I’m Still Trying to Live through This, How About YOU??

Okay, gang, I have to be brief today.

I finally got all the paperwork together that I need in order to apply for the refinance of the mortgage, and I have to get it all off to the post office before I head into town today and go to to work!

The news is intense, once again. Almost unbearably intense — if you are sensitive to frequencies, that is. My life/mind now feels unbelievably off the charts, and not in a good way.

But mostly because what seems to be the BIGGEST news right now seems to be happening almost entirely undercover. We know things are happening but we can only see the ripples its making in the pond; we can’t see most of what’s causing the ripples to happen in the first place.

On the surface, of course: massive push-back against forced v ax in the airline industry — pilots and air traffic controllers.

And sadly, apparently a va x ed Delta pilot died in flight of a heart attack. S t e w p e t er s and Dr J ane Rub y (14 mins):

However, I do not believe that stuff had anything to do with the cancellation of all commercial flights in and out of D C yesterday. “Nancy Drew” did have some brief footage on te le g ram of a really noisy/speedy motorcade around the W H. But as far as I know, she had no update, yet, on who it was. But Marine One once again landed at the Oval Office and took off again… hmmmmm.

S*mon P*rkes re-posted from RT Intl:

HUGE Solar Storm Could Hit Earth Any Moment Now

“UK and US meteorologists are predicting a possible ejection of plasma from the sun any moment that could cause havoc with already struggling power grids and spacecraft navigation systems.

“Spectacular auroras may be visible in New York and northern England, with effects likely to last into Tuesday.

“The potential solar storm comes as the UK’s National Grid warned the gap between energy supply and demand is at its worst in six years, with blackouts possible “if we have a very cold winter”.

Subscribe to RT t.me/rtintlt.me/rtintl/13293

The M c a fe e te le g ram channel posted a bunch of drops. And the a s s a nge channel had one really obscure one this morning, Still not sure if that will turn into anything worth watching or not, although I’ve had the feeling that a ss a nge has been safe on US soil for quite a while now.

There is apparently a lot happening re: Q F S, N esara, Ge sara preparations and banks worldwide. Still looking at I r aq/ dinar October 15th-17th, and Vietnamese Dong October 27th. Great details, as always, in video below:

Shar i R aye update (38 mins):

This was just an overall good catch-up: Patriot Underground (57 mins):

Great chat with Neg 4 8 from Sunday. It’s almost 3 hours long, so I’m still trying to listen to the whole thing! LMN (2 hrs 45 mins):

Indispensable if you are trying to survive right now with your brain intact! Binaural Beats, pineal gland resonator (ongoing):

As we’ve been saying, the shortages are “fake”. S t e w p e t er s and an LA port worker whistleblower (12 mins):

US Military Soldiers Stand their Ground!!! (Remember, gang — stand your ground!! It ain’t over ’til it’s over!!! We don’t know what God has planned!!)(51 mins):

cir sten w has more on the bit coin economic crash (31 mins):

Me, right now, today — just trying to keep on keeping on!!!!!!! (From the 1972 Broadway Cast of Pippin, “Corner of the Sky”):

That is all I have time to post. I gotta scoot!!

Okay, see ya, gang! Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys and thanks for visiting.

X * 2 R * port : Good guys are winning (52 mins):

Let’s Get Ready for Monday!

Every morning nowadays just brings on more stuff that is really kind of jaw-dropping — and sometimes in a good way!!

So far, I’m not seeing anything super newsie yet. A whole lot of videos that re-iterate Tr **p’s speech from the IA rally.

And then, of course, all the really bad news, worldwide, about the v a x. But did you listen to the Mel K and Michael L video from yesterday morning??!! WOW. Absolutely awesome. Go back and listen if you haven’t yet. It was just loaded with amazing intel and info about NIH investigations and arrests, as well as about Tesla patents, the truth about clean nuclear energy, and a patent for an actual time traveling device.

(I told you, gang!! Tr **p, and/or [17], has a time machine!!)

Meanwhile, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis ended their UK tour for Carnage in Brighton last night, and the show looks like it was spectacular!! Now they move on to Paris, Antwerp, and Amsterdam.

Some of the shows are sold out, some still have tickets. The Paris show on Wednesday, October 13th, still has tickets! You can buy them here.

Nick Cave in Brighton last night, October 10th

Okay. I am in a really peaceful place this morning, gang. And I’d kinda like to stay there until I have to head out to work. So I leave you with my morning-listening music, Paul Simon’s “Peace Like A River”, from his classic album, Paul Simon, from 1972.

All the videos are below.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys! See ya!!


Ch * r lie W *rd and S *mon P *rkes had a nice Sunday chat yesterday! (20 mins):

Tarot by Janine has a quick catch up in the car! (17 mins):

This was awesome!! “Interdimensional Portals on Earth & in Space for E.T Contacts & Classified Space Programs” In English. Might want to listen twice!! Some incredible stuff here. (15 mins):

Voice of Reason UK: Quick and quite fun! ( 5 mins):

More Voice of Reason — Curious, indeed! But I don’t believe it, not even for a minute. I am pretty certain the sainted pe d o Andrew is dead. (3 mins):

We need more soldiers to come forward like this! Not that I want him to get the death penalty — but once all the sheeple are removed from the d e e p st * t e m ili tary, we’re gonna need some real warriors who know how to stand up and fight against tyranny and oppression!! (1 minute):

On a happy personal note — Methinks this is HE!! And I couldn’t be merrier!! From September 22. (42 mins):

In case you missed this from Saturday Night (after Tr **p’s rally) — it was a really informative one! Lots of good info and UFO video footage: UFO Man Saturday Night Livestream: “Pilots ordered to Shoot Down a UFO/Become A Mars Colonist/UFO Review/UFOS Tracked by EM Frequencies” (1 hr 20 mins):

I love to listen to this while I make my dinner on Sunday evenings. Voice of Reason UK live call-in show (1 hr. 35 mins):

Forgot to post this! Mirrored from Amazing Polly from Friday (32 mins):


Interesting… no?

