create chaos — i.e., broken border wall in southwestern US; UK getting boatloads of immigrants; now Poland and Belarus, etc.

We were also warned that this blackout of intel would be in order to keep whoever is left of the black hats, scrambling to try to figure out what Tr **p and the Allies were up to.

Well, all these things combined make it hard to determine what’s really going on out there in the world now — how much of these are planned maneuvers; how much are black hats trying to cause havoc.

All we can know for sure is that there is collateral damage and soldiers are being killed. Other than that, I can’t really post here about every single border skirmish that is going on right now. But there is a ton of it going on.

Also, we were told a couple months back that “total lockdowns” in any given country was a sign that military would be going in to clear out DUMBs or to rescue trafficked children, to blow up tunnels — and to keep civilians off the streets while it was happening.

I don’t know how much of that type of thing pertains to the new announcements of total lockdowns throughout Europe, but we can at least keep those ideas in mind (since nothing else about lockdowns make any sense at all). (Unless, of course, they want all the citizens to storm their various Parliaments and just slaughter all their government officials at this point.) (Lest we forget: meat hooks, gas station, Man of the People, Mussolini and girlfriend.)


In the UK, where we eagerly await the announcement of the “death” of the Q u e e n… (the people who live in the UK are not eagerly awaiting this news because most of them do not realize this is a fake q u e een and that the real one was taken out in late 2020). Anyway.

From RT News:

Queen Elizabeth’s long-awaited public appearance cancelled

Queen Elizabeth II sprained her back and has had to cancel a public appearance at the Remembrance Sunday service in London, Buckingham Palace said.

“The Queen, having sprained her back, has decided this morning with great regret that she will not be able to attend today’s Remembrance Sunday Service at the Cenotaph,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

Queen Elizabeth was previously ordered by doctors to rest for at least 2 WEEKS, with the palace stating:
“Her Majesty is disappointed that she will miss the service.”

ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship said the injury will prevent the queen, who is 95, from travelling by car from Windsor Castle and standing during the service. The news about her absence was published shortly after the media announced that she would be in attendance. “


From Pre s i dent Tr ***p:

“Why aren’t they investigating the people and states who cheated on the election causing the protest of January 6th? Why aren’t they investigating the people who ruthlessly and violently burned down and took over Democrat-run cities, beating and murdering people along the way? Instead they are viciously investigating those who protested the November 3rd Presidential Election, the Crime of the Century. No investigations on Election Fraud, but if anybody was near the Capitol waving an American flag, they’ve had nothing but trouble. American Patriots are not going to allow this subversion of justice to continue, including the use of prosecutors, local, state, and federal, to torment and destroy innocent people. All this, while our Country is going to hell!”


From Mi ch a el Jack son’s te le gram channel (this one sells NO Tr**p coins):

Anthony Fauci is the second coming of Joseph Mengele. I said back in 2020 that this dude is probably the most prolific serial killer in history. I was not, at all, joking with that statement.

The blood of millions of lives over the decades lies on his hands. His track record would make Genghis Khan green with envy.

In so far as his touting of a “100% effective vaccine”; 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

New VAERS numbers have been published.

🚨818,042 Adverse Events
🚨127,641 Doctor Visits
🚨83,412 Hospitalizations
🚨92,017 Urgent Care
🚨26,199 Disabled
🚨10,179 Bell’s Palsy
🚨10,304 Myocarditis
🚨8,408 Heart Attacks
🚨2,631 Miscarriages
🚨17,128 Deaths

Meanwhile, the fully vaccinated continue to dominate infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates.

….Nuremberg 2.0 awaits, SS Officer Fauci.



Also from MJ’s channel:

I seriously hate to have her face on my blog, but I liked the meme…


Nancy Drew” had a fascinating post this morning! She took a look at the President’s schedule for today (and in case you are late to the table on this, both the fake B *den and the real Tr**p have basically identical schedules every single day).

And when Nancy mapped how to get to Fort McNair (circled in pink), the map said to “turn left on Q Street” !! How very interesting…

Before I forget…

Nick Cave had a delightful Red Hand File the other day. It was all about the squirrel that has come to live (indoors) with him and his wife. You must read it! It’s too cute. [full post is here]

Okay. A couple lone videos and that is that, gang!

I hope you’re having a nice Sunday, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!


