All Signs Indicate Victory, Gang!

Some very interesting things happened yesterday.

The most interesting one, to me, was that at least 50% of the customers who came into the health food store yesterday were no longer wearing m*sks.

This is very exciting to me. It shows that more and more people are awake and fed up with this. (Technically, our g o v er nor here still has a m* sk mandate for inside public spaces, but we do not enforce it at the store and never have. We are not really allowed to actively tell people to not wear m*sks, because we could get shut down and heavily fined. But we never tell anyone to wear one, either.)

Anyway. That made me feel really happy. (Sadly, there are still a few customers who actually wear two m*sks, because they have fallen for the C D C garbage, hook, line & sinker.) (And if you think it’s easy to understand a customer who is religiously standing 3 feet away from you and speaking to you through two m*sks, you must guess again, my friend!!) 

And this idea of even standing 3 feet away from someone does not work for me, either. I need to stand as close to a customer as I can because I need to feel their frequencies, make eye contact, take in the full spectrum of their energy in order to be able to really understand what their concerns are and how to help them. 

It’s very interesting how many people willingly allow their personal space to be breeched, when they are in the mindset of wanting help. But those double-m*skers — man, they back away, they put up all sorts of energy barriers. It is nearly impossible to help them. You might as well just tell them to take an aspirin.

Well, allegedly, our beloved h i ll ar y was hanged last night at gitmo.

After a five-day tribunal at the world’s most infamous detention center, a three-officer panel found C  lin  ton guilty of mur  der, accessory to mur  der, trea  son, child traf  fick  ing, and other high crimes […] [full article here]

I have my suspicions about this, of course, because she allegedly crossed over to the fields of our Lord a long time ago — dying from Kuru somewhere in our beloved Greenland.

But I had also heard that her body was immediately frozen so that rigor mortis did not set in and that when her actual body was hanged, they could still get video of her neck breaking.  I find it interesting that she was hanged just after Taps was played, at sundown. So maybe it wasn’t so easy to see everything??

I don’t know. There is also a theory that this was a clone that was hanged… but if the main body is gone, how does a clone survive?? (Can you believe I’m even asking you this? How much our conversations have changed!)

Of course, maybe it was actually her. But, you know, I’m thinking not.

Regardless. Time for the party hats, people!!! We really are on our way to the next freedom frontier.

Hat suitable for most hangings but not all — please use your judgment:

Kids Birthday Party Hats Children Celebration Paper Hat ...

And I have to add, here, that it makes me a little nutty when otherwise educated people say that someone was “hung.” The word is “hanged.”


Well, things are going well in A Z, all death-threats notwithstanding. There are already something like 250,000 fake votes for the fake B* den that have been found. 

I’m guessing the m * li tary will be making a public appearance soon. It’s just a matter of time.

Oh, and yesterday, a customer who practices naturopathic healing told me that her patients are having a lot of success with Black Himalayan Salt for removing the parasites caught from the vaxes, or from being close to people who got vaxes. (Spike proteins, parasites, Morgellons disease — I think this is all part of the same thing — it is in the m  R  N  A  “vaxes”.)

So please feel free to try that — but it must be the black salt, not the pink or grey. It must have SULFUR. Put it under your tongue several times a day. Also use it on your food.


I also want to state again that the new documentary on the truth about cancer dot u s is really fantastic!! They are up to episode 7 now, and there are only 8 episodes. They are all free to watch right now, plus you can purchase the whole set on their web site. 

You can learn so much about the majesty of the human body from watching this series. You do not need to be struggling with cancer to be able to learn so much cool stuff.  It is really just very, very engaging.

Plus, it is awesome to see so many beautiful  healing professionals from around the world, who actually want to help people and not just make millions for big ph a r am and the me d i cal c ar tel.

Okay. I’m gonna scoot! It is a gorgeous day here today in the Hinterlands.  Please remember that they are still expecting some intense stuff to happen between right now and May 20th.  Things involving international military, Space Force, the Internet and wiping it clean of oper a tion mo cking bird, communications blackouts,  financial strangeness due to Q F S, and more r i ot s.

Stay mindful. But we are on our way, gang. Victory! I can feel it. I hope you can, too! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. see ya!