This just in from S*mon P *rkes:

“All commercial flights cancelled in / out of Washington DC Monday 11th”

I wonder why that is??

And just before this, he re-posted from “shellshQck“:

“…for all those who bash us for telling you to stock up, and say “we’re tired of hearing to stock up, w’eve been hearing that for months now.”

“Here’s your proof. If you need it in plain sight, Here you go.

“Green arrows are cargo ships, red are oil/fuel tankers. There is no shortage of anything. The only “shortage” is the amount of ships being allowed to offload their goods onshore.

“I’m sure anyone who lives near the coast can verify the number of cargo ships sitting on the shoreline.

“Stocking up means buy it, and don’t touch it until you NEED IT. Whether that means freezing it, and/or buying non perishables.

“The supply [fake] crisis will hit hard this winter. Globally. Have enough food, toiletries, hygiene products, and water to take care of your family for a few weeks at minimum.

“Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. 💡

Another Sunday is Upon us!

Okay. Once again. Not a whole lot of news…

At least, not on the surface. However, this just in!!

Mel K and Michael L Bi g Ph arma insider: “BREAKING NEWS OF PLANDEMIC INVESTIGATIONS & ARRESTS” (1 hr):

If you missed Tr ***p’s rally in IA last night, you can watch it here:

I, for one, am really looking forward to the Tr **p rally wherein he can finally tell the truth: Meaning, everyone that you think is dead is really alive; and everyone you think is still alive, was actually executed back in March 2019…

Or something like that.

Anyway. Onward. I don’t want to act as if actual ennui is setting in here, but wow, I’m really getting tired of the obfuscation, lies, clues, hints, intentional misdirections, etc., etc., etc. However, I do like this “Let’s Go, Brandon!” development that’s sweeping the nation…


I have to say that something really strange happened to me yesterday re: my posting that John Lennon is perhaps really still alive. I was texted by two separate and total strangers who are obviously in the [17] movement, assuring me that JL is indeed “not dead.”

You know, on one level, I live my life under this wide umbrella now that all these key people in entertainment and politics are likely still alive. But yesterday, I was circuitously led to some very short YT videos that really made me sit back and go: wtf? These people really are still alive.

And I spent a good part of the morning remembering NYC in December of 1980 and how it felt when Lennon was shot — at that point, I had no hero in my girlhood greater than he was, in terms of how my thinking had been affected from about age 10 onward. By the time I was 20, there were certainly a ton of men whose lives and ideas influenced my thinking, but you never forget your “first,” right?

When I was 10 years old, I read the massive interview that Rolling Stone did with Lennon and I had never been exposed to anything like it before, yet I also identified with him and his sense of profound alienation. I learned so much, so quickly, about life from that one interview — followed closely in emotional/psychic/spiritual impact by Rolling Stone‘s massive interview with Keith Richards a year later, when I was 11.


When Lennon was shot, I was 20 and had only lived in NYC for about 3 weeks. I was already pregnant and trying to get away from the Mafia hitman who was in love with me and was the father of the baby. I was living in a basically uninhabitable brownstone in Brooklyn — in a horrible neighborhood — which, btw, has long since been gentrified and now costs millions to live in.

But back then, it was awful. We had to wear our winter coats indoors because there was barely any heat, and only one bathroom in the whole building had hot water, so we all showered in the same bathroom — even though we each had our own studio apartments that included a bathroom. (And yes, we paid rent for this because you always paid any kind of rent you could manage back then, in order to live in NYC…)

Anyway, it was awful. And that’s what was going on in my world when John Lennon was allegedly shot by a “delusional fan,” who was obsessively reading Catcher in the Rye when he was “arrested” with his smoking gun. (These words are in quotes because we now know that MDC was M K Ul tra’d by B u s h Sr’s C I A and programmed to shoot John Lennon. That much has become pretty clear. Why is still the great big question mark.)

The whole thing was beyond traumatic for me, but I plowed ever onward, as I always did in those days, because there was nothing else to do but that. And yesterday it occurred to me that — Lo! these 41 years later — there are only 2 people left in my life who are still alive and still my friends from that time period in NYC: my first husband (whom I actually met in that awful Brooklyn brownstone) and my longest-time friend from my wee bonny girlhood in Cleveland, who also lived in NYC at the time and had been my catalyst for moving there in 1980.

I was grateful that there are at least 2 living witnesses to those intense times in NYC. Witnesses are so important, gang. To cohesion, to sanity.

Well, anyway. It just felt weird — yesterday morning. The thought that all of that grief, confusion, trauma had perhaps not been needed because Lennon didn’t really die… well, you know. It’s oddly fine with me. It would be so cool if he really were still alive. (As, indeed, total strangers are assuring me he is.)

We shall see. But it made for such a peculiar day yesterday. What is my life, right? (To quote George Harrison — is he still alive, too? Who the fuck knows at this point!)

But what is my life? Apparently, as we are increasingly seeing every day, all of our society, certainly from the 20th Century, onward, was founded on an enormous amount of lies.

So, what is life when it is built upon the unbelievably shifting sands of lies? I don’t really know. I don’t think it really matters, though, as long as you have a sound spiritual grounding, because we’re all leaving here eventually, anyway. But I did have a profound feeling of, like: okay, I give up now; everybody else wins. I’m done. Que sera, sera.

Of course, I’m never really done. I never really stop caring about people and trying to help.


As far as the “news” goes.

I have to say that t el e gram is a lot less fun now. Everyone I follow — meaning actual [17] intel channels and not the big bunch of dead ken ne dys — seems to have become these endless news feeds that circle back to one another. Everyone reports the same things. There is just way too much stuff and it gets harder to sift through it all and find anything that really seems “of interest.”

Mc a f ee is still cool, but he posts sparingly (thank goodness). And I’m still waiting to see if the a s s an ge channel is really him, or if it will just be in some way connected to dead ke n ne dys and all those many Tr**p coins they’re always trying to sell.

We’ll see.

RT intl posted this, which seems like it just can’t be good!

