Could it Get More Unmanageable??

Jumping Jiminy, gang!

First of all, for some weird, inexplicable reason, I keep thinking that yesterday was Sunday and so today must be Monday, right? The start of another overwhelming week of politics and c*up d’*tats and fake p*nd*m*cs…

But every time I realize that, no, it’s actually Friday, I feel like everything should just calm right down and be okay. Because there’s just something about the idea of Friday that always feels like: here comes the calm after the storm.

And yet…

What the fuck is going on with the cyber s* curity br ** ch? It sounds like all-out war and yet the only people who are sending out seriously alarming alarms about it are the folks at Fox News.

But supposedly, S* l* r W*nds’ back door had the most complicated password known to man: S * l *r W *n ds 123. WTF was up with that? Obviously, everybody knew…

There are the military podcasts saying that this br ** ch is the worst thing that has ever happened between the US and R * s s **

But then the q podcasts are cheerfully saying, sit tight P* tr *ots, this is just the calm before the st* rm…

Which makes me then wonder, is this another one of those keenly timed national security leaks? Because it sure does make B* den and O b *m * look really bad… For instance, trait *rs, tre * son, or at the very least inexplicable ineptitude.

But it makes me feel like I really am going to go down with this ship. Knock out my electricity and my house will freeze up and explode in some sort of ice geyser… There is no way I can possibly afford a generator right now. The fake p* n d*m *c wiped me out.

And then the outages online continue. First it was Y* u t* b* and g ** gl*, then g m a i l twice, then a big chunk of the back end of word p r e s s. All in less than a week.

And then I got contacted online, twice on the phone, and one text — all by one fake company, all within a matter of moments yesterday. As near as I could tell, they were out of H* ng K * ng, a money laundering scheme. I didn’t reply or answer the phone, but that’s as near as I could glean from a cursory search on a vpn.

And all this while the back end of  my blog was down. And so I thought: Oh crap. How quickly they pinpoint you, right? Is all this because  of what I posted about J*mm * L* i?

It is so easy to get super paranoid…

Then the staffer leak about US S*pr *me Court J* dge R* berts perhaps being a victim of blackmail and so that is why he’s screaming and fucking everything up…

Then the news that the man who was somehow involved in reporting the suspicious death (or somehow involved in the recent suspicious death) of Gov. K * mp’s daughter’s boyfriend — that guy just “committed suicide.”

Suspicious death.  Then suspicious suicide. And K* mp did that 180 in G A on a vote audit in the space of about 24 hours after his daughter’s boyfriend’s suspicious car crash…

Plus, I’d forgotten to post here that there is reason to believe that all these Judges in the lower courts are throwing out the legal cases not because the Judges are corrupt, but because their lives and the lives of their families are being threatened.

So that’s pretty horrible.

Okay, so anyway.  I’ve just been alerted that s* cial m* dia is now going wonky again (Instagram this time). Let me post this in case everything goes out.

I will let you try to sort out all the politics from yesterday.  I love you guys. See ya.

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