Below: Nich olas V en ia min chats with music producer E Smitty about c ab al in music industry — they’re mostly gone!! (46 mins):

Below: Ch *n r lie W * rd and Mel K : “Back and better than ever and things are looking good!!” (31 mins):

Below: We the People News: Big Event grows closer!! Hang on! (21 mins):

Below: R * d  P* l l 7 8 News Brief: Dept of Def, I P address mystery!! (15 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (40 mins):

Just A Quick One Today!

I’m getting a really late start here today, gang, and I don’t have much time before I have to leave.

I wanted to post a Micahel J * c o chat with Nich ol as V en iam in from last evening. It was so refreshing to hear J * co again!! He is still not on Y T. They pulled ALL of his videos — I believe it was something he said about va xe s…

Oh, and here’s something that’s sure to fill you with confidence!! R i ch ar d e b r ess er , former director of the C D C is now c e o of the foundation that funds f a ct ch eck dot org‘s vaccine fact – checking program!! Not only that, but he used to be the c e o and pre s id ent of the J & J fou nd ation!!

Yes! the very one that has a fake vax out right now. (BTW, even though it was removed from the market just the other day for possibly being unsafe, it is now back and thoroughly approved!! Who could have seen THAT coming? I mean, besides all of us…)

Anyway. I digress.

I am also posting another new post from We the People News because it has an informative piece from Simon p * r kes explaining the Q F S, in case you are still having trouble with that whole thing. (Plus, the lizards!)

I’m falling a little behind in podcasts right now because I’m trying to stay current on the episodes of the new documentary, from the truth about cancer dot us.

Each episode is 2 hours long. They are up to episode 6, and it ends on Thursday. It is all free to watch. And it is truly incredible. Informative, liberating, exciting, empowering — also a bit enraging, considering the m e d i c al c a r t el we are still up against.

(Yes, not only am I an anti-vaxer, I am an anti- me d ic al-mafia gal, in general. Believing as I do in the power of the Christ Consciousness to heal what ails you . Since God made you, seems He should be fully qualified to fix you, right? Funny how many people want to argue against that… I’m a believer in the naturopath, the homeopath, the midwife, the individual who researches, discovers, thinks.)

I digress. You should watch the documentary if you can, even if you don’t struggle with cancer or don’t know anyone who struggles with it, because it will open your eyes about what the human body is capable of without the dangerous interferences of chemo, radiation, and surgery — and the amount of natural plants, herbs, and proteins that are in affordable abundance all over the world that heal cancer — and, of course, the powerful 3- letter agencies that can and will put you in jail for practicing that in the U S.

All righty. I’m gonna scoot. Have a sunny Monday, wherever you are in the world, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys See ya!

Below: J * co and Ven ia min (1 hr):

Below: We the people News, Simon P * r k es Q F S, lizards ( 48 mins):

Back Again

I wanted you guys to see this from We the People News AS AP because I thought it had some really important stuff in it. Be sure to watch the entire thing — the video at the end — especially if you live in the U S. (Some important buildings could be gone soon.) (?)

Sit tight. Expect things to get VERY intense between now and May 20th.

But things WILL get better. Just be prepared.

My usual: gas in the gas tank, plenty of water, plenty of food, cash on hand. Don’t panic.

I’m also hearing that if you have any favorite photos on soc i al m* dia that could get lost if/when the In ter net goes down, save them now.

Video is 42 mins. Have a good night, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

DUMBs and, well, Dumber…

Happy Sunday, gang.

First, a great compilation video of various D U MB s and entrances to D U M B s and footage taken inside tunnels.  Only 13 minutes. You don’t want to miss it if you still know people (I do) who don’t believe the tunnels exist.  They can watch this and MAYBE start opening their awareness to what has gone on beneath every city in the world.

Don’t miss the footage of how massive the D U M B is under Denver airport. Word is that this facility will house most of the first public Med Beds, since no one can possibly get at this facility without being escorted. And once the Med Beds become available, combined with all the damage the  m R N A s will have done by then — there could likely be pandemonium, people trying to get into the Med Beds to save themselves.

