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Back At It, Gang!

You know, just when I thought we could sit back for a minute and just let the show play out…

J* dan S* ther brought out the sad truth that r u m b l e dot com is censoring videos. Especially if they are related to [17].

This really sucks, folks. Mostly because r u m bl e makes it so easy to embed videos into this blog.  But remember the times when I’ve said here that certain podcasters aren’t “allowing” me to embed their videos? It turns out that wasn’t the case. It is r u m bl  e that is removing the embed button:

(Watch this before they remove it. It’s only 5 mins.)

This sucks for so many reasons, but the main one for me is that I have a zero-tolerance policy on censorship, gang. As soon as I know for sure a platform is censoring people, I remove myself from it as soon as possible.

But now I have to go all over the Internet to find places that easily allow me to embed videos onto my blog, and that is a heck of a lot of work.

Bitchute is easy to embed, but what’s hard about bitchute is finding the people you’re trying to follow.

Ditto with GabTV.  I find GabTV impossible to wade through because they make it hard to locate the people you’re searching for by giving you a BOATLOAD of people you’re not following, instead.

On t e  l e g r am, there are a number of extremely important videos, but you cannot embed directly from t e  l e  g r am. At best, I usually have to just point you in the direction of the account that posted the video and hope you can find it.

So, unfortunately, for now, if the only or easiest way to get you a video is to grab it from r  um ble then that’s what I’m going to do, until I can get completely off of there. (And fyi, I immediately removed the p  a  r  l  e  r  app from my phone, since the two companies are connected.  P  a  r  l  e  r has had some issues in the past that I was trying to be tolerant of, but now I’m done.) (I also stopped following the D * n B*n gin* show, once it became clear that he was not a [17] follower at all. Not even a little bit. Even though I appreciate his politics. I do. But I started to feel like his news stayed firmly rooted in the 3rd dimension. I really need things to migrate up that scale to the 5th dimension, gang, otherwise,  I just don’t have enough time left to mess with it.)

(And the only reason I stay on In st a g r am is because I love Nick Cave. I have tried really, really hard to keep my politics off of my In st a g ra m account because I love following Nick Cave-related stuff on In st a gram. It’s one of the few things right now that makes me really, really happy. I need at least one politics-free zone in my world.)

Image result for nick cave
I’ll say it again: What’s not to love???

All right. So.

Here’s some happy news! Yesterday, I was in my local dollar store here in Crazeysburg. I am usually the only one in that store these days who doesn’t wear a m*sk. Crazeysburg was never a m*sk-mandated place during the height of the virus outbreak last year, because this is a rural area and very few people had the virus out here in Muskingum County. (In fact, I was one of the very few in the entire county who had it, but that was because I kept going into the next county over, where a lot of folks had it.)

But then, just before Thanksgiving, our lovely gov er  nor gave the whole State of Ohio a curfew and a m* sk-mandate (which immediately removed him from my list of people to vote for next time around). And he made it so that a store or dining establishment got a heavy fine and a 24-hour closing if any customer was caught  not wearing a m*sk.

This is one of the reasons that the Legislature here in Ohio brought 12 Articles of Im peach ment against the gov.

Anyway. Obviously, I don’t want a store to get fined and closed down for 24 hours because of my hatred of being muzzled, but last month, I had enough. And I stopped wearing one in the dollar store (the only place here in Crazeysburg that had anyone/everyone still wearing m*sks.)

It was a little stressful because everyone in the check-out line always stared at me for not wearing a m*sk, but I just smiled and persevered, hoping that it would embolden people to stop wearing the m*sks…

Well, yesterday!! I stopped into the dollar store to buy cat litter and no one but the staff who worked there were wearing m*sks!!

I think we are truly making some real progress, gang. It was like everyone around here, on the very same day, decided that they’d had enough.

It felt so good.

And then last evening on t e l e g r am, the P* triot street fighter was in the Dallas airport en route to Las Vegas, and he posted a photo of himself in the airport not wearing a m*ask, and then ON THE PLANE not wearing a m*sk.

So that was really, really heartening to see.

Okay. This whole weekend is supposed to be about finishing that new short story for the kind folks in Sweden. I really can’t spend a ton of time, hunting down everyone’s accounts on bitchute, or other places.  So I am still on r  u m  b  le. And below, are the various links to news videos from yesterday.

Okay. Mostly, I’m really happy, gang. Because I can feel the incredible changes in the air. I hope that you can,  too. (Keep your pineal gland decalcified!! It’s important!! It houses your 3rd Eye!!)

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning, as I was contemplating the shifting Timelines and then the parallels between these days right now and how the world was in the mid-1960s. Enjoy!! I love you guys. See ya.


Below: C ir s t en w and gene d* code: (25 mins)

Below: 2 hr. documentary about the c   i   a (aka: clowns in a m  e r  i c a) (and oddly enough, there was a 12-minute video, related to this one that r  u  m b  le indeed censored! But the direct link is here!):

Below: Sad fucking shit, people. Watch it, but try not to want to kill yourself over the poor children. (36 mins.)

Below: From a reader yesterday. We’ve posted this one before, but here it is again, in case you missed it.  Plus, the notes on the page state that the actress here known as  “ash li  ba bb  it” is usually known as R o b er t a P aul sen… . I wonder how long she’ll be among the living? It’s been banned from Y ** T * b*. It’s important to watch it, folks ( 20 mins.):

Below: X * 2 R * port Financial (17 mins.):

Below: X * 2 R* por t (43 mins):

Below: Ch * r lie W * rd’s channel “Are We Being played? 110%” ( 4 mins):

Below:  Ch* r lie W * r d and Ni ch o las  V In  ia  min (U K/ S p ain) (22 mins):

Where Do We Draw These Lines of Rage?

I don’t actually have an answer to that question, gang.

I really wish to believe that the intel from the P * tr * ot S t r **t fighter is accurate and that our beloved h  i l  l a  r y has finally left this realm. (See last night’s post.)

I have no proof of this, obviously.  It does seem that a lot of truly unsavory individuals, though, are reportedly being held there in green  land and/or being tried by m* l i t ary tr* bu nals and then either e x e cuted or given some weird plea bargain arrangement, wherein they get to participate, for a little while, in this indescribably insane charade going on all over the  world right now.

Until the body doubles take over, and then God only knows what happens to the originals.

I like to believe this is true. Even when I look at fancy-nan these days, she does not seem the same. She doesn’t look the same; she doesn’t speak in that same indescribably bizarre crazy way. She just seems different now; less off-the-charts, even while her mouth is moving and still spewing crazy shit.

Ditto, of course, the fake B * den in the fake W  H, with the quite inexplicable ears.

Or the sudden resignation and then seemingly utter disappearance of our other beloved fun-loving gal, who ran the most corrupt incarnation of the c  i  a, ever.  What really happened to her? Green land?

I cannot tell you if this stuff is true, gang. I can only tell you what I glean from many other alternative news sources, who seem to have truly uncanny intel most of the time.

But this kuru thing. Wow. (Last night’s P * tr * ot Stre ** t fighter video, below.) Allegedly, h  i  l l a r y died from kuru. And allegedly m *  r k l e also has it.

Kuru is extreme, folks. I mean, really. Come on.  Is this just to try to get us to understand the gravity of these charges of c a  n  n i ba l i sm among the e  l  i t e ? (Well, the s a t an – worshipping ones, anyway.)

(As an aside, I’m guessing you’ve all seen the news re: A r  mi e H a mm er… the renewed accusations, etc.)

None of this shit is coming to the forefront by accident, gang.  This onslaught of messages is definitely not a coincidence. It is timed, targeted, and planned.

You have to step back and look at it all in silence. Without anything to disturb the frequency your mind is tuning to — and you have to ask yourself: What am I looking at?

