The Light is Breaking & the Earth Will Crack

Today is my 80th day in a row posting about the r * gg ed e l * ct *on. And this doesn’t count the months I posted about trying to understand what the fuck the C * VID “virus” really was.

And all the corruption that has come to the surface — more and more of it every damn fucking day — and this morning was the first morning I actually broke down and cried. The amount of declassified documents, emails, photos now of the horrific abuse of children by D  C  (and world) elites is just beyond  my ability to process.

I will point you in the direction of things you can look at yourself, rather than post them here because some of it, I can hardly stomach. But I believe you need the t e l e g r am app to access them.

Primarily, search for The True Great Awakening — he has posted all the declas info as easily viewed docs. You do not need to follow any links to read the docs. However, it will likely take you weeks to read it all.

Also, of course, follow for everything else: w e t h e m e d ia

Also search for: 2021 updates (#wethepeople): horrific stuff re: our beloved  h  i  l  l a  r y and true p  e   d  o nightmares. There is a pdf doc you can download and read, if you have the stomach for it.  But beware — once this stuff gets in your head, you can’t get it out.

I’m only posting about it because these people, who are back in “fake” power here in the U  S  need to be brought to public justice. Not just arr * s t ed behind closed doors.

There are reports on various podcasts that our beloved h  i  l  l  a  r  y has already been a  r  * s  t  ed (maybe even ex e c u t  ed, I don’t know) and that the strange woman we are seeing out & about is only a body double for her (also called “clones.”).

And I posted here about 10 days ago, about how shocking it was to see her in a video, bashing Tr**p as always, because she looked entirely different, like some strange angry old lady.  How did she age so quickly, I wondered — and lose so much weight? So there could very well be some real truth to all this — that she is now, in some way, gone. But these people need to be publicly held accountable for this trail of tears. (Using fast-food code words when ordering children for p e d o parties, where the children were not only r  a   p   e   d  but sometimes ritually and horrifically tortured, and sometimes even k   i  ll  ed.)

And now t  w  *  t   * r  is being sued by the U  S  g ov er n ment on behalf of a boy who, at 13, had been taped having s  *  x with s *  x tra  ff ickers and the  video was viewed on t  w  *  t  t  * r nearly 200,000 times, and shared 2,000 times. But when the boy asked t w  *  t  t  * r to remove the video, he was told that it didn’t violate their policies… (But Tr **p being p  r  e  s * d e nt does.)

When I think of all the friends and family who no longer speak to me (or barely speak to me) because they voted for B * den and think I am loony-tunes for leaving the Dem Party back during O b * m *’s regime — all these friends in the Arts, especially — even though they are ignorant of all this stuff and voting with their eyes closed because they are  brainwashed by p  r  o  j  e c  t  m o c  k i n g bird, and also too lazy to turn off the fucking TV — I get so fucking heartbroken, and angry, that they are supporting this shit. They are complicit in it, sort of by proxy, by  keeping their heads in the sand and/or listening to the constant bleating of the main stream m* dia.

On a related note — the S t a n d a r d Hotel in Hollywood is now closing. This is the hotel where, allegedly a ^^  d * m   s    c h * f  f was filmed having s  e     x  with a 10 yr old black boy, who’d been abducted and drugged, but died from an o v   e   r    d  o  s   e   during the r^ a^** p  e . And the ensuing cover   up commotion was heard by the man in the room next door. The man called the  l  a   p   d    to come to the hotel and find out what was going on.

The little boy’s body di s a pp e a r ed.  Oddly, the S t a   n  d  a r d Hotel is also being investigated for having acid on hand that is used for “shocking” a swimming pool but having enough on hand to shock the pool for about ten years, and  trying to dump all that acid…

Within a couple months, the man in the room next door who had complained — a  n  t  h  *  n  y  b  ^  * r  d   a  in — “committed suicide” in France, immediately after a visit from two members of the  m   * s l * m b  *  ys  — who were caught on video leaving his home.

The most important thing going all over the hubs right now is that something is decidedly amiss in everything we are “seeing” re: the o  v  a  l  o  f  f ice. As if it is a movie set of some kind. The room does not match the room Tr **p was ever in , or O  b *  m *, and there hasn’t been enough time to redecorate it. The room is simply a different room altogether.

