You’re Kidding Me, Right?

Wow, yesterday was EXHAUSTING.

Even though I wanted to see the m i l i t a ry step in and halt the proceedings yesterday, we had been alerted time  & again that it was not likely to happen that way, or in so public a way. Because it would lead to a TON of violence, nationwide. (And there are rumblings that the m i l i t ar y already did take over, and in fact they even announced it on Good Morning America the other day but it seems to have slipped by most people.)

That said, though, even though I was disappointed that we still have to wait, I could not believe how many people totally abandoned ship and gave up on even having faith yesterday. Dealing with that, and trying to stay upbeat and trying to find the voices out there who were not giving up — that was what was so exhausting.

However, everyone seems to be feeling renewed this morning and getting back on the “fight to save A m e r i c a” train.

I have so many things to post here this morning. As well as a ton of those declassified docs to read over once I’m done posting.

First and foremost, though, it is really important that you go to this link and sign this petition!!

The site is getting heavy traffic right now, but keep trying. It is from Americas Frontline Doctors dot com, and the petition is to stop forced experimental vaccines. For instance, any airlines who demands people be vaccinated before you’re allowed to fly with them — this petition will be presented to CEO’s worldwide, to show they will be boycotted if they don’t rethink their dangerous policy.

You can watch this alarming video first, then sign the petition:

The C * VID vaccines are still experimental and can be very dangerous, especially for anyone under 70.  And women who are still in their child-bearing years risk lifelong infertility and the possibility of very serious, permanent placenta problems during pregnancy.

“We need your support to prevent people from being intimidated or pressured into taking experimental vaccines.

SMD & AFLDS is NOT “anti-vaxx” or in any other form to be considered or mislabeled as disapproving of established, reputable vaccines when taken voluntarily without coercion.

SMD will actively blacklist and boycott any business, employer, or school that mandates or otherwise attempts to force a vaccine.”

Again, watch the video, then visit the link and sign! Be patient, though. Heavy traffic at the petition site.

And on a related note — A massive fire has just broken out at the Serum Institute — India’s biggest vaccine maker. (Related? Hmmm….)

And on another related note — about 17 seconds after the fake in   a  u  g  u  r a  tion yesterday, the w h o made a grand proclamation!

An Hour After J*e B* den Is Sworn In, W H O Admits Their Testing Grossly Overstates Individuals Testing Positive for COVID

[full article here] This is to ensure that people around the world think that somehow the B * den  fake p r e s i d e nc y will bring blessings to all of us!!

And on another note  — Just hours after B  * den was sworn in, a n t *  f a mob swarmed Seattle — and also Portland. Some of the stuff they did was pretty horrific, folks. Some of it, absolutely terrifying. I could not even watch the videos.

And then the night before the fakery, a n  t  *  f a staged a r*ot in Airstrip One (NYC) and nearly a dozen cops were seriously  injured.

However, this was interesting!  From L*n W**d on  t e l e g r a m:

“Biden “live” inauguration was seen 11 hours earlier in Spain? Amazing. Or just more B*  den/Cabal/ch * na fraud . . .”

Fake in a  u  g u r a  t i on anyone? (I didn’t watch it, but there were reports that none of the fencing and razor wire provided through the courtesy of the N  a  t  i  o  n  a  l   G u  a  r d, was anywhere to be found in the background during the “televised/virtual” in  a  u g u ra tion… Hmmmm.)

And the ex- c  i  a  director, J  B r e n n  a  n, announced on ms  n  b  c yesterday that they were going to move in “laser light fashion”  to identify Tr **p supporters and root them out of the population.

Them’s strong words, folks. Sounds like a plan for ge n  o  c  i  d  e.

Okay. I have resisted the urge to propagate rumors, but remember what I posted the other day about Fancy-Nan possibly actually having been ar  r  e s ted? Well, this was based on a photo circulating the platforms of Nan surrounded by 5 female (se c r e t s e rvi c e agents) that people were saying were guards.  (Also, after she threatened to begin the im p e a c h m e nt proceedings against Tr ***p, she didn’t show up to work for 3 days.) Anyway, the rumor is still alive and well. And, you know, simply judging from the intensely distraught and wild look Fancy-Nan is sporting these days, you gotta wonder, gang.

You might have to join clouthub to watch this, but check out the short video. Allegedly Fancy-Nan being taken into custody by female US Marshalls.

This is some really disturbing stuff L * n W**d posted the other day, regarding the c r i m e s of J  * dg e R * ber ts. You will have to join t e l e g r am to see the videos. A whistleblower. In 4 short videos from Tuesday.  The whistleblower has already been brutally tortured and he and his wife’s lives have been threatened, but his evidence is sealed in a federal court in M D.  (This is about murder of a s  u  p  r  e  me  c * urt  j * dge and the continued rape of illegally a d op ted ch i ld ren by high-profile politicians.)

