Wait, Did I Say That?

Put on your parkas, gang, and your wool hats and mittens!! Because we’re gonna go visit Hell today and see what it looks like when it’s frozen over!!

Yes, that’s right: Even that Tr**p-hating bastion of  the c  i  a  ‘s P  r  o  j  e  c  t  M  o ck in g B  ird — aka c  n  n  — says the rush to i  m  p  e  a  c  h Tr***p a second time was likely a little hasty since:

“Investigators believe the riot at the  C a  p  i  t  o  l  was planned and not inspired by P  r  e  s  i  d  e  n   t   D  o  n  a  l   d   Tr *** p.”

Oooh. How weird.

Also, according to the X * 2 R * p * rt from last evening, the N  Y   Times also stated yesterday that the C*  VID virus is likely to simply disappear and prove to be “just an infection, like the common cold.”

You know, aside from the very real fact that both of these outlets (and just about every single other mainstream outlet, except maybe the N  Y  P * st) have caused this country a lot of damage by knowingly feeding the country f  a  l  s  e information and refusing to report the actual n  e  w   s (for years now), I absolutely had to laugh when I saw that c  n  n  piece this morning.

Combine that with the dictator‘s backpedal on l * ck d* wns the other day (that they aren’t any good for N  Y’s economy, after 10 months of his relentlessly hammering N  Y’s small businesses), and now these new items today — well, clearly the winds of change are upon us.

And not all of it seems to be based on this idea that B *  den is going to actually get into the W  H. Something sort of resembling “rational thinking” seems to be going on, but how it got past the c* n sor s is a mystery. But I guarantee you — it was not by accident.

And to continue to maintain that nearly 20,000 armed tr ** ps will be occupying D   C  by Saturday (there are already about 10,000 of them there now, and curfews are in place), when B * d e n is having a virtual in a u g u r a t i o n,  is just super, super weird, gang. (They are saying the troops are there because they expect rioting re: B *  d  e  n’s in au gura   tion — personally, I don’t see that happening, unless the 20,000 armed tr ** ps are there to ensure that the 10 people who voted for B * den have the city to themselves…)

Anyway. Obviously, something is up.  (L*n W**d, unfortunately, is predicting we will be at war with c  h  *  n * by the weekend. I did see that some sort of huge explosion happened in c  h  *  n * last night ; one dead, many injured. But I have no clue if anything is related.)

Also —  b*g t*ch  is now going after ALL  s * c * i l m e  d  i  a hubs that attract Tr **p supporters: now g  a  b  is being threatened to be pulled; a  p p l * is set to pull the t  e l  e  gr  am app from phones (which I am new to but now I absolutely love it). Of course, p  a  r  l  e  r was already pulled ( lawsuits underway, though).   And podcasters are having their p a  t  r  e  on and p *y pal accounts  canceled, so that they can no longer accept donations or membership payments.

If you were raised during that version of America when they actually taught you stuff in school, you will recognize all this silencing and canceling and falsely accusing and freezing of income as something the S * c*a list total a t ar ian ist re gimes have always exceled at.

And for people who were raised in the newer version of American public education — well, I’m thinking we should make it mandatory for people who think that S * c * a lism is viable, to go live under a S * c * a lis t dictator for, like, 3 years, before they can come back to the U  S  and run for any public office on the  S * c * a lis t ticket.

If they live through that and still think that S * c * a lism is viable for Americans, well, at least we’ll be able to see clearly that they’re out of their minds and we won’t accidentally vote for them…

Okay. Anyway.  T  X  makes the first arrest in the e l * c t * on fr* u d.  It happened yesterday. The woman is now in jail and charged with four felonies.  Her arrest was made possible by the kind under cover videos brought to us by P  r  o  j  e  c  t  v* ri  t  as.

A J* dge in M  I  is demanding the Sec of S t a te there to “release all coomunications with D * m * n * * n, F  B, A  pp  ll  e, A m a z *n, and g ** gl*.” (In connection with the e l * c t * on fr*ud there.)

(Yes, there’s still this great big e l * c t * on fr * ud hanging over us, gang. Which makes me wonder if B* den’s virtual in augur a tion will require us to wear Virtual Reality goggles in order to actually “see” it…)

(Methinks that many high profile folks in M I could be decorating personal c  e  l  l  s  at G*tm * soon. I guess we’ll find out.) (BTW: Visit this web site on a vpn, gang. It is awesome. Use judgment, though.)

On a serious note — don’t forget to err on the side of caution this weekend: stay close to home; do NOT attend ANY ra ll ies in St * te Cap it *ls; have extra food and water on hand and fill up your gas tank; expect maybe a power outage if you’re in a bigger city. Have cash on hand in case ATMs have no power. Just be prepared.

All righty. Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File this morning! He eloquently explains how he knows when he has written something worthwhile and what his songwriting process is. He also quotes the Bible regarding Mary Magdalene and Jesus — 2 of my favorite people ( 3, if you count Nick Cave). (And btw — my birthday and the Feast of Mary Magdalene fall on the same day: July 22nd. Coincidence? I think not!!) You can read his Red Hand File from today here.

From the Red Hand File 1/14/21

All right. I’m gonna scoot. I’m expecting today to be another exhausting news day.  Plus I want to make another pot of soup!

Thanks for visiting, gang. Remember to resist the Kool-Aid at all costs.  I love you guys. See ya!

Below: Listen to this, please. It’s 1 minute. (He suggests what everyone else on Earth knows: that Fancy-nan was in on the ri *t at the C  a  p  i  t  o  l):

Okay, for some reason, I’m no longer allowed to link the actual video from R*d P*ll 7 8 news. I can link you to the page, but you will need to go there yourself.  They are always really informative, gang. They are on r  u  m  b  l  e dot com, if you can’t catch them live on Dlive (or a couple of other live streams). And they last 30 mins.

Below: K O, from last night — jam-packed with amazing politics and military, as always (short).

Below: K O also from last night (short).

Below: The P  r  e  s  i  d  e  n  t’s speech last evening, after the House im  p  e  a  ch  ment vote, and also warning about the upcoming violence expected nationwide this weekend.

Below: I loved this (40 mins.):

Below: “[…] people understand that the great re   set is not in their best interest. The next phase of the global economy will be decided.” (short)

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