This video does not show any of the horrors that you can find online about what has been done down there in most of the tunnels  —  tor tur ed chil d ren in cages;  ba bie s bred in cages and used strictly for or gan har  vest  ing and a d r e no chr om ing, with breathing and feeding tubes duct-taped to their infant mouths; also photos of experimental creatures — half-baby, half-pig; half-baby, half-reptilian — somewhat “successfully” alive and surviving in cages.

Don’t look for those photos unless you want to never get those pictures out of your head again. Unless you enjoy the sound of your own primal screaming over the knowledge of so much evil and so much suffering.

(However, if you are called to Christ and have not witnessed any of those photos or footage, you need to know this in order to truly put on the Armor of God — in order to know the evil they have been capable of, what kind of suffering was forced onto helpless babies, children, animals and even ETs. For those not necessarily “called” to Christ, it is enough to simply be aware that it happened.)

Word leaking out late last year was that the ones who could not be brought to the surface, since they were bred so deep underground, and the ones who could not endure any more suffering, were willingly put to sleep and allegedly buried in undisclosed graves in an island off Manhattan.

Most of the horror D U M Bs have been taken out, the world over. Often by Space Force, through the precision of Rods of God:

Rods from God

This is why the Med Beds are being made available first to the survivors of the tunnels, and to the soldiers who found them — allegedly there was a lot of psychological fallout to the soldiers who witnessed what has been found down there.

Okay. On to the next atrocity.

This website has a number of the videos I posted here yesterday morning in a 22-minute compilation, where the doctors warn the non-vaxed about what is happening to people who are in close proximity to the vaxed.

If you are one of the people (men & women are both affected) suffering from unexplained bruising, problematic menstrual cycles, blood clots, testicle and sperm issues, severe migraines, because you have been exposed to the vaxed folks — you can post your experiences to this web site

Certain three-letter agencies in the  U S  are coming down (legally) on people who are “prescribing medicine without a license” (also known as giving out vitamin and mineral immunity-boosting info) or giving “unqualified info” on how to fight c * vid that involves avoiding the vaxes like — well, yes — the plague; or how to fight off the invasion of sp ik e pro te  ins coming from those around us that have been vaxed… or how to remove the nano particles from your body if you have already been vaxed, or had the P  C  R  test rammed up your nose… (remedy is often called a bathing pro to col, involving alfalfa pellets, very hot water, organic dish soap, Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap, rubber gloves) which you can find in a couple of my recent posts.

I will just say from now on that “things I do that make my life better” could also help you have a nice life, too. Who really knows, right?

Daily, I drink this (I could, if I wanted to, drink activated charcoal powder, too, in the event I had mistakenly gotten that vax):

1 tsp. of food grade diatomaceous earth in 16 ounces of purified water

Diatomaceous Earth Pure Food Grade | Lumino Wellness

Also, I do this each evening, in the event I might have been exposed to folks who got the vax during the day:

Colloidal silver nasal spray, once daily:

Source Naturals, Wellness, Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray ...

In case it were to get really intense around here, I have liquid zeolite on hand. You probably do, too! And we know to use this very, very sparingly!

Zeolite Detox & Humic LIQUID Imm Boost - HUmineral ...

And just because I like to boost my immunity system, daily I take:

  • No less than 5000 IUs of Vitamin D3
  • No less than 1000 mgs of Vitamin C
  • No more than 50 mgs of zinc
  • Between 250-500 mgs. of Quercetin
  • 500 mgs of L-Lysine
  • 2 ounces of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in 6 ounces of purified water

So. A word to the wise is sufficient, I guess. I am not even suggesting that you do as I do.

Because I also take a bunch of other stuff, but that’s only because I’m going blind and would like to keep my vision as long as I possibly can while I am still alive.

(I will add, though, that the actual C D C dot g o v website has informative information about how best to handle the coming zombie apocalypse. I am not kidding!!!!! Jesus Christ. Does it have anything to do with the m R N A blocking Chromosome 8 ???!!!)



Pray victoriously for the au dit work ers in A Z. As promised, their lives have been THREATENED… However, there are cameras everywhere this time. You can easily watch the re-count from your phone.

Remember, what’s remaining of the D S are absolutely off the charts crazy right now, but it’s going to get really, really good, really really soon.

