Still Waiting!!

Well, our little visitor has not come (yet). (See post about George from Saturday.)

Apparently the mom is trying to convince the dad that he does want a cat in the house! We’re gonna see how that goes. So, depending on whether or not the dad suddenly realizes that he loves cats, George may or may not be coming to live with us!

We shall see!

Meanwhile, Christmas is getting ever closer. And what an intensely strange Christmas it is, gang. But overall, I’m happy.

Yesterday (I guess after reading my blog) the Pr*s*d*nt tw ** t*d that martial law is fake news. (But, I mean, why would he confirm something like that??) (Okay, I won’t add to the martial law rumor mill…)

He also tw ** t*d that we’re also supposed to go to DC on January 6th. And he added that it will be ‘wild.’ YES — he used quotes.  (He might have even capitalized it, I can’t remember right now.)

Why the quote marks? What the heck?? And that’s the “choosing of the el*ctor*l votes” day in C*n gr*ss. Even if I could afford enough gasoline to get to DC and back, or even afford a motel room at this point (gone are those heady not-so-long-ago days when I could jump into the Honda and drive to NYC, or even hop on a plane and fly out to LA. Or to London or Paris, for that matter.). Anyway. I can’t afford to go to DC right now. But even if I could — DC is truly just a hot bed of Ant*f* violence. It seems to be that January 6th will be off-the-charts insane in DC. So I’m just gonna watch it online.

However, that said. the Pr*s*d*nt wants you to go to DC on January 6th. Because it will be ‘wild.’

Okay. Well.

I watched a jaw-dropping interview online yesterday afternoon with Attorney L*n W**d. (On NTD.) (If I’m not mistaken, NTD owns the Ep*ch Times.) It was an intense interview. At an “undisclosed” location. It was basically a Q& A with W**d and his answers were unbelievably candid.

One of the things he advised for all of us was civil disobedience. He told us to stop wearing m*sks. To open up our businesses again. To defy these insane l*ck d*wns. To stand up for our rights to free speech, and to assemble (and to bear arms).

Places — even entire towns– in America are starting to do just that — civil disobedience. My favorite headline yesterday was over at the Post Millennial.

    • NY Restaurants Ban Governor C*omo: “He can eat at some sh*tty restaurant outside of Albany”
    • Struggling restaurants in New York City have banded together to enact a ban against New York G*v. An dr*w C* omo from dining at their premises following his coronavirus lockdown measures in the city.

      “He can eat at some sh*tty roadside diner outside of Albany but he will not be served anywhere in NY City, known universally as the world’s greatest dining destination! If he has to use the restroom he can go pee on my street-corner,” said bar owner Larry B**rd, reported the Coney Island Blog.

    • Numerous members of the F B group “NYC Restaurants Open,” which is mainly made up of restaurant and bar owners, have come out in support of a lifetime order banning C* omo from being served at all New York City establishments.

      “Completely schizophrenic behavior! How are they coming up with these rules is beyond any logical reasoning,” […]

[full article is here]

I also liked this (unrelated) article from The Bl*ze:

    • The word “Latinx,” which is nearly a “term used exclusively within the United States,” has been rejected by the vast majority of actual Latinos. A 2019 poll found that a whopping 98% of Latinos do not identify with the Latinx term. Of those surveyed, 44% preferred to be called “Hispanic,” followed by 24% who would like to be classified as “Latino/Latina.”

      A 2020 Pew Research survey found that only 23% of Hispanics had even heard of the term “Latinx,” and a minuscule 3% said they used the word to describe themselves. […]

[full article here]

And in another vein:

    • Fl*nn: Foreign Intelligence Agencies Were Monitoring U S El* ct *on, Willing to Provide Information to Tr**p

    • “We have evidence now of foreign countries […] were watching the attacks on our election system, our election process, on the 3rd of November,” Fl * nn told F *x Business on Friday. “So we now have that evidence and we received that today,” he said.

[full article here –includes link to video interview]

So, you’ll recall that I posted weeks ago, that the Pr *s *dent of Brazil was aware of the extensive  el*ct *on fr* ud here in the U S. Other countries are coming forward now, too — with intelligence reports.

This means that foreign countries are better informed about what’s going on here in the U S than approximately 50% of our own country.  (But rest assured, that information divide is being done on purpose, folks.)

(A quick FYI — if you leave comments for me re: politics, I do reply, but the comments/replies only stay visible for about 20 minutes and then are deleted.)

Okay, well. There was just a ton of news-related stuff yesterday, gang. I cannot possibly post it all here. Things are getting decidedly intense here in the U S. I’ve posted just a small handful of things below. But always remember you can check online news sources throughout the day: B*n g* n* R* port, and the Ep*ch Times update constantly.

Thanks for visiting, gang. Happy Winter Solstice!! And have a great Monday. Don’t forget that tonight is the night that Jupiter and Saturn have that conjunction. I think you look at the southwest area of the sky (in the U S, anyway).  Okay, I love you guys.

Watch this 1-minute video below before they block it. It is so true. You will love it!

The last 15 minutes of the video below includes an educational video about everything you’re not being shown on mainstream media and how it is splitting the country in half:

My favorite quick update on daily politics and military:

Steve C* rt*s spoke with Host, Eric Gr** tens, on “Actionable Intelligence” stating why a special prosecutor needs to be appointed to investigate B* d en ‘s ties to C h* n *.

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