Dear Diary, Tell America Not to Lose Heart

Yes, that’s right! I raked leaves yesterday!! Ten bags’ worth and yet there are easily ten more bags’ worth of leaves to be raked, but since those are in my grass and not on the public sidewalk, I’m done raking…

But it was a really beautiful day yesterday and it was really nice to be outside. And since I love my maple tree almost as much as I love my own life, it was kind of nice to be on such intimate terms with its fallen leaves, knowing more leaves will come in the Spring.

For those readers who are struggling to find the actual news here in America, it will give you courage to know that, in line with “Operation C*VID Panic,” Europeans are not simply rolling over and playing dead and passively going into lockdown.

Non-American mainstream media details it here, here and there are videos of this, as well, if you search for them without the use of go*gle and you tube.

And in keeping with attempts at “Operation C*VID Panic” here in the US, the usual suspects are trying hard to push people indoors. Isolate them. Fill them with fear, etc.

Yes, it is starting to look like C*VID is being used to control the masses…

Watch out for Ticketmaster, gang. I’m just sayin’…

And if you haven’t already noticed, your latest IOS iPhone update came complete with a C*VID tracker…

The good news, of course, is that the d*minion voter machine fraud will likely put a lot of people in prison. Maybe even the b*g g*y himself. Won’t that be a great day?

I feel sad for members of my family and one of my closest friends, though, because they honestly still believe the vote was fair & square and that Biden is the next President.

They honestly believe this because they won’t give up on mainstream media.

I think it’s alarming that 99.9% of those family members are gay. In my opinion, since they are kindhearted, they have been brainwashed. They likely do not even know that Tr*mp had the very first openly gay cabinet member in US history — Richard Grenell. Or that record numbers of LGBTQ voters switched to Trump in 2020.

Everything lies so heavily on which news outlets you watch. Which browsers you use. Which social media accounts you cling to…

I still love Instagram, but as I said the other day, I try to stay apolitical on there myself, and when I do post political comments, I am subversive about it and try not to explain what I actually mean. I use it as a camouflaged outlet for my rage. But I am indeed noticing that 99% of the conservatives I follow on Instagram are either not posting, or getting blocked.

Which do you think is the likelier scenario?

Anyway.  On we go,

If you didn’t see this announcement, from Tr*mp’s office yesterday: One county in Michigan, alone –234 pages of sworn affidavits of voter fraud, including:

    • EYEWITNESS saw a batch of ballots where 60% of them had the SAME signature
    • EYEWITNESS saw a batch of ballots scanned 5 times
    • EYEWITNESS saw 35 ballots counted that were NOT connected to a voter record
    • EYEWITNESS saw poll workers marking ballots with NO mark for candidates
    • VOTER said deceased son was recorded as voting TWICE
    • EYEWITNESS said provisional ballots were placed in the tabulation box
    • FAILED software that caused an error in Antrim County used in Wayne County
    • Republican challengers not readmitted but Democrats admitted
    • Republican challengers physically pushed from counting tables by officials
    • Democrats gave out packet: “Tactics to Distract Republican Challengers”
    • Republican challenges to suspect ballots ignored

And then this, from Yahoo’s news just now:

Trump and his followers are on the ‘crazy train’ with unhinged election conspiracies, Republican congressman says

And keep in mind that being a traitor to your country is a federal offense. Again — can you say prison, anyone?

But millions of Americans are in fact not stupid, and are leaving mainstream media and heading to Parler and rumble and other options not controlled by b*g t*ch.

And, yes, there are very interesting videos posted below, from last night’s listening, in case you’re interested. It will make your hair stand on end. (I’ve added Praying Medic now, too. Unreal.)

And the trucks and cars zooming by on the very brief Bongino Report (different from Dan Bongino’s podcast) — those are people heading to the huge Tr*mp rally in DC this weekend. The very same rally that the media is trying to block from the public’s awareness.

They don’t want anyone to know there is a rally to support Tr*mp and they aren’t going to air it, that’s for sure. (That would be like people wanting to gather for the Queen of England, for some reason, and all the news media outlets trying hard to keep that information from everyone.)

Tr*mp is still the President of the United States. It’s almost like it’s illegal now to support him. Coup d’etat. anyone??

If you don’t think that this is scary shit, gang, then you’re still sound asleep. I will wait patiently for you to wake up, stretch a little bit, and get your coffee…

Okay!! Rehearsals for the reading of my play, Tell My Bones, continue today, with the first rehearsal of the entire play, start to finish. I’m supposed to jump in there at some point and introduce myself to the cast and crew, but I’m not sure yet how that is supposed to happen. Part of the rehearsals are on zoom, part are on streamyard.

However it happens, the very, very good news is that I washed my hair…

All righty. That’s it for now. I’m gonna get this gorgeous day underway here. I hope you have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

“Red Right Hand”

Take a little walk to the edge of town
and go across the tracks
Where the viaduct looms,
like a bird of doom
As it shifts and cracks
Where secrets lie in the border fires,
in the humming wires
Hey man, you know
you’re never coming back
Past the square, past the bridge,
past the mills, past the stacks
On a gathering storm comes
a tall handsome man
in a dusty black coat with
a red right handHe’ll wrap you in his arms,
tell you that you’ve been a good boy
He’ll rekindle all the dreams
it took you a lifetime to destroy
He’ll reach deep into the hole,
heal your shrinking soul,
but there won’t be a single thing
that you can do
He’s a god, he’s a man,
he’s a ghost, he’s a guru
They’re whispering his name
through this disappearing land
But hidden in his coat
is a red right hand

You don’t have no money?
He’ll get you some
You don’t have no car?
He’ll get you one
You don’t have no self-respect,
you feel like an insect
Well don’t you worry buddy,
’cause here he comes
Through the ghettos and the barrio
and the bowery and the slum
A shadow is cast wherever he stands
Stacks of green paper in his
red right hand

You’ll see him in your nightmares,
you’ll see him in your dreams
He’ll appear out of nowhere but
he ain’t what he seems
You’ll see him in your head,
on the TV screen
And hey buddy, I’m warning
you to turn it off
He’s a ghost, he’s a god,
he’s a man, he’s a guru
You’re one microscopic cog
in his catastrophic plan
Designed and directed by
his red right hand

© 1994 Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Thomas Wydler

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