Okay. I’m gonna scoot and get Sunday underway around here. Stay vigilant, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: M ike L * n d*l’s follow-up documentary to Ab so lute proof (2 hours):

Below: Nich olas V en ia min chats with T y ler Mc E n roe (42 mins):

Below: Forgot to post these from Friday, Both X * 2 R * ports:

Yippee ki Yi Yay, Cats & Kittens!

Looks like the Q F S has come to Crazeysburg!

Yes, in our wee bonny local community bank this morning, every single customer, myself included, woke to discover that our bank cards had been “used fraudulently” to the tune of $1.00 and so everyone’s debit cards had been blocked.

At the same time, mind you.

Every customer of the bank.

I was in the actual bank at 9am this morning, at the teller’s window, trying to figure out what was wrong with my ATM card — and their phones were ringing off the hook and everyone had the same one dollar fraudulent charge and everyone’s cards had been stopped.

And all the teller said to me was, “We’ll mail you out some information and let you know what you need to do in about ten days.”

That was it.

She didn’t cut up my current card. She didn’t ask for any type of ID. Nothing.

She said I can still write checks. I can still withdraw or deposit money inside the bank. But all the electronic stuff was blocked.

How interesting, right??!!

We shall see, gang!!


A Quick Saturday Upload!

Hi, gang. I will try to do a regular post later today.

Meanwhile, I wanted to re-post two important  P * trio t str ee t fighter videos that were re-located to rum ble dot com last night, so that you can still access them here.

Below: With Dr  sh er r y t en pen ny (1 hr 34 mins):

Below: with bi sh op l arry g ait ers (2 hrs 23 mins):

The video directly below echoes what dr sh err y t en penny and dr c hri s t ia ne north rup and other doctors are saying about the dangerous transmission of n a n o fibers from the vaxed to the un vaxed and the damage it is doing to child-bearing-age women and men, and particularly to pregnant women.

Doctors are now starting policies of refusing to allow vaxed patients into their offices if the doctors also treat pregnant women in that office.

We even have doctors here out in the Hinterlands who are starting to have this policy: If you’ve been vaxed, you can’t come in.

I understand that this is truly serious and that this is necessary in order to try to stop all the horrible miscarriages.

Still, I want to make it totally clear here that even while others are saying that it is too late to save those who have been vaxed; that they had access to all the research we had access to and they chose to remain ignorant, etc.; I refuse to subscribe to that kind of thinking.

There are g en e de c ode’s bathing protocols to try. (See my post from yesterday. And since I live in the country and have easy access to alfalfa pellets, which is used for feeding horses; yesterday I purchased a large supply of all things needed for that bath in the event anyone I know in the cities who have already been vaxed needs supplies. It cost me less than $60 for a very large amount of everything.)

At the very least, people can drink food-grade diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal — 1 teaspoon in 16 ounces of purified water.

And there has also been intel from Ch * r lie W * rd that the U S military is involved in developing a process to reverse all the vax damage that has been done.

Most importantly, there is the power of our own minds and our ability to reach very high thought-wave frequencies — through victorious prayer, visualization, meditation; however you define it for yourself.

This collective mind power is what will ensure that we save as many people as we can, worldwide.

In my opinion, wh ere w e g o one w e go all does not mean we, in turn, choose to ignore the people who chose ignorance of the vaxes and that we just move on without them.

I know that not everyone will be saved. Fallout of war. Etc. Still. I’m not in a rush to give up on ANYONE. Even those really fucking annoying people who are so proud of their vaxes… (The vax ‘s ability to block Chromosome 8 is the scariest concept I have ever encountered in my life. Chromosome 8 enables us to connect to our divinity, to our concept of God. Vaxed people are literally losing their connection to their own souls through the blocking of Chromosome 8.)

We cannot simply walk away from these people and say that they are on their own, until we have tried every avenue.

Very good news remains afoot this week regarding Q F S. Stay mindful of markets crashing, though.

Also — LOTS of great research has been recently done on the amino acid L-Lysine, gang. 500 mg. a day is extremely beneficial in fighting all viruses (and even cancer). So try to get that into your current immunity-boosting regime ASAP.

