I Don’t Know About You, But I Think I Need More Popcorn!

All righty, so.

The im p each ment fr * ud has begun. It is curiously similar to both the  C* VID fr * ud and the e l* c t * on fr*ud, in that they make up the rules as they go along to ensure that you feel like making your head explode, if only to stop the onslaught of how indescribably arrogant and fucked up they are.

So that’s getting underway.

Watch for more mass sh oo t  ings, horrible fires and explosions, and maybe r*ots in an effort to give the main stream me * d i a something to show their loyal viewers, instead of giving any unnecessary airtime to the many curious and creative ways in which c  o n g r e  s  s is trampling all over the U S   C  on st  i t ution.

(I think there are actually some D * mo c r at s left who recall that we once had a c on st  it tu tion here in the U  S, and we wouldn’t want to bring any of those memories rushing to the fore of their brains too suddenly.)

So in addition to the triple fr*uds going on, I have been thinking a lot about:

    • Deep fake videos (Especially of O b * m * — where is he, exactly?)
    • Is the p op e really a hologram now?
    • How many movie stars and famous film directors have actually already been e x ec  ut ed for raping ch * l d ren? (i.e., perusing Variety shows that many “projects” are now being “delayed”.)
    • The  fake B* den in the fake W H, has really, really different ears from the real B * den who was V P in the actual W  H. Why is that? And their voices are different, too. Hmmm….
    • How many body doubles are actually out there right now?
    • How come the true M  A  G  A s smile a lot and don’t wear m * sks?
    • What is the New Physics, really, and how long has the m * li tary been perfecting it both deep under the earth and way up there in space?
    • When do we, the people, get to fully benefit from the New Physics? (And by “new,” I mean the stuff they’ve known about for at least 100 years…)
    • Just how many extra-terrestrials are down in those tunnels, working with us? Enslaving us??
    • Just how many extra-terrestrials are up there on those other planets, working with us? Enslaving us?
    • What the fuck is really up with the R o t schilds and was H * tler really an illegitimate R o t schilds (i.e., part-Jewish)?
    • Does he really have any artificially-inseminated offspring running around?
    • Did he really escape to A  r g e n t ina with the rest of them?
    • Just what type of science did those Project P a per c l ip guys actually know?
    • Is n a s a really fucking with our weather? Starting horrible forest fires, brush fires? Wiping out crops with too much rain and wind? Killing animals, people…
    • At what point do people decide that it’s okay to become unconscionably evil?
    • How come most people refuse to turn off their televisions?
    • Is there actually a new c o n st i tution already in place, that Tr **p allegedly signed back on July 4th, 2020?
    • Is there a new com m er ce already moving into place here in the U S? Is it the gold standard again?
    • How come D C is under m * li tary lo ck d* wn and everyone is pretending it isn’t?
    • Why are so many foreign governments crumbling to pieces right now and it isn’t headline news at all times?
    • Why do some people insist that no one is living in B  * cking ham P * lace anymore? That it’s as empty as the W H and that everyone imaginable has been ar  r * sted?
    • Why have the prices of the Tr **p hotel in D  C  skyrocketed to $6000 a night, but only for March 3rd & 4th?

Well, that’s just some of the stuff I think about, as I wait, along with everyone else, for March 4th to arrive and see what it brings.

And meanwhile, here on Earth, the abominations continue.


CDC illegally inflated the C * VID fatality number by at least 1,600 percent as the 2020 pr* side  nti  al el* cti on played out, according to a study published by the Public Health Initiative of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge. The study, “C* VID 1^^9 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective,” was authored by Henry Ealy, Michael McEvoy, Daniel Chong, John Nowicki , Monica Sava, Sandeep Gupta, David White, James Jordan , Daniel Simon, and Paul Anderson.”

The groundbreaking peer-reviewed research…asserts that the CDC willfully violated multiple federal laws including the Information Quality Act, Paperwork Reduction Act, and Administrative Procedures Act at minimum. (Publishing Journal – Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge / Public Health Policy Initiative) Most notably, the CDC illegally enacted new rules for data collection and reporting exclusively forC* VID 1^^9 that resulted in a 1,600% inflation of current C* VID 1^^9 fatality totals,” the watchdog group All Concerned Citizens declared in a statement provided to NATIONAL FILE, referring to the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge study.

“The research demonstrates that the CDC failed to apply for mandatory federal oversight and failed to open a mandatory period for public scientific comment in both instances as is required by federal law before enacting new rules for data collection and reporting. The CDC is required to be in full compliance with all federal laws even during emergency situations. The research asserts that CDC willfully compromised the accuracy and integrity of all C* VID 1^^9 case and fatality data from the onset of this crisis in order to fraudulently inflate case and fatality data,” stated All Concerned Citizens.”

[…] “Then on April 14th, the CDC adopted additional rules exclusive for C* VID  1^^9 in violation of federal law by outsourcing data collection rule development to the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE), a non-profit entity, again without applying for oversight and opening opportunity for public scientific review. On April 5th the CSTE published a position paper Standardized surveillance case definition and national notification for 2019 novel coronavirus disease (C* VID  1 ^^9) listing 5 CDC employees as subject matter experts. This key document created new rules for counting probable cases as actual cases without definitive proof of infection (section VII.A1 – pages 4 & 5), new rules for contact tracing allowing contact tracers to practice medicine without a license (section VII.A3 – page 5), and yet refused to define new rules for ensuring that the same person could not be counted multiple times as a new case (section VII.B – page 7),” stated All Concerned Citizens.

[full article is here]

That’s the only article that really jumped out at me this morning as something I felt like sharing. Everything is the same old, same old: the D*ms/Far Left are still acting dangerously insane and most people are still wearing the fucking m*sks for absolutely no reason at all…


It’s extremely cold here again in Crazeysburg — 16 degrees Fahrenheit. And more snow is expected. So I’m just gonna hang out and watch the weather for awhile and think about how unbelievably weird everything has gotten.

I hope you have a nice Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Accordin’ To J * r dan:  J* d * n S * ther. HighImpactFlix Fishing For Clicks, Hates On Me & [17] – REACTION (22 mins)

Below: J* d * n S * ther interviews Andre a s K a l cker about chlorine dioxide. (32 mins.)

Below: R * d P * l l 7  8 News:  “P o   p   e  Francis uses Cap it ali  sm as a scapegoat for Human Tr * ffick  ing but I’ll show you why that’s a garbage argument, B* den firing all Tr** p U  S Attorneys including Dur  ham. Weighted vote distribution is exposed and shows how they stole the el * ct  * on, Ma tz  ke reveals why he didn’t want to do business with Tr** p, A  O   C denies Cr* z attempted murder claim but we have receipts and more!” (37 mins)

Below: X * 2 R * p ort: “The impeachment hearing has started, the [**]/Corrupt P o li t i c ia ns  are opening the front door. This im peach ment trial is not going to be fair, they are now creating the precedent to try other Pr * side  nts, S* nat  ors etc… The flood gates are now open. The p* trio ts have it all, how do you inject evidence legally? How do you make it look like it wasn’t your idea? Will this evidence help Tr ** p or the [**]? Drip, Drip, Flood.” (31 mins)

Below: D * n B * n g * n*: “In this episode, I discuss the devastating video that decimates this ridiculous im peach  ment hoax. I also address the liberal’s indefensible push for a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage.” (1 hr)

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