You know, being raised within a Jewish family (I was adopted as an infant by a family of Eastern European Jewish immigrants, who had escaped the pogroms, but who then had extended family members killed in the concentration c * mps),  it was hard enough to believe those familial-lineage rumors about m * r  k e l. Until I started to see photos of you-know-who’s face, super-imposed on hers; and then vice-versa. And I have to say, the resemblance was not only uncanny, it was also shocking.

And then, I couldn’t see anyone else’s face but his when I looked at her.

And now, she allegedly has kuru, too.

WTF, right? Am I being programmed to believe something, or is this really happening? When I look at all the other atrocious shit going on, or even the not atrocious stuff but the highly unexpected stuff (i.e. Space Force and what they’re up to and all that) — well, I have come to the decision that this shit is really happening.

Every day, the news gets more and more bizarre. For instance, the announcement yesterday that the (fake and incurably corrupt) C D C is indeed advising double m* sks now. A fabric one underneath the paper one.

I’m guessing this is the game-plan now: to give us all bacterial pneumonia. (The only thing that’s clear these days is that a whole heck of a lot of people want us dead and are willing to sleep right through the plot line if it gets them to the closing credits, without dying from pneumonia first themselves.)

I have to ask myself, is this really their push-back, or just more of the charade, to get the sound-asleep among us to just wake the fuck up already. It’s getting ridiculous, how soundly some people can sleep.

For me, a whole lot of it comes down to these m* sks. It’s almost as if it’s all they have left.  I can’t tell you the amount of rage I have over these m* sks and over how many people are believing it. Especially when I’m in town and see little kids wearing them — I want to shout at those mothers who are buying into this garbage and causing God-only-knows what kind of physical and psychological harm to all these children.

I cannot believe that so many people are spineless nowadays and simply tow the line, without using any common sense whatsoever.

This is one of the worst crimes that has happened in America, in my opinion. They removed our Spirit of ’76.  Systematically indoctrinated it right out of the younger generations.

It honestly fills me with nothing but rage — but then, that is what “they” want. To divide and conquer all of us. So where do you draw that line, so as not to give in to all-out hate of your fellow Am er ic ans?

Yesterday, after reading the news re: the new c  d  c m* sk guidelines, I had to spend about an hour reading and re-reading and re-re-reading Matthew, 5:39 (KJV): “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

It is very hard to know what the true teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were because they have become inculcated with the doctrines of Pauline Christianity for 2000 years. Jesus was dead before Paul began teaching. And even though I am willing to believe that Paul and Jesus were tuned to the same frequencies, dead or alive, usually I really just want to know what Jesus of Nazareth, himself, believed, because he is the one who called me to my ministry and into Divinity School, etc.

And I feel in my bones that the Beatitudes give us the closest things we have to the true teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

And yesterday, as I kept reading Matthew 5:39, and kept trying to find a way to sublimate my rage over not just the atrocities that keep coming to light, but all these endless sheep who are blindly dragging all of us to the slaughter…

Okay. I understand the Law of Attraction. I understand why Jesus would warn against resisting evil because it only attracts more evil right to you. Jesus knew that.

Okay. But Jesus was ex e c ut ed in the end.  If there is one thing we can know for sure about Jesus of Nazareth (and there really is only about one thing we can know for sure because theology has attempted to thoroughly wipe out the history of him and his family); the one thing we can feel certain about is that he was crucified by the Romans. (And yet we can’t be certain about why. Anyway, that’s yet another story…)

Anyway. There are so many parallels between now and the times of Jesus of Nazareth, or the Book of Esther, or the reign of the N a  z i’s, or the Romanovs and the Bolsheviks and the onslaught of C  o  m m unism,

The parallels are there, and they are real, and they are horrific, and so many people, in this country at least, are literally mind-controlled into not seeing it and into participating in it.  If you try to sublimate your rage over this by following the Prince of Peace, by trying to convince yourself “…I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also” — and then the one thing you know for sure about the guy who said that is that they killed him. I don’t know, gang.

All of this shit is just so hard to process.

I do not understand why we’re here. I am one of those people who believes we choose to come here and that we choose when we will leave. And that the entirety of the time we spend here is all about the energy of choices — learning to control the energy of the choices we are making so that we are ultimately choosing the energy frequencies we are at, and then controlling the experiences we are attracting.

But why we do this — I have absolutely no clue.

And I have no clue why people choose to be evil. I cannot get my mind around that and never could.  Even when people raped me repeatedly, and abused me in all manner of ingenious ways — I never once believed it came from an evil place. I never believed in evil. I believed in fearful, misguided people. Not in evil.

But now it seems like I am being asked to believe this, that some people choose to be absolutely evil. And when I begin to believe this, I begin to want them eradicated from the Earth; I want the “eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth” option instead. Which is everything Jesus did NOT teach.

It is so difficult. These dark days.

At this time in my life, at age 60, all I wanted to do was focus on my writing and all my many projects. The two plays getting ready for various stages of production, in NYC and in Canada.  The first script with Abstract Absurdity Productions getting ready to shoot in Los Angeles. A new novel coming out. A memoir in progress. A new collection of short stories in the works. An upcoming reading I was going to do, not to mention going to Switzerland to see Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds in Zurich.

All of it came to a screeching halt and now all that is in my world, all that is on my plate, is fighting to keep this C o n st i t tution from being wiped from the face of the Earth. I get about 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night, and then every waking moment is spent, in some way, on this enormous task. And it’s as if none of the other stuff matters any more.

If I die the moment we know for sure the C  o n st i t u tion is firmly secured, it’s like I don’t even care. If I die, I die. As long as I don’t go a moment before we know it is safe.

So I don’t understand — why do we come here? What the hell is this place? What is “here”? What do we really do while we’re here? I just don’t feel as if I have any kind of a clue anymore.


In other oddly-related news: Nick Cave has some new pencils available for purchase over at Cave Things: Madness and War. (Each collection is £15 plus shipping, and features appropriate lyrics by Nick Cave imprinted on each pencil.) Personally, I think these are rumblings of the upcoming Carnage album.  We’ll see!

Load image into Gallery viewer, MADNESS PENCILS

Load image into Gallery viewer, WAR PENCILS

And on that note, folks. I’m gonna scoot. I hope this finds you well, wherever you are in the world. I leave you with my listening-music from last night, while it was snowing yet again! And seemingly so peaceful…  while I was trying to process by candlelight this idea that our beloved h  i ll  ar y might actually be really gone. “Babe You Turn Me On,” by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. All righty. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: P * tr * ot S tre  ee t fighter:  Currently on Y** T * b* but it will be moved to r  u  m b l e d ot c om. You can find it here. 2.10.21 #47. (57 mins.)

Below: R * d  P * l l 7 8 News: “Today we take a look at the Shampeachment 2.0, expose the lies and hypocrisy behind it and delve into the mysterious death of Ca pit ol P *lice Officer Brian S * ck  n* ck.” (40 mins)

Below: X * 2 R * p * rt: “The im peach  ment trial is a trap for the [**]/MSM. If [**] won by millions of votes what are they worried about? Why are they im peach  ing someone who they cannot remove from office because he doesn’t hold an office? They are panicking. Everything they are talking about will boomerang back at them. The [**]/ c  o  r  r  u pt   p ol i ti cians opened the door to im peach anyone, and to el* ct * on fr*ud and in  su rre ^ c tion. Tr** p must prove his innocence, he must inject evidence legally.” (40 mins.)

Below: (From 2 days ago) Ch * r  l i * W * rd and Mel K News, Spain/US. (49 mins.)

