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Still More Snow!!

All right. More snow. Not uncommon for these parts. But Texas? And Seattle?

Need I draw your attention to that video from 2 weeks ago ( c i r st en w and p * tr * ot stree  t f ighter), about n a s a creating a polar vortex expected on Feb 16th?? And how it would cause power outages? There are nearly 2 million homes without power in Texas right now…

It is truly amazing how diabolical everything seems. But why do it to T X? N a  s  a is in fucking T X… (However, I’m guessing that if you’re effing n a s a, you don’t lose power.)

Okay. If you’re on t  e  l e  g r am, check out all the many declassed drops from thetruegreatawakening from yesterday, gang.  Truly disgusting stuff documenting how C  * VID was planned a few years in advance.

Here are some interesting things to note:

A   R o t hs chil d pa t ent for c*  vid testing filed in the e u, from 10/13/2015:


You’ll note that being psychic is incredibly important when filing your patent for a C * VID test 4 years in advance…

Some other psychic phenomena (these are all from thetruegreatawakening t  e l e  g  r  am drops, which also include videos and pdf documentation — if you can stomach it all):

 “S P A  R S”  P an d e  ic Future Scenario 2025-2028

This was sponsored by the J  o h ns   H  op kin s Center for H  ea  l th Sec u rity in October 2017, and it oddly reflects perfectly what happened during the thoroughly unexpected C  * VID panic of 2020. Below is taken from a 90-page pdf which you can download and read for yourself on t  e  l e  g  r  am.

Here’s the doc’s official Disclaimer, which is super cute [emphasis mine]:

This is a hypothetical scenario designed to illustrate the public health risk communication challenges that could potentially emerge during a naturally occurring infectious disease  outbreak requiring development and distribution of novel and/or investigational drugs, vaccines, therapeutics, or other medical countermeasures.

Scenario Purpose
The following narrative comprises a futuristic scenario that illustrates communication dilemmas concerning medical countermeasures (MCMs) that could plausibly emerge in the not-so-distant future. Its purpose is to prompt users, both individually and in discussion with others, to imagine the dynamic and oftentimes conflicted circumstances in which communication around emergency MCM development, distribution, and uptake takes place. […]


A Possible Future in 2025: The “Echo Chamber”
Chapter One: The SPARS Outbreak Begins
Chapter Two: A Possible Cure
Chapter Three: A Potential Vaccine
Chapter Four: Users Beware
Chapter Five: Going Viral
Chapter Six: The Grass is Always Greener
Chapter Seven: The Voice
Chapter Eight: Are You Talking To Me?
Chapter Nine: Changing Horses Midstream
Chapter Ten: Head of the Line Privileges
Chapter Eleven: Standing in Line, Protesting Online
Chapter Twelve: Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket
Chapter Thirteen: Lovers and HatersI
Chapter Fifteen: Are You Talking to Me, Part II
Chapter Sixteen: Antibiotics, HO!
Chapter Seventeen: Vaccine Injury
Chapter Eighteen: Acknowledging Loss
Chapter Nineteen: SPARS Aftermath

This stuff is sickening, gang.  But wait! There’s more!

You can also see the official gov document approving the B  i  l l G  * t es corona v irus patent from Nov. 20, 2018, and download the pdf doc! (Yes, he has a patent on a c o r on a virus! The patent is only 65 pages long! They began filing the paperwork for it on July 23, 2015.)

You can also watch videos from and read the various biographies of participants in  E  vent 2  0  1.  This event included executives from the UN, and corporations like Jo  h  n  s on &   J oh son;  Lufthansa; the c  d  c; the  A  N  Z  bank and the Australian Policy Institute;  the Mon e t ary authority of Singapore — and many more! (Gosh, they have a lot in common, don’t you think?)

What did E vent  2  0  1 do? Yes you guessed it! It was a pan d e mic exercise to illustrate preparedness, that took place on November 4, 2019.  The videos show how all these people from financial powerhouses all over the world proposed to handle all aspects of the “pretend” pan d e mic. (Good thing everyone was so prepared because, like, right away, we had one!!)

I wish I could tell you that it stopped there…

But no.