“❗️Czech President Milos Zeman rushed to Central Military Hospital in ambulance right after meeting with PM Babis...
Czech President Milos Zeman was taken to hospital in the capital, Prague, on Sunday, after holding a meeting with the country’s prime minister Babis [full article here].”

And over at ResisttheMainstream‘s channel, this was of interest:

Maricopa County Officials Admit to Deleting Election Data After Receiving A Subpoena From AZ Senate
‘So you admit you did delete…?’ [full article and video are here]

And then I thought this was humorous — over at Whiplash347:

Jan. 6 Committee Threatens Action Against Individuals Who Defy Subpoenas

and I was wondering if maybe the committee was referring to those Maricopa County Officials….

I seriously doubt it, but we can always hope — right, gang?


Visit this link at LauraAboli’s channel and watch the tik tok video about crisis actors. It is not only amusing but very informative!

And I’ll also mention here regarding the much-circulated question of whether the W H was red on October 1st for Red October, or “pink” in honor of breast cancer awareness…

I am in the “red” camp for sure. I do not adhere to any thing “pink” nor do I support anything to do with “breast cancer awareness month.” It was something concocted a long time ago by Rockefeller and Big Ph ar ma to bilk hundreds of millions of dollars from well meaning people — in an effort to keep breast cancer un-cured, and to steer everyone clear of the multitude of natural cures and healthier options for treating all cancers.

Along those lines:

On Ni cho las veniamin‘s channel:

Merck’s 4,000% Markup of Taxpayer-Funded C* VID Drug Is ‘Extortion,’ Critics Say
Pharma giant Merck facing accusations of price gouging after it charged the U.S. more than $700 per patient for a taxpayer-funded coronavirus treatment that costs just $17.74.”

And this:

Oh! Or how about this from yesterday??

From The Truth About Cancer dot Com:

Researchers Discover New Molecule That Eliminates Breast Cancer [full article here]

So, in my opinion — no. The WH was red, for Red October, and not “pink” for extortion, greed, and Big P H ar ma…

All righty.

Cir sten w had intel re: upcoming martial law in Au stra lia, NYC, WY (??), and Ca n a da (this is a good thing, gang, and I, for one, wish it would all happen already — many “truthers” are saying “2-3 more months” of this….) (57 mins):

R*d P * l l 78 did a Saturday Night Livestream with Dr Z e l en ko (2 hrs):

Here are some great Ge n e De code highlights (mirrored from Mary’s We the People News rumble account) (32 mins):

If you have not yet seen the original Fall of the Cabal, you have to watch it. But the next installment is now up to episode 18 (32 mins):

The original documentary, in case you did not see it (jaw-dropping) (3 hrs):

And then this, totally unrelated: David Adair: “My rocket can take us to any part of the galaxy in 6 minutes” (15 mins):

And that is kinda it for today, folks.

Have a nice Sunday wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

A Rainy October Saturday in the Hinterlands

I have been awake since 3am here and I spent most of that time just laying in bed, windows open, listening to a really gentle rainfall.

So beautiful.

And these are the things I was thinking about:

A.) Is John Lennon really still alive? If so, today is his 81st birthday. And I wondered if he’s written a bunch of music while he’s been someone else for the last 41 years.

B.) Has Paul McCartney really been dead since 1965? If so, I’d really like to know. I used to love Paul McCartney until I was about 10 years old, then I thought his music in the 1970s & onward totally sucked. I guess we’ll just see, right, gang?

C.) If I have $480 to my name right now and the total of bills due today come to $875, how do I make this work?

Okay. Well, I’m planning to make a big pot of split-pea soup today and also prep some more pine needles to have those ready for tea just in case — since all these va x ed people keep coming into the store and needing help. (I am finally spike-protein-free, after about 9 solid months of battling those fuckers, but who knows how long that will last….)

.And then maybe I’ll just have a nice sort of quiet day. I might even try to write something. Wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace???

The “news”, in my opinion, is really just off-the-charts awful. And yet not really different at all. So I don’t have too much to post here. Feel free to check out Bitchute on your own, though, and peruse the onslaught of awfulness in all those videos.

Tonight, there’s a Tr **p rally in I A. You can probably watch it here.

Then tonight at 10pm EST, UFO Man Saturday Night Livestream:

News items that jumped out at me this morning: Huge Lebanon power outage. Missile attack against Saudi Arabia airport.

From S*mon P * rkes last evening:

“The route that looks most possible at this moment is the following; Biden calls a state of National Emergency, as war with China becomes closer, the military take over in America and the “administration” steps down. That is one way out of this situation, however I am aware of two others.”

He doesn’t mention the two others, which I think would be of interest…

Here is an excerpt from Restored Republic news update from October 8th. Good stuff. Listen! (13 mins):

Shari R aye update, Friday October 8th (30 mins):

When is it going to stop? W H O database shows over 2 MILLION adverse reactions to C*Vid fake va x (8 mins):


All righty. Well. That is kind of it for this morning. I hope you’re having a good weekend so far, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys! See ya.

And — Either “Happy Birthday” or “RIP”…

John Lennon A Cruel, Jealous Fiend, Says New Biography ...
John Lennon, October 9, 1940 — ???

Easy, Breezy Friday!

Well, I guess we’ll see.

But as far as the news is concerned, I don’t have a whole lot today. And even though the videos that are bombarding Bitchute this morning are truly just awful, I still get the overall feeling that the real news is kind of “good.” Or at least promising.

One of the topics that has been trending for several days, but which I won’t post here, has to do with the photos of the hybrid animal-human experiments. I honestly believe these poor creatures are an abomination in the eyes of God and to all sentient beings. However, if you aren’t aware that they’re out there, you might want to do some research on your own. Be forewarned that once you see the photos, you cannot un-see them.

(We have been told that about a year ago (?), when the D U M Bs were first being emptied out and these poor creatures were discovered in underground labs, they were mercifully put to sleep by soldiers and buried in unmarked graves on an island outside Manhattan.)


Both Ch*rlie W*rd and David M a h on ey had some great news from Spain this morning!