Below: D * n B * n g * no: “In this episode, I discuss the shocking comments by a G*P S * nat or which perfectly encapsulate the attitude of the Swamp. I also discuss the tactics the D*m  ocr ats have used for decades to win messaging battles, and how we can adopt them to fight back.” (1 hr)

Just Let Me Say This About That!

All right, gang.

First off,  for whatever reason, videos from r u  m  b  l e  dot c om are getting harder to embed. (Meaning, the podcasters are not offering the “embed” link anymore, or are very sporadic about offering it.)

S  c  o  t  t  M  c  K  a  y, who is the P *  t  r  i o t S tree t fighter, is sometimes on r u mb l e right now, and sometimes on YT — he is battling their constant attempts to ban him from Y T. Even though he offers his videos to be embedded, he also asks that people follow him at s c o t t m c k a y d ot us. You can sign up for his email alerts in the event of a full-on communications blackout.

Ditto with x 2 2  r e p or t dot c om. (He did not offer an embed option last night, either.)

I’ve also alerted you to get the f o x h o le dot app, for r*d p*l l 7 8 news and podcasts, in addition to a ton of other really cool podcasters located there. (RP 78 didn’t offer the embed option last night, either.)

For whatever reason, my data shows consistently that you guys prefer to watch embedded videos and you almost never follow direct links to anything, anywhere!! And that’s fine with me, but the information these guys give out every night is usually amazing stuff and I don’t want you to miss it. So if they won’t let me embed, I can’t get the video to you. You have to go get it.

And FYI, tonight’s P * t r  * ot S treet Fighter should be incredible, gang. He will have a guest on and they are going to be going over who has allegedly already been a  r  * ste d in D  C , H ollywood, and elsewhere. This will be on Y  *  u  T  * b *, but I don’t know what time — either 6 or 7 pm tonight. (It’ll be pre-recorded so you can access it anytime after that.) (Or if it gets banned, it will be uploaded to r  u  m b  l e and I will post it here.)

Also, just as a personal note: I highly recommend the t e l e g r am app, gang, if you want news.  I find that g  a  b  and c  l o u t hub, also bi t  c  h  u t e,  have way too many posts that are just personal comments or memes, and not enough actual links to news. Whereas t e le g ram is nonstop links to news all the time. I just love it. For me, it is a true “hub” of information ( and occasional funny memes). It was hard to learn how to use it at first, but once I figured it out, now it flows like crazy.

(For instance, I just now got an alert from t e le g r am  that the fake B * den admin has ended Tr **p’s policy to help fight opioid addiction. Okay, gang, to me, this is just proof that the B * den admin is fake and that he is somehow being instructed/forced to just literally dump indescribably awful policies and E  O’s onto the U S, in order to get more and more Dems to wake up as quickly as possible, because the m * l * tary needs to close in and end this fr*u d u l en t admin, but they need popular support in order for it not to become a bloodbath.)

That said — L * n W ** d released the link to all the new declas, unsealed docs in the Max  w e l l – E p s t **n case. You can access it here and it is a HUGE list of downloadable pdf files. (In add tion, there is a private pilot from the l  o  l  i  t  a  e xpress who is talking openly now and p  r  i  n  c  e  a n dr * w of   u   k   is once again implicated.)

Not related (!!)

— while I’m thinking of it. I have forgotten to mention that my newest erotic novella, 1954 Powder Blue Pickup came out in print last week and is now available in bookstores, nationwide, in addition to being an eBook on the publishers website. “Half-Moon Bride” is a very long short story, but not long enough to be released in print, so that will remain only an eBook for now, although the publisher has plans to include it in a multi-author short story print collection down the road.

Anyway, I have neglected to thank all of you who are buying the new stories. I really, really appreciate it, gang. (And for readers who are new to this blog, those new books are for adults only, and could be found very  offensive even to some adults!! I have had a 30-year career in the literary erotica market, internationally. And I have a well earned reputation for pushing the boundaries with my writing. So please be forewarned.)

Okay, back to the news!!

There was a N* tional T * rro ri sm Advisory System Bulletin released from Home  land Sec  urity yesterday, stating that there is a heightened threat of t  e  r  r  or  ism across the U  S  that they expect to last for several weeks.

Okay, gang. To me? That is really good news. Because, for some reason, I believe this is  a way to get tr  **ps out across the nation, as the m * l i t ary finally becomes public about being in control of the U  S   right now. So we can only hope.

Some less exciting news is that the fake B * den admin has some countries in the mi d  e  as  t  seemingly on the verge of war again. And while there seems to be cause for alarm in the f  a  r  e  as  t because of c  h  *  n *, the U  S   m * l i t ar y seems to be on the alert there to defend allies.

I am not a m * l * tary strategist by any stretch of the imagination, folks, this is just what I am gleaning from various reports.

Also, as mentioned in a Keyboard Operator video below, whoever is inside the W H, seems to be paying attention to s o ci al m* d  ia, because every time we start posting about the lack of lights there, the lack of family pets (dogs), those phone app-based announcements that the W H is permanently (or temporarily) closed — well, the next day, those things change.  Well, sort of. For instance, I think there’s a dog there at the W H now, and someone will now answer the phone if you call but will tell you that you have to call back, and the phone apps now say the W  H is open.

But, I seriously do not believe anyone is living there…

All righty. The only other thing of interest, is a micro-short video going viral this morning of Tr ***p on the golf course in F L and he tells someone he “isn’t done yet.”

Hmmm…. wonder who posted that, really? Frankly I don’t care, it’s just cool to have the occasional good word.

Okay. Nick Cave sent out a really interesting Red Hand File today. He discusses the emotional spectrum of what it felt like to write/record his incredible album The Boatman’s Call, how it felt after it was released, and how he feels about it now. This was/is a truly beautiful if often painful album of a relationship gone bad. To me, it only gets better and better with time.  So read how he feels about it at this link here.

I’m gonna close and get the laundry finished. Have a good Thursday, gang. Thanks for visiting. I leave you with the specific song Nick Cave speaks about in his letter today, the stunning love song, “Into My Arms”. Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: K O update with Q & A. “Table set. We haven’t finished yet.” (18 mins)

Below: K O update, pt. 1. “Details of the stock event and Q & A. (34 mins.)

Below: P * tr * ot Street fighter:  “Strange activities at the WH, AF-1 is now a C-17 Transport for the B*  den Team. WTH is going on??? All YT Livestreams will be downloaded from here, uploaded to Rumble, then deleted from here.” (1 hr)

For Godsake’s, Take the Red Pill Already!!

My goodness. The drops just keep on dropping, gang! And if you are among the few remaining A m e r i c a ns who think that anything you’re looking at right now is real, I urge you to take the red pill already. You’re seriously holding the rest of us up.

We are 'almost definitely' living in a Matrix-style simulation, claims Elon Musk

Okay, gang, below is the final page of a 132-page legal document from the Judiciary of England and Wales, dated 4 January 2021:

District Judge (Magis trate s’ Court) Vanessa Baraitser
In the We s tmins te r Magistrate s’ Court
Requesting State
Requested Person

And below is the final page in that document. This whole legal document was made available very late last night on t  e l  e  g  r  am, as a downloadable PDF.  ( I downloaded it at 2am.) It’s 132 pages that look extremely legit. I guess we shall see. Please pay attention to the end, especially.

406. In Osunta v. Germany [2008] 3 W.LR 26 at §22, per Treacy J:

“…It seems to me that the argument that effect should be given to extradition arrangements and that the court should seek to avoid discharging a warrant where serious offences are alleged is a powerful one, as is the need to trust the judicial arrangements in other jurisdictions. If excision is necessary to achieve justice in those circumstances then I find it hard to understand how an excision relating to temporal matters should be acceptable whereas one relating to matters of geography should be unacceptable”.