Also, the view outside the windows of the office do not match, either.  There are many photos and videos out there now attesting to this. You can easily find them. As if they are being purposely leaked. They are on t  e l  e   g  r  am and  c l  o  u t hub. t  w  *  t   t  *  r, too, but I don’t have that app.

And the marines and soldiers are not saluting B * den. He is clearly a  f r  a  d* l e  nt  p r  * si  d e nt. This all looks like some weird version of the h un  g  e  r  g  am  e  s  movie. Also all those E   O’s   B  *  den has been signing are not being filed with the federal r e g  i s tr a tion  of f  ic e that files all  E  Os. You can look for yourself. B  *  d  e n  has “zero” E  Os. So what is he signing?

It’s all fake somehow. Seriously, people.

Also, there is a video circulating of B  *  den talking in the ov  a  l  o f  f  i c  e about X * vi er B* ce rra , when suddenly a voice-over starts speaking at the very same time and a man is stating that he (the voice) took a plea bargain to save his life — and audio techs are stating it is X * vi er B* ce  rra ‘s voice.

All this shit is so fucking creepy and weird, gang. And combine that with people in other countries who are stating that they saw the in a  u  g  u r a tion 10 & 11 hours before it showed here in the U  S; and  it came on here 10 minutes earlier than any in  a u  r  u  r a  tion ever before. (It is always held at noon.) That b  * den’s oath was a shortened version of any other oath a p  r  e  s i dent has ever taken. Then our l o v  e  l y  k  *  m*  l * is not swearing directly on the bible, but on her purse. She has placed what looks like her purse on top of the bible and is swearing her oath of office on that. You can see it in the photos, gang.

Plus everyone wearing all that purple… the c  o  l  o  r  g  u  a  r  d  r  e  v  o  l  u  t  i  on.

Some promising signs that the  m i li t a r y actually is in control of the U  S  right now (in addition to those gold fringes on the flags now): fed s t o r m tr **p ers were on hand in p o r t land to blast a n t * f * and  b  l  m  r * o ters with tear gas and pepper spray and actually really had those r * oters kind of upset. Go figure….

Some declas emails showing that Fancy-Nan seems to have had up to 2 weeks prior notice of the mob r * ot at c a p it ol bldg.

Former head of the V  a  t  i  c a  n bank is found guilty of embezzlement and $$ laundering.

And one really nice note to end on…

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File this morning, addressing a fan’s concerns that the “world is shit” and another wondering if “shitty art is worth making”.

His reply was quite beautiful. In summation, he says:

“I’m just walking back from work, thinking about your questions. It is late and the night is dark and wet and the deserted streets shimmer in the rain. Saint Mary Abbots rises up before me, empty and eerie, its floodlit spire reaching into the sky. There is an insistent and loving space between all things and it is suddenly a perfect moment — a perfect moment nested in a shared human catastrophe — but perfect all the same.”  Love, Nick

Okay, thanks for visiting, gang. Go out and make it a profound day; find a way to add to the hopes of people and don’t just add to the misery, okay? Faith is in high demand right now. When others experience our faith it emboldens them. Just like choosing to not wear a m * sk sometimes gives others courage to do the same.

I love you guys. See ya.

Below: From 1961. A short speech. He could have said the very same things today.

Below: U  S  off icially declares that c  h  *  n* has committed g e no  c  i  d e:

Below: K O update (short):

Below: “The p* tri ots have set a plan in motion to take back this country, but before that happens the [**] system needs to be brought down — the entire system. Tr** p needed to sacrifice himself for optic reasons. He needs to be completely out of the picture, which means he is not Pr * s * de nt. Tr** p and the p* tri ots planned this from the beginning, the [**] players believe they won, they used their ammunition, they believe they can’t be stopped. With all the distractions there is one man who was left behind. Think mirror. (42 mins.)


Below: r * d P * ll 7 8  news, “B* b Ku dl  a returns after a holiday absence to go over the after shocks of yesterday’s “in au gur a tion”, the influence of C * P food consumption creating inflationary pressures on our supplies and Bitcoin brushing past all expectations.” (28 mins.)

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