Which reminds me: “the truth about cancer” documentary is continuing with daily installments until April 29th and it is INCREDIBLE!! You must watch it:

The truth about cancer. us

All right. Gotta scoot. I love you guys. See ya.

Have They Done It At Last?

Have they made the news so dire  that now I don’t even want to get out of bed?

[UPDATE: I am hearing that Gene de  c  o d e ‘s bathing protocol will work for second hand exposure, too. Also -you CAN use alfalfa pellets in the bath. 1 cup. It does not need to be in hay form!!! Listen to Dr. Nor th rop’s video down below for all details.]

If you caught any of Dr. Sherry Tenpenny’s talks yesterday (one is below), the new opinion on the m R N As is not just that it’s sexually transmitted from one vaxed person to a non- vaxed person,  but the nano fibers, or nano particles, can transport from a vaxed person to a non-vaxed person without any physical contact at all.

If you have seen any of those videos that show the P C R c*vid tests up close — how those fibers on the Q-tips actually reach out to living things like twigs and (sadly) a pig’ s brain from the butcher shop — these are the same nano fibers in the m R N As. Just really frightening.

Apparently, vaxed teachers are transferring nano particles to their young un-vaxed students and causing uncontrollable  nosebleeds in the children . And un-vaxed women among vaxed office workers are getting severe menstrual bleeding problems, or just getting very sick, in general. Just horrible stuff is happening to non- vaxed people now, too..

So this is not some stronger variant of C* vid coming from vaxed people, it is the m R N A itself escaping from vaxed bodies and invading new healthy hosts.

Seriously. This is the time for our highest frequency prayers, gang. We must visualize a positive outcome to all of these nightmares. It is truly dire.

We can not let this become about the non-vaxed shunning the vaxed. Or worse, become like in some horrible movie – killing them outright to save ourselves.

The alternative doctors are recommending we maintain our high immunity-boosting regiments, even though flu season is basically over.

So stick to your vitamins and supplements regime. And don’t forget to keep detoxing from heavy metals, gang.

Not only does the D S  intend to wipe out the elderly with the m R N As, and ensure that the younger vaxed generation is sterile and cannot conceive new life to replace those who will apparently die in droves from these fake vaxes, they have also figured out how to kill those of us who resist taking vaxes  at all.

On a brighter note — do not forget that you can watch Ty and Charlene Bollingers’ incredible new doc on the natural cures for cancer. It is streaming now.  Visit:

All right. I’ll close this. And think about getting out of bed. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

Below is P * trio t str ee t fi ghter and Dr Sherry Ten p e n y (1 hr 34 mins):

Also: Nich olas Ven i a min talks to Dr. Northrop talk about the same thing and she has ALL details about using Gene’s protocol for bathing (1 hr):

All the Fancies of Spring!!

Yeah, well. At least it’s sunny today and not snowing anymore, but it’s still a really chilly day here today.

Don’t forget — the fan-made videos over at Bad Seed TeeVee are still streaming live! There are some really amazing videos, gang. Be sure to stop over and check it out from time to time. They will make you happy. Make you feel quizzical. Break your heart. Make you smile.

And Nick cave sent out a lovely Red Hand File yesterday, in support of the 48-hour birthday event for Bad Seed Tee Vee. You can read it here.

And, as if that weren’t enough excitement — Cave Things today announced a new Warren Ellis-exploitation item that is now for sale! Yes, for only £22 plus shipping, you can purchase one fine bone china egg cup with a  simple drawing (by Nick Cave) of Warren’s face on it. (In American money, this is slightly over $30, plus shipping.) I feel this item has achieved it’s purpose of being purely exploitative (with a tiny bit of actual, functional use)!!


All righty.

Well, there are wars and rumors of wars all over the place today (i.e., r us s i a, uk r aine, U S). I’m not 100% sure that I’m too concerned. I know people are indeed dying all over the place — mostly here in America, it seems; from lone shooters and allegedly crazed cops.

In fact, Ohio got hit with one again yesterday. This time a cop allegedly shot and killed a 15 year-old girl.

This is all being done to try to persuade Americans to give up their 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. However, what I think it’s actually doing is making more and more Americans buy guns, and making us absolutely immune to feeling any emotions over these continuing shooting deaths.