Here is a link to a collection of declassified docs so far. There is a TON of stuff here, gang. I’ve found that if it was originally located on the W H site it has now been removed. But the other links still link to declassified docs:

I was also able to download the court doc of La t h am in her suit against e p st e in’s T  ru  s t. The list of the several dozen high-profile defendants in the case are all over social m * dia right now. This is part of declassifying the max w e l l court docs. Part of this specific claim:

Plaintiff accuses the named defendants, and hundreds of unidentified defendants, of “establish[ing] a lucrative, but sociopathic, criminal enterprise,” and “engag[ing] in decades of human trafficking, sexual assaults, and various abuses including financial and economic exploitation, drugging for abduction, and taking Plaintiff(s) #1 and Plaintiffs John and Jane Doe (1 – 10) hostage.” (Id. ¶ 5.) She also alleges that the defendants engaged in “sexual harassment,
extortion, physical torture, and revenge targeting” her mother “for her refusal to sell her” children to them. She further alleges that the defendants “drugg[ed] the children” for “sex trafficking, hostage taking, and related abuse but also began exploiting the Plaintiffs for thefts of trade secrets, intellectual property and tortious interference in the Plaintiff’s career and economic opportunities.” (Id. ¶ 7.)

Plaintiff #3 [Plaintiff’s mother] agreed to an out of court multi-million dollar monetary settlement in the late 1980s/early 1990s to avoid a public criminal and civil prosecution for E p ste in’s sexual abuse of several of the Plaintiffs 2 & 3s children; Plaintiffs 2 & 3 share 6 children together (3 sons, 3 daughters, and approximately 14 grandchildren.
After misappropriating Le sl ie We x ne r’s money to pay the settlement, J* ffrey E p st* in devised a scheme of revenge and recovery of the money by targeting the Plaintiffs for drugging and trafficking the children for continued abuse at his various orgies around the world where he was paid large sums of money by “elite” attendees of the salacious events and then used the money from abusing the Plaintiffs to repay his debt to W ex ne r.
The decades of abuse and sexual assaults were equally to the benefit, entertainment and economic enrichment of the Corporations as well as facilitated, in whatever capacities, by the Corporations/their managers and personnel as by any Person named as defendant.
(Id. ¶¶ 9-11.)

It states that her complaints were dismissed as frivolous… I guess we shall see.

And moving back to yesterday, this is very interesting. A very short audio file. LISTEN TO IT!! B * den is the pr e s * d e n t of a corporation (the united states) that doesn’t exist any longer…

This link here explains the history of all of it:  Read it!!

“Washington DC was established as a city-state in 1871 with the passage of the Act of 1871, which officially established the United States as a corporation under the rule of Washington, which itself is subservient to the City of London. […]

[…] The Papal States are the territories on the East Coast of the former United States under the sovereign direct rule of the p o p e, from the fall of the United States around the turn of the twentieth century to the present. The Papal States are one of the regional powers of the Chesapeake Bay, controlling the city of Washington, as well as much of the surrounding area. Several towns, baronies, and other holdings outside Washington are also held by the p o p e, creating an intricate network of holdings which pay tribute directly to the p o p e.[…]

The claim that the corporation of the un ite d sta te s was dissolved at 12:01am on Wednesday morning is a huge deal, gang. So please listen to the audio, read the texts, etc., and get an understanding of the 1871 Act. The U  S  is allegedly already under mi li t ar y rule right now, D  C  is being viewed as a hostile outside entity in the center of the sovereignty of the un i t ed st a tes, and that the U  S  is being returned to its former state of being a true C*n st * tu tion a l Re public.

In my opinion, this also explains the black out at the v a t * c an, the p op e claiming he is resigning,  and the massive amounts of (alleged) arr  e  s t s and liquidations that have already taken place (43 bishops there, plus 9 bishops here dying from C * VID in one week). And in relation to all that is written in the doc, here is a current summation of the world:

Italian Government has resigned:

Poland Government has resigned:

Russian Government resigned except Putin:

300 Italian politicians and police charged along with Italian mafia:

The entire Kuwait Government has resigned:

Dutch government of the Netherlands resigns:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel steps down:

Malaysian Government steps down:

Baron Benjamin de Rothschild dead at 57:

Estonian Prime ministers fired:

Ob * m * gate documents  declassed – fully loaded with incriminating facts:

25,000+ National Guard and Military in DC and 10 state capitols guarded and locked down:

Washington DC in lockdown and panic:

And here’s an interesting phone call that was recorded. J * e B * den and u k r a i ne in 2016 — hide the fucking money!!

Okay, people. Enough is enough. Tr **p and his team have uncovered massive v * ter fraud, have declassified everything, have begun arrests worldwide and possibly even exe c ut ions through mi li t ary tri bunals. He did not just walk away to go live in F L and play golf. It makes no sense whatsoever.

So have faith that all of this is still in play! It is not over yet. Not by a longshot.

Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: “Good bye. We love you. We will be back in some form…Have a good life. We will see you soon.”

Below: R  * d P * ll 7  8 news. Very encouraging and informative. (30 mins.)

Below: Very encouraging! This has already had about a million views across all platforms since last evening. “The [**]/MSM have now completed the crime, J  B was inaugurated he took a private jet to D  C. J  B is now the illegitimate pr e s * d e n t of the U S. The military has been monitoring the el* cti ons they know exactly what has occurred. 11.3 is the first marker, then entire operation is going to be completed in 30 days.” (19 mins.)


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