Wow, Lolita! Go, Baby, Go!!

You might wish to listen first to the song below — “Lolita Ya-Ya” by The Ventures.. It only takes 2 minutes and  it will set the lovely pace for today’s abominable post.

I will go grab another cup of coffee while you listen…

Okay, gang.

Here it is, Sunday morning, and I’ve of course been awake since 3:30am, gathering all the disturbing worldwide news so that you don’t have to!

The mere fact that there is so much disturbing worldwide news on a Sunday morning is both a bad and a good sign: Bad, meaning, well, there’s a fucking truck-load of bad news and who likes that? And good, because it seems we are lurching ever closer to some sort of arrests and decisive military action or martial law.

Upon opening my eyes this morning, my very first thought was of Nick Cave and which suit he might be wearingwait, no— my very first thought was of the UK and that horrible situation over there because it was the last thing I read about before drifting off to sleep last night.

Yet another useless l*ck d* wn to try to control people. (There was a protest in London yesterday and 29 were arrested.)

I told you they were going to try to double-down, gang. The fake p* n d* m*c was rapidly losing steam and so they were going to have to create yet another mysterious threat to try to scare the fuck out of everybody and try to keep them controlled and muzzled, and since that indescribably weird declaration that getting a vaccine meant you’d still need to wear a m*sk for 8 or 9 more months, or two more years (I think that’s how long the N*w W*rld Or d*r needs to completely crash the worldwide economy, but don’t quote me on that, what do I know?). Since that fucked-up m* sk declaration just plain sounded ludicrous, they’ve struck on the next best thing they could think of in a pinch.

Yes, a new strain of the fake p* n d* m*c that spreads much more rapidly.

Try not to trip over all those dead bodies in the streets as you rush home to the safety of your muzzled isolation. Happy Christmas!

Give me a fucking break. Jesus.

And what even makes me angrier is that, when I had the virus back in the early Spring, I had serious trouble getting my breathing back to normal even when everything else in my body was feeling fine again. And it was those medical reports from the UK, which stated that large doses of Vitamin D3 seemed to be what was helping people to completely kick the virus, that turned everything around for me.

I immediately started taking daily large doses of Vitamin D3 (that I bought at the Dollar Store) and sure enough, within one week, I was completely over the breathing issues.

The UK told me that! And it worked!!

And then, as the weeks unfolded and it became clear that D3 was playing a massive role in helping people get better and/or not even get sick at all, the UK declared that come autumn, people should seriously up their levels of D3, especially those older folks and people with compromised immune systems.

So what made the UK decide to tell people, instead, to go back into full l* ck d*wn and wear the m* sks that research shows are basically useless, if not in fact harmful?

Read this article here. (The article includes charts & graphs from the C D C that you are going to want to look at.) And perhaps even make special note of this (yet again):

    • […]an analysis by a J* hns H* pk*ns student of the total number of deaths by age bracket over the past year shows no spikes in any age group.
    • […] please explain how the human race survived all these millennia without buying or making face m* sks and barking at people who invade their 6-foot bubble. I’m not sure which is the bigger scam—the media telling us J* e B* den is Pr*s*d *nt-El*ct when he hasn’t achieved 270 el* ct* ral votes, or the medical industrial complex and its government bulldogs insisting we need a vaccine and that m* sks actually prevent viral transfer. A meta-analysis shows m* sks are statistically insignificant for viral transfer, and according to a 2015 study (prior to m* sks being a tool to leverage political power), m* sks were found to increase the likelihood of infections […]
    • […] What if I told you that studies show patients with adequate levels of Vitamin D are less likely to contract the infection? And, what if I told you those same studies show that if a person does contract the infection but he/she has adequate levels of Vitamin D, that person is less likely to have severe symptoms? And that adequate levels of Vitamin D also reduce the likelihood of death? […]
    • And what if I told you we have proof that Dr. An th* ny F* uci takes Vitamin D daily? And that he takes a lot of it? [6,000 I.U.s]

[full article is here. Read it. And also re-watch some of the videos posted below.]


The other news is even worse. You’ve probably already been reading about it, watching it, hearing it.

Remember what I posted the other day, about the suspicious death of G A gov.’s daughter’s boyfriend in an exploding car crash? And how the man investigating the suspicious death suddenly “committed suicide”?

Well, Attorney L* n W** d who is trying to get justice in G A, began a series of extremely alarming  tw ** ts yesterday, saying that he wanted to go on record that he was “not suicidal” and that he had security guards at all times (guard dogs, I think), and that many third parties had copies of what he says proves that U S S* pr*m * Court J*dge R* berts is compromised (and being black mailed) and needs to step down.

And confidential flight records were tw ** t*d out, showing that a certain R*b*rts took many flights on the Lolita Express to Ped * phile Island.

Meaning, gang: a.) sex with underage girls on the late Ep st **n’s pleasure island; and b.) now — complete obstruction of justice re: v*t* fr*ud at the highest level of the U S court.

You just connect the dots yourselves, okay?

And here’s another interesting article from Friday 12/18/20:

    • […] what if m* sks actually create more problems than they solve? That’s a question pondered in four peer-reviewed research papers published in the journal Primary Doctor.
    • In their last installment, researchers concluded that due to the extensive risk to m* sk wearers documented in these papers, “we urgently recommend that no adult or child be coerced to wear a m* sk under any circumstances.”
    • In a world in which people consider a m* sk a life-or-death issue, such a statement seems dangerous, blasphemous, and anti-science.
    • But according to co-author of the papers on the problems associated with m*sks, Dr. C* ll **n H* ber, forcing everyone to m* sk up doesn’t make sense.
    • “Respiratory droplets have been really exaggerated recently by those who advocate m* sks. As if we were spitting all over everything all the time,” H* ber said. “It suggests we’ve been lethal to human success of the species. However, for 99.999 percent of our existence on earth, we’ve been a relatively successful species from an evolutionary perspective.”
    • H* ber says there’s a concerted effort to censor any negative information about m* sks, even if the details might be important to public health.
    • “Those blue m*sks available at the grocery store, they’re sterilized with ethylene oxide, which is a known carcinogen. And they are made with PFOA in their fibers which is a known lung cancer risk,” Huber said. “I retweeted this on tw * tt *r and I was kicked off for seven days.”
    • Before this report went to print, H* ber was removed from tw * tt *r permanently.

[full article here]

If you think this isn’t a worldwide, concerted effort to control and to silence ALL OF US, you’re still sleeping in the farthest corner of your remote cave and there’s nothing more I can do for you.

Okay, gang. I’m gonna get my Sunday underway here. I’m hoping I will hear soon that George is indeed coming to live with us!! (See yesterday’s post.) I want to get things ready.

I suggest listening to the two videos below.  One from Friday, and one from last night. And see if you think military actions are indeed coming our way…

From Friday 12-18-20:

From last night:

Watch this again!! Especially readers in the UK. It is truly horrific:

And watch this again!! No p* n d* m*c, plus massive v* t*r fr* ud and how it was all accomplished:

And once again!!! And now for UK readers specifically. Crimes Against Humanity. Fake p* nd * m*c.

And again!!! And now for UK readers specifically. Crimes Against Humanity. Fake p* nd * m*c.

From yesterday. You can actually feel the military getting ready, can’t you? hash t*g we are the st * rm


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