This makes a total of 9 countries so far that cannot isolate any type of “C*vid 1 9 virus.” It is a manmade, patented bioweapon. Not a virus. Hence, the v ax is not a v a x because there is NO VIRUS. The v a x is an even more dangerous manmade, patented bioweapon intended for genocide.

Another trend I noticed in the news is Poland! It seems like a good country to be in right now. (And as far as I know, gang, when this war is over, the Marxist and debilitating E U will be going bye-bye.)

From Whiplash347:

“JUST IN – Parts of EU law are not compatible with Poland’s constitution, the country’s top court rules, setting up a potential fight with the European Union.”


From RT Intl:

“❗️Legal POLEXIT: EU laws must respect SUPREME LAW of Poland constitution, tribunal finds in a landmark ruling

“Poland’s constitutional tribunal has ruled that the country’s laws take precedence over European law amid the ongoing row over Poland’s controversial judicial system reforms.

“The move risks FURTHER throwing Warsaw’s plans of receiving €57bn in post pandemic aid from EU into jeopardy over Brussels’ concerns that the rule of law is being degraded in Poland.

“Daniel Freund, an MEP on the budgetary committee, said the decision was “saying goodbye to the European legal order”, adding that the EC’s recovery plan for Poland was “an absolute taboo”.

And from Breaking Defense:

Poland Kicks Off Homegrown SHORAD System: Narew

The new system, which could cost between $12 and $17 billion, will be almost entirely homegrown – a major impact on Polish industry.

[full article here]

I thought this looked promising for Adelaide. Cargo arriving? Contact from the outside world?? From Whiplash347:

“Giant Antonov cargo plane lands in Adelaide
One of the world’s largest aircrafts – an Antonov airplane – has landed at Adelaide Airport to briefly unload cargo, before taking off again tomorrow morning.”

Also promising, this time for Germany:

“⚡️Armin Laschet signals he’s ready to step down as conservative CDU chief in Germany”

And this was quite interesting!

“⚡️Tesla is moving HQ from Silicon Valley in California to Texas – Elon Mask says”

Okay, gang. If you aren’t following M c a fee on tel e gram, you should! He posts short, cryptic, informative videos that I am not able to embed here. Plus it’s just kind of fun — trying to figure it all out.

Here is last night’s video link. It’s totally [17]-related.

Here are some images that I thought might be helpful, especially if you’re new to all this:

Also, beware of Lipton tea products — they contain aborted human fetal cells!

I liked this just because it made me feel hopeful!

And this was on Tarot by Janine’s Instagram page. (If you don’t understand this, research Rockefeller, Cancer, 1913, and how they made natural healing illegal to force you to buy dangerous pharmaceuticals!)

And that’s really kind of it, gang.

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis played to another packed house at the Royal Albert Hall last night in London. They will finish the UK tour for Carnage on Sunday night, October 10th, at the Dome in Brighton, but it is sold out. (A few dates coming up next week in Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam — but they are also sold out.)

Nick Cave last night at the Royal Albert Hall

All righty! Have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world. Stay alert. We’re in the 10 days of intermittent darkness! Stock up, if you can!

Okay. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


S*mon P* rkes and Steve Lepkowski had a good chat last night (25 mins):

Sh ar i R aye had a great update yesterday, mostly QFS details (33 mins):

R*d P * l l 78 news update (19 mins):

Tarot By Janine looks at D**p St a te whistle blowers (17 mins):

Voice of Reason UK checks in over censored comedians (3 mins):

Ch* r lie W * r d roundtable with Pa trio t Party, Mark Z: QFS, blackout, f al s e fl * g (1 hr 30 mins):

X * 2 R * port: Financial (17 mins):


One Day Closer to the End of this War!!

I don’t have any real intel to report, but I do have a lot of little news items that seem to point to intel. So we’ll see.

From Whiplash347:

Northern Data Slumps as Market Manipulation Allegations Surface
Investors in the company have lost some $300 million this month

“Investors in Northern Data have lost about $300 million this week as shares of the provider of high-performance computing services to bitcoin miners slumped after media reports that BaFin, Germany’s financial regulator, accused the company of market manipulation. […]”

[full article here]

Also from Whiplash 347 — the people below have either resigned or have died:

Crestwood Mayor Presta Steps Down, Citing Health Reasons
Presta said that his decision is due to poor health, not a federal indictment. Village trustees will consider a successor Thursday.

Roberts to step down from TIA seeking new challenge – Hotel Management
Roberts to step down from TIA seeking new challenge. New Zealand is on the hunt for a new chief…

State Education Secretary Bunting to step down at end of the year – Delaware Business Now
Dr. Susan Bunting will leave her position as Secretary of the Delaware Department of Education in December after nearly five decades…

Juli Reding Dies: ‘Tormented’ & ‘Mission In Morocco’ Actress Was 85
Juli Reding, an actress known for turns in films including ‘Tormented’ along with numerous guest starring TV appearances, has died aged 85.

Cynthia Harris Dies: ‘Mad About You’ Actress Was 87
Cynthia Harris, who appeared in numerous Broadway and Off Broadway productions and is most widely known for playing the mother of star Paul Reiser’s character on the sitcom Mad About You,…

Roger Moore’s ex-wife Luisa Mattioli, actress and mum of Bond star’s three children, dies aged 85 after ‘long illness’
SIR Roger Moore’s third wife Luisa Mattioli has died at the age of 85 after a long illness. The James Bond star and the Italian actress were

Video Longtime announcer Alan Kalter dies at 78
Alan Kalter was known as the voice of the “Late Show with David Letterman” and also appeared…

Robert Altman, 1960s counterculture photographer, dies at 76
During his career, Altman captured more than 30,000 images, visually documenting the 1960s counterculture…

Misty in Reggae’s Delbert McKay dies at 67
DELBERT “Ngoni” McKay, singer/founding member of the British-based reggae gro…


A Z State Sen at or, Lt Col Wen dy Ro gers announces that now 93 legislators have signed on for “All 50 States” State aud its. Which is great! However…

C o de mon key z had disturbing news about the A Z audits — It turns out that Karen Fann is not to be trusted:

“Unchecked Power: Karen Fann’s Backdoor Deal with The MCBOS
This Agreement is not a Win as reported. Here is the proof. No, we do not get the Splunk Logs in this signed Agreement between Karen…”

Visit r u mble video for links to documents. Video (31 mins):

From dislcose.tv:

“JUST IN – New probe against Austria’s Chancellor Kurz, this time for corruption, embezzlement, and bribery.