407. The defence complains that the late service of the second superseding indictment has resulted in unfairness in the preparation of its case. Mindful of any potential unfairness flowing from the late service of this amended indictment, on Friday 14 August 2020, I invited the defence to consider applying to adjourn the evidential hearing which was due to commence on 7 September 2020. I gave them the opportunity to consider this invitation over the course of a week but, on 21 August 2020, the defence confirmed that it would not be seeking to adjourn proceedings. No further applications were made between that date and 7 September 2020.

408. In my judgment the appropriate remedy for any unfairness arising from the late indictment would have been to allow the defence sufficient time prepare its case and advance any relevant arguments. That time was offered in August 2020 and declined.

409. I reject the defence submissions concerning staying extradition as an abuse of the process of this court.

410. I order the discharge of Julian Paul Assange, pursuant to section 91(3) of the EA 2003.
4 January 2021

I’m guessing we have him safe somewhere since a r  k  a  n  c  i  d  e  is the real pandemic, but that is only my opinion…

Okay! Awesome news. This was all over the hubs yesterday. This happened on Friday, Jan. 22 nd, while the fake B * den was in a flurry,  signing E O’s with his left hand (photos show the new fake B * den in his fake o  v  a l  o  f  f  ic  e  signing E O’s with his left hand, while years and years worth of previous photos show an actual B * den signing docs with his right hand… Hmmm.) Anyway. this happened:

A request for a new federal political party was submitted to the FEC: The Patriot Party. The filing was submitted by Donald J. Tr  ***p for P r * s * dent, Inc.

That means Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and now the Patriot Party.

Are you keeping score?

(a) New Party + (b) our gang in the fake o v  a l  off ic e + (c)  sealed indictments + (d) corporation of the U S A now bankrupt + (e) m* li tary is now in control + (f) 7000 tr **ps remaining in D C until March + (g) in a u g u ra tion day used to be March 4th  = New and this time fair el * c t * on???

Your guess is as good as mine, folks!!

From Blaze reporter Eli  ja  h Sch * f fer’s t  w *  t  t  * r account. D  C  was dark last night….


It’s funny how, after all these places go dark for awhile, someone or other ends up arrested and/or dies from C * VID…

And there was another report that the v a t  i c  a  n was once again dark last night, too. I saw a photo but I can’t confirm it was from last night. However, the p  o  p  e  is still suffering from a sciatica problem and this makes three public events in a row he could not (or won’t) appear at.

Okay, I encourage you to watch this video/podcast below. It gives a really thorough explanation of the original Constitution; the fraudulent Constitution/corporate document that we had from 1871 until 12:01am Wednesday morning; and it also explains in detail the expected new currency during the upcoming monetary transition here in the US and how it will work. (And why.) It is extremely educational. You need to watch it. (HINT: It’s all good, gang! It’s all good…)

If you aren’t on the t e  l e  g  r  am app, you are missing a ton of easily accessible declassified docs and wh* stle blo w  er videos. A lot of them are a little hard to take — some are nearly impossible to take — but it’s still best to know what is at stake now (world wide) and what is likely to be in all these many sealed indictments.

And when you read all this stuff and watch these videos (some are over an hour long and will make you cry), it convinces you that the current fake admin is absolutely that: Fake. These folks are already getting taken out in some way. The rest of them will follow soon.  Some are guilty of high t  r  e a  s on, but others are true monsters and do seem to be guilty of atrocious c r  im  e  s  ag  ain st h u ma n ity. So educate yourselves, even if it’s hard to stomach.

Re: the ever-popular virus scam- de m i c: Guess who has finally decided that all the l* d * wns are over, state-wide???? Yes, one of our favorite dictators of all time , second only to the dick-ta t or in Airstrip One: Gov. G * ry N * wsom.

Yeah, that’s right.  C *VID deaths are plummeting everywhere. Hospitals are emptying out. New infections are also plummeting rapidly. C* VID is in full  retreat. Why? Because a fake B * den is starring in the fake movie of the W H… (It’s at a theater near you, but here’s hoping it won’t stick around for long!)

Who the FUCK is that in the W h i t e H o u se ???!!!

All righty, gang. I leave you with this photo of Nick Cave from yesteryear just because I love it!! Have a blessed day, everybody. And thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

Nick Cave - The Red Hand Files - Issue #37 - It's Wednesday, 21.49 and it starts to rain. I light a cigarette and smoke on my balcony and listen to a


This link is to a really cool K O video from yesterday, but I can’t imbed it. It’s about 20 mins. It includes: “…it looks like B*  den is not in control. His signature doesn’t even match B*  den’s signature. It’s looking like everything done under his administration will be rolled back. Remain calm. Hang in there. I think everything is under control.”

Below: M * n k * y W * rx mi * l i tary flight patterns.  Where is  p  o  t  u  s? N G leaving but request for 26,000 more. Army this time? (14 mins)

Below: P* tri  ot Streetfighter.  “D C   Swamp Creatures still fill the threat of the Maestro. Motives becoming more evident every day. ‘Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying itself.’ “(1 hr.)

Below: X *@ R * port: ” … we are  still in the great awakening and people are now starting to notice the difference. People are now seeing the 16 year plan continue, jobs being lost and rights being violated. The [**] are now making a push for war. Optics are very important, how do you make the [**] push out all the evidence of their crimes? Im  peach  ment. Durham is waiting for the right moment to strike. El * ct  * on fr * ud evidence and every legally counted vote is on deck. ” (32 mins)

Below: R  * d P * ll 7 8 Comfy Sunday ( 2 hrs.)


Hallelujah & Hold On Tight, Gang!

Okay. All m* lit ary-related sources are indeed confirming that the  i  n  s   u  r   r  e c  t  i  o n a  c   t was indeed en  acted Saturday just after midnight. So I believe it’s true.

This means that the m i l i t a r y is now in control of America and that Tr ***p is c o m m a n d  e r in  c he if .

I’m hearing bl*ck  outs in Paris, Vatican, Berlin and P  a k  i s t a n — all confirmed.

I’m still hearing to expect bl *ck outs here in U  S  in coming week, including communications bl*ck outs.  Pay attention if you hear the e  m  er  g e n c en cy br  o a  d c  as  t s y st e m.

I’m hearing keep some cash on hand in case ATMs are affected by power outages. I’m hearing don’t travel too far from home in case you run out of gas and power outage affects the gas pump.

I’m also hearing this will be in key urban areas where the t  r  e  a  s  o  n  occurred, not necessarily nationwide.

Also, expect riots from ant *  f * and b  l  m. And please resist the temptation to drink the Kool-Aid. They are not fighting FOR you. They are professional, hired an* r chist ins ur gents. Their job is to totally f you up. Set fires, incite mobs, destroy buildings, and you, if you’re in the way. They are ARMED.

If you live in an area where the troops are armed and coming to town, they are on YOUR side.  This is not a take-over by an insane white supremacist dictator, as the m * d ia is trying to get you to believe.  Pass up the Kool-Aid for now and just drink water…

I know I overreact when it comes to people’s safety, but please stay closer to home right now.  Whether you live in U  S, e  u  , or u  k. I know that some of your g * v*r n ments are not on our side, but you as people, as readers, matter to me. You are likely also victims of rig ged e l * c t * ons and fake l * ck d * wns, as we are. Stay mindful. Stay away from open public spaces where crowds could quickly gather and riots could begin.

And remember, just to be safe: do NOT allow auto-software updates on your iPhones right now. And keep your alerts switched to the ON position.