A news item will suddenly pop up in the middle of the day: “Oh no, another shooting.” And every one will say, “Man, this is more shootings than in O b * m a ‘s a d min istr ation.”

It seems to be “backfiring”– no pun intended.

And something to be on the lookout for are the current photos of “m a x in e W at ers.” Compare them with what she used to look like and ask yourself if maybe she’s really on g i t mo now… I repeat, the r i ot s are real, but the entire G e o r ge Fl oy d thing was a psy op from start to finish, folks.

Do not cry for those guys; just don’t.

Also, what’s very curious, is that the person now playing M a x in e W a ter s in the press looks just like the current Al S h ar p ton, in a wig.

It is weirdly uncanny, gang. I guess all we can do now is check to see how often ma x ine and A l are out & about together… (If it weren’t so repugnant, it could be a hit TV sitcom from the 1960s.)

So, even though the fake A ng e la M er k * l (aka daughter of you know who — or sometimes known as “everything you always wanted to know about H it ler but were afraid to ask”) is trying to be friendly with r u ss ia and the pipe line; it sounds like the non-fake (but probably also fake) Ger ma ny has passed some sort of mandatory vax law that now unleashes the N ur em burg C o d e on the world. “Forced medical experiments” are crimes against humanity.

The fake but extremely dangerous vaxes are ex perimental medicine…

We will see where this all is heading, but I think we have a good idea.

Oh, and g ** gle was down this morning!! That makes t w * tt * r, g m ail, now g ** gle — having blackouts in the space of 2 days.

Also — REMEMBER!!! Be on guard against fake alien invasions!! Yes, apparently there are evil ETs out there. However, all intel indicates that ETs here are benevolent. The threat of invasion is D **p S t * t* garbage to frighten you. According to David N *no Ro driguez, even the KAR DA SH IANS are now seeing U F O s (!!). (I don’t have TV, so I am basing this on what he says below.) (10 mins.)

Okay. Enough. I’m gonna scoot and get down to some writing here today, gang. Thanks for visiting. I leave you with the (unlikely) song that was in my head when I awoke at 3am this morning — from 1971, the theme from the legendary tear-jerker TV movie, Brian’s Song, “The Hands of Time.” As sung by Johnny Mathis. Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya!!

Brian’s Song (The Hands of Time)

If the hands of time
Were hands that I could hold
I’d keep them warm

And in my hands
They ‘d not turn cold

Hand in hand
We’d choose
The moments that should last

Timeless moments
That have no future
And no past

The summer
From the top of a swing
The comfort
In the sound of a lullaby

The innocence
Of leaves in the spring
But most of all
The moment when love first touched me

All the happy days
Would never learn to fly
Until the hands of time
Would choose to wave goodbye

© 1971 – Michel Legrand, Marilyn & Alan Bergman


Below: P a trio t str eet fighter Pt. 2 with B i shop L arry Ga iters. Off the charts once again!! Do not miss!! G e or ge f l oy d revealed and a ton of other stuff!! It moves to r umble do t com when it leaves YT ( 2 hrs 22 mins):

Below: Nich olas V en ia min chats with Jason [17]: More optics on fake flo yd trial and more (55 mins):

Below: Round table with several heavy hitters! Ch * rlie W *rd, Mel K, Daivd N *no Rodriguez, Simon P * r k* s (58 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 News ( 15 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (42 mins):

Here Comes The Holy Roller!!

Sit tight, gang, and try to hold on. Things are getting fucking CRAZY.

As predicted, stock markets are crashing all over the world. According to some, C a na  d a is actually collapsing.  It has a good ending, though, so try to sit tight and pray in victory, not in despair!!

Word is that the stock market numbers here in U S are still being manipulated, true numbers being hidden, but it is tanking here, too. So stay mindful, folks, if you have invested in the market.

Crypto still good. Stay in, even though it’s falling, too.

Q  F   S  coming. Set to go.

