But Jesus said, Suffer the Little Children and Forbid them Not To Come Unto Me

Yes, even though today is a big day — the start of the im  peach  ment t ri al, which promises to be unbelievably insane…

Even though that is finally coming, I am having another rough morning here.

This stems from that fucking Super Bowl garbage.

It is so hard to know which end is up right now. Why would they have the w/end doing all his Satan-worshipping crap on the half-time show? Lucifer’s descent, and all those red-eyes, and of course the men dressed in red with the jock-straps on their faces…

Okay, so is this trying to tell us that all of us — just as the Satan-worshippers do — are now subjects of Satan because we are dutifully wearing our m* sks?

Or is it saying, “Wake up, idiots! Take the fucking m*sks off!” ??

We had three bombers flying overhead at the start of the Super Bowl, clearly a signal that the m* litary is indeed in charge. So who allowed that horrific half-time show?

I say horrific because it was foisted on to the whole fucking world. If people want to follow Satan and the w/end, let them pay their own good money to go see his shows. Don’t force them on to everyone, whose children are likely watching that fucking  Super Bowl…

But what bothers me most about this past weekend (not the singer, but the actual weekend), is the SNL fake commercial about Papa John’s pizza delivery (and how it doesn’t include ch  i l d  s * x  t ra  ff   i ck ing).

People on the hubs yesterday were claiming this was a “win” for the rest of us because SNL is finally acknowledging to the sound asleep main stream viewers that our beloved h i l l a r y took part in an elaborate system of r a p e and to r tu re of young girls. (Pizza – g*te.) (If you still don’t know what that was, “pizza” was the code word for young girls, and “hotdogs” was the code word for young boys, and our beloved p o li t ic ians placed their p  e   d   o  orders in  that way, and the r * pe and t or ture of the children took place down in the (now-flooded) tunnels under the W  H and Ca  p i t  ol. Our beloved o  b^ a  m^ a, himself,  spent $65,000 of taxpayers $$ on “hotdogs” during his lofty admin –flying little boys in from ch  * c * go to get  r  a  p  e  d.) (But if you are foolish enough to imply, anywhere, that b  a  rr  y  is g^^a ^^y, or that b i g m  i  ke is a “t r  a^n**n^y”  you could find yourself taken-out for good during a simple procedure of elective plastic surgery…)

So, yes, you can see why this is all really funny and we should make a joke about it on SNL. And the audience laughed, gang. You can watch it all over s o ci al m* d ia if you don’t believe me.

This shit — the fact that the audience is still laughing about all of it — is what makes it feel to me like the early days of N a  z  i  g  er  ma  n y are upon us. How easy it is to lead people  blindly down horrific paths.  These thoughts can make the morning around here a rough time to wake-up in…

Image result for images of happy german girls in nazi germany

All right.

Something cheerful from the u  k’s  Daily Mail:

El* n M*  sk says he WON’T get a cor*na  virus v  a  c  c  in e because he’s ‘not at risk’ and says the pan  dem  ic has ‘questioned my faith in humanity’ because people have become ‘irrational’
    • M* sk said large scale l* ckd  *wns were a mistake and only those at risk should have to quarantine ‘until the storm passes’
    • ‘It has diminished my faith in humanity, the whole thing…the irrationality of people in general,’ the CEO said on the public response to the pandemic

[full article is here]

I don’t have t  w * t  t * r, so I didn’t know this, but I read  about it on The Post Millennial this morning, and I think it’s fantastic (better late than never, right?):

New app blocks The New York Times to prevent spread of disinformation

A new app called “Block The New York Times” allows  t w* t t  *r users to block 800 corporate journalists for free with just one click in the “fight against disinformation.”

[full article is here]

All right. That’s it for today. I need to get started here and I am really running late. Thanks for visiting on this snowy morning, gang. I love you guys. See ya.



Below: Thanks to the anonymous p* tr io t, you can once again access the video about the fake sh ** ting at the fake cap bldg r*ot  now on r u mb le. It was, of course, deleted from Y ** T * b* because it is full of  un helpful dis information. (21 mins)


Below: Last night P * tr * ot S tr  e  e  t fighter talked with L   T  from And We Know.  L  T’s passion i s biblical, gang. You don’t want to miss it. It is still on Y ** T * b* but I’m guessing that will change sometime this morning, moving to r  u  m  b l d ot c om. ( 2 hrs total)

Below: R  * d P * l l 7  8 News: UP date on the jaw-dropping TIME magazine article; more evidence that the fake cap bldg r * ot was staged and well planned. (39 mins.)

Below: X *@ R * p *rt:  “The p* trio ts have the [**]/MSM exactly where they want them. When will this go down, it has been planned by Tr ** p and his team. This is about exposing and destroying the [**]/MSM system. The truth is shining bright and it is putting the light on those who have been hiding in the dark. The people are going to see the truth, the [**]/MSM will try to stop it, the people will demand to see it.” (38 mins.)


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