Okay. The alternative s* cial m* dia hubs are insane now. P * r ler is indeed gone for now. Tens of thousands have been banned from tw *  tt * r (good news there, though, is that their stock is tanking and their employees are fleeing…)

But because of that mass exodus, trying to find people on the other hubs is getting tricky because the hubs are all getting overloaded and it can take forever to simply get on, let alone find anyone. I am on: g  a  b; clou t h u b; t e l e g r am;  b i t ch u t e; and I follow people on Dlive, and r  u m  b  l  e dot com. I am usually mjaye22 on all platforms. Sometimes, I’m marilynjayelewis, if I’m on there professionally. I’m not on any of these platforms to connect or to chat, though. I am always just looking to gather reliable news.

TONS of dis-info on all the hubs right now. So please keep that in mind. I do my best to get to the people who debunk stuff before posting here.

i.e. — I would resist the urge right now to believe anything you hear about the P  o  p  e. Whether it’s good or bad.  Just wait to see how it plays out.

Fancy-Nancy has apparently decided to postpone the im  pe a ch ment until next week but is now pushing hard for # 25. She is doing a top-notch job of acting like she is totally out of her fucking mind. (Of course, she’s had years to perfect it.)

Other than that, Tr **p has left the building in a big way. So we have to just sit tight, not get frightened by what we might see this week, keep the faith, stay close to home.


Last night, R *d P*ll 7 8 announced their own app. You can get it on your desktop at thefoxhole.app or in the app store as foxhole app.

If you’re a newsletter subscriber to Nick Cave’s Cave Things, they have a sale going on right now. Check your inbox for the special code. The truly sad news is that none of the Suck My Dick merchandise seems to be included in the sale… including this:

Load image into Gallery viewer, SUCK MY DICK HAND-KNITTED DOG JUMPER

And this:

Other than that, have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world.  I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from today! Thanks for visiting, gang!! I love you guys. See ya.

Below: From K O, more updates


How Come She Knew and They Didn’t?

By now, loyal readers of this lofty blog have likely seen that, yes, there was indeed violence in D C yesterday.

A n t * f * infiltrated the crowd of p* triots at the Cap i tol building. And all hell broke loose.  Go figure… Who could have guessed? (Except all of us.)

Sadly, a female 14-year-Air Force veteran was shot and killed, allegedly by the Cap i tol Building police. (It is on video all over so cial m* dia, but I won’t post it here.)

And according to the R*d P* ll 7 8 podcast last night, a man standing near them in the crowd, before anyone even went into the building, died from cardiac arrest after a concussion grenade was thrown from police into the crowd.

2 other people died, but no details have been released yet, but they are thinking it is medically-related, like the case mentioned above. (i.e., a heart attack from the ensuing chaos.)

The ri o t er s who were video-taped doing the destruction of the windows, etc.,  and the one guy who was pictured presiding over an empty Congress have been identified as A n t * f * through face recognition software. Although some p * triots also went into the Capitol, after An t * f * broke through the door.

(Apparently there was wifi inside the building and so some of the rioters were taping it all and uploading it to social m* dia immediately. I saw almost all of it in “real time”, although it took hours before I got a good understanding of what I was looking at.)

If you listen to the R*d P* ll 7 8 podcast on Dlive (I don’t know how to copy a link to it here because it hasn’t uploaded to r u m b l e yet), they describe in detail exactly what happened while they were there at the Cap i tol yesterday. They also describe what I believe they called a funnel war game — where the police made it extremely easy for everyone to get through the first few fences & flimsy barricades, but once hundreds of thousands of people had funneled on to the grounds and the riot broke out, there were only 2 small exits, very far apart and difficult to get to. So as thousands of people tried to turn back and get out, thousands more, who were still unaware of the riot (because there was no cell phone signal for anyone to text or to contact anyone else), kept funneling in.


And their conclusion, based on a lot more than I’ve mentioned here, was that it was a setup to make Tr**p’s supporters look like “white supremacist terrorists”.

That’s what the main stream me d i a called them. As far as I know, A n t * f*’s presence was never mentioned on mainstream m * dia.


As far as the feared social m* dia c * n sorship, so far, obviously, I’m still here, however, as expected, they immediately blocked Tr**p’s accounts on F   B, Insta gr a m, and tw * tt*r, so his speech to his followers to try to remain peaceful and go home was only aired on alternative media sites. No one else in the country saw it.

Here it is below for your viewing pleasure. Tr **p has long since been evacuated to a military base in T X. (BTW, he gave his main speech to millions of followers in front of the W H yesterday afternoon, completely surrounded by bullet-proof glass.)

Okay, also on the c * s *r ship topic — L *n W**d has now been permanently banned from tw * tt *r but you can follow his comments  on  p a  r  l e r.

And this is some of what he’s saying: Now that v  p  P * nc e and con gress folded and certified B * den, the c o u p d ‘ e t a t  — a Capital offense of high treason —  has officially been committed. Now it is a completed crime.

He further says, many tr ai  tors will be arrested & jailed in the coming days.

You know, gang, as sick to my stomach as I sometimes get from L* n W**d’s recent tw ** ts because I didn’t want to believe some of them, many of them have now come true. Including P * nc e folding, and Lo e ffl er being completely untrustworthy because she is married to millions of dollars from c h *  n *.

(Which reminds me, the news out of h  *  ng k *  ng is sickening.)

Anyway,  L*n W **d has maintained for several days that P *  nc * is going to be arrested for tr e a s o n. But he has also been saying that P * n c * is a p * d * ph * le who prefers young teenage b  o  y  s.

Well, if it’s true, there’s that pesky blackmail angle again. That theory that sometimes it gets in the way of focusing on one’s job…

Well, Tr **p is promising a peaceful transition to B * den, even though there is still all this talk of arrests yet to be made.

So we shall see. However the dice fall, the next 2 weeks are going to be Hell on Earth time here in the U S. I’m not sure how my nerves will handle it. It is extremely exhausting. Plus, in keeping with popular Leftist sensibilities, I’m getting canceled by my few remaining friends. I guess since I had been trying to warn them of the violence that did indeed happen yesterday, they somehow blame me that it happened, or that I supported what happened.

Really, all I was trying to do was keep people safe and ask them to stop drinking the Kool-Aid of main stream m* dia. Still, to me, fighting for the C * n st * tu ti on is more important than false friends. The document will be here long after I will.

On a very interesting note: Nick Cave sent out his first Red Hand File since before Christmas. And he announced the title of the new album he and Warren Ellis have recorded (or are still recording?): CARNAGE.

How perfectly appropriate. I can’t wait. (But will I be listening to it as a citizen of B* den’s c o m m  u n i s t regime, or Tr**p’s C*n stitu tional Republic?)

Okay, gang. We shall see what the next 2 weeks unveil. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

Below: “A n t * f* poses as m  a  g  a and storms congress”:

Below: “Taking back the country was never going to be easy. The [**] will fight dirty; know its going to get a lot worse as we move forward, buckle up its time to take back this country. This has been planned from the beginning.”

It’s All Gotten Very Interesting

First of all — thank you to those of you buying my new erotic eBooks over at Black Lotus Books!! I really, really appreciate it.  So very much.

And, if you like them,  please don’t forget to review the books on the site after you’ve read them. I’m pretty sure you can use some sort of “username” and not your actual name if you don’t want to. (Yes, for over 30 years now, people who love my books & short stories often don’t want it publicly known that they do. It’s totally okay…)

All righty. Wow.

The news is getting so darn weird.

First (this is not weird), Tr**p is asking you to be in front of the W H on Jan 6 th by 9am.

Also, R*dP*ll 78 will be streaming live in D C  at some point during the day or evening. You can follow him on DLive. (And also on twitch and gab and rumble, etc.)

Okay, so some of that weird news.

Earthquakes all over the place that the mainstream media isn’t mentioning. However, some are saying this is normal underground activity. Others are saying these are underground bombs being tested… I do not have any idea what it means, but I thought the video below was very interesting.

