Happy Election Vote Fraud Lawsuit Day!!!

I won’t dwell on all this election stuff every single  day, but if you don’t live in America, it might be of interest to you to learn that a huge segment of Americans have no clue that Biden did not actually win the election yet.

It’s insane, isn’t it? The power of Big Media to lull otherwise well-meaning people into a deep coma?

The lawsuits that are getting filed today don’t mean that Trump will automatically win; it means they will expose the amount of voter fraud that took place in the wee small hours of election night, once it seemed like Trump was winning key cities by huge margins of votes.

That’s what the “urban vote dump” refers to — if you’ve seen that term in the news. Certain key cities literally  stopped counting votes when Trump got too far ahead, and then a mysteriously enormous number of mail-in ballots, all of them voting exclusively for Biden, suddenly appeared in each of those key cities.

Urban Vote Dump. Our new wildly popular method of vote fraud.

That’s a large part of what the lawsuits are about, in addition to other serious problems regarding how the votes are getting counted “in secret” and/or making it difficult if not impossible for Republicans to view the actual ballots that are being re-counted (sometimes needing binoculars to try to see the ballots from across the room! — no joke.)

Sadly, though, ask any person who voted for Biden and most of them will likely have no clue this is going on, and they believe Biden won, fair and square. And they still believe the DNC is still the feel-good, huge-hearted, “People’s” Party from yesteryear, but sadly it absolutely is not.

But that’s how bad the news media is over here: Declare Biden the winner, on a Saturday afternoon, right before the lawsuits are scheduled to be filed in court first thing Monday morning.

I call it: “Look at the bight shiny object and not at what’s happening over there.”

Okay! Well, I guess we shall all see what we shall see.

Yesterday, was the most amazingly glorious day! So sunny and warm. Just lovely.

Late morning, I took a walk and wound up in a section of Crazeysburg where I’d never been before and, wow, was it cool. Large old houses with big porches — out of the 19-teens and 1920s. Really beautiful old homes.

The (newer) old elementary school is over there, too — it’s used as a food bank a few times a week now because of COVID (free food for the people who are struggling right now). But the school is in really good shape, just a little too small so they built a new one around the corner. But the old one is right out of 1950s America. It is just like the elementary schools I went to up in Cleveland in the 1960s. It brought back so many memories.

I couldn’t go inside it because it was locked on Sunday, but I sat on a bench outside and from there, I could see way off into the foothills that are covered with trees. A lot of the trees still have their fall leaves on them, although most of the trees are bare. But what a stunning vista. And there was a tree there in front of the school’s front doors, planted in memory of one of teachers, back in 1994. It’s some sort of fruit tree — maybe a crab apple? So I’m guessing it blossoms really colorfully in the Spring. I’ll have to remember to check it out next year.

Then later in the day, I was outside taking care of — yes! — the petunias that are still blooming on my kitchen porch and who do you think roared past my house several times on a Harley motorcycle while I was out there? Yes! The really cute older blonde guy — the one who was working on the engine of that white pickup truck the other day, who tooted the horn at me when I walked past.

The first time he rode by, he didn’t see me but he saw me puttering with the flowers on his return trip, so he swung back around again, and then slowed down and looked right at me and I smiled and then he roared his engine really loud and zoomed off.

It was so cool!! Made my day. I can’t figure out how old he is. He looks like maybe he’s in his late 30s or early 40s. But knowing my track record with men, he’s probably only 28 but spent the last 10 years in a maximum security prison for Murder in the First Degree, so he looks a lot older…

(God, I wish I was just kidding!!) (About my track record, I mean.)

Anyway. I don’t know his name or anything like that, just the amazing house he lives in across the street, where something like 4 people appear to live. I don’t know if he’s married to the blonde woman there or what is going on . But he’s cute and he noticed that I was alive, which is basically a miracle.

So it was a good day.

And today is going to be another stunning day, but we are getting close to those freezing temperatures again — by the end of the week. So this is that last breath of a “second summer.”

Over the weekend, rehearsals began for the two child actors who are in the staged reading of my play, Tell My Bones. Tonight is the official rehearsal for the entire cast (it all takes place on Zoom, though.) I won’t be tuning in to a rehearsal until Friday, though — after they’ve all had a chance to really get into their parts, etc. I’m very, very excited.

Thursday night, I will check in on another tech meeting, but I will stay off camera and just listen, because they don’t really need my input on any of that.

And please don’t forget to register for the link to watch it!! It’s free! (And please ignore the typo on that postcard — we fixed it before it went to print.)

All right, guys. I’m gonna get started here. I hope you have a great Monday underway, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting, gang!

Today, I leave you with my listening-music from last night: “Sweetheart Come” (2001) from the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds record, No More Shall We Part. A beautiful love song. Listen, fall in love, enjoy. Okay. I love you guys. See ya!

“Sweetheart Come”

Come over here, babe
It ain’t that bad
I don’t claim to understand
The troubles that you’ve had
But the dogs you say they fed you to
Lay their muzzles in your lap
And the lions that they led you to
Lie down and take a nap
The ones you fear are wind and air
And I love you without measure
It seems we can be happy now
Be it better late than never

Sweetheart, come
Sweetheart, come
Sweetheart, come
Sweetheart, come to me

The burdens that you carry now
Are not of your creation
So let’s not weep for their evil deeds
But for their lack of imagination
Today’s the time for courage, babe
Tomorrow can be for forgiving
And if he touches you again with his stupid hands
His life won’t be worth living

Sweetheart, come
Sweetheart, come
Sweetheart, come
Sweetheart, come to me

Walk with me now under the stars
For it’s a clear and easy pleasure
And be happy in my company
For I love you without measure
Walk with me now under the stars
It’s a safe and easy pleasure
It seems we can be happy now
It’s late but it ain’t never
It’s late but it ain’t never
It’s late but it ain’t never

© 2001 Barry Adamson, Nick Cave

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