Let’s Be Brief!!

First off — that news re: D* n B *n g*no and M * rk L * v*n and their podcasts possibly getting dropped — that was F  A  K  E news.  What a relief it was to hear that, gang. Honestly, that degree of potential c * n s * r sh *p was very distressing to me and I am truly relieved to know it is not true.

Okay. I’m hearing power outages now in W a  s  h  i  n g   t  o n  S tate and  P  o  r  t  l a  n  d   OR. Please stay close to home if you live there.

Also — PLEASE  DO NOT pay attention to the call-to- a  r  m  s  rallies at all 50 statehouse ca p i t a l s on Sunday Jan  1  7  th . Around noon.  this is a t  r a  p.  These are expected to be a n t * f * r  i  o  t s. Stay close to home on Sunday just to be safe.

A reminder: a  n t * fa are professional a n * r ch * sts. They are paid to fuck you up. And if you show up a  r  m  e  d , the f  b   i  will be on hand to arrest you, take your g u n s a w a y and classify you as a d o m e s t i c t * rr o r * st.  This is not a joke. This is a t  r   a   p.

I don’t own any g u n s but I believe in the C * n st * t * tion and it is the God- given right for all A  m e r i c a ns t o keep and bear a r m s to defend themselves. As long as A  m e r i c a n  s remain a r m e d it will always be that much harder to over  throw our C * n st * t * tion.

Also, just fyi if you are new here — I  am not a R*p u b l * can or a D e m * cr * t; I’m a C * n st * t * tion al ist.  Which means that everyone who is an A  m e r i c a n (and, frankly, everyone all over the world) has the God- given right to be f  r e   e.

A disturbing trend is bubbling up all over the east coast. And that is this idea of concentration c*  mp  s for followers of Tr **p.

First we saw it on N o v  4 th, when students at Harvard were calling for “enf * rced re-education c  * mp  s” for anyone who supported Tr *** p.

Then it was that insane bill proposed in the NYS Assembly the other day, calling for it to be legal for the State to decide if you were the potential carrier of a contagious disease so that they could essentially detain you as long as they wished and wherever they wished, and then force medical treatments on you, including potentially life- threatening  v * cc in e s.  It absolutely wreaked of r e l i g i o u s  and p o liti cal p  e  r  s  e  c  u  t  i on.

(And if you think “enlightenment c * mp s” and “enf * rced re-education c*  mp  s” are not concentration/ death c* mp s, ask the  u y g* r s and f  a  l  *  n  g  *  n   g , who are getting their or g* ns brutally harvested, among other atro  cities, how much they’re enjoying their enlightenment c * mp s…

And on that horrible topic: Yesterday, P  r  o  j  e  c  t  V * r * t as released another und * r cover video, this time of a mid-level attorney for p  b  s  (who got fired yesterday), saying that even if B * d e n wins the W  H, all Tr ***p supporters should have their children taken away from them and sent to re-education  c*  mp s.

He said many other horrific things. And even though I loved that show “Professor T” and even though “Endeavor” is my most  favorite TV show on Earth, I picked up the phone yesterday, after watching that video, and I cancelled my membership to p  b  s. I’ve been a supporter of p  b  s  since I was 18 years old — back in 1978.

That adds up to a lot of money given to a company that hires people who want to see us in con centration c* mp s.

And the reality is that many people are losing their jobs  right now — or their spouses and family members are losing their jobs — because they are known to support Tr ***p. Their b*  nk acc  ou  nts are being frozen. Their lives are being destroyed. Meanwhile, keeping to the c  i  a  m o ck in g bird plan, all of mainstream m* d * a is urging their Kool-Aid drinkers to believe that this is somehow a reasonable idea.

We’ve seen it all happen before.

If we don’t stay mindful, it all starts there. And leads here…

75 years after liberation, site of Auschwitz's concentration camps opens  doors to survivor families - Photos News , Firstpost
Gas chamber at A u s    c h    w i t z

All right, gang. Please just stay mindful for the next few days, stay aware of your surroundings if you live in a larger city that was involved in the r  * gg  ed e l * ec t * on in any way.  Keep in mind you could get a power outage. Stay close to home if at all possible. Avoid crowds!!

If you are feeling like panicking, hold the line. Distract yourself. The com man  der  of  the U  S  S p a  ce  F  o r  ce recommends watching the movie, Midway (2019 version), and take it to heart. By Saturday, they are estimating almost 20,000 ar  med tr  oo  ps in D  C . We will win this thing.

I’m gonna scoot now. Thanks for visiting, gang! I love you guys. See ya!

Below: K  O  update (short):

Below: K  O  update (short):

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