I’m guessing that by now you know that vandals spray-painted P*los*’s house (and left a rather unfortunate pig’s head) and Mc C*nn*ll’s house was spray-painted, too. Also the “handwriting” on P* los*’s house was identical to the vandals who spray-painted the house of the Mayor of Oakland, CA this past July.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco home vandalized overnight on New  Year's Day - ABC7 San Francisco

Oakland July 2020 below. (I’m guessing it’s rather dicey to get in bed with anarchists, because you just never know when they’re gonna turn on you and spray-paint stuff on your garage, even if you were giving good lip-service to that idea that black lives mattered — at least  they did for a few weeks this past summer. After that, judging by the rise in shootings and murders of black people in Dem-run urban areas all over America , it sort of seemed like they were on their own.)

Oakland Mayor's Home Vandalized With 'Defund The Police'

Mc C* nn *ll’s house decorated for the New Year:

Where's my money': Mitch McConnell's house also vandalized, along with  Nancy Pelosi's

In other weird news:

As we all know by now, besides pretending to have a Southern accent while in Georgia the other day, and pretending to have celebrated Kwanzaa her whole life while photos from her childhood clearly show her celebrating Christmas,  k * m* l* has yet to resign from her Senate seat and start acting like a v p – el*ct.

That’s right. She has not chosen any new draperies for her office or anything like that.

Well, in addition to those well-known facts, word all over the non-censored social m* dia this morning is saying that B* den’s inaugural parade has been canceled. (My guess is because having only 10 people show up at a parade would force it to be less than a block long, and that would not only waste everyone’s time but it would also just be awkward.)

Especially when compared to, you know, something like the video below. (If you aren’t among the million-and-a-half people who have already watched this short video of Tr**p supporters in America, it will blow your mind. You never see this stuff on mainstream m* dia, gang. Never. Because this is not a man who lost an el * c t* on.)

The weird thing about that video above is that it was uploaded on Nov. 4th — the very day that all of America was waking up to discover that during the night, the el* ct*on had been rigged. Hmmm. Almost seems like Tr**p knew it was gonna happen and the video was ready & waiting… Almost like what Tr**p’s q supporters are saying right now: that these last 4 years have been an incredible sting operation to finally trap O b * m*  and the C* P in the act…)

There is also a rumor that B* den is planning to concede before the intense intensity begins on Jan 6 th in D C … (maybe he’s thinking that those upcoming felony charges in u k r a i n e for money-laundering will take up too much of his time and he won’t be able to give the job of governing a country as huge as the United States enough of his attention? Obviously, I don’t know.)

If conceding is true, though, how on earth do you concede from a fr*u d*l ent el *ct * on? Do you act like it was just now brought to your attention that there might have been some inaccuracies in the results? (Like, say, hundreds of thousands of fake v*tes that millions of people have been screaming about for 2 solid months???)

I guess we’ll see. But over at the horribly corrupt t w* t t*r, J*ck t w ** t *d that he is already focused on 2030. Perhaps he, too, is conceding that 2020 is lost for now… (Or maybe he’s thinking that 2030 will be the year he’s up for a possible parole after being convicted of High Treason? Who the heck knows. I guess we’ll simply just have to see.)

All this considered, perhaps you’ll concur, though, that the news is just getting really weird.

Okay, so around here today, we’ll be taking down the Christmas tree and all the Christmas decorations. And when I say “we,” I of course mean just me, because the cats are never really up for watching Christmas disappear and they get listless and lethargic and end up being good for not too much.

Man, it’s a lot of work, isn’t it? Taking down all that stuff and packing it away and then lugging it back upstairs to the storage closet? It’s always a little sad to take down the decorations, but there is something really refreshing about having the house all tidy and back to normal again, too. So I’m kind of looking forward to it.

Okay, I’m gonna get started here. Have a terrific Sunday, wherever you are in the world.  Thanks for visiting, gang. I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning. I’ve posted it here many times before, but here it is again! “The Ship Song,” from the 1990 album The Good Son, by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Enjoy. In my opinion, the song never gets old.  All righty. I love you guys. See ya.

Best New Year’s Day Ever!!

Okay, gang! Black Lotus Books has officially launched, and 1954 Powder Blue Pickup and Half-Moon Bride are now officially for sale!

Both of these titles are considered “taboo” erotica — meaning they push the boundaries even for erotica, and some readers could find them disturbing or maybe even offensive. Others among you will probably love them! They are both available as eBooks, but 1954 Powder Blue Pickup is also a print book.

Half-Moon Bride

A young woman discovers her half-moon futanari nature, taking on male genitalia every full moon; becoming a hermaphrodite for twenty-four hours.

On her first full-moon transformation, she learns of her betrothal to a mysterious Oracle who lives in a mountain palace. The Oracle is a full-package futanari of astonishing proportions.

Together, in their hermaphrodite states, they’ll experience a wedding night of extreme sex that stretches the little half-moon bride beyond her limits. A love story of extremes and questionable consent, Half-Moon Bride will make you squirm and leave you breathless.

1954 Powder Blue Pickup

A young man navigates 1950s America and the strict sexual morals of the era by introducing a pretty young woman to the joy of anal sex in an effort to give them both pleasure while maintaining her virginity in the technical sense. The pair will embark on an affair of unbridled licentious behavior, with no strings attached, in the privacy of his powder blue pickup truck. Neither will be prepared for the depths of the other’s carnal appetites.

Extreme anal, oral, three-ways, and gang bangs overtake their growing attraction to one another, until they are each forced to admit that they’ve crossed a threshold from which there is no return.

1954 Powder Blue Pickup is a love story that explores the hidden world of women’s unapologetic desires. Extreme anal, gang bangs, and questionable consent are present throughout.

Don’t forget — when you visit the site, sign up for their newsletter. The publisher has just launched today — and 50 additional titles will be rolled out as the month unfolds.

I have 3 other books in the works for them, as well. The erotic memoir, a new erotic novel, and a collection of my erotic short stories. Those will likely be coming out later this year.

I’m super excited, gang!!


There actually was some interesting news yesterday. I’ve posted the videos below.

Probably the item that I found the most curious was yet another astounding tw ** t from L*n W**d, regarding  the U S S* pr * me C*urt J*dge, R* b *rts and the seemingly never-ending blackmail stuff.

It just keeps getting more jaw-dropping. And the worst part of it is that “the Judge” is not doing one thing about it. Meaning — no defamation charges. No lawsuits. Nothing. Not a peep to defend himself.

Now it’s moved beyond just the L o l i t a  Island thing, and apparently, the Judge illegally adopted two children, through Ep st *in, no less. Extreme charges of pedophilia hovering.

And then L*n W**d tw **ted that Ep st * in is still alive. And it almost sounded as if actual, living testimony would be forthcoming. Perhaps the feds got to Ep st * in before the a r k a n c i d e r s could? (I have since looked up stuff on d* ck d*ck go re: the Ep st* in “death” photo. Mainly, the shape of his nose and size of his ears changed dramatically in death. Almost looks like a different guy altogether…. hmmmm. )

Well. How fucking weird.

The RP78 video below goes into more detail about that item. I do remember hearing something in the news, regarding Ep st *in’s “suicide,” that the guards were gassed and then people went in and “offed” Jeffrey. But I had never heard the rumors that people thought the guy was actually still alive and would be spilling everything he knew.

Well, curiouser and curiouser. Honestly, how do these people sleep at night? My tummy would be a great big bunch of ulcers if it were me involved in any of this shit. Jesus.

Okay. On the fake p* nd * m*c front, some of the nurses who got vaccinated are apparently testing positive now for C* VID.