“Investigators of the public prosecutor’s office have seized materials in the chancellery, in the party headquarters, in the Ministry of Finance, and in a media house. Kurz rejects the accusations.”

From LauraAboli:


“We — as healthcare practitioners and citizens — expect and deserve answers that address these concerns directly. Proclaiming that vaccine therapies are “safe and effective” is misleading and sloganistic. The reports of vaccine injuries are increasing every day, yet are being ignored.”


And that reminds me — yesterday at work, the local car mechanic came in ( a [17] follower who was among the first to start making i v er me c tin horse paste available to people in the town many months ago). He said that doctors at the local hospital are secretly giving C* vid patients i v er mec tin but calling it something else in order to try to save lives. Here in the surrounding environs of Tiny Town, hospitals are not allowed to give you i v er me c tin or HCQ — only remdesivir & ventilators… I found that really hopeful news!!


Also from LauraAboli:

“A UK Judge has ordered the Goverment to submit evidence that justifies Covid-19 vaccination of children, giving them a deadline of Monday 11th October.

“The order from The Hon. Mr Justice Jay is most welcome after we exclusively revealed Thursday 30th September that since teens over the age of 15 had been given the Covid-19 vaccine deaths among the age group had increased by 47% compared to the same period in 2020.”

A further investigation also revealed deaths among teenage boys have increased by 63% in the UK since they started getting the Covid-19 vaccine.”


Finland, Sweden and Denmark are now making it illegal to give the v a x e s to young people and children. But in my opinion, this isn’t good enough….

But onward.

R*d P *l l chat posted a link to this site:

PlandemicSeries: 100% Censored; 0% Debunked

“Check out the “Plandemic” website. (You MAY need to use an alternative browser) This website has several documentaries that I think you will find of interest. PLEASE share these with anyone and everyone.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom so that you see all different ones.

The first installment of PLANDEMIC, a 26 minute documentary featuring celebrated virologist Judy Mi ko vi ts, has been seen by over one billion people worldwide, setting a historic record. The premiere of PLANDEMIC 2 (aka INDOCTORNATION) featuring white collar crime investigator, Dr. David Martin, also set a world record with 2 million viewers attending the global livestream.

The two part series was declared “debunked” by critics all over the world. In the name of science and public safety, the gatekeepers of free speech took unprecedented measures to censor the information they called “dangerous conspiracy theory.”

When Dr. Mi ko vi ts made the bold claim that C*VID ^^ 1 9 was manipulated in a lab, she was smeared as “crazy.” When Dr. Martin exposed the patents and paper trail proving that that Dr. Faux Chi was funding dangerous gain of function research at the W* han Lab, critics laughed.

Today, the critics are no longer laughing. Through accredited scientific studies, every major claim made within the PLANDEMIC series has been validated as accurate. PLANDEMIC is now being acknowledged for being among the first to warn the world of the agenda to reduce the liberties of citizens through medical tyranny.

Though we had no intention of receiving awards for this series, we are honored to have won the European Independent Film Award for Best Documentary, as it displays an encouraging shift in public awareness and courage.”

And something more from Whiplash347 — (I thought Bolsonaro was popular in Brazil? ):

“„In the first part of this series on British involvement in Brazilian internal affairs it was revealed that the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has deleted its record of correspondence and meetings about Brazilian elections with strategic communications companies SCL and Cambridge Analytica. In this second article, more freedom of information requests show previously undisclosed meetings between representatives of the UK Government, Jair Bolsonaro, his family, and his allies, months before the far-right candidate’s controversial victory at the 2018 election.“”

[disturbing full article is here]


Okay, some images I thought would be of interest to you:

(And I have to say, I love all the info about the now-allegedly-very-dead O b a ma that comes out these days, because several years ago, on the old blog — right before they murdered my dear colleague and friend, writer M i cha el He mm in g son — I was always blogging about this scary shit about o b a ma and no one believed me !!)

Who’s that youngster with the AK47 (and the fake birth certificate)???

And speaking of birth certificates, you might want to investigate your own!!

And just a friendly reminder!!!



Nick Cave & Warren Ellis played what looked like an amazing concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London last night!! Tonight’s show, and the upcoming show at the Dome in Brighton, are sold out. And after that, the UK tour is over!! (They will then play a few days in Paris, Antwerp, and Amsterdam, but I believe those shows are sold out now, too. But I will keep you posted!)

And don’t forget that in just a couple weeks, Volume 2 of B-Sides & Rarities by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be released! Info is here.

And that is it for today, gang!! After I finish doing the laundry, I have to tackle all that paperwork to refinance my home mortgage. So that will be interesting.

Meanwhile, enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


2 updates from Restored Republic, Oct 6th and Oct 5th. Similar intel but each are very interesting on their own (28 mins; 37 mins):


Here’s that video from M c a fee that I posted about yesterday — how they hack & track you online, especially through porn sites. And don’t forget to follow Mc A fee’s te le g ram channel. There is some awesome stuff being dropped there!! (6 mins):

I found this very informative, since I am still a hopeless newbie when it comes to crypto. Ni cho las ven ia min chats with Au ssie Scott Caporale: What is blockchain & the banking system (32 mins):

A new Neg 4 8 chat! (And dump all those other dead kennedy channels and follow this one: JFK JR and Tr U M P (2 hrs):

Oddly enough, drones were plummeting out of the sky in Ch * na during the worldwide blackout on Monday (33 seconds):

Always uplifting, Awaken with JP discusses the F B blackout (9 mins):

Pr o j ec t ver i t as has another P f * zer whistle blower, this time about the dead fetal cells in the v a x e s (20 mins):

Space Weather update from yesterday; N A S A blocks it (6 mins):

UFO Man: UFO traveling at high speed through the sun (3 mins):

Very interesting! Turkey does not cover-up info on UFOs. Coast to Coast AM: “Alien Abductions, Jinn, and E.T Hybrids fathered by a Human Being” (1 hr):


We’re Still Here, Gang!