He dropped even more documents.

One on pl a c  eb o induction:

Our question is whether we can trigger that same sequence of events leading to the same response using an artificial inducer in place of faith. We also ask as to the nature of the inducer.
If effective, whether the inducer is a drug or other formulation, a thought, belief, or practitioner, as it has been developed to deliberately and independently stimulate an active response it is now a therapy and not a placebo. The ultimate aim of the project is to enhance the ability of responders and to induce a controlled response in non-responders.

The objectives of the project are therefore:

1. to determine the sequence of cellular and/or subcellular events initiated by a belief system plus a triggering agent, practitioner, device, technique, product, resulting in a healing response in the absence of a typical therapeutic substance;
2. to initiate the same sequence of events in the absence of, or in the place of, a belief system or learned behavior;
3. to study the effect of the successful completion of step 2 above on the patient’s belief system; and
4. to determine if people can be taught to become responders or increase their ability to do so.



Control much?

It got scarier.

Molecular Therapies: This is all about gene regulating, and survival factors, growth factors, death…

Then they moved on to Energy Medicine:

The portrayal of the role of energy in physiological processes is also becoming more apparent as research has grown to include topics including cellular communication, neurobiology, and the role of electrons and photons, including investigations that are beginning to map the range of bio-photonic activity in the body. […]

That sounds perfectly safe, right?

The crowning piece to all these declassed drops, however, explained how — oh, let’s say a gene therapy passed off as maybe a v  a c  c  in e  during an entirely unexpected p an de  mic could perhaps actually introduce, I don’t know, stuff like nano-particles into your body that simply shouldn’t be there, but that devices can communicate with to determine if a task has been performed and then the heat from a moving human body can trigger a sensor that  – how should we put this? — it can award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity can be verified.

This was a C * VID – ^^ 19 Patent update, regarding a “cryptocurrency system using body activity data”

It was filed on June 20, 2019.

Trans human ism, gang. It’s not just a myth anymore.  (Again, you can view the complete docs and download them from thetruegreatawakening on t e l e g r am.)

Really. Seriously. I’d avoid that ” v a c c ine” if at all possible, folks.

And just to cheer you, here’s an article about

The Ch *  n ** se Co mm  un ist P * rty’s Unrestricted Biological War  f*re: Looking from A Key Overlooked Angle and Four Attack Possibilities

In Dr. Y **  Lime  n*’s two published reports, she thoroughly demonstrated that not only the C * P virus came from the C * P laboratory, but also defined it as a biological weapon from the C * P military in the aspects of science and intelligence. However, under C* P’s operations of full cover-up, obstruction, and slander, the two heavyweight reports have not provoked a unanimous worldwide awakening and counterattack.

[full article here]

I guess, you know, add to that the report in the N Y mag that  F * u ci gave his bio-engineered v i r us research to the lab to use, and that B * l l g * t  e s allegedly owns that lab in w * h  an, and we have a nicely rounded-out picture.

Saturday at the health food store, I was with this guy who also follows [17] and he has a pilot’s license.  We were trying hard not to stare at this poor little old woman who was literally freaking out because so many people in the store were not wear m * sks.  She was really losing it, saying really sad stuff, like, “This is never going to be over if we don’t all wear our m*sks!”

And my friend whispered to me, “I’m flying you down to D  C  and we’re going to bring our own rope and start hanging those people.”

(Just fyi, here in the US, the death penalty has gone back to hangings; it’s no longer death by firing squad.)

It is really just sickening what they have gotten away with. I’m not really sure how much longer I can take this, folks, but on we go.

Okay. I hope you have a good day, wherever you are in the world. I’m gonna put on my mukluks, head out into the snow and go pay my water bill!! Thanks for visiting, gang! I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning. If it doesn’t make you happy, nothing will, I’m afraid. The Rivingtons, singing their monster hit from 1963, “Papa Oom Mow Mow”.  (I had it on repeat for nearly an hour!) All right. Listen. Relax. Try to forget all this. And take care of yourselves. I love you guys See ya.


The X * 2 R * ports from last night. They were awesome, gang.