Restored Republic update for Nov. 14th (14 mins);

Dr. Steven Greer – PROJECT STARLIGHT, The Event that Triggered the Disclosure Movement (11 mins):

UFO Man: Seven Memphis TN Police Officers witness Massive Triangle (3 mins):

Voice of Reason UK: Boris Now FORCED To Tell Us The Truth 👏 AMAZING No More Shushhhhi (3 mins):

Sure Is Taking Forever….

Still recovering here, folks. It is such a long, drawn out thing.

Luckily, this whole week has had a near black-out of intel. The best updates have come from Shari Raye, and a lot of hers are about the RV rates, some footage of the new Rainbow Currency, news about the Q F S, etc.

This one here is from Nov. 3rd and has some footage of what the new $1,000,000 U S Treasury Rainbow Note looks like (40 mins):

I’m guessing you already saw that the Durham indictments led to another h i l l ar y-related arrest yesterday:

BREAKING: FBI Arrests Igor Danchenko, Analyst Who Contributed to Garbage Steele Dossier

[full article here]

For those of us who have been following that case forever, it felt a little like, well, old news.


I found this really sad. It came from co d e monkey z yesterday, regarding the duplicitous K ar en F ann. It is no wonder those A Z au dits are still taking us nowhere:

“August 26, 2021:
AG Brnovich threatens to withhold millions in government funding for Maricopa County for not releasing election routers to auditors.

September 14, 2021:
Fann Contracting Inc. enters negotiations with Arizona state for project to rebuild roads.

September 17, 2021:
Karen Fann unilaterally signs backroom agreement for the AZ Senate with MCBOS to appoint John Shadegg as a “Special Master” for 500 dollars an hour to describe the routers to the auditors in exchange for releasing the government funding to the county.

November 1, 2021:
Karen Fann announces retirement from AZ Senate.

November 3, 2021:
Fann Contracting Inc. wins $445,940,000 contract.”


However, this was indeed heart-warming (I’ll post the video when it’s up on BitChute):

Military Executes Andrew Cuomo

“Disgraced politician, murderer, and sexual predator Andrew Cuomo was hanged at Guantanamo Bay early Tuesday morning for his role in perpetrating the global plandemic and callously killing thousands of senior citizens who, were it not for his actions, might still be alive today.”

[full article here]

From Tarot by Janine the other day. I enjoyed this one a lot: MESSAGE FROM THE UNIVERSE! HOW TO MOVE FORWARD! HOW TO MANIFEST A NEW REALITY! ENGAGING TRUTH! (17 mins):

And last evening, I really enjoyed listening to this lecture by Elana Freeland. It is almost unbelievably timely and informative: “The Mysterious Rudolf Steiner… The Secret Knowledge of Life and Unseen Forces” (1 hr ):

And a breaking news update yesterday from Voice of Reason UK “LET OFF ‘Race Card’ Claudia Webbe Walks Free From Court” (3 mins):

That is it for the news, really. We are all just waiting.

Thousands were apparently in Dealey Plaza in Dallas the other day, waiting for that important appearance, which, as far as I know, didn’t happen. (J F K J r)

Tr ***p was supposed to make a speech on the news a couple times over the last couple of days, but that didn’t happen, either.

Allegedly the fake B* den’s final appearance in public was on November 2nd. And I read somewhere that James Woods tweeted that he had “one more appearance to make” (meaning November 2nd, when the fake B*den was removed from whatever fake conference he was at).

So now I guess we just keep waiting.

Meanwhile, on other fronts…

Today on Amazon Prime Video, we can begin watching the new Amazon Original, The Electrical life of Louis Wain.

It is not only a biopic about an artist I love — Louis Wain made all those wonderful paintings of cats that I often use to illustrate my daily blog:

ART & ARTISTS: Louis Wain - part 10

But it also stars two British actors I always enjoy: Benedict Cumberbatch and Toby Jones.

And it has the added bonus of having a cameo appearance by Nick Cave, playing HG Wells!

I am hoping to have enough energy to watch it downstairs on the big flat screen TV and not just watch it up in my bed on my tiny phone. But we’ll see. (For instance, I’ve only been at my desk for 40 minutes so far and I am already completely wiped out from trying to sit up in my chair. So we’ll just see.)

All righty. I’m still going to head into work today. Wednesday was unreal, btw — I did not think I would survive it but I did. I somehow worked for 8 hours and even drove myself home. I would not have gotten through the day without the kindness and support of my co-workers, that’s for sure. But I simply cannot afford to stay home.

So onward! Have a great Friday, gang, wherever it takes you. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!