Recent footage on t e le  g r am yesterday, but I don’t know the actual date of footage, shows A ir f or ce 1 landing in M* r * L * go,  with Tr ***P and first la d y de-boarding.  Military salute. Secret Service. Also private security detail for Tr ***p. Looks like a pr e s i d ent was on board in F L…

Everything from start to finish in the fake  g  e  o r  ge  fl oyd abomination was a psy op, so I refuse to report on that.

R i ot s are real, but that is the ONLY thing that has been real about that whole thing from start to finish. (Hence, the reason I was so angry when everyone I knew went “BLACK” on In sta gram last year…. this has been a setup to promote a false narrative of racism.) (BTW, the b l m, which is still ri o ting, even though they got the verdict they wanted (hmmmm), is demanding that all whites leave N Y C. Good luck with that.)

(Oh, and listen to the P * triot street fighter Part 3 on the Con stitu tion from last night. It is posted below. If you really want to know what the founding fathers thought of slavery, you MUST LISTEN! It is eye- opening!!)

Okay, gang. The next actually serious issue is the recount in A Z , which begins today.  Pray for the safety of ALL involved in that recount. As we saw in the fine State of G A, people get murdered for trying to expose the e l * c t  ion  fr a u d. Their cars explode; they commit suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head, etc. That part is NO JOKE.

People will KILL to ensure that sleeping A m er ic ans do not find out that Tr **p won.

All right.

I want to say another great big THANK YOU to all of you who are buying my books!! I am getting royalty statements every week now, from various outlets worldwide. I am guessing that the new books with Black Lotus Publishing are once again creating sales of the older erotica.

I am trying to get new stories done and off to the publishers. So please bear with me. I really, really appreciate it.

(If you are on your computer and not your phone, at the top of the page, I have added the new Volonte stories, if you are interested. They are gay male erotica. Free.) (They are in one long page, because this new stupid fucking blog editor that they are forcing me to use, will not let me edit pages they way I used to. All my other web sites have been parked back at Go Daddy now, but this last one, Marilyn’s Room, is so huge that it will take me time to move and rebuild the whole site somewhere else.)


Don’t forget!! Today starts the 48-hr fan-made video fest on Bad Seed TeeVee!! The videos are awesome, gang!! So take a minute, here and there, to check in and watch!

Other than that, we got more snow! Well, a dusting.  I’m ready to not see snow for awhile, though, gang. Yesterday was just so beautiful. It’s hard to believe I awoke to snow…

I have decided that, little by little, I will try to buy my flowers for the summer. Instead of buying everything in one trip and planting it all on Memorial Day weekend, I will start buying stuff a little at a time. I am determined to still have my flowers this summer!!

Okay, folks. Have a good Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. If at all possible, DO NOT WEAR the M* SK!! It has been over 400 days now! Let it go. Remember: the more people who see you without one, the braver everyone gets to let it go.

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Note: Michael J * co is now banned EVERYWHERE…… I seriously miss him.

For now, though, let’s check this out: 17 years of service on Mars!

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 News (20 mins):

Below: P * trio t stree t fighter and the U S Con sti tu tion Pt 3. Great Stuff!! Don’t Miss!! It moves to r umble dot com when it is off of YT ( 1 hr):

Below: We the People News Update: Stock Markets crashing worldwide (17 mins):

Below: We the People News update: Ireland admits C * VID doesn’t exist (20 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port; There will be ri ots regardless of verdict. There will be an appeal. P * triots have it all. (45 mins):

Pray In Victory, Not In Despair

Okay.  All signs are pointing to intensity, beginning right now, gang, and lasting through May.

The Q F S is set to go, world wide. They are expecting either a f a l s e flag nuclear device “scare,” or the actual real deal.

Keep ALL notifications on your cell phones turned to ON.

They are expecting major communications blackouts — on the Internet, s * cial m * dia, and M S M. So keep your phones charged and notifications on.

Blackouts could include additional temporary electricity blackouts, as well. Remember to keep your gas tank full, in case gas pumps go down because of electricity outages. Keep cash on hand, in case of ATM outages. And of course extra water and shelf-stable food, just in case.

There are strange rumors going around that our beloved h  i  l l ary was found guilty of crimes against humanity, high treason, murder, and has been sentenced to be hanged. However, she has been dead a long time already. So, other thoughts out there are that this is a clone h  i l l ar y that will be hanged.