The truly sad news, of course, is that the fake B *den was out and about again, so this means he’s still not dead. Yet.

In better news….

S*mon P*rkes had another quick update yesterday morning. I tried to post it before leaving for work but my Internet was down (??!!) Here it is now, though (31 mins):

He also had two quick posts this morning:

“Facebook to reinstate President Tr** p’s account. Not sure if it will be fully functioning.”

“BBC running end of the world stories, now headlining that the end of the world is coming because the Moon is leaving Earth orbit. At the very end of the article it finally says that this will occur in 1 billion years time. So here in U.K. plenty of time to put that final cup of tea on!”


This was a great chat. It’s from either Monday night or Tuesday morning. Ge ne de c ode says what S * mon P * rkes said re: how and why social media blackout occurred.

But what G en e says about how the cabal mind & emotions work was really fascinating. Listen carefully because it explains why we think of life the way we do, how we got programmed over centuries, and why it is going to get a lot better really, really soon. (43 mins):

Okay. Here are just some quick news updates that I found interesting. All links take you to the news post:

From M c a fee te le g ram:


With that being said I am pleased to Announce that McAfee Intel
have joined Forces with Team Telegram to Protect this Platform at all Costs
Until [[45]] Returns:






John McAfee.”

It was followed by a great little video clip about how online hacking works, especially through porn sites. Maybe you already saw this video, but I thought it was really great. You have to click this link. Cannot embed. Very informative.


From Whiplash347. All of these people have stepped down:

Exclusive: Collingwood president Mark Korda steps down after rocky stint since replacing Eddie McGuire
Exclusive: Collingwood president steps down as off-field turmoil continues…[…]”

Mathieson Jr steps down as hotel CEO for Endeavour (ASX:EDV)
06 Sep 2021 – The son of investment billionaire Bruce Mathieson has announced he will step down from his role as CEO for Endeavour’s (ASX:EDV) hotel division. The Woolworths-owned alcohol.[…]”

Controversial New York police union head steps down after FBI raid […]”

However, red.pill.pharmacist added this:

“I know this was posted earlier in the day, but wanted to reshare because this dude just got arrested.

Do we really believe it’s a coincidence that a Q supporter in his position is being harassed to no end?


Y’all remember the Sergeant’s Benevolent Association President seen on Fox with a Q Coffee Cup behind him?”

This link shows Ed Mullins on camera with a [Q] coffee cup behind him.


Back to Whiplash347:

“Rais Hussin steps down as MDEC chairman
KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 6): Malaysia Digital Economy Corp (MDEC) chairman Datuk Dr Rais Hussin Mohamed Ariff has resigned from his position.”


Here’s some good news!

From disclose.tv:

“JUST IN – First state court in Germany, the Bavarian Administrative Court, declares 2020 pandemic curfews retroactively unconstitutional.”

From RT Intl:

“EVERGRANDE CRISIS: Second Chinese Real Estate Developer DEFAULTS on $206MN Bond

Fresh on the heels of Evergrande’s debt disaster, another Chinese luxury developer has failed to make a massive bond payment, ramping up fears the property crisis could spill out into the global economy.

Fantasia Holdings did not repay the principal amount of $206MN that matured on Monday, it said in a filing to the Hong Kong exchange – while another developer Sinic had its credit score slashed, a sign that a default is imminent.

The real estate sector in China accounts for as much as 15% of the Asian giant’s GDP, according to analyst estimates. (CNBC)”

Also from RT Intl — lots of people found this alarming:

“Google’s AI Unit DeepMind Makes First Ever Profit (Report)

The London-based research firm recorded a profit of almost $60mn in 2020 after posting losses of hundreds of millions for the last several years.

Turnover at the company more than tripled from just £265.5 million in 2019 to £826.2 million in 2020, according to a filing with UK’s Companies House, published Tuesday.

DeepMind, which is owned by Google parent Alphabet, did not provide a specific reason for the revenue jump – the firm doesn’t sell products directly to consumers.”

Also this:

“India’s War on Gaming – Apps BLOCK Access After State BANS Online “Games of Chance” (Report)

India’s Silicon Valley state, Kamataka, has banned online games involving betting and wagering. Blocks have already been imposed to prevent people “risking money” on “unknown events or games of skill.”

The latest ban has spiked fears that regulations could hit the surging gaming sector in India, where foreign companies have pumped in millions of dollars in recent months.

Kamataka follows Telangala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu to ban such online games, the states thought to make up 20% of the total gaming business for companies. (Reuters)

The chief executive of the All India Gaming Federation said “the industry will challenge this in court and seek legal recourse.”

And then this (all from RT Intl):

“Entirety of Twitch” LEAKED: Streaming Service Left Wide Open Following Breach (Report)

An anonymous hacker on the 4chan messaging board claims to have leaked the entirety of Twitch online, including its source code and user payout information. (Video Games Chronicle)

The data breach is believed to have been obtained as recently as Monday and has been released as a 125GB torrent labelled as “part one.”

The leak reportedly contains the following:

▪️3 years’ worth of details regarding creator payouts on Twitch
▪️The entirety of twitch.tv – with comment history “going back to its early years”
▪️Source code for the mobile, desktop, and video game console Twitch clients
▪️An unreleased Steam competitor, codenamed Vapor from Amazon Game Studios
▪️Data on other Twitch properties like IGDB and CurseForge
▪️Twitch’s internal security tools”


This was pretty horrible, and it was posted everywhere. But here it is at the Daily Mail UK:

Nuns used crucifixes to rape girls during decades of abuse carried out by clergy in France’s Catholic Church that saw attacks on 330,000 children covered up ‘by a veil of silence’, damning report finds

  • Pope Francis expressed to the victims his ‘great sorrow, for their wounds’ 
  • An estimated 330,000 children were victims of sex abuse in France since 1950
  • Scale of the number of attacks was covered up for decades by a ‘veil of silence’
  • Report was released Tuesday after two-and-a-half-years of investigations  [full article here]


In lighter news…

Cave Things has released a bunch of new stuff for Halloween, including this greeting card! Scary stuff!