I have no clue what’s going on with that, obviously, but my first thought is that those darn C* VID tests are curiously faulty. Everyone and their groceries are testing positive for C* VID.

My second thought is that the one and only time I ever got a flu shot — 35 years ago –was the one and only time I ever got the flu, so it could be something along those lines. After all, they are putting a living GMO into your body with those vaccines.

The other thought has to do with this: No one seems to be getting the flu anymore, because it seems it’s way more lucrative for hospitals to treat you for C* VID (upwards of $50,000 in larger urban areas! Around here, it’s only a paltry $30,000).

In fact, watch this.  It takes 59 seconds and makes nothing but SENSE:

Riddle of the Missing Flu: “Influenza Has been re-named C* VID” says maverick epidemiologist 

The other interesting news is still a bit of a mystery. A few days ago, Tr **p said that January 1st was going to be a big day.

I have no idea if this is something that will happen behind the scenes in D C , or something that we’ll see in the news. But today is of course January 1st.

Oh, also, some really awesome speculation in the RP78 video (below) regarding J a n 6 th and v p P * n ce. It’s in the first hour of the video so you’ll want to watch that.

But I also want to stress here that for those of you going to D C , the D**p St* te is forcing bars, restaurants and hotels to close that day. They are hoping to make D C  as inhospitable for you as possible. They do NOT want you to be there. However, that’s all the more reason to go if you can possibly make it. (And if that bit up there about P * n ce is true, it will blow your fucking minds and you will not want to miss it!) But be sure you have arrangements for a place to sleep and prepare to find it difficult to locate a bathroom…

Also, be safe. And don’t wander around alone. An t * f* is expected to be around in huge numbers and they have already shown (on video, no less) that they have no problem attacking famous politicans and threatening to rape their wives, or attacking the elderly and even young children.

And since our favorite Hun gar ian now owns the worst urban areas in our country, crime and lawlessness there are absolutely no joke. So stay with the crowd.

Okay. I guess that’s it for this lovely January 1st, 2021.  I hope we all have a really wonderful year ahead of us.  Thanks for visiting, gang. I really appreciate it. I leave you with my late-night-listening music from yesterday: “Mercy,” by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, from their 1988 album, Tender Prey.  Enjoy (if that’s the right word for it). I love you guys. See ya.

New Year’s Eve 10-minute political update:

Below:  Soon “these people will not be able to walk down the street”. They have destroyed so many people’s lives:

Below: “The people now know who the real enemy is”:

More about the live d * m* n * on v* ting m* chine hack:

R*d P*ll 7 8: “We the people will not be silent”:

Yes, We Had More Snow!!

It was nothing as dramatic as the snow we got on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, nevertheless, I awoke at 3am to go to the bathroom, and what to my wondering eyes should appear outside the windows?  Snow!! Yay!!

When I went to bed last night, it was raining. Not that I don’t like rain, however, loyal readers of this lofty blog no doubt recall that this past summer, torrential rains caused a serious leak in my bathroom ceiling downstairs. And since I have gotten more and more broke as this fake p* nd * m*c continues, I can’t afford to get that section of the roof re-sealed and stop the leak in my bathroom ceiling.

And last evening, because of the relentless rain, the ceiling down in that bathroom sprang a new and much more impressive leak. So to awaken to snow by 3am was also a signal that the leak in the downstairs bathroom ceiling would at least cease until the snow melts… so that was a relief.

(And what’s interesting to note is that I live in a house that’s 120 years old, and yet the newest part of the roof  — from 1997 — is what’s leaking.)

I actually have no idea what to do about this, gang. I can’t afford to hire someone to come out and fix the roof right now. I have given some thought to perhaps trying to find a younger, real handyman-type of guy somewhere to get married to ASAP and get that roof fixed by him. But, actually, I’m not a big “marriage” type of gal (she says, after 2 divorces), and if I were going to get involved with another man, I would kind of like to actually be in love…

And I don’t want to resort to putting in a claim with my homeowner’s insurance, because then they raise your monthly rates… But how long can I live with this problem that is obviously getting worse? Plus, I love that bathroom. I have to make some sort of a decision. Like, soon.

Meanwhile, I will simply enjoy the snow combined with the fact that everyone still has their Christmas lights up!

All right.

Man, just when you thought you couldn’t hate O b * m * more than you already did… more awfulness comes to light. The first two videos below will explain that. And the video from Keyboard Operator (the first one below) goes into something kind of horrific that I had not heard before. It’s at the 3-minute mark in the video.

It not only involves more horrific shit about O b * m *, but it includes another tw ** t from L*n W**d regarding U  S  S* pr * m* Co * rt J* dg e R * b er ts and more reasons why he is apparently being blackmailed. It’s really sickening.

Okay, let’s just back track a bit.

First of all, just generally, if no one has ever alerted you to this before: Don’t have sex with underage teens anymore. It used to be perfectly okay back in the 1970s (unless you were famous and someone really just wanted to drain you dry of your financial resources). But now it’s totally the murkiest area imaginable and it leaves you open to all sorts of blackmail and jail time.

I’m not talking about what I would call true “pedophilia,” which in my opinion, involves actual children. I’m talking here about sexually-active teenagers. And teenagers, in the entirety of my 60 years on planet Earth, have always loved sex and have usually had quite a lot of it. Hence, so many really young gals with babies. (My own parents were 13 and 15 when I was born.) But getting anywhere near sexually-active teenagers now, if you’re older than they are, is so illegal it would make your head spin.

So, stay away from underage teens. Also, don’t get involved in murders or in helping to cover-up murders.

These two things are just my general advice to you. Your life is going to go much more smoothly if you steer clear of these two things.

However, that said, if your life goes completely awry and you do manage to get involved in those two things — even if you were set up — well, here’s an idea: Don’t go into politics. And best yet, don’t become a Judge. You’re just gonna sleep better if you avoid all that, okay?

Oh, and plus, if you steer clear of those two things, it’s not gonna get in the way of your doing your actual job…

I’m just making general observations here, and giving you what I consider to be sound advice. But that’s just me.

Oh, and this is only partially related — the whole E p st **n Island thing, and how he “committed suicide” in his jail cell in NYC while the security cameras where mysteriously not working… oh, and his cell mate was mysteriously moved to a new cell a couple days before…

Okay, well, that guy, the cell mate, was released from jail as part of the fake C* VID  p* nd * m*c and the plan to keep jails from being overcrowded — well, he was released from jail. The cell mate who was mysteriously moved out of E p st ** n’s cell right before he “committed suicide”. He was released from jail. And guess what?

Yes, he recently died from C* VID while alone in his apartment…

All righty.

Let’s just avoid jails when and if at all possible, okay, people???

(That said, though, I get the distinct impression that the federal prisons are gonna start getting super-duper crowded over the next 4 years… don’t you?)

Okay. Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, wherever you are in the world.  2021 promises to be explosive.  And I hope in all the best ways. Take care of yourselves. And thanks for visiting!! (The song below is dedicated to the man I love. He knows who he is.)

Okay. I love all of you! See ya.

“Kathy’s Song”

I hear the drizzle of the rain
Like a memory it falls
Soft and warm continuing
Tapping on my roof and walls.
And from the shelter of my mind
Through the window of my eyes
I gaze beyond the rain-drenched streets
To England, where my heart lies.

My mind’s distracted and diffused
My thoughts are many miles away
They lie with you when you’re asleep
And kiss you when you start your day.

And as a song I was writing is left undone
I don’t know why I spend my time
Writing songs I can’t believe
With words that tear and strain to rhyme.

And so you see I have come to doubt
All that I once held as true
I stand alone without beliefs
The only truth I know is you.