(That seems really unfair, doesn’t it? Create a fucking clone, and then hang it? The clone cries: I did not ask to exist!! You did this to me!!) (Honestly, all of it is just horrible.)

Anyway, who the fuck knows what is really going on, but allegedly, all these ex e c ut ions are being video taped by the m* li tary and will be shown on TV nonstop for 3 days, after the blackouts and after the op er a tion mo ck ing bird of  M S M is taken down for good.

This is supposedly happening in May. After all el e c tion re count re sults are in and Tr ***p is officially announced as the legitimate winner of 20 20.

Allegedly m* litary takes over then — as in M y an mar  — and by September, we have our C on st i tu tional Re public back in place.

Other news: On ta r io, C a na d a seems to be in dire circumstances. Sending S O S signals from the Niagara border with upside-down flags of distress. Claiming government there is like “N a z i G er many in 1933”  and they need to be rescued by bor der pa tr ol. (This is real. I’m not making this up.)

Also, similar stuff coming from Australia. (?)

Precipice. Precipice. Precipice.

Renewed l * ck d* wns, m*sk lunacy, forced vaxes. People are at their wits ends and fighting for survival.

We have to pray now, gang, but always visualize victory when you pray; focus on the preferred outcome. Do not send out the frequency of despair when you pray — it  will only bring you more to despair about. (Law of Attraction.) (Spend at least 17 seconds praying in victory and you are on your way to a powerful prayer.)

Also, from Gene  d e c ode — a few months ago, he mentioned that you could take boron and activated charcoal supplements to remove the nano bots from your body if you had been given either the PC R C* VID test (the kind that goes way up your nose — those tests put nano bots up into your brain), or had an m R N A vax.

You can get safe boron and activated charcoal supplements at health food stores. Do not use supplements from major supermarket chains. Do not get them online, either, because you cannot be sure of what you are buying online right now.

Here is a sample of what it looks like. I’m not saying this is the brand you should get, specifically:


Boron 3 mg Capsules | NOW Foods

In the first video down below, G ene d e code gave  the protocol for how to bathe to remove the nano particles from your body — from the vaxes as well as Morgellons parasites, that are also allegedly part of some of these vaxes.

You need to buy alfalfa — this is hay. You can get it at larger garden supply stores or farm supply stores.

Put some (not all) of the alfalfa in a bathtub with organic dishwashing soap.  And very hot water.

Bathe in this. The particles are immediately attracted to the alfalfa. Submerge yourself, even getting your head under the water.

Then immediately take a hot shower, using Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap.  Soap and rinse twice. (Rinse your feet!! And get out.)

Dr Bronner Peppermint Liquid Castile Soap Peppermint ...

When you clean out your tub, do not touch any of the alfalfa. Wear heavy duty gloves. Then wash out the tub with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap. Again, wear the gloves.

Gene mentions that if you have a black light, you can turn out the lights and use the black light on the alfalfa in the tub and you will see all the tiny nano particles glowing all over the alfalfa. These were in your body!

Of course, the really bad news — something I had heard months ago, but had forgotten about — the m R N A  vaxes can act like a sexually transmitted disease. If you have sexual relations with anyone who has had an m R N A vax, they can pass the nano particles to you.

So please be really cautious, gang. And if at all possible, try to convince anyone you know who has had the fake vax to take one of these baths and/or take the boron- activated charcoal supplements.

If they were mind-controlled enough to get the fake vax in the first place, chances are they will regard you as utterly insane to suggest they take a bath in hay…. But try.

All right.

Don’t forget that F r an k S p e e ch Dot Com is launching this week!! Join it. I’m guessing any [17] podcasters who are getting banned everywhere else will be broadcasting from Frank S p ee ch. (Created by My P * ll ow M *ke  l*n d e ll.)

I think that’s going to be it for now. Videos are below. Have a terrific Tuesday, gang, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys See ya.


Below: G e n e D e C O de talks to C ir st en w (37 mins):

Below” R * d P * l l 7 8 News (32 mins):

Below: We the People News: The event comes closer (38 mins):

Below: We the People News: FFs, R us s sia, C C P, E B S, (27 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (45 mins):

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