And don’t forget that tonight, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis begin a two-night run at the Royal Albert Hall in London for the Carnage tour! There are tickets available for tonight’s show only. You can buy them here.

And that is that for now because I gotta scoot!!!

Have a great Wednesday, wherever you are in the world, gang. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!


On the Fringe: great update (47 mins):

Shari Raye update (27 mins):


cir sten w update (40 mins):


And Away We Go, Gang!

Okay. The first week of Red October, so far, does not disappoint!

From S*mon P*rkes yesterday:

“Urgent – Social Media Down Over 75% Of The Planet.

“Don’t panic white hat operation. Be calm. There will be no real war. These are the actions that so many of you have waited for. I warned during my last podcast. I gave the dates so hopefully you have all prepared. Unless the plan changes dramatically, expect US and UK to lose all communication soon.”

By “no real war” he is referring to Ch * na and T ai wa n, which, back in February, cir sten w reported would merely “signal the end of the movie.”

Ji, Tr **p, Modi, P u t in, and J*ng-un — allies.


More outages:

Still more outages as the day went on:

From Whiplash347 yesterday:

“First wave of blackouts started – social media
2nd wave- internet, phone
3rd wave- MSM
45 is insulated and safe
Over 100k arrests has taken place so far today
EBS imminent, maybe tomorrow, not confirmed yet
God bless us all!
🙏 Pray

this far and wide”


I particularly like that line that says: “Over 100k arrests has taken place so far today”

And in case you weren’t aware: not only was F B blacked out for hours, the FB employees could not enter the building because their door badges no longer worked. (And thanks to their 60 Minutes (fake) whistleblower, FB lost $7 billion.)

I hate F B. I am not on FB and haven’t been for a while. I think F B promotes pettiness and true meanness in people. I would not mind seeing it bite the dust forever.

That said, though, I love Instagram and would really, really miss it….


This was a GREAT update on all of it. Don’t miss!!

J*co and cir sten w: “THE BLACKOUT BY THE STARLINK” (55 mins):

Yesterday morning, before the blackouts began to roll, “Nancy Drew” got some great footage of Marine One making a very quick pick-up or drop-off at the Oval Office. Followed immediately by soldiers of some sort convening for a meeting at the new W H Conference Center across from the W H. Footage is here.

And, FYI: the fake B*den apparently has still not been seen in public since his fake P f * zer booster shot on the Castle Rock movie set last week.

Oh! By the way!! This is important!! Through a process of (painful) elimination, I finally discovered the culprit! It seems that my mysterious UTI was caused by too much zinc. Even though I had cut back to 20 mgs, 3 times a week, it was still too much zinc because I also get zinc in my food every day. So be mindful, gang, with your immunity protocols. Your body stores zinc so don’t take too much of it. If you start getting a metallic taste in your mouth, stop the zinc!

Probably some of the best news to come out from the weekend was MORE resignations from NSW a u str a lia’s government!!!! John B ara laro resigned, As did Andrew Constance. And it came out that Gladys Be reji k lian (who had already resigned a day earlier over “an inappropriate affair”) had made a deal with va x companies to the tune of MILLIONS of dollars in her pocket to enforce a va x mandate on the people of N S W.

I wonder if she knows yet what she wants to be in her next life? I bet it’s coming up pretty quickly…

(Is it just me or is the timing of all things NS W kind of interesting? Especially since the U S and austral ian soldiers are allegedly working together now to clean out au str a lia ‘s de e p s t at e???)

And speaking of the fake P f * zer va x…

MORE proof that people are fucking STUPID. No, not the ones getting the v a x — they’re mind-controlled. But these people who work for the v a x companies are unbelievably stupid. They hang out with total strangers and eat and drink and blithely expose EVERYTHING on hidden cameras! (And then usually say: I hope you’re not with the press…)

Part 4 of the pr o jec t v er i t as whistle blowers (10 mins):


And those Schumann Resonances just keep spiking, folks! Yesterday:

And this is only partially related:

Stanley Kubrick was evil. And a genius. Eyes Wide Shut explained & analyzed (30 mins):

(And do yourself a favor: watch Dr. Strangelove again!) 1964 trailer:

This was of interest:

Ch * r lie W *rd chats about the quantum physics of healing (44 mins):

Amazing Polly remains AMAZING! We love her! (26 mins):

And that is kind of it for now, gang. Things are underway, worldwide! Stay vigilant. Don’t panic. From all sources it seems the White Hats are trying to make all interruptions intermittent. Including electricity, etc.

However, I’ll say it for the millionth time, just to be safe: extra food, extra water, extra cash on hand, gas in car!

(Is this me???? We’ll see!!)

English is FUNtastic: The Boy Who Cried Wolf - video and ...

Tomorrow night, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis return to their tour of Carnage, this time at the Royal Albert Hall in London, for two nights! Tomorrow night’s show still has tickets available. You can buy them here.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world, gang. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!




Delta BQQM Week?

Okay, gang. Here’s some news I found of interest this mornig:

From S * mon P * rkes:

“Q F S In South Africa.

“This went down in South Africa yesterday, SOUTH AFRICA’S HIGHEST COURT SET TO FREE THE CONTINENT FROM THE NEW WORLD ORDER & THE CENTRAL BANK https://www.trevorwinchell.com/AmericanPatriotsForum/viewtopic.php?f=110&t=5211&sid=b371b375eef0870422491b8a5f3ddb54.

“I watched it live on my phone filmed from the steps of our governments head office on a Youtube livestream via Australia. The sound was windy as it was all mobile phones but they read out the 120 page damning document proving the existence of the White Spiritual Boy and Swissindo stolen gold from Africa and issued a press release here https://griquas.com/gold.pdf and here https://griquas.com/wma.pdf.