And as I watch the drops of rain
Weave their weary paths and die
I know that I am like the rain
There but for the grace of you go I

© 1965 Paul Simon

Below are ten minutes that should blow your mind:

Devastating (below): Senate Committee report: Ob * m*  Administration was funding Al Qu a e da…

Below: “Trump has now trapped, Congress. Congress has been put into the spotlight with the stimulus bill and the NDAA. Now people are watching to see how Congress handles this. This is something (Congress) does not want, they are exposed. The EU begins to talk about the great reset [in partnership with Ch * n a — Ed] , this is already failing.”

Below: “… The entire election scam is falling apart and those who [knowingly] participated are feeling the heat. Tick-tock, time is running out.”

Blame S * r * s for this and get the fuck out of New York.  $8 millions worth of budget cuts to de-fund the police there. Crime is truly off the charts:

Yesterday, this testimony changed everything about G A, and it was live online and on TV:

The difference between the Constitution and laws:

Random college students in Southern California who do not know the Pledge of Allegiance… unbelievable. (This sad situation was all part of a planned attack by previous Administrations in D C on our public schools, nationwide. It’s called “Common Core,” and its plan was to dumb down America, to distance children from the history of America and any love for America, and actually make them dismissive of America and more easily accepting of Leftist ideologies. It worked, by the way.

It has been demonstrably proven that kids who attend private schools, charter schools, or parochial schools are much better educated than kids sent to public schools, regardless of race, religion, income, or gender.

(If you aren’t American, the Pledge of Allegiance is something that used to be taught to us in public schools at age six: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands; one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.) (Justice for all, folks. They aren’t taught that anymore.)

Do These People Stay Up All Night?

I am of course talking about the non-stop com r*des on the Far L*ft whose sole goal in life is to try to get you to disbelieve  anything at all that actually makes sense.

So, clearly, they must stay awake all night trying to think of new ways to get you to buy into their garbage.

I’m currently talking about how they’re scrambling to try to undue the damage done by that Austrian MP who proved in front of the Austrian parliament that Coca Cola tests positive for C* VID 19 when using the thoroughly rigged p  c  r  test. The M P went on to say:

 “The evidence is overwhelming, starting with the absolutely absurd mass tests that are currently being carried out, which are nothing more than a large-scale redistribution of tens of millions of euros in tax money from the population…it can’t go on like this.”

Much like how the Italian scientist showed how the seemingly harmless kiwi also tests positive for C* VID when using the thoroughly rigged p  c  r  test.

(There have also been chicken wings tested, and mangoes tested, and it seems that everything everywhere — including millions of people — tests positive for C* VID when using that test.)

Which of course is why this is important to watch:

No, I am not letting up on this. And partly because I encountered a young woman in the health food store yesterday.

On the outside, she looked perfectly healthy. I don’t know if she had a compromised immune system. She didn’t say. She seemed to simply be out of her mind with anxiety. Two older men — in their 70s — were also in  the store. One, who seemed to be mostly Native American (who was exceedingly attractive, btw, and did not look 72!!), wasn’t wearing a m*sk at all. I didn’t even notice because I’m not part of the m* sk police. The other man had his m* sk lowered because he was actually prophesying something about Jesus. It was sort of fascinating.

Anyway, the young woman was hovering in the corner, completely terrified. And I thought she was afraid of the Jesus thing. I went over to her and asked her if she was frightened. And she was so angry. She said that she didn’t appreciate them not wearing m*sks and that they were invading her personal space…

Whoa, right? Here we all were — so much older than she was and knowing now that it’s all a fr*ud (there’s a virus, yes,  but it’s not worthy of a p* nd* m*c) (or as some people call it : the “planned-emic’). And yet here’s this young woman, absolutely buying it, hook line & sinker, and terrified out of her mind.

I actually just walked away from her because I could see it was hopeless. But it makes me so angry, to see what they are doing to these poor people who are falling into this scheme of psychological control and they are losing their minds.

And when a person is that far gone (the term is “delusional psychosis”), if you try to tell them that m* sks don’t work, that more and more studies are coming out to prove it — yet there are no studies proving they do work, and all you have to do is look around at the world, lo! these many months now, and use common sense to see that if the m*sks worked, we wouldn’t have a so-called p * n d* m*c, getting worse and worse with each passing day…. Or that the C D C has known all along that m* sks don’t work, etc., well, you’re just going to push these poor people’s minds to the breaking point.

In my opinion, that does qualify as a “crime against humanity.” (See video above.)

What’s going to happen to that poor woman when she finally finds out the truth? And multiply her times all the others who are still under this spell of extreme psychological manipulation?

(I told a friend recently about those stats on the C  D  C  web site, and so she went and saw it for herself: there was no huge rise in the numbers of deaths in the US in 2020 (so odd, because we’ve been having, like, a p* nd* m *c…). The numbers this year are in line with the numbers from 2019, 2018, 2017, etc., etc.  It all comes down to which columns they put the numbers in.)

And keep in mind that, at least around here, hospitals get paid upwards of $30K for each C* VID death they have, so what is likely to go on the death certificate? The surviving relatives have to actually start lawsuits against the hospitals in order to get the right cause of death put on the death certificate for their loved one. (So far, no one has won yet; it’s all still in progress.)

Much like how big ph * rma is now paying pastors $30K to encourage their congregations, from the pulpit no less, to get vaccinated…

Oh wait — here’s an idea: Follow the $$$$$$

Makes sense Memes

All right. Here’s another idea.

The Gallop Poll revealed yesterday that Tr**p is the most admired man in America for 2020. He not only booted O b o zo out of the prime spot for the first time in 12 years (I’m guessing he was a little hard to be around yesterday — O b * m *, I mean; aka “the excruciatingly extreme narcissist”).

Anyway, Tr**p not only booted O b* m* out of that spot, but B* den — yes, the man who allegedly got more votes  in 2020 than John F. Kennedy and O * b*m* ever got, both of whom are considered among the most popular pr* s* d* nts in history. Anyway, B* den, who allegedly won the Pr* s* d* ncy with 80 million votes,  was way down on the Gallop Poll list of admired men…

I mean, it’s just odd

What was also of interest, is that m i c h * ll e  o b* m* was selected as the most admired woman of 2020. I only find this odd because I personally do not know a single solitary person who likes that woman. But then I don’t know everyone.

If you missed the wide angle video I posted last week about the c e o of  O v *r st * ck and the multi-million dollar bribery scam involving our beloved H * ll *ry, you might want to watch it, because he talks about O b * m *’s scheme to remain Pr * s*n d*nt for no less than 3 if not 4 additional terms. (Not counting the 2 he already had).  He was planning to achieve this by putting H * ll * ry up as a puppet for 2 terms, then his wife, m * ch* lle. (This was allegedly going to be achieved through the constant rigging of e l * ct* ons, much like how he is trying to become P r * s* d* nt again by setting B* den up as a puppet in a rigged el * ct * on, followed closely by k *m * l *, because I don’t think anyone on Earth thinks B* den is going to not face some sort of criminal money-laundering charges, whether its here in the U S or in our beloved u k r a i n e, and so they are expecting k*m * l * to actually be the Pr * s* d* nt. )

Anyway. The guy is power mad.

Okay, well, more developments on the Stimulus Bill but I will let the videos below discuss that for you, since they do it really, really well.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I hope you are taking it easy and gearing up for a really nice New Year’s Eve!! I love you guys. See ya.

Below: “The people are now seeing for the first time that congress is not for the people, they are interested in their lobbyists, special interest groups and they are not passing bills to benefit the people. Tr**p just exposed the economic swamp.”

Oh, and guess what? There’s still massive el * ct * on fr* ud out there. This has something to do with very complicated math (meaning addition and subtraction) …