Let It Rain, Gang

Do not lose hope, people. Absolutely nothing is at it seems right now.  The m * l i t * ry is in control of this country.  Do not fear what you think you are seeing that indicates otherwise; it is a charade for the remaining Americans who simply refuse to take the red pill.

Please do visit sites and links that I’ve posted over the last few days that list all the declassified docs. The mains tr* am news is reporting none of these atrocities. More docs are on their way, too, including docs that substantiate the claim that the former Pres B * sh, S r was executed and confessed to everything before dying. Those docs are said to be dropping any day now.

If you are not already convinced of the guilt of so many of these elite D   C   p o li t i c ians by the declassed docs we already have (read them!!), supposedly the B  * sh confessions are going to be seriously hard to stomach ( ie: his in volvement in 9  1   1 , in hu m an tr a f  f ic king, etc.)

Please do not ignore these declassed docs, folks. Yes, they can be really, really hard to take, but information is power, especially right now. And then share what you learn with the people you know. It is crucial that this all comes to light.

This just in:  It turns out that D r F *^ u c* is insane. Please disregard anything he says from now on (unless or until he starts talking about all his bio-engineering research on a certain virus — research he then gave to a certain lab in w *  h ^^n…). (Or perhaps he’d like to discuss what he did to help create AIDS. Hmmm.)

No, not this lab…

Cute Photos of Labrador Retriever Puppies | POPSUGAR Family

This also just in:  Apparently “the c  d  c changed C * VID criteria that inflated fatalities 10-fold” Wow!! Who knew??!! (Besides all of us.) [link to article is here]

This also also just in:  Many folks posting to t w * tt * r that they now wish they hadn’t v oted for B * den!! (If they would only take the red pill, they would see that the el * c t * on was r * gged anyway and that their v ote doesn’t even really count.)

Of interest:  Lt. G e n e r a l Fl*nn’s brother, Charles, has been nominated to lead the U  S  A r my Pa cific. Hmmm…. How’d that happen? Just who is in charge here??!! (HINT: the m * l * t ar y…)

Tr **p released a statement that he is not affiliated with establishing the P * triot Party. Any money you donate goes to that organization and not to him in any way.

However, yesterday, he did formally establish the Office of the Former Pr * s * dent, down in Palm Beach F L, where Tr **p is going to continue managing his pertinent affairs… [Short quiz:  L*ft/Dems — a.) love this idea; or b.) are freaking the fuck out.] [i.e., “Im pea ch that fucker, NOW!”]

And there is no more M a g A slogan. It is now: SAVE America. (We will.)

Of keen interest: Our lovely k * m * l * is not actually living in the regal  v p house yet. She has not moved in.  They’re saying, like, there’s an issue with the inside of the chimney. Maybe the P e  n  c  e s are just really hard on the insides of chimneys.  [Other more interesting reasons include but are not limited to: That gal is under arr * st somewhere and only allowed out for fake-official occasions. We can only hope, gang.]

T  w  *  tt  *r,  f  b, y **t *b *, I  G  ,  g ** g l */ g m* il are all still banning people with a vengeance. What are they afraid of this time? I thought that the fake  B* den was safely in the fake W  H? (Signing many, many, MANY fake E Os…)

This is an empowering video. It is from a few months back, but what the guy says about being black in America will encourage & inspire you. (2 mins.)

This is another harrowing video about the horrors of the experimental chemicals being passed off as ” v a c   c  in es”. This video has been banned just about everywhere, folks. (2 mins)

(And just FYI, people are dying worldwide from this current “v  a  c  c  i  ne  “.  Do not take it. It can literally turn your cells into gmo’s for the rest of your life, if you don’t die from it first.)

The Black Vault has all the c  i a  ‘s declassified files on UFOs in one easy place. Check it out.

Okay, gang. please watch the videos below. They go into lots of details about what is actually happening right now, and what lies ahead for our new C*  ns tit  ut io  nal R* public and it’s final break from the c  *  n t r a  l  ba  n  k  in g  system. It’s all good, gang. It’s exciting. Get yourself informed and spread the good news.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys, see ya.


HINT: It’s coming, gang….

Below: K O updates on the B * den movie set and more documented weirdness on the fake in a u g ur a tion day. (short)

Below: P * tr i ot S treet  fighter now banned from y **  T ** be.  He is on r  u  m  b  l e for now, but live streams will return ASAP on new platform. (45 mins.)

This link is to the R * d P *l l 7 8 News from last night:  “The Mirror world we’re living in continues to deliver entertaining news – B*  den confused about what he’s signing, POTUS wins some major court battles while he prepares to fight off others, dog comms, new OIG investigations and evidence of  f  b  i  leadership KNOWINGLY abusing its power, a new legal play for POTUS, Military occupation in D   C   and H*  n ter advises his dad on what he knows best – c  h  *  n *. (30 mins.)

Below:  Me l K and D r Ch * r lie W &rd discuss the current political charade going on before your eyes: (50 mins)

Below: Epic roundtable!! “JUST WAIT until you hear the entire interview, P * tri ots, you are going to be happier than you have been in a while! What is all the hype about?! WATCH and you will find out! w*    w ^   g   1  w  *^ g ** a!”  (52 mins.)

And last night’s X * 2 R * port is linked here. I can’t embed it today, for some reason.

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