“No doubt M S M will cover nothing of it and it’s difficult to say what will happen but we cannot deny SOMETHING big is going down.”


By now, you likely know that Evergrande Stocks were halted in Hong Kong:

From DiscloseTV:

“JUST IN – Evergrande (3333 HK) and Evergrande Property Services (6666 HK) stock trading halted in Hong Kong.


“Trading in the shares (stock code: 03333) of China Evergrande Group (the Company’) will be halted at 9:00 a.m. today (4/10/2021). Accordingly, all structured products relating to the Company will also be halted from trading at the same time.”

“Disclose.tv (https://www.disclose.tv/evergrande-stocks-halted-in-hong-kong/)
Evergrande stocks halted in Hong Kong
The Chinese real estate company Evergrande is shaking. The mountain of debt is gigantic and due dates can no longer be fully serviced. Observers expect the Chinese government to break it up. […]”


From red.pill.pharmacist:

“BREAKING! Kabul, Afghanistan: All ISIS members reportedly killed following attack of compound in Afghanistan.

“Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid confirms “the ISIS center was completely destroyed and all ISIS members were killed” following coordinated attack.”


From RT Intl:

“Russia bans Scientology: Justice ministry puts key Scientologist groups on list of ‘undesirable’ organizations

“Russia’s Justice Ministry has blacklisted two Church of Scientology entities, banning them from operating in the country. Moscow has taken numerous measures against the group, arguing that it’s a business masquerading as religion.

“An updated list of “undesirable” organizations was released by the country’s Justice Ministry on Friday, just over a week after the Russian Prosecutor General’s office advised a ban for several Church of Scientology affiliates.”


In case you aren’t keeping up on this, many huge food corporations use human fetal cells in their products. Here’s a concise list from [17] The Storm Rider:

“Boycotting Cannibalism: Foods Containing
Dead Fetal Cells
Every time we eat any of the food sources listed below (and any time we eat the flesh and blood
of another sentient being), we are participating in a satanic ritual. It’s time to say ‘no’ by never
purchasing products made with dead babies again. The following products are manufactured using aborted fetal cells:

– All Pepsi soft drinks
– Sierra Mist soft drinks
– Mountain Dew soft drinks
– Mug root beer and other soft drinks
– No Fear beverages
– Ocean Spray beverages
– Seattle’s Best Coffee
– Tazo beverages
– AMP Energy beverages
– Aquafina water
– Aquafina flavored beverages
– DoubleShot energy beverages
– Frappuccino beverages
– Lipton tea and other beverages
– Propel beverages
– SoBe beverages
– Gatorade beverages
– Fiesta Miranda beverages
– Tropicana juices and beverages

– All coffee creamers
– Maggi Brand instant soups, bouillon cubes, ketchups, sauces, seasoning, instant noodles

– Black Jack chewing gum
– Bubbaloo bubble gum
– Bubblicious bubble gum
– Chiclets
– Clorets
– Dentyne
– Freshen Up Gum
– Sour Cherry Gum (Limited)
– Sour Apple Gum (Limited)
– Stride
– Trident

– Sour Cherry Blasters
– Fruit Mania
– Bassett’s Liquorice All sorts
– Maynards Wine Gum
– Swedish Fish
– Swedish Berries
– Juicy Squirts
– Original Gummies
– Fuzzy Peach
– Sour Chillers
– Sour Patch Kids
– Mini Fruit Gums
– Certs breath mints
– Halls Cough Drops

Neocutis uses aborted male baby cells after a 14 week gestation period in their anti-wrinkle
creams. The following creams they sell contain aborted fetal cells, but we need to boycott all
their products.
-Bio-Gel Prevedem Journee
-Bio-Serum Lumiere
-Bio Restorative Skin Cream

-MMR II (Merck)
-ProQuad (MMR + Chickenpox — Merck)
-Varivax (Chickenpox — Merck)
-Pentacel (Polio + DTaP + HiB — Sanofi Pasteur)
-Vaqta (Hepatitis-A — Merck)
-Havrix (Hepatitis-A — Glaxo SmithKline)
-Twinrix (Hepatitis-A and B combo — Glaxo)
-Zostavax (Shingles — Merck)
-Imovax (Rabies — Sanofi Pasteur)

-Pulmozyme (Cystic Fibrosis — Genetech)
-Enbrel (Rheumatoid Arthritis — Amgen)”


Of interest. Another tycoon dead from “cancer”.

From Whiplash347:

“Bernard Tapie dead – Adidas tycoon and multibillionaire dies aged 78 from stomach cancer as he faced fraud trial
FRENCH football multibillionaire and former government minister Bernard Tapie died today at the age of 78, his family have announced. [full article here]


Again, from RT Intl:

“PANDEMIC PRISON? The Top 10 Most LOCKED DOWN Places in the World (Report)

“Here’s a list of the strictest restrictions put in place globally by govt’s since the pandemic began:

▪️Melbourne (Australia) – claiming the dubious title of MOST locked down place after it passed into its 246th day of stay-at-home orders
▪️Buenos Aries (Argentina) – residents have spent 245 days in lockdown
▪️Republic of Ireland – 227 days
▪️Northern Ireland – 227 days
▪️England – 213 days
▪️Wales – 212 days
▪️Mitchell Shire, Victoria (Australia) – 206 days
▪️Czech Republic – 201 days
▪️Scotland – 195 days
▪️Malaysia – 187 days”


Okay, that’s everything that caught my eye this morning.

I enjoyed this video. Christian Patriot News goes over the upcoming BQQM week ([17] Deltas) (43 mins):

N*no and ju an o sa vin: au di ts (mirrored) (1 hr):

Tonight at 8PM ET: P r o jec t v er it as will expose Pf * zer some more! (24 seconds):


R* d P * l l 7 8 Saturday Night livestream spoke with lawyer Tom Renz about leaked DoD C*vid docs ( 2 hrs):



Okay, that’s it for today, gang.

Have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys See ya!

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